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Task #                         Task Description                          Opened   By     Pri    To                   Notes
                         To be Assigned or Discussed
 447     Save THEMIS document: Attempting to save to a read only file    2/24/2011   Team    1    David   IDL Error report to ITT
         in Windows outputs the correct error message, but IDL crashes
         immediately afterwards.


 4043    Paper on interdependentcies of FGM and STATE Reprocessing 4/19/2010          Pat    1    Jim L   David - Put Paper into
                                                                                                          themis doc format
QA202 Check with Jon Loran further about a THEMIS SVN read only          ########    David   QA   David   On Hold
      SSL account for IUGONET and ERG
QA203 Put links to the ERG and IUGONET web sites on the themis           ########    David   QA   David   sent ERG and IUGONET
      website                                                                                             folks email

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                      1                                                       829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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Task #                        Task Description                                  Opened   By     Pri    To                       Notes
         L1's and mosaics are up-to-date and available through                                             Harald
         January 31, 2011

         Thumbnail Data:                                                                                   Harald   Updates ready 7-10th of the
                                                                                                                    next month
           - cdf files done until February 2011
           - overview plots done until February 2011
           - movies done until April 30, 2010

         Full-resolution raw data:                                                                         Harald
         - complete for 2007, 2008, 2009
         - Up to date and complete until April 2010

         Full resolution data:                                                                             Harald
         - data cdf done for all 2007 and 2008 and up todate and
         complete through April 2010
         - keogram cdf done for 2007-2008, 2008-2009 and up to date
         and complete through April 2010

         Web site mosaics and movies:
         - Mosaics and movies reprocessed for 2007/2008 and
         2008/2009 seasons
         - Mosaics and movies up to date until April 30, 2010

         Web site overview plots with full resolution data:
         - overview plots done for 2007-2009 and until April 2010
2069d UCLA – mirror site set-up                                                             Vassilis   1   Harald   UCLA has 2-1TB and 2-2TB
 4153 maintenance of gmag stations "Exclude List"                               ########     David     0   Hannes
4018a New Calibration FGM parameters and spin axis offsets                      5/10/2010   Hannes     1   Hannes   offsets to be sent to instr
4080     Attitude Determination next few months                                 6/21/2010   Hannes     1   Hannes   awaiting new offsets
4034b Ferdinand sent was an attempt on his part to automate the                 4/14/2010   Vassilis   1   Hannes   Report sent out on 9/13/10.
      shadow processing. He wanted feedback whether the products                                                    Jim L has reviewed.
      produced are adequate and if the code is amenable to                                                          11/22/10 - Jim L sent
      automation. We can pick it up with him once you have gone                                                     Hannes email on one
      through it.                                                                                                   unexplained major issue

4154     GSE-GSM ………                                                            ########    Vassilis   1   Hannes
4058     This is getting a bit out of hand I think. How about a                 5/10/2010   Hannes     3   Hannes   Hannes sent out new
         configuration file? The software just reads keywords from a                                                version for review.
         configuration file. With such a configuration file it is possible to
         set keywords automatically (for the scientists) but additionally it
         would give us the possibility to keep track of what the software
         does automatically. When I do calibrations I can then save the
         configuration file together with the results and not worry about
         the things that the software might have done automatically.
2074c    quality flag for FGM data                                                          Vassilis   3   Hannes   on hold

2082a Spin modeling during shadows BugZid=43                                                Vassilis   3   Hannes   Jim L to write routine.
                                                                                                                    Hannes send info.

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                                2                                                          829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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Task #                           Task Description                               Opened   By     Pri    To                     Notes
 4197    Andrei asked me if we have any code to determine L-shells from         1/7/2011   Andrei     1   Aaron   Cindy sent code
         positions. We don't have any in TDAS but I know that Cindy
         wrote some for her work with orbits. We might want to consider
         checking this code into TDAS so that it is available to everyone.
 2013    2-D Slices                                                                        Vassilis   2   Aaron
2013af Mark one count level (dashed line)                                                  Vassilis   2   Aaron   Aaron to send email to Jim
 2013s   combine SST and ESA slices into a single plot                                     Vassilis   2   Aaron   in progress                       2 days    Y   Y       Y
 2013t   Allow for loading of user-specified distributions in gui. 8/23/10                 Vassilis   2   Aaron   see 2013s - when that is
         Per Vassilis: For 2013t instead of allowing user specified                                               done so is this one
         distributions in the gui I will be adding an option to compare                                                                                       Y   Y       Y
         slices with specified functions
 2013x   Add removal of SST contamination option(s) to slices                              Vassilis   2   Aaron   allow from CL or GUI              1 day     Y   Y       Y      Y
 2013y   Determine how to remove artifacts found in some nearest                           Vassilis   2   Aaron   in progress
         neighbor plots.                                                                                                                           2-5 days   Y

 4204  The enhancement for QA 156 is to add a "lazy ytitles" option to      3/2/2011   Pat            2   Aaron
       the GUI. This means that a ytitle that has separators like spaces
       or underscores will have newlines inserted in their place so that                                                                            2 days
       long titles can fit in crowded layouts. This is a standard
       command line feature.
QA076a SST Test Suite: (Feature) Reports that default labels are            2/3/2011 Pat (from        2   Aaron   see 4204
       cluttered. Specifically, sst_en_eflux y-label is long, & the content          Michael)
       of the label is more appropriate for the z-axis. I agree, but
       making the defaults work better will take some effort.

 3014    We don't have support for filled symbols. This means symbols           ########     Pat      3   Aaron
         are only outlines.
 3031    GUI Overview plots sometimes have diamond shaped artifacts             1/5/2010   Vassilis   3   Aaron   This is a side-effect of the a
         in the sample rate bar. Should fix.                                                                      way that symbols are used
                                                                                                                  as a hack to generate the        1/2 day
                                                                                                                  sample rate bar. Fix after
                                                                                                                  3014 is fixed.
 1579    When importing a variable with a valid 'V' component in its data                    Pat      4   Aaron
         struct, but no spec flag set in its meta data, the loaded data
         object fails to load the y-axis. This should be fixed, as it ends up
         incorrectly loading certain spectral quantities.
 2121    When thm_load_fit is called requesting a single data type it will                            4   Aaron
         also return some auxiliary data types. For example:
         thm_load_fit,probe='b',datatype='fgs' returns: 1 thb_fit_code 2
         thb_fit_npts 3 thb_fgs. load bug or test script bug)    b. The
         relpathnames all keyword is broken.
 2028    Variable units – generic solution - thm_load_spin, _state, _hsk,                  Vassilis   4   Aaron
         _sst, _esa, _bau, _fgm, _fbk, _fft, _fit, _scm, _efi, _trg,
         _asi, _gmag, _ask, _mom, _esa_pkt
 2029    From Hannes                                                                       Hannes     4   Aaron
2029a Provided is the most common plot used by scientists that look at                     Hannes     4   Aaron
      The level field data. Four
2029b magnetic 2 CDF files at panels Bx By Bz Bt and the position X                        Hannes     4   Aaron should
      contain position in various coordinate systems as well.
      Preferably in the same resolution as the data. Otherwise
      Scientists need to get the position from another source. Notes
      from Vassilis: option to introduce the data in RE with keyword
      (one RE =6,478 kilometers ???). Like thm_load_fgm
      /pos_units= 'RE'. Also thm_load_state keyword out_coord =
      'GSM', 'GSE',...etc.

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                              3                                                             829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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Task #                           Task Description                          Opened    By    Pri    To                Notes
2029c If one loads fgm data from probe 'a' and let's say there are no              Hannes 4     Aaron
       data for the chosen interval. The variables tha_fgl and
       tha_fgl_gsm etc. should all be empty. It could be those variables
       still contain data from the previously loaded interval.
2030    upgrade thm_load to work with probe assignments                            Vassilis   4   Aaron

2031    move functionality of thm_load_state2 into thm_load_state and              Vassilis   4   Aaron
        delete thm_load_state2
2032    Multiple enhancements concerning keywords, valid_names and                 Vassilis   4   Aaron
        thm_load routines
2013w Integrate our own gui with regular 2-D slice plots.              Vassilis   4   Aaron   on hold            2 days   Y   Y        Y      Y

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                    4                                                 829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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Task #                         Task Description                            Opened   By     Pri    To                     Notes
                               New Programmer
 4001    Document: Administrators Guide                                    3/1/2011     David       1   tbd   50% time
 4214    THEMIS Pipeline proof of concept regression tests                 3/23/2011    Jim L       1   tbd   50% time
4214a    VC->L0                                                            3/23/2011    Jim L       1   tbd
4214b    L0->L1                                                            3/23/2011    Jim L       1   tbd
4214d    empermeris->state v00                                             3/23/2011    Jim L       1   tbd
 2046    Create a more efficient & productive prototype QA Instrument                  Vassilis     1   tbd   In progress. Several
         Command Line Script - first template (s) functional blocks then                                      templates created, selecting
         scripts for FGM, ASK, SCM, FIT, MOM, ASI, EFI, FFT, FBK,                                             the appropriate command
         Gmag, State, SST, ESA                                                                                line routines to test.

2175     L2 File Definitions Document                                      3/1/2011     David       2   tbd

 4214    THEMIS Pipeline proof of concept regression tests
4214c    L1>L2                                                             3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
4214e    GMAG                                                              3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
4214f    AE Index                                                          3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
4214g    ASI                                                               3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
4214h    mosaics                                                           3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
4214i    summary plots                                                     3/23/2011    Jim L       2   tbd
 4200    Yuri has generated a 3 parameters for the THEMIS spacecraft       1/19/2011 Yuri Shprits   2   tbd
         L,L*,Mlat. These parameters are very useful scientifically. The
         task would be to archive these parameters in CDF and add a
         load routine in TDAS to read them. Currently, the data will be
         made available to us by Yuri via tab separated ascii files.

2149g write a routine to check time tag monotonicity and repair tplot                   Jim L       2   tbd   Create a routine to clean up
      variable if necessary (with options for "replace with NaN" and                                          tplot variables. Use in the
      "delete")                                                                                               load routines were
                                                                                                              susecptible. Recommend
                                                                                                              that we just remove what is
                                                                                                              needed to make the time
                                                                                                              tags monotonic, and issue a
                                                                                                              warning indicating that the
                                                                                                              user should consult the
2149h integrate time tag fixer-upper with TDAS load routines                            Jim L       2   tbd   THEMIS software team
4135  Now that the L1 ESA/SST/MOM reprocessing is underway,               9/10/2010     Jim L       3   tbd
      these CDFs will soon contain the full ESA and SST configuration
      words, in addition to the solar wind flags, sweep modes, and so
      forth. With the full configuration data available, if someone wants
      to use a property of these instrument configurations that's not                                                                        2-4 hrs
      already present as a L1 variable, we don't need to reprocess L1
      to add it -- we just write a little more code for TDAS, to extract
      the new attribute from the configuration data that's already
4135a Write some TDAS routines that take an apid and a configuration 9/10/2010          Jim L       3   tbd
      word, and return a structure with all the relevant properties of
      that configuration. This is basically reimplementing some logic
      that's already in the L0->L1 processing code (written in C). If
      anyone ever needs other attributes of the instrument
      configuration (for example: the angle maps corresponding to
      each configuration), we would update these routines to return
      the additional information.

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                        5                                                             829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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Task #                          Task Description                             Opened     By     Pri    To                 Notes
4135b In the load and/or calibration routines for ESA, SST, MOM:            9/10/2010  Jim L    3    tbd
       rather than using the ESA solar wind flags and sweep mode
       from the L1 CDFs, use the ESA full configuration instead (which
       is present in all three L1 types, for convenience), and use the
       routines from 4135a to extract the solar wind flags, sweep mode,
       and any other useful attributes. I think SST does not have any
       configuration flags similar to the ESA quantities (there's the
       attenuator status, but that's separate from the instrument
       configuration word), but it needs them in the future, they should
       be handled the same way as ESA (extract from SST
       configuration word instead of adding L1 variables). I can do this,
       but if the routines from part (a) are well-documented, any of us
       could probably do this part.
 2078 bau_sunpulse_met assumes x86 endiannes (BugzID=13)                               Vassilis   3   tbd

4027b Reprocessing GOES Data                                                4/5/2010   Tami -     1   tbd     Reprocessing on hold until
                                                                                       SPDF                   Howard Singer delivers
                                                                                                              another batch of binary
                                                                                                              GOES data files.

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                         6                                                           829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                     QA Suite              Adm      Dev
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                                                                                                                                                                     or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                         Task Description                           Opened   By     Pri    To                            Notes
                                    Jim L

 4216 despinning THB on March 15, 2009 8-9UT
4216a Make an eclipse spin model for THB and THC for 2011-03-15,          3/28/2011 Vasssilis     0     Jim L    in progress
      and reprocess L0->L1 into a QA area.

 4034a Ferdinand sent was an attempt on his part to automate the           4/14/2010   Vassilis   0     Jim L
       shadow processing. He wanted feedback whether the products
       produced are adequate and if the code is amenable to
       automation. We can pick it up with him once you have gone
       through it.
       Option1) Just to recap: it will be more difficult than I thought to 4/16/2010   Vassilis   0     Jim L    TDAS side - select on the fly
       support switching between the default spin model and the                                                  to get the correction or not
       eclipse spin model from F. Plaschke et al. It can't be                                                    (keyword)
       implemented as a simple correction to the default model -- I
       would have to introduce a whole new set of variables in the L1                                                                             5 days    Y   Y
       STATE CDF, duplicating the existing set of spin model
       variables, to be able to switch between corrected and
       uncorrected models. And eventually, we'll probably end up
       using the corrected model exclusively, so we'd end up with a lot
       Code modifications: 1. Add keyword state CDFs.
4034a1 of unused variables cluttering up the "use_eclipse_corrections"     ########    Vassilis   0     Jim L    must change everything
       to spinmodel_interp_t (defaults to "don't use") 2. Add                                                    that the calls the spin
       informational message to state whether corrections are in use or                                          model
       not 3. Add similar keyword & informational message to other                                                                                          Y   Y                                    Y
       routines as necessary (thm_cotrans, ssl2dsl, thm_cal_fgm, etc)

 4142    issue with FGS processing - timestamps                           9/30/2010   Vassilis    1     Jim L    not trivial                     3-5 days   Y
 2266    Timing of Spin Fit data                                          ########      Jim       1     Jim L    see 4142
 2047    Separate E and B timestamps for spin fits: a) make a revised      before the Vassilis    1     Jim L    Hard for SPDF to deal
         V02 master CDF with E and B separated b) change thm_load_fit millenium                                  with, with their plotting
         to support V01 and V02 of the L1 CDFs c) change the L0->L1          started                             tools - review priority with
         processing code d) change the L1->L2 processing code           e) and when                              Vassilis; Check again with 4-5 days
         test the changes, then reprocess to create the V02 CDFs           bugzilla's                            John Bonnel regarding
         (keeping the V01 files around for a while to ease the transition) roam the                              timing differences between
                                                                           free world                            fgm and efi spin fits

 4030    cross-check SST psir6 and psif data types for excess counts in   4/8/2010       Jim      1     Jim L   Jim L talked to Davin and
         psir6                                                                         McFadde                  sounds like we can shut
                                                                                          n                     the data off. Jim L will
                                                                                                                send email on the time
                                                                                                                saved by shutting this off.
4030a Review Onboard Scripts for possible error.                          5/17/2010 Jim Lewis     1      Jim    can duplicate on flatsat.
                                                                                                      McFadden, Jim Mcfadden and Davin
                                                                                                        Davin,  to review Jim L's email.
4030b Correct Existing Data                                               5/17/2010    Jim        1     Jim L   4030a prerequsite
4030c If scripts change - make changes to processing scripts                            n
                                                                          5/17/2010 Jim Lewis     1     Jim L    4030a prerequsite

 4070    "Add support to thm_cotrans, ssl2gse, and ssl2dsl for            6/1/2010      Jim L     1     Jim L    thm_load_fit and
         /pseudo_dsl keyword. If keyword is present, look for and apply                                          thm_load_mom, add
         eclipse delta_phi corrections as appropriate."                                                          keyword. In progress - Will
                                                                                                                 review code Davin
                                                                                                                 checked-in concerning
                                                                                                                 tensor quantities in

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                              7                                                           829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
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                                                                      Date   Reported        Assigned                                             Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                      or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                        Task Description                      Opened       By      Pri    To                          Notes
4008a He requested some extra datetime formats. A. Numerical month 3/12/2010 Pat from 1        Jim L
       & time (ie 2007-03-23/00:00:00). this option isn't listed.            a scientist
                                                                                                                                                   4 hrs

4008b He said there is an ANSI standard to separate date & time using 3/12/2010 Pat from 1             Jim L
      a capital T and requested the option to put datetimes in this             a scientist
      format. (ie '2007-03-23T00:00:00')                                         (Martin

QA110 as you know we have a few folks here in our SPDF group who   2/7/2011             Tami      1     Jim L   Web Site - instruments will
      are using the THEMIS-B and C data for a lunar project. They                                               have a web page with
      have found and I've confirmed through CDAWeb, that the time                                               "Sources of Data
      stamps and associated data measurements for October, 9, 2010                                              Anamolies". The first one
      THEMIS-B ESA, after time 15:58:40.695 are of a different                                                  being the ESA issue
      resolution and the data values are either 0.0 or -NaN.

4207a Each of us should probably take a look at all the shell              3/11/2011    Jim L     1    Jim L
      scriptswe're responsible for, scrub them for issues like this, and
      in the case of jobs running on gaia (and any other hosts that
      were recently upgraded), check the recent processing logs to
      make sure any failures are not signs of these or other
 4178 themis-tmserver1 is having disk problems                             12/2/2010    Jim L     2+   Jim L    themis-tmserver1 is having
                                                                                                                disk problems, and will be
                                                                                                                offline until I can replace the
                                                                                                                disk and restore from
                                                                                                                backups. So if you're doing
                                                                                                                any FLATSAT testing, the
                                                                                                                frame router won't be able to     3-4 hrs
                                                                                                                establish a connection to
                                                                                                                themis-tmserver1 -- just
                                                                                                                wanted to let you folks know,
                                                                                                                so you won't waste your time
                                                                                                                troubleshooting the issue. -
                                                                                                                few cleanup tasks to be
2248    once in a while (maybe 10-20 occurrences per probe during the 9/10/2009         Jim L     2    Jim L
        entire mission), the FGM range doesn't change on all three axes                                                                            2 hrs
        at once:
 4022   Update L1 master cdfs to support SPDF hosting                   3/25/2010      David      3+   Jim L

3093    Automate processing of eclipse sunpulse data from FGM team         2/22/2010    Jim L     3+   Jim L

 4040   Spinfits - separate E&B timestamps?                                4/15/2010    Jim L     3    Jim L    SPDF has issue creating
                                                                                                                plots on the L1 data with
 4046   either thm_load_fit or the GUI code that calls thm_load_fit        4/23/2010     Pat      3    Jim L    theirM 4/23: thm_load_fit
                                                                                                                Jim software
        should split the data into separate tplot variables for E and B,                                        also splits into efit and bfit
        before importing them into the GUI data model. I think                                                  variables, so unless you
        thm_load_fft already does something like this. See task 4040                                            need to look at raw bytes,
                                                                                                                the 'fit' datatype is not
                                                                                                                needed. Pat: Agreed. Short
                                                                                                                term, excluding the data type
                                                                                                                from the GUI seems like an
2082a Spin modeling during shadows BugZid=43                                           Vassilis   3    Hannes   easy solution. routine.
                                                                                                                Jim L to write
                                                                                                                Hannes send info.

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                            8                                                               829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                        QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                          Date  Reported      Assigned                                Estimate A&E Crib           UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                        or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                      Task Description                             Opened    By     Pri    To                 Notes
 2035 Split L1 ESA (using Thomas’s routine) in master ESA data cdf               Vassilis 3     Jim L  On Hold - awaiting Jim
                                                                                                       McFadden release: Then
                                                                                                       send David Sub Task List;
                                                                                                       Calibration variables
                                                                                                       removed from L1 data
                                                                                                       master CDF. (Side note:
                                                                                                       found and reported a bug in
                                                                                                       SKTEditor, which the
                                                                                                       Goddard team has agreed to
                                                                                                       fix...) Waiting for feedback
                                                                                                       from Jim McFadden about
                                                                                                       how calibration data should
                                                                                                       be handled (TH-A ASCII
                                                                                                       calibration file (used for all
                                                                                                       probes) doesn't match
2036    GOES 10-12 Test data: h. update labels (Howard’s request -               Vassilis 3     Jim L  determine if to be             3-4 days
2038    STATE Web Page (s)                                                       Vassilis 3     Jim L  review web pages
2039    bad timing sun pulse times (early January 2009)                          Vassilis 3     Jim L  Clarification needed

2040    L1 Data Processing History Info: SCM, EFI, STATE                             Vassilis   3    Jim L
2043    Refactor repeated CDF library code in CDF processing tools                   Vassilis   3    Jim L

2077    Non Monotonic timestamps. BugzID=72                                          Vassilis   3    Jim L

2047    task 2047 in my name: "Seperate E and B timestamps for spin       3/2/2010    Jim L     4+   Jim L
        fits", which is also a change to the L1 FIT master CDF and
        associated TDAS code. But unlike the spacecraft potential
        enhancement (which only adds new CDF variables, and is more-
        or-less backward compatible), 2047 would require us to bump
        the L1 FIT CDF version number to V02, and produce both V01
        and V02 for a while, so users of TDAS 5.20 and earlier will still
        be able to load L1 FIT data. So I'm not sure whether the
        spacecraft potential task should include 2047, or not.

 4075   describe the FBK data type, time tag specified to correspond to 6/11/2010     John      4    Jim L
        the beginning of the time interval of the data that went into the            Bonnell
        FBK data, the middle, or the end, or is that unspecified, and
        what's happening here is that the time tagging is being changed
        in year 3+ of the mission - in the L1 file definition document, at
        least, does not define the time-tagging conventions to this level
        of detail.
 4023   Before EOM reprocess L1 cdf's due to master cdf changes for     3/25/2010    David      4    Jim L
2080    Phantom packets" cause non-monotonic distribution times.                     Vassilis   4    Jim L
        BugzID=25, low priority.

2081    Evaluate CDF compression algorithms BugZid=81                                Vassilis   4    Jim L

2083    Add "last processed" time to L1 (and L2?) CDFs BugZid=115                    Vassilis   4    Jim L

              3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                    9                                                          829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                 QA Suite              Adm      Dev
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                                                                                                                                                                 or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                          Task Description                            Opened   By      Pri    To                     Notes
 2084 . transforming one data point from SM coordinates to GSM                     Christine 4     Jim L
       coordinates. ct=time_double('2008-02-16/04:50:00')
       dipole=[[0],[0],[1]] v=[1,2,3]
       get_data,'dipole_gse',data=dipole_gse xdipgse=dipole_gse.y[0]
       ydipgse=dipole_gse.y[1] zdipgse=dipole_gse.y[2]
       tilt=atan(xdipgse,zdipgse) When I check the data for
       'dipole_gsm', the values are 0,0,0. I'm not sure what they
       SHOULD be, but I know that their magnitude should equal 1.

 4097   cdf's with MD5 checksum                                             7/19/2010    Jim L     4   Jim L   Jim L to send email with
                                                                                                               subtasks and estimates

4201    Kyoto final data - may have different URL naming scheme             2/2/2011     Jim L     4   Jim L   they are only up to 2003 in

                                     Jim M
4199    Investigate weird packet timestamps (dated before 2007) that   1/7/2011          Jim L     0   Jim L   vc-l2 processing complete,
        were seen in TH-A telemetry from first week of November 2010.                                          Summary plots to be done
        Is a VC->L0 processing patch or other corrective action                                                by hand (Jim M)
4209    ROI labels for John Bonnell in STATE cdf, evaluate differences 3/18/2011        John B     0   Jim M
        between thm_load) state and _state2 and _state3                                                                                               Y

 4216 despinning THB on March 15, 2009 8-9UT
4216b L1->L2 processing into QA area for THB/THC, 2011-03-15                3/28/2011 Vasssilis    0   Jim M   awaiting 4216a to be
                                                                                                               completed by Jim L
4211    ESA Reprocessing and mod fix                                   3/18/2011  Tami             0   Jim M   reprocessing                           Y                                                 Y
2283    There is another aspect to this problem. Dead-time corrections 11/2/2009   Jim             2   Jim M   in progress - sent email to
        are severe for ion ESA SW data and there are no dead-time                Mcfadden                      Jim McFadden
        corrections for onboard moments. Some algorithm will have to
        be developed that does this correction after the fact. Davin
        developed an algorithm like this for Wind 3DP. That algorithm
        may not work directly due to differences in energy sweeps, but
        something like it could be developed for THEMIS. Davin and I
        can provide some advice and direction. Similarly electron
        onboard moments in the SW may also need some corrections --
        this should also be worked out at the same time.

2041    thm_load_state out_coord velocity calculations wrong                            Vassilis   2   Jim M
2027e Finishing the coordinate transformation of the thm_load_state                     Vassilis   2   Jim M   not allow velocity to go
      data at input, to include transformation of spinaxis attitude, need                                      bad
      to determine keyword switch, implement the rotation of the
      spinaxis elevation/azimuth from gei to arbitrary coordinates
      (consult with Pat, Vassilis)

2092  thm_load_mom changes - reconcile mods with Davin at an                            Vassilis   2   Jim M
      appropriate time.
4208a Enhanced MOM Instrument Web Pages                                     3/5/2010     David     2   Jim M   Talked to David first.
 2224 thm_load_mom: for quantities like velocity, the coordinate                        Vassilis   2   Jim M
      system isn't stored in the meta data, and none of the units are
      stored in the place we normally try to store them (from Pat -
      Vassilis concurs) Will take a look.

4003    Document: ESA File and Calibation Processing                        3/5/2010     David     3   Jim M
2088    Themis Developers Guide                                                         Vassilis   3   Jim M

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                           10                                                          829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                 QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                            Date  Reported      Assigned                                     Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                 or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                         Task Description                            Opened    By     Pri    To                    Notes
 2091 Once Jim McFadden completes his mods for n_3d_new_3                          Vassilis 3    Jim M
       reprocess L2 cdf's - entire mission
 2055 ESA L2 from L1 (not packets) - create L2 and test thoroughly,                    Vassilis   3   Jim M   On Hold; awaiting Jim L to
       then reprocess ESA                                                                                     split L1 into master cdf
 4042 Script to run every two weeks to runs IDL TDAS and checks if a       4/19/2010     Pat      3   Jim M
       file can be loaded from THEMIS SPDF file (s)
2090    that streamlines the generation of gmag stackplots and a crib to               Vassilis   3   Jim M
        show how to do this. (< than a day)                                                                                                   2 hrs

2093    AE Indexes Issue Jan 8-12, keyograms Jan 12-13, Stripes-                       Vassilis   4   Jim M
2094    Overview plot change: mode bar seems thick                                     Vassilis   4   Jim M   nothing we can do easily

2095    Mosaic Processing - permanent script needed                                    Vassilis   4   Jim M
2100    EFI calibration                                                                 John      4   Jim M
2100d DC offset between 4sdo and 2sdo in boom plane                                     John      4   Jim M   Which is better? Assigned to
                                                                                       Bonnell                J. B. (low priority).
2100h Try to track down frequency scaling problem in DPWRSPC                            John      4   Jim M   On Hold - low priority
      (dlimit setting? Compare to old plots?).                                         Bonnell
2100p Modify THM_CAL_FIT to treat efs datatype - Install E12/E34                        John      4   Jim M
      conditional based on th?_fit_code TPLOT variable. If E12                         Bonnell
      switched to E34 software needs to be revised to handle

               3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                         11                                                            829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                   QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                               Date  Reported     Assigned                                     Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                   or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                           Task Description                             Opened   By     Pri    To                        Notes
4210     Modeling SST fluxes                                                  3/12/2011   Vassilis   1   Lydia   on hold                                ?    ?
2070c    Greenland                                                                        Vassilis   0   Lydia

2070c2 DMI data(currently available Greenland data) was never                 ########    Vassilis   3   Lydia
       calibrated and proper calibrations are not available. Need to
       properly label data and make sure users don't use data
2070c6 improperly.master cdf change and reprocess
       meta data                                                               4/1/2011    Lydia     0   Lydia
2070c5 New keywords, pgm doc change, QA Test Script                           ########    Vassilis   1   Lydia
                                                                                                                                                        Y    Y

 4016    Our "save data as" menu doesn't remember the previous                3/12/2010 Pat from 2       Lydia   in progress - send code for
         directory > that the user saved to. It could and it should.                    a scientist              peer review
 4213    check the ASI and GMAG lists attached for Emmanuel to see if         3/23/2011   David      2   Lydia   in progress
         any new sites have been added. We maintain sites on this list
         that have been stopped. See attachments on ftp site for
         Additional task info.
 4129    We would like to incorporate the Hermanus gmag data into the         9/8/2010    Vassilis   2   Lydia   Pat: in progress
         THEMIS database in some form of external ground station, like
         the Greenland chain. Can you implement this with the help of
         Jiang? I think Jiang will be writing code to read and validate the
         reading process anyway, for his own work, soon.
4119a Reorganize sun contamination keywords. (Add 'manual' option             8/26/2010   Vassilis   2   Lydia
      to method_sunpulse_clean)
4119b Add 'automatic' option to method_sunpulse_clean which will              8/26/2010   Vassilis   2   Lydia   Pat: in progress
      sum across time range provided by user in new keyword.
4119c Create a new crib that shows only a few simplified options to the 8/26/2010         Vassilis   2   Lydia   4119a and b prereq's
      users. (all_angle_median,scale_sphere,manual bin selection(for
      fill), automatic bin selection)

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                              12                                                        829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                        QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                               Date  Reported     Assigned                                          Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                        or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                     Task Description                                   Opened   By     Pri    To                     Notes
QA201 Send Tomo email to test v6.0 for VM                                     ########    David      0   Pat   Pat sent email - awaiting
                                                                                                               IUGONET feedback
4207c    Each of us should probably take a look at all the shell              3/11/2011    Jim L     0   Pat   There is one other script in
         scriptswe're responsible for, scrub them for issues like this, and                                    the distribution that does this
         in the case of jobs running on gaia (and any other hosts that                                         and is still in use
         were recently upgraded), check the recent processing logs to                                          "download_ace.ksh". I'm not
         make sure any failures are not signs of these or other                                                sure if this is a themis
         incompatibilities.                                                                                    responsibility. If it is and it is
                                                                                                               also slated for upgrade, the
                                                                                                               following change needs to
                                                                                                               be made. Check with
                                                                                                               Cindy when she is back.
 4215    It looks like there is a problem with our downloads of the           3/24/2011     Pat      0   Pat   in progress - awaiting Ian
         university of athabasca gmag data. The 2011 year directories                                          to fix
         don't have permissions such that the themis user can access
         them. For example: /autumndp/L0/REDR/fluxgate/2011

QA175 FT/OT SST Channels - Davin to ask Peter Harvey and then                 3/9/2011    Vassilis   1   Pat
      get back to Pat and Vassilis                                                                                                                           Y    Y

QA027 After deleting an item from the tree the very top level of that tree 1/20/2011      Aaron      1   Pat   can be reproduced, Aaron to
      (the mission) will be selected. Selecting a new item does not de-                                        show Pat and then to
      select the original, which may lead to more variables than                                               discuss whether to do or not
      expected being used for the next operation. This is mainly an                                            to do - windows only
      issue if the user tries to delete another variable without first
      ensuring the top of the tree isn't selected (all data will be
 2069 Support Mirror Sites                                                                Vassilis   0   Pat
2069a Japan (ISAS)                                                                        Vassilis   0   Pat
2069b Austria                                                                             Vassilis   0   Pat
2069c France                                                                              Vassilis   0   Pat   (Rumi - not always up to
                                                                                                               date for gmags)
 2070    Support gmag data remote sites.                                                  Vassilis   0   Pat
2070a    Augsburg (MACC’s)                                                                Vassilis   0   Pat   reprocessing in progress
2070b    Alberta                                                                          Vassilis   0   Pat
 3034    U Alaska all working                                                 12/7/2009    Jim M     0   Pat   Investigate why no data
                                                                                                               being received
 4138    Install the new GEANT model when released. 4.9.4 is currently        9/14/2010   Davin      1   Pat   needs to be installed
         in beta.

4138c Fire electrons through aperture perpendicular to detector               9/14/2010   Davin      1   Pat
      surface. Determine fraction attenuated.

4138d Run simulation for fixed energy aimed at first detector(e- and   ########           Davin      1   Pat
      p+), record energy deposited as a function of path length and
      projected path
4138e Run simulation for variety of energies for all detectors, record ########           Davin      1   Pat
      energy deposited as a function of path length and projected path

4138f    Run simulation for range of initial positions around the full      9/17/2010     Davin      1   Pat
 4152    verify the location of the sun-contaminated bins for each          10/8/2010     Vassilis   1   Pat   Pat has enough info to
         spacecraft and any change in location over time(they should                        and                generate tables to send to
         change very slowly if at all). They would then re-activate the sun                Davin               the S/C, Davin to ask Peter
         contamination masking. It was previously disabled because the                                         Harvey for more info
         masking was originally in the from place. Davin said that he
         wants to create the new configuration files that would be
         uploaded to the spacecraft.
                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                           13                                                                829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                       QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                            Date   Reported     Assigned                             Estimate A&E Crib           UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                       or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                       Task Description                              Opened    By     Pri    To              Notes
 3055 Install Calibration parameters from Davin (replace/amend            ########  Davin    1    Pat    awaiting values from Davin for #a and
       current description)                                                                                                           #b - 4-6
 3055a Verify/Install attenuation parameters for each attenuator. There   ########     Davin      1   Pat
       should be 8x5 = 40 parameters
 3055b Verify/Install geometric factor corrections for each aperture.     ########     Davin      1   Pat
       There should be 8x5 = 40 parameters.
  4072 Put eclipse spin model correction code in SST as already has       6/8/2010     Jim M      1   pat   wait for SST calibrations
       been done for esa packet pgm
  4068 Lynn Wilson possible enhancements                                  6/1/2010     Lynn       1   Pat   Review Lynn's software and
                                                                                       Wilson               generate list of features

 4156    Calibration of different anodes - energy efficiency              ########    Vassilis    1   Pat   if Davin provides values for
 2060    L2 cdf Quality Flags: for SST                                                Vassilis    2   Pat

 4002    Document: SST File and Calibation Processing                     3/5/2010     David      2   Pat

 4119a Reorganize sun contamination keywords. (Add 'manual' option        8/26/2010   Vassilis    2   Pat
       to method_sunpulse_clean)
 4119b Add 'automatic' option to method_sunpulse_clean which will         8/26/2010   Vassilis    2   Pat   in progress - on hold
       sum across time range provided by user in new keyword.
 4119c Create a new crib that shows only a few simplified options to the 8/26/2010    Vassilis    2   Pat   4119a and b prereq's
       users. (all_angle_median,scale_sphere,manual bin selection(for                                                                      1-2 hrs
       fill), automatic bin selection)

 4012 When Cindy & I tried to load tha_eff on 2007-03-23, it didn't      3/22/2010   Pat          2   Pat   Jim M: I have no trouble
      load and said some calibration quantity couldn't be found.                                            with EFF data either for
      When I tried to load the same thing, I didn't have a problem. So                                      linux or windows.
      the trick would be to find out what changed from my computer to                                                                      4-6 hrs
      Cindy's computer and to figure out how often our user's
      computers are going to have the same problem that Cindy's
      computer had.
 2285 Christine brought to my attention a bug that occurs if you use the 11/4/2009 Christine      2   Pat
      TDAS tsyganenko routines in a way that is not really something
      that I expected, but seems to be a legitimate use of the routines.
      If passing in a set of input parameters that are stored in tplot
      variables but are not in time-series, the routine produces
      incorrect results.
QA038 Windows - Layout option                                            1/21/2011 Christine

QA038a 6.a) I forgot to click Add to make new panels for each               1/21/2011 Christine   2   Pat   checkbox - toggle
       spacecraft's data and thus ended up with all data on one panel.
       The only way to fix this, that I saw, was to delete all the data and
       then start over, making sure to add a panel before selecting
       each dataset. As a user, I                                                                                                          1-2 days
       feel there should be an option to move data from one panel to
       another without having to remove it and select it again. For
       instance, we should be able to click and drag a piece of data
       from one panel to another panel.
QA038c 6.f) When the 5 panels have been made of the data, the type of 1/21/2011 Christine         2   Pat   come up with how to fix
       data in each panel is labeled but the spacecraft is not included in                                  options with level of effort
       the label. You only know which spacecraft is represented if you
       hover your mouse over the panel. I think the panel should have
       the sc label, especially for printing purposes.

QA038d REALLY don't like how when you select the dependent variable, 1/21/2011 Christine          2   Pat   fix only for windows
       the window slides over to center it. I want it to stay wehre it was
       unless I slide the window myself. Otherwise I'm constantly
       sliding it back to the left in order to see which variable I want to

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                       14                                                   829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                                Date    Reported      Assigned                                Estimate A&E Crib           UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                             Task Description                            Opened      By     Pri    To                 Notes
QA038g   10.c,d) If you change the panel row number, you have to also         1/21/2011 Christine 2     Pat    alter test suite and resolve
         change the panel row number to which you are changing it to.                                          for simple case - talk to
         Ex. 10.c) asks to select the 3rd panel and click the up arrow key                                     Christine
         twice, and click apply. You can't do this unless you ALSO select
         panel 1 and click the down arrow key twice. Same for 10.c and
         d...You can't apply panel 3 to row change to 5 unless you
         change 5 to some unused row number. Should this be
         automated? If not then at least the suite's directions should be
QA038h   10.h) If you don't click cancel, but apply it and hit ok and go back 1/21/2011 Christine 2     Pat    analysis - for discussion with
         to manually change it back to the original plot, the plot keeps the                                   level of efforts
         same width for each panel as when there were 3 columns, even
         now there is only 1, so each panel is very short instead of being
         its full,
         one-column size. This shouldn't be the case.
4208b    Enhanced SST Instrument Web Pages                                    3/5/2010    David    2    Pat    Talked to David first.
 2062    Alberta - At the moment the data files are from Dawson (daws),                  Vassilis 3     Pat
         Churchill (fchu), Island Lake (isll) and Fort McMurray (mcmu). I
         will add Rabbit Lake and Taloyoak at some time but we have
         some issues with mag pointing at those 2 sites. If you recall, the
         agreement between Ian and Vassilis was that this data wouldn't
         be copied to become part of a mirrored archive like the existing
         data we provide. Instead, each file would be obtained from this
         site each time it is requested (using curl or some such). This
         means we can use our own logs to monitor data usage. Themis
         Software to be able to retrieve from Alberta

 4120    Add title support to plotxy                                           8/27/2010 Christine   3   Pat
 4121    Add multi-row/column span to plotxy                                   8/27/2010 Christine   3   Pat
 3053    102. Tplot_gui -- overwrite warning when importing data, even if      2/3/2010    Pat       3   Pat
         variable gets renamed.                                                                                                          6 hrs

 2115    tplot does not fail gracefully after illegal margin set. In this case:                      3   Pat
         tplot_options,'xmargin',[100,100], tplot does not fail gracefully
         after illegal margin set. In this case: tplot_options,'xmargin',[-1,-
         -tplot does not fail gracefully after illegal margin set. In this case:
 2267    tplot_options,'ymargin',[100,100]
         if you want to load a template, you need to pass the template           ########     Pat    3   Pat
         path in via a keyword, or select an option to open it from the
         THEMIS->File Menu. I think we should consider adding the
         template path to the configuration file that we save, so that it can
         be loaded automatically.
 4013    Plot Description Doc Button                                             3/22/2010   David   3   Pat

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                    15                                                               829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                             QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                                 Date  Reported     Assigned                               Estimate A&E Crib           UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                             or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                           Task Description                              Opened    By     Pri    To                 Notes
 2176 I ran into a small annoyance today when loading a themis                7/20/2009 Aaron    3    Pat    I spoke to Pat about this
       document. I had originally loaded ESA and SST data for one                                            yesterday and we both
       time period, then overwrote that data by loading the same                                             agreed that while we cannot
       quantities but for a different time period. I did this several times                                  be sure which quantities
       and then saved the document for later. When re-opening the                                            should be re-loaded and
       document I got a series of prompts asking whether I would like                                        which shouldn't (some may
       to re-write each quantity. It would speed up and streamline the                                       have been used temporarily
       process in this case if data that was later overwritten is not                                        for calculations). However,
       loaded when you open the document.                                                                    we can store the users's
                                                                                                             original choice to overwrite
                                                                                                             the data or not. So while we     16
                                                                                                             may not be able to save on
                                                                                                             loading time we can still
                                                                                                             keep the user from having to
                                                                                                             click multiple messages and
                                                                                                             from having to remember
                                                                                                             what they chose originally.
                                                                                                             The latter is particularly
                                                                                                             important since they may
                                                                                                             receive errors or get
                                                                                                             corrupted data if they do not
 2201     One feature that was never implemented for the mini-language        8/5/2009   Pat     3    Pat
         is globbing.(The ability to use '*' and '?' to reference multiple
         tplot variables at once.) This is a feature that is standard with
         many of our other tplot data processing routines. I think it would
         be very useful to include in the mini-language.

 3086     add MACCS gmag data from 2007 to our data archive. We             2/19/2010 James       3    Pat
         already have MACCS data for some years and a process that                    Weygand
         automatically downloads it/converts to CDF. So the task would
         involve finding missing files from 2007 and feeding them into our
         pre-existing processing framework. It should be pretty
         straightforward, but probably non-trivial because of learning
         curve/unexpected details.
 3091    Add a configuration setting "force_download", which if enabled, 2/22/2010 Vassilis       3    Pat
         will download data even if the remote file is older than the local
         file. This comes up if you're switching back and forth between
         using QA data and production data; once you've downloaded
         QA data, it's hard to download (usually older) production data
         without manually removing any QA files. This should apply to all
         data sources -- THEMIS, GOES, WIND, etc.

 3065    68. GUI z-axis options -- when Fixed Min/Max selected, value in      2/10/2010   Aaron   4    Pat    chech draw object
         spinners does not reflect current range as it does for X and Y
         axes. Displayed range when spinners desensitized is
 4005    The TDAS Software will be enhanced to incorporate data from          3/8/2010    David   4    Pat
         the STEREO mission.                                                                                                              8 hrs

 4006    add the following ancillary ground-based observations:               3/8/2010    David   4    Pat
         MAGDAS Network, Auroral Electrojets (AE) and Ground Radars                                                                       4 hrs
         ( SuperDarn, AMISR and Sondrestorm)
 3007    EPO-GMAG msgs: modify the script and only issue this                 12/8/2009   David   4    Pat
         message if > 2 days
 2279    How's it going with the stats? I noticed the query takes some        ########    Tim     4    Pat    see 2277
         time because it's looking at the whole table. It could be refined
         for specific time periods. The delay in return could be what's
         causing Dave to have access problems - or the SSL firewall?

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                        16                                                        829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                                                                                                                     QA Suite              Adm      Dev
                                                                               Date  Reported      Assigned                                      Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref                   Web
                                                                                                                                                                     or Script             Guide   Guide
Task #                           Task Description                             Opened    By     Pri    To                   Notes
 2135 I didn't realize the cotrans messed up the velocities for earth                Pat/Jim L 4     Pat
       centered coordinates. Maybe what we really need to do is
       modify cotrans so that it correctly transforms velocities. Users
       can incorrectly transform velocities just as easily using
       thm_cotrans on the command line, as they can using the coord
 2124 I loaded a plot which had the line color as white. Because the                        Pat       4   Pat
       legend plots in the same color as the line, the legend text did not
       show up. We should probably just put in a check for this case. If
       the line is white and the background is white then draw the text
       in black
 2063 Problem with edit3dbins is being caused by IDL's mouse system                        Aaron      4   Pat   verify note in quick reference
       variable not being updated correctly on Macs. The ctime                                                  guide and then task will be
       procedure, used to interactively select a time from a tplot                                              closed
       window, relies on this variable to determine when a selection
       has been made in the tplot window. If the variable is never
       updated then ctime gets caught in an infinite loop. It's unclear
       whether this is specific to a particular OS version, but the routine
       should probably be modified at some point to maximize
       compatibility with Macs. In the meantime the alternate method
       of calling gettime that I copied you on yesterday should provide a
       temporary way around this bug.
 2106 Add the ability to right-click on a variable in the widget-tree and                   Pat       4   Pat   originally part of task 64,
       display a popup with basic information about the quantity such                                           however, after further
       as dimensions, range, or other meta data as well as the ability                                          evaluation, it was
       to rename variable                                                                                       determined this best
                                                                                                                belonged with the widget
                                                                                                                tree rather than the analysis
2220     I found a small bug in the z-axis panel in the gui. If I change the 8/27/2009      Pat       4   Pat   window
         z-axis annotation size of a layout with 2-panels each with one
         spectrogram, when I apply this change, it gets applied to both
         panels, even if set-all is off.
3063     40. CL tplot options -- setposition test plots all look the same     1/15/2010     Pat       4   Pat   Long-standing tplot bug, may
                                                                                                                not ever be fixed
 4029    One of Michael Hartinger (a grad student in atmos) is having        4/6/2010     Michael     4   Pat   Michael supplied code for
         trouble with thm_part_getspec when the SST is in fast survey                     Hartinger             thm_part_moments
         mode. The routine can take a very long time to run because of                      / Pat
         the higher resolution. I think we should put a feature request on
         the list to automatically downsample the particle data in time.                                                                         4-8 hrs
         Normally, I would suggest that uses downsample using one of
         our interpolation routines, but because the particle data is stored
         in a special common block, there is no easy way for end users to
         perform this operation.

                3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                          17                                                              829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
                                                                   Date       Reported          Assigned
Task #                    Task Description                        Opened        By        Pri      To                  Notes
                           Jim McFadden
2013af Mark one count level (dashed line)                                      Vassilis   2      Aaron     Aaron to send email to Jim
2283 There is another aspect to this problem. Dead-time          11/2/2009      Jim       2      Jim M     in progress - sent email to
     corrections are severe for ion ESA SW data and there                     Mcfadden                     Jim McFadden
     are no dead-time corrections for onboard moments.
     Some algorithm will have to be developed that does this
     correction after the fact. Davin developed an algorithm
     like this for Wind 3DP. That algorithm may not work
     directly due to differences in energy sweeps, but
     something like it could be developed for THEMIS. Davin
     and I can provide some advice and direction. Similarly
     electron onboard moments in the SW may also need
     some corrections -- this should also be worked out at the
     same time.

4030 cross-check SST psir6 and psif data types for excess         4/8/2010       Jim      1      Jim L     Jim L talked to Davin and
4152 verify the location of the sun-contaminated bins for each   10/8/2010 Vassilis and   1       Pat      Pat has enough info to
     spacecraft and any change in location over time(they                    Davin                         generate tables to send to
     should change very slowly if at all). They would then re-                                             the S/C, Davin to ask Peter
     activate the sun contamination masking. It was                                                        Harvey for more info
     previously disabled because the masking was originally
     in the from place. Davin said that he wants to create the
     new configuration files that would be uploaded to the

3055 Install Calibration parameters from Davin                   12/18/2009     Davin     1       Pat      awaiting values from Davin
     (replace/amend current description)
4156 Calibration of different anodes - energy efficiency         10/18/2010    Vassilis   1       Pat      if Davin provides values for
                                                                                                           3055 this task can be closed

4030 cross-check SST psir6 and psif data types for excess         4/8/2010      Jim       1      Jim L     Jim L talked to Davin and
     counts in psir6                                                          McFadden                     sounds like we can shut the
                                                                                                           data off. Jim L will send
                                                                                                           email on the time saved by
                                                                                                           shutting this off.
3055l Install SST calibration parameters                         7/19/2010      Davin     1       Pat      dependent on 3055k
QA175 FT/OT SST Channels - Davin to ask Peter Harvey and          3/9/2011     Vassilis   1       Pat
      then get back to Pat and Vassilis

            3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                                                             829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
Task #                             Task Description                                   By

                            To be Assigned or Discussed
2110     Tplot User's Guide (David and Vassilis to talk further)
2111     print, dprint, msg continue, verbose options for a standard
2112     Tplot FAQ's (Amanda) Maybe replaced by #1


         She asked about generating ASI plots, like the ones done online,           Xiaoyan
         the ASI data superimposed on a map. Ultimately, we may be able
         implement this in a method similar to the method used for overview
         plots. Before we could do this, we would need a me

1298     One item that I think we forgot about when discussing the spinner           Aaron
         issues is that it returns strings in it's event structures but doubles
         when using get_value from widget_control. We should make it
         more consistent by returning doubles in the event structu

1507     The issue with 1467, is that users are able to create quantities that         Pat
         don't necessarily make sense as tplot variables with the 'calc'
         routine. I think I've got a workaround, but other variations on this
         problem will still exist. A long run solution would be to provide the
         user with better information on the dimensions of the variables.
         To that end, I'd like to put a feature request on the list. When a
         user right-clicks a variable on the widget-tree, it should display a
         popup with basis information about the quantity, ie dimensions,
         perhaps range. I don't think there barriers in IDL to implementing
         this, and making the change in the widget tree, would mean that
         pretty much every one of our panels would inherit this feature


1125     Sometimes when the Annotate Last option is turned off (as it is by          Aaron
         default) it will keep ticks relatively far away from the end of the axis
         from being annotated. If there are three or less ticks on an axis
         this may cause a large portion of it to be annotationless making it
         difficult to read.
1225     Spinner for zoom control redraws every key stroke                            Jim L
1277     Add note to user's guide re: printing                                      Pat/Jim M

 267     The Layout panel doesn't allow shift selection in the panel portion         Vassilis
         of the widget.
 63      Up/Down Arrows to scroll draw area
1155     We should enable tabbing on some of the text boxes in                       Aaron
         part_getspec, particularly any sets of min/max values such as the
         angular limits, energy range, time range, etc. All that's required is
         to set a flag on the base containing the widgets.
 537     Message Bar bigger or bigger letters                                         David
 492     Work with Harald to be able to load a reasonable amount of ASI              Vassilis
         data and add tools into Analysis and DP to process this data.
1311   Add capability to go into landscape mode (page pull down menu)             Pat

1497   State Reduced: The save document dialog remembers your                     Pat
       previous selection, but it doesn't do it quite right. It puts the
       expanded path of the file in the
       selection area. For example("/Users/pcruce/temp/state.tgd"). It
       should instead use the "path" keyword to dialog_pickfile so that the
       initial directory is the directory of your current selection
       ("/Users/pcruce/temp/") and the path keyword so that your initial
       selection is not the expanded path("state.tgd").

1501   Overview Plots: Applying any y-axis settings to the roi panel turns      Aaron
       the data black making it somewhat hard to read.
1250   If I select edit and a spectral is selected, the z-axis settings open,     Pat
       but the first spectral panel is always selected. The panel that the
       selected trace is on should be selected.
1057   Add version # to GUI (Help -> About…)                                    Bryan
 810   Replace the Set All Panel checkbox, with an 'Apply All' button at
       the bottom of the window. More intuitive. Need to check all panels
       for consistency
 751   Add tabs to each window
1498   State Reduced: When Opening a Themis Document, it should list              Pat
       the directory of your previous selection.
928    Ticks/Margin Spinners                                                    Bryan
       When setting the Ticks and Margin spinners to decimal values, it
       appears the code truncates the value entered (i.e. 5.99 becomes
       5). But the spinner should be updated upon Apply to update to the
       truncated value. Suggest low priorit

1133   When I am removing panels in the layout panel, it always resets            Pat
       the selection to the bottom panel in the list after I remove a panel.
       This can be annoying if there are several panels because I have to
       keep scrolling up and clicking.
1266   Our numerical entry fields only accept exponential notation entries        Pat
       of the form (1.23e-3) but not the more traditional format( 1.23*10^-
       3). We may want to leverage the code base from the mini
       language so that we can interpret these entries as numbers.

       She asked about Importing data from Ascii. Jim L would probably          Xiaoyan
       have a better idea how long this will take.
959    When removing a middle panel with locked axes on and you have             Cindy
       more than 2 panels, the space the removed panel occupied is
       drawn blank, rather than moving the panels below it up.

808    IDL Format Code -currently have no way to insert a different font in
       the middle of a string (e.g. adding a symbol to a string in
       She asked about more extensive options to control the legend.           Xiaoyan
       being able to add units and move the legend around. I believe this
       already listed, but not prioritized. I would estimate this task would
       take 1-1.5 weeks.

1001   Just a thought for the next phase; instead of over zealous error        Aaron
       checking on spinners we could pass in limits at the spinner's
       creation that will be implemented only on the spinner's 'spin'
       function, keeping it from spinning to non-valid values but allowi

 960   Add a change all pages option in the Page Options panel                 Aaron
1063   Axis Options: #1 When I turn off show-line and turn on mirror, the       Pat
       mirror doesn't show. This is not important, because it is not
       incorrect that it
       doesn't show, but we could maybe gray out the mirror check box +
       others when the show flag is not checked.

1149   If you accidentally close an overview plot page, it would be nice to    Bryan
       be able to recreate the plot without having to reload all the data.

1150   If you open and close the overview panel, it doesn't store the            Pat
       current data. (or use the one that is available from the loaded data
       panel) It probably should.
519    We should extend our data model to support 3-dimensional
       distributions and 3-dimensional image data. This will entail
       modifications to load widgets, the loaded data object,the tree
       widget, the data processing widgets, and the addition of a means to

955    Incorporate user profiles - Have a configuration panel that lets you    Marissa
       set default values (e.g. a user always wants annotation time style to
       be of a certain format, size, or fon)t. This way they don't have to
       change everything everytime they start a new ses

1241   This is just a minor nuisance. If you delete button is hit with no      Bryan
       entries in the GUI Data pane, the Delete GUI data confirmation
       dialog still pops up. Perhaps the delete and examine icons should
       be desensitized when there's no data loaded in the GUI.

1125   Var options - would be nice to have Panel droplist return to the         Cindy
       Panel that was last modified. Right now it always opens with Panel
1266   Revise test suites, make new suites with check lists. (check on           Pat
       manage/verify test suite and zoom test suite)
1301   The draw object takes a long time to render spectrograms when             Pat
       they are very zoomed in. It should be possible to put a special
       case in that would make this work more quickly.
778    Need capability to read in ASCII, CDF?, SPLASH files. IDL has a
       built in widget to specify ASCII formats.

362    Implement Save with Data.
 25    Add checkbox to append data array.This is to allow a variable to be
       loaded and contain data for multiple days
663    ASK only has one data type, but it still makes you click in the
       window to select this. We could probably auto-select the '*' to
       resolve this.

692    "support additional time formats for Save Data As ASCII"?
725    Need a template or way to store certain global window values
       (time, spinner value, text boxes, etc…) so when window is
       reopened it will have same values.

716    When I swapped between traces on the line window there was a
       noticeable screen flicker and the line window was moved back to
       the center of the viewing area.(even though I had positioned the
       window off center. The flicker can be eliminated by turning upda

1000   Panel Options: The panel name appearing to the right of the panel         Aaron
       number in the Panels combobox is only updated when the window
       is started. I think we should either update the combobox as people
       enter title text or remove the titles from the combobox.

949    Page Options - Text tab: Step 6q (enter negative numbers for font         Jim L
       sizes): Title and Footer font size spinners don't give a warning for
       size < 0. None of the font size spinners revert to the last valid value
       if a negative number is entered.
       Step 6r (enter

998    Nudge Traces: If a trace is nudged enough then the title will exceed      Aaron
       the size of the combobox. When this happens a scroll bar is
       automatically added to the bottom of the combobox making it
       difficult to see the traces if the list is small (e.g. 3 or less

1128   Out of the four format styles we have currently two are only              Aaron
       available when using the auto-format option. It would be nice to
       allow the user to specify exactly which one is desired by replacing
       the current buttons with a combobox. Instead of Auto, Numer

1139   We should turn on the hourglass and/or include a progress                  Pat
       indicator when we generate angular spectra.
1058   Right now, if you make changes to lines via the line options and
       select 'Ok', then cancel out of the changes in the layout options, it
       will cancel the changes you made in the line options. I think we
       might want to consider a way to prevent this. Alterna
1177   The above Axis Annotation tab buttons should probably get                     Michael
       changed from "first/last" to "range min/max". They used to apply to
       tick positions, but now are really just the plot box (range) min/max.

764    Add widget to allow user to set space between labels in axis
       options label tab
312    Keep Probe selected highlighted in Themis Load Data when                      David
       selecting different instruments.
1178   I accidentally tried to plot wavelets as lines and got a memory error.        Michael
       I do not know if there is any way of intercepting this, but it would be
       nice if there were. Traceback Report from
       THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS_EVENT: Unable to allocate
       memory: to make array
923    Scrolling issue with rubberbanding                                            Jim M

943    Getspec window is slightly larger than my 1024x768 screen. Minor              Bryan
       issue, probably a Phase 2 task. The vertical size of the Loaded
       Data pane in the Data Processing window is not consistent across
       platforms. On my linux box, it's only about half the height

811    Add capability for user to elect not to use all features, maybe an
       'Advanced' check box. This would provide the power to the user
       when needed, but defaults to a simpler, faster way to plot. less

933    Web forms allow users to go to the next text input box with a tab.            Michael
       we do that on our widgets? E.g., the GUI_TPLOT Verify Data
539    would workway we might be able to simplify our error catch blocks
       I noticed a well that way.
       the future. The error_message() function that I'm calling to inform
       the user of an error will by default print the traceback info that our
       for loop prints now. We could get rid of t

740    If the user opens the running history with Word right in the middle
       of their session, then the history will not get saved at all after that
       point. Our fix to wait until the file is free will not allow us to save the
       file at any time. We should put an er

760    It is somewhat confusing to the user about the zoom in and zoom
       out of the page. Another way to make this clearer, might be to draw
       a border around the draw area, so that the user is more aware of
       the difference between the two. We'll also have another wa

743    Error handling - would be nice to have a - replace methods with
       GetProperty/SetProperty object methodspanel for users to enter
534    error that is 'smarter'. This will help code maintenance so that new
       code information. Possibly ftp that panel info to our ftp site. Create
       a script to email to David. Basically replace error report form with
552    Pass in a calling (or main) widget status bar object into a child
       widget (see dproc), so that an appropriate message could be left
       behind after the child widget was closed or killed. I think this would
       be a good thing to do generally

736    Users Guide in HTML
803    Would be nice to have a way to move different panels from one
       window to another
1289   It seems redundant to have row/column position and span options           Aaron
       in both layout and panel options. I suggest we remove it from
       panel options
799    Add '*' shortcut for navigating the tree widget
 50    Color Widget on various panels only seems to display 256 colors.

745    Windows: using arrow keys in spinners (spin it with up/down
361    arrows)
       Using Vista the variable names inside plot position box are fuzzy. I      David
       believe this might have to do with computer screen size and not
       Vista. I ran the GUI on Vista and everything was ok. But, watching
       Marissa run it on her small laptop, I noticed the the a

1317   I noticed that when X is not time and set to log10 scaling, the           Michael
       annotations are still in scientific notation instead of 10^X format. In
       natural log scaling, the format is e^X. Just wondering if this was
       supposed to be consistent.
1283   Something we might want to put on the list is looking into making          Pat
       overview plots load faster and use less memory. Right now they
       are much less efficient than they could be.

1315   Issues with Loaded Data - need routines built for configuration/save       Pat
       for ACE, WIND, IST. Currently, only have configuration routines for
       THEMIS and GOES.
1299   The algorithm for determining on-screen clicks, particularly the          Michael
       difference between an x-axis click and a variable click could use
       improvement. Right now it does an approximation using the size of
       the margin, but a better solution would be for it to acco

       I noticed that, currently, when a nudge is performed it splits the         Pat
       component out of its group to create the new nudged quantity. We
       might want to consider allowing users to nudge entire groups to
       prevent this problem
1387   Line Options: The Edit X-Axis/Y-Axis Variable trees are a bit small       Aaron
       making them difficult to use. Perhaps we should move them to
       their own tab to allow for more space.
1419   It is essentially impossible to get more aesthetic ticks                   Pat
       on a log axis when ticks are spaced 1 order of magnitude apart.
1420   We should could fit more that allows the user to
       is a fix that add an option aesthetic ticks in                             Pat
       determine if minor ticks should be log-spaced or not. On plots with
       very large ranges, logarithmically spaced minor ticks are not
1416   This is probably partially an IDL/OS thing, but trying                   Pat
       to highlight and copy out of the status bar has become quite tricky.
       often will scroll over to a completely different message. Ideally, it
       should not change your message selection unless you sele

1447   Look into file compressions methods - possibly apply to redraw           Pat
1445   Load Themis Data: The status bar update showing what quantities         Aaron
       have been selected to be loaded would be much easier to read if
       we added a space or two between the entries. This would be a
       very quick fix.
1453   Layout - when variables are added to a selected panel in the layout     Cindy
       window, but the user switches to a different panel while in the
       variable options window. when the user is returned to the layout
       window, the variables will not be displayed since the sele

1483   When trying to open a non-THEMIS document,such as a text file or        Jim L
       png file, I get the following system error dialog:
       encountered during the parse operation." and here's the console
       Traceback Report

1496   State Reduced: The themis document doesn't keep track of the             Pat
       current page. Maybe it should.
 805   Implement Undo/Redo
1512   Cancel load process

2108   Manage Data: The manage data fields should be made tabable.             Aaron
2109   Calculate If the cursor is clicked onto the the last line in the        Aaron
       program area, and if that line is blank, then inserted data names
       will appear either at the top of the field or at a recently clicked
2107   Add a new feature that allows the user to delete variables from the     Aaron
       data processing window (avoids having to open the manage data
       window every time)
1576    I was thinking it would be nice if we enabled resize on the overview    Pat
       plot key window. That way on larger monitors, users could extend
       the window so that they can see the whole key at once.

1301   The draw object takes a long time to render spectrograms when            Pat
       they are very zoomed in. It should be possible to put a special
       case in that would make this work more quickly.
2140   A suggestion: The function used by tsub_average to return the           Aaron
       median or average of the data can also be used to return the
       standard deviation. Since a single panel will probably be made for
       both the subtract average and subtract median options we could
       also add a third option to add/subtract the standard deviation.

802    Would be nice to have a THEMIS color palette quickly available,
       maybe a dropdown menu with the 5 themis colors, or a check box
       to say use 5 default colors?
806a   Markers -1) Allow feature for user to control marker lines (style,
       color,size) marker text (font, format, color, size), and marker
       shaded region (color, opacity) 2) Add logic to check when tracking
       all is on so that selected markers will be selected for all panels. 3)
       If multi-panel tracking is on, subset all visible panels at the same
227a   Variable options - 1) It looks like the variable options panel doesn't
       have an apply button. It probably should, this issue must have just
       slipped through the cracks. 2)After removing a variable the '-'
       delete button remains sensitive yet no variables are selected and
       clicking it does nothing. Either the button should be desensitized or
       another trace (first or adjacent maybe) should be selected after a
       delete. 3) I also noticed that the attributes text boxes still contains
       the old information in them from the variable that was just deleted.
       It is purely aesthetic but we may want to clear these fields if nothing
       is selected. 4) Move variable text settings from page options to
       variable options window.
1197   Add titles to the x and y axes. Jim M partially accomplishes this in         Bryan
       the overplots by adding an extra label object, but there's no way for
       the user to do this on their own. I envision the user entering x and y
1061   Add capability to control Legend text, font, format, size, color
 808   IDL Format Code -currently have no way to insert a different font in
       the middle of a string (e.g. adding a symbol to a string in
       NewTimesRoman). Possibly enable formatting like we did for the z
       axis labels
 24    • Page Options (for printing)
       o allow user to toggle landscape/horizontal
       o ungray widget to allow user to modify canvas settings
       o add window size to page settings template
       o need algorithm to print a large canvas

447    Save THEMIS document: Attempting to save to a read only file in
       Windows outputs the correct error message, but IDL crashes
       immediately afterwards.

1512   Cancel Load process                                                           Bob
                                                                                 and other(s)

1061   Add capability for user to control legend options (size,color,font)           Bob
                                                                                 and other(s)
2207   I just got a suggestion from a scientist. He said he was used to      8/6/2009    Paul L
       level 2 data types have gaps filled or marked, and was surprised
       that we don't do this. That said, I'm not sure that filling gaps is
       necessarily a good idea. I think we leave the gaps as they are for
       good reason, but we might consider posting better warnings to
       indicate that (1) our data may have time gaps. (2) that an
       individual data quantity may change cadence mid-time-series.
2217   I loaded some ACE data with a long name                               8/13/2009    Pat
       'ace_h1_mfi_SC_pos_GSE_x. It is supposed to draw a larger
       legend when names are long, but there must be a problem
       because the labels and the numbers are colliding in this example.
      Assigned                                           Estimate (hrs)
Pri      To                      Notes

tbd     tbd
tbd     tbd
tbd     tbd

BL      tbd

BL      tbd

BL      tbd      Michael may have put some code in the
                 original GUI that fixes this

EL     Aaron                                             4 hrs (? Done)

EL     Aaron                                             1 hr
EL     Cindy                                             1 hr (see
                                                         pat/jim email)
EL     Aaron                                             1 hr

EL      Pat                                              3 days
EL     Bryan                                             1 hr

EL     Aaron                                             1/2 day
EL     Aaron                                             tbd
EL    tbd    1 day

EL    tbd    1 hr

EL    tbd    4 hrs

EL   Aaron   2 hrs (? Done)

EL   Cindy   2 hrs
EL   Aaron   4 hrs

EL   Cindy   1 day
EL    tbd    3 hrs

EL   Aaron   to discuss

EL   Aaron   1/2 day

EL   Aaron   3 days

EL    tbd

EL   Aaron   2 days

EL    Pat    1 week
EL    tbd                                                1.5 weeks

EL   Aaron   From Pat: That sounds like an interesting
             idea, although it'd be nice to implement
             one solution that would resolve spinner
             error checking for both the spinning
             operation and the text-entry operation.

EL   Aaron                                               2 days
EL   Aaron                                               1 day

EL   Aaron                                               tbd

EL   Aaron                                               tbd

EL   Aaron                                               3 weeks -
                                                         Bryan write 3-D
                                                         then extend to

EL   Cindy                                               2.5 weeks

EL   Cindy                                               1 day

EL   Cindy                                               1/2 day

EL   Cindy                                               3 days

EL    tbd
EL   Aaron                                            3 weeks -
                                                      Bryan write 3-D
                                                      then extend to
EL   Aaron                                            3 weeks
EL   Cindy

EL   Cindy                                            1/2 day

EL   Cindy                                            3 days
EL   Cindy

EL    Pat

EL   Aaron                                            1 day

EL   Aaron   Title Footer - messages output are
             confusing, always says panel spacing
             changed. Need to buffer messages. Need
             to inform user negative value not

EL   Aaron                                            1 day

EL   Aaron                                            1 week

EL   Bryan                                            get spec
                                                      overhaul - 2 hr
EL   Cindy                                            2 days
EL   Cindy                                              for discussion,
                                                        2 hrs

EL   Cindy                                              1 day

EL   Cindy                                              1/2 day

EL    Pat    need to talk with michael

EL    Pat    discussion - 1 day to investigate, need
             original notes
EL    Pat                                               1 day

EL    tbd

EL    tbd    Phase III

EL   Aaron   1 day (done in some - need to resolve in
             all windows)

EL   Aaron                                              2 days

EL   Aaron                                              2 hrs

EL   Aaron                                              1 week
EL   Aaron
EL   Aaron

EL   Cindy
EL    Pat

EL   Cindy             2 hrs

EL    Pat              tbd
EL    Pat

EL    Pat
EL    tbd

EL    tbd

EL    tbd              2 days

EL    tbd

EL    Pat              2 days

EL    tbd

EL    tbd    discuss

EL    tbd

EL    tbd
EL    tbd

EL    tbd
EL    tbd

EL    tbd

EL    tbd

EL    tbd

EL    tbd
EL          How to implement within GUI? Command
            line? Tbd
tbd   tbd
tbd   tbd

tbd   tbd

4     Pat

4     Pat

tbd   tbd   Subtracting the stand. dev. from a
            quantity may not make sense in the way
            that subtracting the average/median does.
            We may just want to direct people to the
            calculate panel, possibly adding a function
            to calc. stand dev. - Pat
low   tbd                                                 4
    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09

                                                                     1 week
    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09

    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09

                                                                     1 day
    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09                   4 days
    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09                   1 day

    3         tbd    Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09

                                                                     3 days

    1        Jim L   IDL Error report to ITT

No - twice    tbd    This is not only a tricky one but it involves     1+ weeks
                     all the thm_load command line routines.
                     We briefly looked at this before and were
                     not certain how we would go about it.
                     However, just about everyone I've trained
                     or talked with has requested this.

No Twice      tbd                                                      24-32 hrs
No   tbd

3    tbd   <2 hrs
                                                                 Date       Reported
Task #                   Task Description                       Opened        By        Pri

QA066    LAYOUT (additional note): Once I added                 1/25/2011    Cindy      1
         variables to the 3 original locked panels and then
         added a 4th panel, the variables remained on
         panel 3. If the panels are locked it seems like the
         variables should automatically default to the
         bottom panel.
QA038b   6.b) The shift-click and ctrl-click worked, but not    1/21/2011   Christine   1
         the click+dragging. Also, usually if you release
         ctrl and click on the data again, it releases the
         selection except for the one you click. Here, it
         doesn't release the data unless you click
         specifically on something else. I
         suggest making the change to align with typical
         use of ctrl, though this change isn't pivotal.

 4206    the way the bulk velocity options were moved to        3/3/2011      Pat       1
         shrink the interface is a little bit confusing.
         Specifically, the options to control bulk velocity
         subtraction are on the main tab and are disabled
         by default. To enable and change them you
         have to go to the options tab and check "subtract
         bulk velocity" then go back to the main tab to
         modify the options. I think that it would make
         more sense to put the "subtract bulk velocity"
         checkbox on the same page as the subtract bulk
         velocity options.

 2187    I noticed a bug in the x-axis options panel. It        7/29/2009     Pat       2
         probably also applies to the y-axis options. If the
         set-all button is selected on the grid tab, then
         changing panels doesn't update the settings on
         the grid tab to the settings currently displayed for
         that panel.
 4045    For the beta and official sites we want to add a      4/19/2010      Pat       2
         button at the bottom to the right of the existing
         two buttons. Official site web page url:
         Please center the 3 buttons. The new button will
         have the words “Plot Descriptions” and if clicked
         will link to the following:
         Ground Systems/3.2 Science
         Operations/Science Operations
         Documents/THEMIS Summary Plot Description

4212     Please review the two documents on the                3/23/2011     David      1
         developers web page
QA136    But /no_download test 21 actually gets reported       2/18/2011      Jim L     1
         as a failure; we expect the code to fail but the
QA159    nectar-cron job                                        3/3/2011    Jon Loran   1

4207b    Each of us should probably take a look at all the     3/11/2011     Jim L      0
         shell scripts we're responsible for, scrub them for
         issues like this, and in the case of jobs running
         on gaia (and any other hosts that were recently
         upgraded), check the recent processing logs to
         make sure any failures are not signs of these or
         other incompatibilities.

QA136    But /no_download test 21 actually gets reported       2/18/2011      Jim L     2
         as a failure; we expect the code to fail but the
         test should pass.

4203     36 Verified that wi_load_3dp still works. This         3/1/2011                0
         routine used in GUI. Should add a feature task
         to eventually add support for new datatype in
2070c3   Data from new provider is archived in CDF but         11/23/2010   Vassilis    3
         TDAS modifications to make it accessible to
         users have not been made.
                                                            QA Suite
                                        Estimate A&E Crib             UG   Qref
Assigned                                                    or Script
   To                           Notes

 Aaron     will commit

 Aaron     will commit

 Aaron     Talk to scientists

 Aaron     fixed

                                                     Y       Y

Jim M, David Jim M completed review and update

 Jim M send scrub test scrips and suites;
Lydia writeup
    Jim M     Jim M will talk to Jon

   Jim M     L2 look good - any others to look at?



    Pat      Davin's commit during QA v6.0

Adm      Dev
Guide   Guide
                                                               Date    Reported
Task #                  Task Description                      Opened     By       Pri

 64      Analysis Panel - Need to provide a way for users
         to select a new variable name when data is
         manipulated. A default name will be provided,
         but need an editable text box for user to enter a
2044     different processing: look ahead to the next
         L0 to L1 name. Loaded Data - add suffix to                    Vassilis   2
         packet before processing the current packet.
2079a    FGL issue. We have learned that FGL data from                 Vassilis   3
         probes C, D and E has a 0.25 sec timing error,
         starting in summer 2007, and continuing to the
         present (Feb 2008) time. We would like to fix
         these timestamps in the L1 CDF files. Process
         should be generic so future corrections can be
         easily handled. Low Priority steps or tasks: a.
         create a flag for the affected L1 variables
         somehow, to prevent confusion about which
         corrections have or have not yet been applied.
         So each entry in the proposed correction file
         should have some sort of tag identifying what the
2079b    Change L0-L1 code to take corrections into                    Vassilis   3
2127     When the smooth() function is called for the y-                Aaron     1
         data the width is applied to each dimension.
         This causes the function to fail when it's applied
         to the second dimension, usually containing 3
         elements, since the width is almost always
         larger. We could solve the problem by either
         looping over each row in the array or by passing
         the smooth function a vector specifying the width
         of the extra dimension. It's possible the second
         solution could have undesirable effects on the
         data, but that should be straightforward and easy
         to test for.

         % SMOOTH: Width must be nonnegative and
         smaller than array dimensions: <DOUBLE (

2128     The '-1' applied on the same line to the                       Aaron     1
         n_elements() call ends up being applied to the
         user specified width as well (e.g. in the error
         message for the first bug the number is 99, it
         should have been 100). This can be fixed simply
         by adding parentheses.
1404   Making data active, then selecting clear active,         Pat      1
       then trying to make data active again(without
       reselecting), does nothing. It should add the
       data quantities that are still highlighted in the
       tree. This probably a result of the panel
       maintaining a list that duplicates the widget-state
       rather than querying the widget state as needed,
       and can probably be most reliably fixed by just
       replacing this list with queries to the widget tree.

227b   Variable options - 2)After removing a variable                    1
       the '-' delete button remains sensitive yet no
       variables are selected and clicking it does
       nothing. Either the button should be
       desensitized or another trace (first or adjacent
551    maybe) should be then check "set all", then click
       Change a setting, selected after a delete.                        1
       Apply (as opposed to checking "set all", then
       changing a setting, then clicking Apply). The
       change should still propagate to all panels. This
1296   is probably a phase II bug. - analysis of needed
       Analysis: Include keywords                             Vassilis   1
1067   Axis Options: 1) Insufficient precision for Unix         Pat      1
       times in bound autoscale min/max. 2) The first
       time I tried setting the autoscale min/max, I used
       0 and 20. When I applied the change, I got a
       cryptic status bar message "Draw Object Error:
       Updating panels". I think this is because none of
       the data had an X axis value in that range. If so,
       that should be checked for, and result in a
       warning dialog rather than a status bar message.
       3) Floating Center: Span not calculated correctly
       for logarithmic scales; for a time axis the
2002   Sit-in on GEM PPT Slide Reviews                        David      1
2021   It looks like there's a bug that limits specplot's
       ability to handle short timespans of data when
       setting the DATAGAP. Until we can get a fix out,
       you should be able to get the output you want by
       using the \options command to set the 'overlay'
       to 1 options, 'tha_ffp_??_*', 'overlay', 1. then
       you might have too
            reset the color bar with the zlim command:
       zlim, 'tha_ffp_??_*', 10e-14, 10e-5
1248   D Power Spectrum doesn't seem to work on              Bryan      1
       thg_pseudoAE. The dproc status bar returns
       "thg_pseudoAE Not processed." The seems to
       be some problem with loading the resulting tplot
       variable into the GUI as the console reports:
       STORE_DATA(177): Creating tplot variable: 243
       thg_pseudoAE_dpwrspc STORE_DATA(76): ""
       not a valid handle name
2025   thm_part_moments2 so that it properly handles         Vassilis   1
       single-angle energy spectra when
       pitch/gyrophase constraints are requested by
       the user.
2026   Get Spec - 1) Step 11,b,i: Throws a CL error          Vassilis   1
       (after the popup): Traceback Report from
       Array subscript for PASPEC must have same
       size as source expression. Execution halted
       at: THM_PART_MOMENTS2 1070
2000   Prep for GEM - sort out projector, PPT slides,        David      1
       make trip
2022   Train Jim L to give GUI Training at SSL               David      1
 64    Analysis Panel - Need to provide a way for users                 1
       to select a new variable name when data is
       manipulated. A default name will be provided,
       but need an editable text box for user to enter a
       different name. Loaded Data - add suffix to
1510   variable names
       If you get an invalid marker error during marking,      Pat      1
       with either track one or track all turned on. (For
       example by starting/ending a marker outside of a
       panel), the vertical/horizontal bars don't get
1220   turned back on, after marking is complete.
       The panel that the selected trace is on should be     Bryan      1
1434   Markers: If I get a warning because I ctrl-click        Pat      1
       without dragging.(ie "Could not create marker
       because marker had insufficient width") It will
       treat the CTRL as if it is off, even if I leave it
       pressed. We might want to fix this, although it
       doesn't appear to be doing anything too harmful.

1066   Layout Options: I noticed that if the user has        Aaron      1
       'Show Data Components' checked but they
       forgot to or don't realized they must select both X
       and Y variables then no message is given to
       inform them. This may be confusing for the user
       as they'll have no way of knowing why the 'Add -
       >' button isn't working in such a case.
1304    This is not super important, but I noticed that the      Pat      1
        "draw between points" option in the line options
        window offers the same units regardless of
        whether the quantity being plotted is a time or

        For example, If I plot state_pos_x vs
        state_pos_y, I can go into the line options, and
        set "Do not draw between points if separated by
        more than 1 hour", and instead it will not draw
        between points if the separation is more than
        3600 km.

        To fix, The convention we've adopted on the
703     other panels, The plot for a givenrelated
        Suggestions: is to show the time panel                            1
        disappears if logarithmic scaling is chosen for a
        fixed axis with negative limits. No error is thrown
        and the plot reappears when the values or
        scaling are changed. In the future we may want
        to send a notification to the user as to what
1267    We don't currently have any messages going to            Pat      2
        the status bar saying whether a rubber band
        operation succeeded or failed. It would probably
        be help to the user if we did.
1550    Calculate: When saving your calculations to a file     Aaron      2
        the extension is not automatically included
        requiring the user to add it manually later.

2014a   Put together a simulation of ETC VHDL Design.           Peter     1

2014b   learn VHDL - . Look at the ETC VHTL programs            Peter     1
        and understand themis
2023    Install latest release on Stephen Mende's Mac          David      1

2129    GUI Script Training from Cindy                         David      1
2131    Research Data Permissions with Tim                     Jim L      1
2123    Reprocess L0->L1 BAU cdf's due to bug fix              Jim L      1

2034    V03-L2 cdf STATE -attribute structure                  Vassilis   1

2064    In the process of using XDEGAP in                      Michael    1
        THM_CAL_EFI to check for data gaps, I found
        that XDEGAP does not do any type checking.
        Integer inputs do not get recast, so NaNs cannot
        be assigned. Instead, those assignments
        become zeros. I propose to for the output to be
        at least float (no need to do anything, if the input
2065     A related enhancement to XDEGAP would be to             Michael   1
         add a FLAG kw to allow the user to choose
         different flags to fill the gaps (NaNs, by default).
2100a    Insert CL message for the begin/end times of the         John     1
         encountered gaps. Also, output to kw and                Bonnell
         recored # gaps in metadata.
2100b    Implement nominal and minimum # of spins, and            John     1
         NaN data where intervals are shorter than min #         Bonnell
         of spins.
2100c    Implement my suggestion to put the EDC offset            John     1
         output into a structure w/ one tag for ea.              Bonnell
2100e    Reason for detecting frequent gaps?                      John     1
2100f    Check burst mode behavior w/ on-the-fly offset           John     1
2100g    Updated metadata, CL, and keywords to work               John     1
         with on-the-fly offset method.                          Bonnell
2100i    Poor despinning bug fix                                  John     1
2100j    Kepko and efi offsets                                    John     1
 2100l   Deconvolution -- LASP does this, but needs               John     1
2100m    integration (see 2h).
         The EFI program headers should include what             Bonnell
                                                                  John     1
         inputs are valid for each keyword.                      Bonnell
2100o    efs data deleted when thm_load_fit run twice,            John     2
         second time only fgs data requested                     Bonnell
2099b    Modify THM_SCPOT2DENS to work stand-alone                 Jim     1
         and with THM_FITGMOM_OVERVIEWS.                        McFadden

2100q    Correlate to onboard spin fits using EFP data.           John     1
         Look at FGM.                                            Bonnell
2101b    Needs to run faster                                      John     2
2101c    John to get me example code from Chris Cully.            John     2
2102a    Resolve conflict bet C. Cully and John B’s bin           John     2
         center values. Conflict resolved. John agrees           Bonnell
         with Chris
2102b    Derive bin centers from CDFs (currently the bin          John     2
         centers are hard coded).                                Bonnell
2001     Prep for GEM - sort out projector, PPT slides,           David    1
         make trip
2003   SPLIT_VEC routine changes                                Michael    1
          From Michael: SPLIT_VEC should also split             Vassilis
       the labels (as well as the traces), if there are the
          number of labels as traces. Otherwise, you
       get the error: MPLOT: Incorrect number of labels
       and often
          also the wrong label displayed for the split
       trace. From Vassilis - Colors also, preserving
       the dlimits

2004 and - Put Olivier's into        Vassilis   1
       the distribution, test
608    Variables: When axes are locked, draw object                        1
       should recalculate space needed between
       panels to display variables.
2005   str_element does not add to embedded                     Vassilis   1
       structures (BugzID=69)
1456   Page Options: When the font on the variables is            Pat      1
       set to monospace symbol, the following warning
       shows on the command line:
       % IDLGRSRCDEST::DRAW: Select Charmap
       failure (Encoding: 0x756e6963) (FreeType error
       info: (38) invalid charmap handle).Setting the
       annotations to "Scientific Notation" and the Font
       "Monospace Symbol" or "Symbol", generates
       many copies of this error on the console: %
       IDLGRSRCDEST::DRAW: Select Charmap
       failure (Encoding: 0x756e6963) (FreeType error
       info: (38) invalid charmap handle). This probably
       has something to do with the IDL formatting
       commands that we've inserted into the
       annotation string.

2007   Error msg for when timestamps of data do not               Pat      1
       match in tvector_rotate, tdotp, and tcrossp.
2008   Tplot auto scaling. BugzID=41.                             Pat      1
2143   I noticed a small bug when I was running the ASI           Pat      1
       crib. When you use the command 'ctime,/cut' to
       generate the movies, it generates an error if you
       scroll out of bounds. Since everything continues
       to work functionally, I wouldn't think it is very high
2142   I just found a crash that occurs when trying to          Pat    2
       export more than one data quantity at once. It
       looks very simple to fix, but I'm pretty certain that
       it went out with 5.1 Compiled module:
       ERROR_MESSAGE. Traceback Report from
       ew/ 260)>
       ew/panels/ 391)>
       </usr/local/itt/idl70/lib/ 704)>
       </usr/local/itt/idl70/lib/ 506)>
       ew/panels/ 131)>
       Last IDL Error:
       % Expression must be a scalar or 1 element
       array in this context: <BYTE Array[2]>. %
       Execution halted at:

2155   The manage data window crashes when I try to            Aaron   2
       load ASI data into the gui. Two pop-up
       messages are produced prior to the crash
       notifying the user that the data has the wrong
       dimensions to be loaded (this should happen),
       the first of the messages below was from one of
       those pop-ups. Traceback Report from
       s\ 391)
       s\ 213)> Traceback
       Report from THM_UI_MANAGE_DATA_EVENT:
       s\ 391)> % Variable is
       undefined: SUCCESS.
2011   Christine's code to rotate the XY coord's along        Pat      3
       Earth direction was very effective. Also it was
       used by others. We need to streamline it, and
       it’s very similar to the others you've already
2012   GMAG L2 attributes error - from Pat (very low          Pat      3
       priority - revisit)
2066   While generating an overview plot for probe c on       Pat      3
       2009-6-3 I received a number of (~30-40)
       conversion errors (some where on line 400), get
       email from Aaaron or David
2016   Review FSW Specifications document for v5             Peter     1
       changes. Need to add documentation on
       external memory dump .
2017   ESA – investigate invalid configs from Survey to     Vassilis   1
       burst mode in IDPU scripts.

2019   Assisting Deron on EFI sensor diagnostics test                  1

1549   Get Spec - It would be nice if we organize some        Pat      tbd
       of the options
       in the top-right so that we can tell exactly when
       they are applied and how they interact. For
       example, we could desensitize the regrid option
       when it doesn't apply. Or perhaps organize the
       bases with a frame. Right now it almost looks
       like "normalize spectrum" is related to regrid,
       even though they are separate settings.

2133   I found that VARNAMES was not working. It            Michael    tbd
       turns out that it is not an input as given in the
       doc'n, but an output from
       CDF_LOAD_VARS.PRO. That is also fixed b/c
       it needed CDF_DATA to be set (?). It is
       probably supposed to be paired w/ the
       CDF_DATA kw, so I will just put it that way in the
       doc'n for now, and we will just call everything
1549   Get Spec - It would be nice if we organize some        Pat      2
       of the options
       in the top-right so that we can tell exactly when
       they are applied and how they interact. For
       example, we could desensitize the regrid option
       when it doesn't apply. Or perhaps organize the
       bases with a frame. Right now it almost looks
       like "normalize spectrum" is related to regrid,
       even though they are separate settings.
2138   I just noticed a bug in exporting. The default         Pat    2
       resolution when
       exporting spectral plots is set too high. In the
       example I was looking at which contained one
       line plot and one spectral plot, this meant that a
       file that should have been 1.0 MB ended up 1.5
       MB. It is a trivial fix

2150   minor bug in both the clip and deflag routines. If    Aaron   2
       the "flag" argument is set to zero the
       keyword_set() function does not recognize that
       the option was called and the routine continues
       as though the argument was never set. We've
       had this problem elsewhere whenever zero is a
       desired value for a keyword parameter. It should
       be a simple matter to fix it.

806b    Add marker titles                                            3
1560   Variable Options: The widget tree in variable         Aaron   2
       options is not being updated with the state of the
       other trees.
2152   Layout Options produced multiple errors then          Aaron   1
       crashed upon startup after I imported a tplot
       variable composed of byte data. I could not
       open the window until the data was deleted.
       % TIME_STRUCT: Improper time input
       % TIME_STRING: Improper time input
       1) Type conversion error: Unable to convert
       given STRING to Integer. 2) Detected at:
       Type conversion error: Unable to convert given
       STRING to Integer.Detected at:
       4) WIDGET_TREE: String expression required
1267   in this context: <INT ( 0)>. %messages going to
       We don't currently have any Execution halted at:       Pat    4
       the status bar saying whether a rubber band
       operation succeeded or failed. It would probably
       be help to the user if we did.
481a   We need to add a meta data structure to spectra       Bryan   1
       data objects so that they y-axis for these plots
       will be automatically set to linear or logarithmic
       depending on the type of spectra.

946    Print - Step 3) I can create eps files, and verify    Jim M   1
       thet the .eps file is ok using ghostview or ps2pdf,
       but these do not print out. The 2 copies option
       does not seem to work. Step 4) The PCL4 file
       has only 35 bytes and does not print. The PCL5
       fileis larger, but does not print.
2096    Inventory of Products, monitoring and building                 Vassilis     2
        new alarms for Production Data Processing.
        Draft document produced. Next version with
        Harald's info as well
2097    Create checksum files for gmag (completed),                    Vassilis     3
        ASI then Probe files
2144    When running tests on rotation crib-sheets, I                    Pat        1
        found a problem with some field aligned
        coordinate variants. Specifically, the Rgeo and
        mRgeo transformation don't normalize the y-axis
        vector of the transformation matrix such that the
        output matrix generated will not be a proper
        rotation matrix, but will also scale some of the
        components by a factor.(I think the scaling factor
        should be the Sine of the angle between the
1156    radial position vector and the magnetic field
        Part_Getspec: The hourglass cursor does not            Aaron      BL       Open
        seem to be appearing consistently while waiting
2027a   for spectra to be created after clicking Apply.
        For STATE CDF files, the following variable                    Vassilis     2
        attributes should be defined, consistent with they
        way they are defined in the L2 FGM file: units,
        coordinate_system (consult with Jim L.)

2027b   Once defined in the CDF, thm_load_state should                 Vassilis     2
        take the values from the dlimits.cdf.vatt to set the
        metadata for the tplot variables:
        dlimits.data_att.units, dlimits.data_att.coord_sys

2027c   For thm_load_state, the suffix gets added to                   Vassilis     2
        support data, but support data is not
        transformed: if you call thm_load_state,
        coord='gse', suffix='_gse', /get_support_data
2027d   only the pos and vel get transformed, supportget
        in thm_load_state, the code to delete but all                  Vassilis     2
        data that was loaded for coordinate
        transformation should be just del_data,
        '*_state_temp' e. THC braid photoelectrons
1318    I noticed a bug in the GetVarData method on the                 Aaron       1
        loaded data object. If it's called with the dlimits
        option and then called later on the same quantity
        but w/ the dlimits option set the original pointer
        will be replaced with an null pointer.
593     Bug with writing flat-file, the code is being too                           1
        restrictive with its types. Need a standing rule to
        always promote bytes to 4-byte integers.

2153    A crash occurred that shut down IDL when trying                Pat/Cindy    1
        to open a THEMIS document. Some possible
        causes, a. R/W protection of the file? b. Incorrect
        file name/path? c. Second opening of the same
2166    On Unix-like platforms (Linux, Solaris, Mac),              7/7/2009    Jim L      1
        thm_init crashes if it can't connect to an X
        windows display. For example, if I ssh from my
        Windows machine to a Linux host, and I don't
        have an X server running on the PC, the first call
        to thm_init will crash my IDL session, even if I'm
        only doing command-line operations that don't
        require a graphical display.

        thm_init is trying to load a color table, and that
        operation requires either a working X display, or
        a command like set_plot,'ps' to set another
        graphics device. It should first check the
2132    While working on documentation, I tested the                          Michael     2
        kw: THEMIS> thm_load_efi, probe = 'c', datat =
        'eff', cdf_data = cdf_data Level = ['l1'] probes =
        ['c'] Datatypes = ['eff'] Type = 'calibrated' Variable
        is undefined: NSNAMES. Execution halted at:
        THM_LOAD_EFI             93 C:\My
2154    Bug with main image not being properly centered                       Pat/Cindy   2
        after a zoom. This is also a bug with IDL and
        thus not totally our problem, but also something
        we may want to try to work around. I had never
        seen it before except once previously with the
        Mac and the
        projector attached. Possible causes? a. It may
        be that having a projector attached somehow
        tricked IDL into improperly reporting the screen
        dimensions/resolution. b. I noticed that when
        Cindy typed in the text to zoom, she typed
2156    When then backspaced off crib, noticed have
        5//100,writing the tplot exportthe '//'I so it will that                Pat       2
        tplot_ascii doesn't export any of the y-axis
        scaling information for tplot spectral
        quantities(this is typically the d.v or d.v1
        component of a tplot variable) Without this
        information, it is not possible to accurately
2158    reconstruct a spectral quantity. To keepon the
        I noticed an issue with the z-axis labels things           7/2/2009     Pat       2
        overview plots. The text from adjacent plots
        runs together and this makes them essentially
        unreadable. This should be very simple to fix.
        We just need to modify ui_overplot so that it sets
        the z-axis label margin to values which will
        stagger the z-axis labels. We should probably
        also remove the '!C' characters from the default
1562a   The Margin spinner behavior is too strict, as it                       Bryan      3
        enforces the validity of input on every keystroke
        instead of on Apply. This produces odd behavior
        when backspacing, etc. This also applies to the
        Row, Column, Row Span, and Column Span
2018   Leftover 512 burst packets                            Vassilis   1

2116   fac_matrix_make: do a better job putting the                     tbd
       inputs into the correct coordinate system
759    Automatically load data if user scrolls forward or    China      No
       backward out of current range.
802    Add THEMIS color palette, maybe a dropdown                       tbd
       menu with the 5 themis colors, or a check box to
       say use 5 default colors? Or add a special area
       in the existing color palette.

1135   The call_sequence object needs to track calls to        Pat      tbd
       the Overplot routine. That way if you save a
       themis document with data from an overview
       plot, you will still be able to get it back.
1141   Store the angle parameters that you used in get         Pat      tbd
1464   Calculate: Once a quantity is selected in the         Bryan      tbd
       Insert Field, expanding/collapsing events cause
       that selection to be inserted into the Program
37     Add horizontal slider bar to top of draw area,                   1
       slider vertical as well
1196   Overview plots - nodownload flag bugs 1.Catch           Pat      1
       error FILE_LINES: Error opening file. File:
       gmcal.txt No such file or directory. Execution
       halted at: THM_CAL_FIT 79 2. Catch Error -
       Expression must be a structure in this context:
       DAT. Execution halted at: SPLIT_VEC 41. 4.
       Catch error - Expression must be a structure in
1065   this context: TMP. Execution halted at:
       Another bug is that when Apply is hit (continuing     Michael    1
       from the procedure in bug #1, separate e-mail),
       the fixed scaling (both limits) is updated in log
       space when I had asked for only the lower limit
       to be changed to center^2/(upper limit). This is
       not a difficult mod, but it seems to be in the draw
       object, and I do not know how to step through
1572   the code Minor Ticks spinner awayreset to a valid
       The # of b/c the focus shifts isn't from the          Aaron      2
       value after a non-numerical value is applied.

1573   No message is given to the user within the gui if     Aaron      2
       an overview plot fails due a date that is too early
       or too late (e.g. a date in 2001 or a week from
2152   Layout Options produced multiple errors then                       Aaron        2
       crashed upon startup after I imported a tplot
       variable composed of byte data. I could not
       open the window until the data was deleted.
       % TIME_STRUCT: Improper time input
       % TIME_STRING: Improper time input
       1) Type conversion error: Unable to convert
       given STRING to Integer. 2) Detected at:
       Type conversion error: Unable to convert given
       STRING to Integer.Detected at:
       4) WIDGET_TREE: String expression required
2068   in this context: <INT ( 0)>. % Execution halted at:
       Data Recovery                                                     Vassilis      1
 962   When selecting data, L1 and L2 can be selected                     David        1
       at the same time and the result was confusing.                    Sibeck
       since the low-level commands can only load one
       or the other, the GUI interface should enforce
2165   the same restriction.
       Update FBK Test Suite                                 7/6/2009   David - Pat    2

1551   The hourglass cursor does not stay on                              Aaron        2
       consistently while an overview plot is being
2134   In the current version, if you rename a quantity in                 Pat         2
       the manage data panel, it automatically changes
       the labels. This may not be appropriate now that
       we read label defaults when import, as it can
       sometimes replace a perfectly good label. We
       probably want to fix this code, so that it is more
       careful before replacing a plot label.

1302   After we had zoomed in a crazy amount, an error         Pat          BL        Open
       in the x-axis rendering showed up. It is probably
       not a likely case, but may be worth looking into.
       I've attached a document & png that should
       demonstrate the error.
2167   Helping Deron with SDT test on Probes.                             Deron
2146   Eclipse times from spin model -- user should be                  FGM Team       1
       able to get some kind of feedback as to whether
       the spin phase and spin period are derived from
       "fresh" sun pulses or interpolated between
       eclipse start/end times. (From Edita G.)
2159   Complete L1 File Definitions Document                              David        1
1303   While I was documenting the draw object I                 Pat        1
       noticed a bug in the way variables are drawn.
       The routine that calculates the space variables
       occupy, ignores layout row/column, so if
       variables are in the left column and right column,
       it will overestimate the amount of space that
       variables take and draw the panels with too
       much space.

       I'm not sure that this is might priority because we
       aren't putting a lot of effort into deal with multi-
       column layouts. But bugs like this are probably
       replicated in a number of places. Specifically,
       code that:
        (1) assumes panels will be lined up in a single
        (2) assumes that panel index will correspond to
       display position.
       Will have problems.

       We may want to put a note to test this in the next
       phase of testing, so that we can identify all the
2141   When adding the wavpol crib to the distribution,       Pat/Olivier   1
       Olivier mentioned a limitation in the TDAS
       pwrspc & dpwrspc routines, that we may want to
       consider fixing. We may want to add a keyword
       so that "they allow to change the frequency
       resolution by merging near frequency channels."

2155   The manage data window crashes when I try to             Aaron       2
       load ASI data into the gui. Two pop-up
       messages are produced prior to the crash
       notifying the user that the data has the wrong
       dimensions to be loaded (this should happen),
       the first of the messages below was from one of
       those pop-ups. Traceback Report from
       s\ 391)
       s\ 213)> Traceback
       Report from THM_UI_MANAGE_DATA_EVENT:
       s\ 391)> % Variable is
       undefined: SUCCESS.
2010    Tplot enhanced crib - Davin should be involved                        Pat      3
        and the cribs should not be too overwhelming.
        Possibly multiple cribs by functions
2117    minvar_matrix_make documentation is a little                                   3
        sparse, so it couldn't hurt to improve the function
        Review EFI web pages on beta site                                   David
        Create web pages for FFT, FBK                                       David
2164    Just a quick summary of the task we were               7/6/2009      Pat       2
        discussing to fix the issue Christine reported. If
        we decided to do the task, it would require
        modifying to use a fixed
        zrange for all spectral plots rather than
        autoscaling the plots. It should be trivial. We
        may also want to make the same changes to, so we can be sure that
        the GUI overviews match the online overviews.

2168    Add a task for the page options window to add          7/13/2009     Cindy     2
        font/color/size/alignment control for a panel title.
        Currently there is no way to control the way a
        panel title is displayed.
714     Add a set all button to the Z axis.                                7/20/2009   2
944     Step 7. Load THEMIS data --Step 7. FGM data:                        Michael    2
        I did not get fge data for THC. Maybe there is
        none for that day (2008-1-1), but the running
        history also did not issue a "some data not
2074a   loaded" error, unless only that datatype is
        Test FGM with new V03 STATE cdf                                     Vassilis   1
2074b   See email concerning parms ("thx_sci_mode",                         Vassilis   2
        "thx_hsk_issr_mode") sci_mode - know fast
        survey, issr_mode - when IDPU thinks fast
2015    Logic Analyzer setup                                                Vassilis   1

2145    Problem with ASI crib when using the command                          Pat      2
        'ctime,/cut' to generate the movies, it generates
        an error if you scroll out of bounds. The exact
        error message produced is: Error: -161
        Attempt to subscript <PtrHeapVar289> with I is
        out of range.
        % Stop encountered: $MAIN$ 58
2009    /home/pcruce/IDLWorkspace/themis/examples/t
        Be able to plot ASI & GMAG observatory                                Pat      2
        positions and GOES data on the same plots that
        are generated by THEMIS Station keyword
2063a   executing
        Make A-E Index an L1 cdf.                                             Pat      2
 2006   boundary normal coordinates. BugzID=59.                               Pat      1
 2171   Update THM_CRIB_EFI (adding _0 and _dot0               7/13/2009     John      1
        examples, if absent) giving examples for recent                     Bonnell
        upgrades to THM_CAL_EFI.
2172     Change THM_CRIB_EFI time interval to one of          7/13/2009    John       1
         the Mozer intervals.                                             Bonnell
 2161    Handle Tony's Pub                                    7/1/2009     Tony
2100n2   add an example to the EFI crib demonstrating                      John       1
         the behavior.                                                    Bonnell
         SST, ESA and EFI Wiki pages - initial entries                    Vassilis
         Format FFT and FBK info from C Cully into web                     David
2100r    Add the DATATYPE kw to KYOTO_AE_LOAD ,                            John       3
         and load only AE data by default                                 Bonnell

2100s    Get the downloader (KYOTO_AE_DOWNLOAD                             John       3
         based on the new version of FILE_HTTP_COPY                       Bonnell
         ) working
1311     Add capability to go into landscape mode (page       7/21/2009   Pat/Jim L   1
         pull down menu)
2191     Maybe a bug in thm_new_coords. Line 56               7/31/2009    Bryan      1
         reads: Endif Else data_att = {coords_sys:coords}
         ;data_att doesn't exist, so build it Shouldn't the
         coords_sys:coords be coord_sys:coords?

 2182    thm_crib_maccs_gmag                                  7/27/2009   Andreas     2
2013a    2D first migrate code into crib                                  Vassilis    2
2013b    Move plotting-related code to crib.                              Vassilis    2
2013c    Modularize loading of distributions into an array                Vassilis    2
         of structs
2185     I tried to use the TADS tool to process the          7/28/2009 Yonghua       1
         THEMIS data but can not draw plot of the data                  Liu
         after load the c gse FGM data. Thank you very
         much for you provide such a useful tools.

2162     talking with McFadden this week, as well as          7/2/2009     John B     1
         doing some of my own work, it seems that it
         would be very useful to have THM_LOAD_HSK
         be able to produce TPLOT variables with
         housekeeping data in physical (calibrated) units;
         ie. IEFI_IBIAS in nA instead of RAW TM units.
         The conversions are straightforward and well-
         documented, although we should check with the
1565     MOC folks to get the to export an EPS of some
         I noticed while trying latest versions of the                      Pat       2
         FGH that the fan
         compression algorithm can be very slow. A little
         while back, I thought of a way to make the
         algorithm much faster at the expensive of slightly
         worse compression ratios. I think this could be
         well worth implementing after this release and I
         don't think it would take too long.
2139    I noticed that when calc performs an operation                       Pat       2
        that reduces the number of dimensions on a tplot
        variable, it doesn't reduce the number of labels
        and/or colors, which can cause tplot to issue a
        warning when a result is plotted.

964     I noticed a bug with the x-grid thickness. For                       Pat       3
        some reason if I use a style like dotted and
        increase the thickness, the thickness doesn't
        appear to increase properly for the portion of the
        grid near the axis itself. This is a pretty minor
        aesthetic thing, so I don't think it will be a big
1555    A conversation here brought up what should                           Pat       3
        probably be considered a feature. If only minor
        grids are on, gaps appear in the grid lines,
        because the grids are not drawn on major ticks.
        After talking about it, we were thinking a better
        rule would be to only maintain those gaps if
        major grids are turned on.

2180    APID 458 compression - verify                                        Ops       1
2173    Add patch to VC->L0 and L0->L1 processing to                                   1
        fix TH-D clock anomaly
2024    GUI Trainings at UCB                                                David      1

2174    Reprocess VC files -> L0 packets, L0 packets ->                                1
        L1 CDFs, and L1->L2 CDFs for all VC files from
        TH-D since the clock was reset. L1->L2 will
        probably take care of itself once the L1 files are
2177    made. VC->L0 and L0->L1 will need manual
        Compose Announcement to users for switchover          7/20/2009     David      1

1121    Overview plots - need to figure out how to handle                   Bryan      2
        memory issues with tplot variables.
2181    APID Compression on Probe A did not work -            7/24/2009      Ops       1
        monitor telemetry
2178    thm_load_goes_mag - put attributes where other        7/22/2009   Jonathan     1
        TDAS software expects them                                        Rae, Jim L
2189    I found a graphical bug in gui. If you are plotting   7/29/2009      Pat       2
        a constant value and autoscaling is on, it can
        create a plot that looks non-constant due to
        internal numerical error. I've attached an
        example plots(issue in first panel). The first one
        is using autoscaling, the second is using a fixed
        range .002 units wide.
2196    Bob Strangeway GUI Review                             8/3/2009      David      1
2034c   writing some code to fill in the position and                      Vassilis    1
        velocity variables for GSE and GSM coordinates.
2034g   Edit the master state CDF to add variables for        8/4/2009     Vassilis    1
        the spin axis RA and Dec corrections                                Jim L
2034h   Tweak the V02->V03 server-side processing             8/4/2009    Vassilis    1
        code to store the original RA/DEC values, and                      Jim L
        the RA and Dec corrections, instead of applying
        the corrections and storing only the updated
2034i   Manually reprocess the V00, V01, V02, and V03         8/4/2009    Vassilis    1
        state CDFs for the whole mission into QA again,                    Jim L
        using the new master CDF.
2034e    I need to enhance the spinmodel routines to use                  Vassilis    1
        Hannes' spin phase correction, if present With
        these code changes in place, we can hopefully
        make some kind of comparison between FGM
        data calibrated/cotrans-ed with V02 vs. V03
        state to verify that the V03 attitude and spin
        phase corrections are working properly.
2198    I'm trying to use the TWAVPOL routine to do a         8/3/2009    Nathaniel   1
        polarization analysis. However, I don't believe I                  Frissell
        am getting the results I should. Specifically, I am
        analyzing a wave that has a spectral component
        around 6 mHz. However, my \ower spectrum
        plots of the data show a component between 20
        and 30 mHz.
2192     was testing some data using future dates and         7/31/2009     Pat       1
        found something odd. It appears that the routine
        thm_ui_timefix, fails for dates in the year 2011
        and later. Clearly this won't be an issue for a
        couple of years, but we should probably put this
        on the list so we don't forget to fix it before it
        does become an issue. thm_ui_timefix is a
        routine used by the time widget, which is in turn
        used by a large number of panels in the gui.

2049    MOM Quality Flags and MOM Processing                              Vassilis    1
2052    Add quality flag verbiage to ESA and MOM Data                      David      1
        Description web page.
2125     I received an error in the smoothing function with    Aaron     2
         the no_time_interp keyword set (through the
         gui). I was using mag data from drby on 2009-6-
         9 at 500 sec resolution. Traceback Report from
         MIS_GUI\themis\thm_ui_new\panels\thm_ui_dpr 123)>
         o( 179)> CALL_DPROC
         es\ 57)>
         ts\ 104)>
         es\ 256)> Last IDL Error:
         Unable to concatenate variables because the
         dimensions do not agree: ARRAY. % Execution
         halted at: SMOOTH_IN_TIME 153

2100n1   better define the behavior of THM_LOAD_EFI if          John     1
         multiple coord are                                    Bonnell
2113     Many of the data processing routines that are          Pat      1
         tested here do not inherit the plotting options
         from the tplot variable that they take as input.
         For data processing routines that I've written
         Vassilis has had me modify them so that they
         inherit these options. It shouldn't be very hard to
         do this, but whether we do it or not depends on
         whether we think these data processing routines
2119     There's a possible bug thm_gen_overplot when                    1
         an illegal device is set with the DEVICE keyword.
         The code doesn't check to make sure if the
         graphics device is valid. It passes the test script
         because thm_gen_overplot has its own catch
         error statement embedded in the code. The
         catch statement does report, "Graphics device
         not available: a", but only after data have been
         loaded and tplot vars have been created. If a
2118   With a pre-mission and future dates,                                         1
       thm_gen_overplot does not exit gracefully. The
       user sees a lot of "Remote file not found
       messages", but is not offered any indication that
       the date requested is before the mission began.
       It would also be useful to have a check for when
       DATE plus DUR is greater than the current date,
       and then ignore the requested days beyond the
2189   I found a graphical bug in gui. If you are plotting   7/29/2009     Pat      1
       a constant value and autoscaling is on, it can
       create a plot that looks non-constant due to
       internal numerical error. I've attached an
       example plots(issue in first panel). The first one
       is using autoscaling, the second is using a fixed
       range .002 units wide.
2190   If I had a plot that I had made range settings to     7/30/2009     Pat      1
       and I added another quantity to the plot, the
       range settings would be reverted to the defaults.

        This is actually a sub-case of a larger problem
       that we've seen over and over again, specifically,
       we don't have any idea when a user has
       modified a setting(versus when the internal code
       modifies a setting).
       This is important to know for deciding when to
       automatically change defaults, and also for
       things like knowing which settings to copy when
       the "Set All" flag is checked.

2193   Convention notes for Developers                       7/31/2009    Pat       1
2210   AE production is broke                                8/10/2009   Vassilis   1
2204   Rename: "thm_load_idx" into                           8/12/2009   Vassilis   1
       "thm_load_themisAE" and make sure the
       variables, when loaded are called: "thmAE"
       rather than just "AE".
2188    The current GUI allows fixed ranges on the          7/29/2009       Pat      1
        interval (0,inf) for logarithmic z-axes. Meaning 0-
        is considered an illegal entry. For spectral plots
        like ESA and SST that is a problem. They
        include 0-values even though they are technically
        illegal values for a logarithmically scaled axis.

        A while back we added a special case so that
        those values can be displayed, but we don't have
        a special case to allow users to enter that value
        as a range.

        It appears pretty clearly in the gui overview plots
        now that they have fixed z-ranges.(plot attached)
        On the ESA & SST plots at the bottom, most of
        those purple regions would be black if we
        allowed the scale to be on the interval [0,inf)

2020    If requesting 1 hour of data using timespan,                      Vassilis   1
        then load data using one of our load data
2020a   If requesting 1 hour of data using timespan,                      Vassilis   1
        then load data using one of our load data
2197    routines: thm_gui_new to thm_gui
        Rename All except EFI and SCM                          8/3/2009   David      2
2218    themis date question from Howard at SPDF              8/13/2009   SPDF       1

2034j   Spot check a few of the reprocessed V00, V01,         8/4/2009    Vassilis   1
        V02, V03 state CDFs to verify that they're                         Jim L
        consistent with what's currently in production
2034k   Complete task 2184 (Tim and I validate the            8/4/2009    Vassilis   1
        automated processing)                                              Jim L
2034l   Add the new spin axis correction support              8/4/2009    Vassilis   1
        variables to thm_load_state                                        Jim L
2034m   For the spin phase corrections, the default in the    8/4/2009    Vassilis   1
        spinmodel routines should be to *not* apply them                   Jim L
        unless requested by keyword. Right now, the
        default is to use them, and specify a keyword to
2034n   turn off the corrections, so this ought to be low-
        Add appropriate keyword argument(s) to any            8/4/2009    Vassilis   1
        level cotrans routines that use the spin axis                      Jim L
        RA/DEC (probably only affects the DSL<->GEI
        transform), and make sure thm_cotrans can
        accept the new arguments and pass them to the
        lower level routine. Implement the necessary
        corrections inside the low-level cotrans routine
2218    themis date question from Howard at SPDF            8/13/2009    SPDF            1

2050    Incorrect adjustment on S/C potential. Effects L2                Vassilis        1
        cdfs. Fix in thm_load_mom
2101a   Check input coord and boom selection (offset is      Revised      John           2
        boom dependent) and reflect in TPLOT var            7/13/2009    Bonnell
        name and metadata. Check offsets against C.
        Cully's example.
2100k   "Case-by-case" calibration parameters ("short-                    John           2
        term" high accuracy corrections). LASP does                      Bonnell
        this, but needs integration.
2209    Revise fit.crib                                     8/19/2009      Pat          tbd
2205    Check out the load less than a day mod GUI and      8/17/2009      Pat           1
        Cline even less than an hour
2208    help request from Tony Lui: % CDF_LIB_INFO:         8/19/2009   Tony Lui         0
        Error loading sharable executable

2211    Prince George data flatline - data from UCLA        8/10/2009     Tim            1

2184    Test V03 State Automation                           7/27/2009     Jim L          1
2071    Processing full resolution ASI data disks (Apr-                  Vassilis        1
        Nov 2008).
2063b   Make A-E Index an L1 cdf.                                         Pat            2
 2207   % Expression must be a scalar or 1 element          8/18/2009    Bryan           1
        array in this context: <BYTE Array[4]>. %
        Execution halted at: THM_LOAD_FIT          237
        C:\Documents and
        mis\spacecraft\fields\ %
        $MAIN$ This occurred because line 237 is trying
        to compare and an array of strings to a single
        null string:
2951    New ESA Quality flag for Jim McFadden                             Jim            1
2054    Issue with ESA data and Overview Plots. Pgm                                      1
        Change and reprocessing from Feb 2009-current
        ?                                                                           ETC-sst-esa table load TH-A 2009
                                                                                    ETC-sst-esa table load TH-D 2009
                                                                                    ETC-sst-esa table load TH-E 2009
                                                                                    ETC-sst-esa table load TH-B 2009
                                                                                    ETC-sst-esa table load TH-C 2009
2217    Reprocess fgm from May 1, 2009 onward               8/20/2009    Hannes          0
2205    section in the user's guide on optimizing                 8/6/2009     Cindy     2
        workflow and retrieving default values. Additional
        comments in tplot_gui, calculate, and save
        document sections
2206    add Pat's scripts into training scenario                  8/6/2009     Cindy     2
2073    New FGM offsets for tail season                                       Vassilis   1
2074    V03 STATE                                                             Vassilis   1
2075    Spin Axis offsets – Improve the new spin axis                         Vassilis   1
        offsets calibration routine – In progress. A new
        technique has been developed for inside
        magnetosphere with high accuracy. Once
        complete a paper to be published. Sent data to
        Karl Heinz, included in the distribution
2206    Issues with independent tests of load less than a         8/17/2009     Pat      1
 2216   ssl_set_complement issue                                  8/11/2009    Jim L     1
2013d   Add new slice features (plane orientation, time                       Vassilis   2
        window, etc.) to slice code
2201    There will be an extra glitch in the data with one        8/13/2009   Vassilis   0
        more mode change at 3Re now. Please give the
        code to correct that on-the-fly high priority.
2009      I found a bug in the state data will be a multi-
        Reprocessing of L1 and L2load code. Ifneeded.             8/10/2009     Pat      1
        day duration is selected and the spin model data
        is not present for any one of those days, the
        process will terminate, even if there is data
        available for other days during that interval.
        Generally, load routines are supposed to skip
        over days where data is missing and just leave
        data gaps in the output tplot variables. For
        example: timespan,'2007-02-17',2,/day
        Fails with the error: % spinmodel_post_process:
        tplot variable not found: tha_state_spin_tend,
2204    The indicates that State Support Data a
        This test Jim and I discussed would be is test that       8/17/2009     Pat      1
        goes into code and
        verifies that the data being transformed and the
        support data largely overlap(even if they don't
        have the same cadence). So if they only overlap
        partially or they fail to overlap at all a warning will
2102d   be printed that calibrate by signal source –
        John wants to gets the user's attention.                               John      2
        thm_cal_fbk                                                           Bonnell
2212    There is a new bug in THM_SPINFIT.                        8/10/2009   Michael    1
        Apparently, the routine constructs a TPLOT
        variable somehow in a way that TPLOT doesn't
        like: THEMIS> tplot, 25 TPLOT(398): 25
        tha_fgh_spinfit_npoints Subscript range values
2169    LASP code appears to label >= 0, < size, with
        of the form low:high must be SPG coords w/                7/13/2009    John      2
        DSL. Investigate and fix.                                             Bonnell
2101d   SPINFIT that induces a crash at a particular time   8/5/2009     Michael    2
        (unfortunately on a day of interest). At the
        moment, I suspect that the data is unusual
        somehow, but probably not bad
2215    Be selective about which metadata gets passed       8/13/2009    Michael    1
        through to the products
2214    I get strange lines at the boundaries of data       8/20/2009    Michael    1
        chunks (see attached) on certain products of
        THM_SPINFIT. I believe this is due to an array
        error b/c Y has one more element than X for the
        variable I checked. It should be about 30
        minutes to fix.
2037    J. Kissinger’s cotrans routine (from GSE to SSE                  Vassilis   2

2208    Fix cribs from Shanshan                             8/5/2009    Shanshan    1

2202    Reduce GUI Load time for data sets with large       8/6/2009    Programmi   1
        numbers components                                               ng Team

2204    Reduce the number of keystrokes needed to           8/6/2009    Programmi   2
        navigate the tree. (open Themis 1 level                          ng Team
2229   The str2time and time_struct are used within the         9/4/2009      Davin's   1
       gui. The actual code changes Davin made                               chnages
       should not affect the gui, but it's probably worth
       taking the system for a spin, just in case.

2231   We may want to run some quick tests on the               9/8/2009       Pat      1
       GOES & WIND(3dp data type) load panel.
2210   I ran into a bug in the gui, I'm betting it is OS        8/19/2009      Pat      1
       dependent. When I added a label that was
       longer than the displayable number of characters
       in the axis option label selection drop list, it
       shifted the droplist selection arrow off the widget
       so that the selection arrow no longer worked.
2221   Reprocess FGM from I think there is a simple
       This is an IDL bug, butMay 1, 2009 onward                8/24/2009    Hannes     0
2219   Andrei Runov just pointed out a bug in the labels        8/27/2009    Andrei     0
       for the fitmom and fitgmom overview plots. The                        Runov
       fix was tiny. The only snag is this means we'll
       need to reprocess the old plots so that the labels
       will be accurate. The was to switch the labels for
2072   magt3 fromof ESAto eV. from these dates and
       Reprocess eV/cc L2 data                                                Jim M     1
       all days after until 5/31. This is needed to fill in a
       missing energy bin in 88x15 full electron mode.
2219   On CDAWeb, I have ordered ThB L2 ESA field-              8/13/2009    Vladimir   1
       aligned ion temperature for 2009-08-01/00:00 till
       12:00 as well as the same from ThB MOM data.
       Both quality flags turned out to be 0 (good data).
       However, the temperature components from the
       MOM data have the order of magnitude of 10-30
       eV while the ESA data show about 500 eV. The
       latter value corresponds to what one can see on
       the ESA peir spectrogram (solar wind). Time
       dependence is also different, especially around
       11:00. This question adds to the previous one
       asked by Hui Zhang about 2009-08-19 (in ThB
       data, the ESA and MOM ion velocities from the
       moments differ).

2122   THM_LOAD_MOM doesn't recognize the                                               1
       datatype keyword for L1 data. (It does for L2).
2203   Improve interface on Plot/Layout Window for              8/6/2009    Programmi   1
       spectral vs. linear data                                              ng Team
2195    When I print a plot with the landscape mode          8/3/2009      Pat       1
        turned on, the plot is clipped in half. There may
        be cross-platform issues using the landscape
        flag in the IDLgrPrint object to generate
        landscape plots. We should probably test on
        various platforms to see. If this is just an
        isolated issue, it may not be worth worrying
        about, as printer support in IDL is intermittent
        anyway, but if this is more widespread, we may
        need to deal with this by performing the
        landscape transformation on the output scene by
        rotating/translating the scene prior to output.
        Also, if we decide that printer support is not a
        priority, we could turn on the canvas size options
        with basically no effort. The major impediment
        to both canvas size and landscape mode is
        printer support.

2230    Find out cause of apparent periodicity about phi     9/4/2009    Shasha      0
        in Xiaojia's energy spectrum plots.
        Fix cribs from Jiang                                 8/12/2009    Jiang      1
2013e   Modularize plotting related code                                 Vassilis    2
2013f   Rewrite crib                                                     Vassilis    2
2013h   2D with med imaging code                                         Vassilis    2
2013i   3D slices                                                        Vassilis    2
 1578   When calling: timespan,'2008-01-                                   Pat       2
        rt_data It is printing the following error: %
        THM_COTRANS: input tplot variable is not a 3-
        vector. This may not be a big deal, or it may be
        indicative of the coord argument failing.

2126    State Vector -> remove coord keyword                 7/20/2009   Pat/Jim L   2
        turnover Artemis machine from Bryan
2236    Turnover from Tim                                     9/8/2009               0
2242    L2 reprocessing FGM, FIT                             9/10/2009    Jim L      0

2170    Port LASP axial calibration to eff datatype          7/13/2009    John       1
2101    THM_SPINFIT simulates the on-board spin fits                      John       2
2102    FBK frequencies                                                   John       2
2102c   Make sure that bin center assignment from L2                      John       2
        works with any changes that Jim M. makes                         Bonnell
2099    npot computation                                                       Jim       3
2099a   Formula                                                                Jim       3

2099c   McFadden requires more information on the bias                         Jim       3
        changes from John as of 6/5                                          McFadden
2099d   Integrate Nishamura's Npot routine as an option                       Vassilis   2+
        into THM_SCPOT2DENS

2099f   Writing a crib to demonstrate how to use the             7/24/2009     Toshi     3
        code to remove penetrating electrons from ESA
        e- and ion data
2235    Turnover from Tim                                         9/8/2009               0
2213    I get a log of errors like this from THM_SPINFIT         8/20/2009     John      2
        (after running the crib and plotting the data):                       Bonnell
        TPLOT(398): 32 tha_efp_spinfit_npoints
        MPLOT: Incorrect number of labels. This is, of
        course, non-fatal, but should be cleaned up.

        FFK and FFT web pages - move to official site            7/15/2009     David     1
2244    ESA Web page addition (#26)                              9/10/2009      Jim      1
2249     While I was working on task 2183, I noticed             9/21/2009      Pat      1
        some small bugs in thm_load_fft. If I set the
        probe with a variable like: probe='a'
        thm_load_fft,probe=probe It will modify the
        variable probe so that it ends up with the value:
        probe=['a'] after the call. If I set the datatype with
        a variable like: datatype = 'ffw_16_scm1'
        thm_load_fft,datatype=datatype It will modify the
        variable so that it ends up with the value:
        datatype =
        2', 'ffw_64'] after the call. These inadvertent
2255    I just noticed a bug in the new version of            9/28/2009      Pat      1
        thm_load_state. Right now it will print out a
        warning message saying that it is incorrectly
        transforming the velocity regardless of what or
        whether a
        transformation is being applied. It should only
        print this message if it is actually transforming a
        data quantity. Currently it is telling users that
        their data is wrong, when it is not actually wrong.

2237    Turnover from Tim                                     9/8/2009                0

2250    When missing ephermis provided reprocess 3-4          9/21/2009     David     0
2034d   I need to add support to thm_load_state (and                       Vassilis   1
        any load/cal routines that call thm_load_state,
        e.g. thm_cal_fgm) for specifying which version
        V00, V01, V02, V03 should be used for cotrans
        and calibration

2149a   Packet lookahead in L0->L1 processing (Bugz                       FGM Team    0
2149b   Apply despike algorithm to current packet if next                 FGM Team    1
        packet has different range (Bugz #44)
2149c   When a and b are coded and tested, build new                      FGM Team    1
        tmtools release and start using it for automated
2149d   processing.all L1 FGM data (which should trigger
        Reprocess                                                         FGM Team    1
        L2 FGM reprocessing as well) will run for several
        days, should probably wait until "new justice" is
        operating reliably)

2243    The routine PEN to GSM (or probably better            9/10/2009    Vassilis   2
        PEN to GEO) requires bird position (r, geolon,
        geolat is best for these geosynchronous birds)
        and time as input; then it can be used generically
        for any GOES satellite. It can be tested against
        existing birds. The task can therefore be very
        simple: from geolat/long you determine PEN
        directions for the new coordinate system, then
        create a time dependent rotation matrix at some
        low resolution (perhaps 10 min) and rotate the
        supplied vector by interpolating. To make it
        faster, since the spacecraft position does not
        change in GEO cords very fast, you can put in a
2183a   keyword of /fixed_geo_sat_pos which will result
        L0->L1 Processing determine start and stop            7/27/2009    Vassilis   2
        times of particle burst modes and put into an L1
2086    Orbit Plot on Summary Plot web page - on the                         Vassilis   2
        right side, 3 plots vertically, each overview plot
        there would be orbit panels (coordinate with
2076    Harald). transformation in thm_cotrans does
        SM coord                                                             Vassilis   2
        not work: fixing that would be too drastic a
        change for a patch release, because it might
        break a lot of existing code. The issue is: if the
        in_coord parameter is not explicitly specified,
        and the dlimits structure also does not specify
        the coordinate system, do we want to try to figure
        it out from the "in_suffix" argument (current
        behavior, doesn't work for SM coords), or just fail
2240    with a message of other minor changes tomust
        I have a couple that a coordinate system make           8/15/2009   Jonathan    1
        to the GOES master CDF, in addition to the                            Rae
        b_gsm coordinate system fix, and a few tweaks
        to the processing scripts
2246    thm_cotrans now tries to access spinmodel data          9/10/2009     Jim L     1
        even when it's not necessary, and if no
        spinmodel data is loaded an unnecessary error
        message is produced.
2256    It appears the multiprobe plots are not being           9/29/2009    Vassilis   0
        since Sept 7th
2099e   Integrating Npot code.                                  7/24/2009     Toshi     2+
2013g   Integrate into gui                                                   Vassilis   1
 2104   L2 CDF, quality flags                                   7/1/2009      John      2
2262    Integrate into gui Loading EFI and SCM L2 cdf's - 10/9/2009           David     1
        sort out
2257    Reprocess FYKN 20071123-20071206                  10/6/2009          SPDF -     0
2252     a routine thm_l1gen_scmode, which will                 9/23/2009      Pat      2+
        generate spacecraft mode CDFs with values
        detected from the data.(so the values are actual
        mode, not requested values from issr
        housekeeping quantity). This needs to be
        integrated into our daily processing and
        reprocessed back to the beginning of the
2089    mission. I figured thiscurrently loads Jim's
        Thm_fgm_overviews is probably in the data out                        Vassilis   2
        of the fit file. It should probably load the data out
        of the fgm file. Only needs to load from one data
        source. Jim M thinks the thm_load_fit can be
2148a   deleted
         3a) Incorporate Dragos' code in thm_cal_fgm                        FGM Team    2
        (hold off on implementing until Dragos delivers
        improved algorithm; estimate 2 days from receipt
        of revised code?)
2148b   Reprocess L2 FGM products with enhanced                             FGM Team    2
        code (Jim McT, combine with 2147c?)
2148   DAC non-linearity correction: This was proposed             FGM Team        2
       as a correction to (i.e. reprocessing) the L1 FGM
       CDFs, but I think it really belongs in
       thm_cal_fgm as the very first step. There are
       jumps in the X, Y, and Z components of the FGM
       data when the field increases or decreases past
       some thresholds. Dragos Constantinescu has
       sent some IDL code to implement the correction,
       but today I'm told that this code doesn't work that
       well, and Dragos will be rewriting it to reflect that
2264   The DAC calibration has been added to the fgm 10/15/2009        Pat         2
       calibration code and Ferdinand Plaschke just
       sent me an email with the code to perform the
       last step of the calibrations: spintone removal.
       I think that after the spintone removal and Jim's
       timing corrections, the FGM calibrations will be
955    Add ability allow user to set personal preferences 8/1/2009     Bob         2
       once, so they don't have to do it each time they            Strangewa
       bring the GUI up. Create user profile so that                  y and
       plots/fonts/colors/sizes/titles/etc... will always be        other(s)
       set to user's choice.

2218   Can you change the way the plot menu switches        9/21/2009     Jim      2
       plots? If I start with TH-A and zoom in to a 2 hr                McFadden
       plot, then switch to TH-B, the web page
       automatically zooms out to the whole day. Can
       we change it so it stays on a 2 hr scale?
       I thought it used to do this. It would also be
       useful if when one changed s/c, it automatically
       updated the plots without having to further click
       on the display button. This way you could set all
       the other buttons ,mo,date,time), and then just
       change the s/c.

2147   FGM spin harmonics correction (remove                            FGM Team   2
       interference from solar array currents). David
       Fisher has produced several tables (each table
       valid for a few months; correction varies with sun
       angle) of FGM correction vs. spin phase
2147a   Decide on how to represent tables for use in                       FGM Team    2
        thm_cal_fgm (keep as ASCII? convert to
        CDF?), get full set of corrections, convert to the
        desired format, install somewhere under
        /disks/themisdata (probably alongside FGM cal

2147b   Add a step to thm_cal_fgm to load the                              FGM Team    2
        appropriate correction tables for the probe &
        time interval being processed, use spin phase at
        each sample and interpolate within table to find
        correction at that point, apply correction. There
        should be a way to disable this correction (e.g.
        /NO_HARMONIC_CORRECTION keyword or
        similar, since David F. will need to periodically
        create new tables from the uncorrected data as
        data continues to accumulate).

2259    SVN setup document - contact info update               10/5/2009     Pat       1
2260    New NPOT not working in Summary Plots                  10/7/2009     Jim       0
2261    Hannes just mentioned a crash that he got from         10/9/2009     Pat       1
        a function called "root_data_dir", he sounded
        understandably frustrated. It seems that on
        windows, "root_data_dir" normally defaults to "c:"
        except if you have an 'e:', then it defaults to 'e:'
        regardless of what 'e:' happens to be. In
        Hannes's case, this was flashdrive that shouldn't
        have had data written to it. And it messed up his
2241    Determine 2009 V03 STATE spin phase and                9/4/2009    Jim L and   1
        spin axis corrections                                               Hannes
 2085   Summary Plot mods                                                   Vassilis   2
2085a   Fix duplicate velocity units by removing 'km/s'                     Vassilis   2
        from ytitle and maintaining 'km/s' in ysubtitle
2085b   Either make velocity labels into ('X','Y','Z') or                   Vassilis   2
        make velocity labels into 'VX','VY','VZ'. So that
        the components are easier to distinguish.
2085c   Modify ytitles on esa eflux and sst eflux so that                   Vassilis   2
        they do not collide. (Insert '!C's or change setting
        to make tplot do this automatically).
2085d   Set the scales on the zoomed out(24 hr) plots so                    Vassilis   2
        that they are not autoscaled. Information on
        appropriate yranges should come from Vassilis.
2085e   Change labels on temperature lines so that they                     Vassilis   2
        are done in different colors (and possibly
2085f   different linestyles). the plot key so that it
        If necessary, Update                                                Vassilis   2
        reflects any of the changes above. It'd probably
        be best to give this task to me, since I've done
 2238   the past modifications of the plot key.
        FGE-FGH comparison                                     9/8/2009                1
2034g   Make GSE and GSM position and velocity's                            Vassilis   1
        slectable in the GUI
Note    At this point, we should be able to install the new
        master CDF, and move the reprocessed state
        CDFs from QA into production (with a heads-up
        to Tami that a new batch is on the way). The
        reprocessed CDFs will still be compatible with
Note    TDASthe reprocessed CDFs arenew variables,
        Once 5_11 -- we're only adding in place, we'll
        want to make the following changes in TDAS:
2149    They were also asking when we'll be getting rid                    FGM Team    1
        of the spikes in the L1 FGM data (Bugzilla #44
        and #67). I told them that this is already in the
        queue, and I should be getting to it very soon.
        Maybe now is the time?
2149e   Detect and repair time tags in L0->L1 processing                   Jim L and   1
        when sample rate changes mid-packet (depends                        Michael
2149f   on 2149a) L0->L1 for data types susceptible to
        Reprocess                                                          Jim L and   1
        time tagging problems due to sample rate                            Michael
2254    changes Summary Plot Changes from Vladimir
        Review all                                             9/21/2009    Vassilis   2+

2183b   L0->L1 Processing determine start and stop             7/27/2009    Vassilis   2
        times of particle burst modes and put into an L1
2130    FGM offset study/debug for European Folks                           Vassilis   1

2034    V03-L2 cdf STATE                                                    Vassilis   1
2276    When looking at the summary plots and copying 10/21/2009            Stephen    0
        them into other files the plots jump to a different                  Mende
        time slot. For example I was displaying a
        summary plot with a 2 hour duration then I
        changed it to a six hour duration it kept jumping
        back to the 2 hour version while it was copied. In
        some cases it was not possible to copy the
        frame the user
2277    there used to be a tool on the themis server        10/22/2009      Dave       0
        which gave us the cumulative web access stats                       Milling
        for website summary plot access and data
        downloads via the THEMIS IDL software.
2234    ESA velocity (thb - 8/11/09) less than 10 to the -     9/8/2009    Vladimir   1
        10 change to nan's

2232    MOM - quality flags converted to binary,               9/8/2009    Vladimir   1
        saturation flag, solar wind flag and maneuver
        flag, data desc and processing history web page
        updates. Change pointer to Processing History in
        master cdf.

2233    ESA - quality flags converted to binary,           9/8/2009        Vladimir   1
        maneuver flag, data desc and processing history
        web page updates. Change pointer to
        Processing History in master cdf.
2272    review beta site quality flag web pages and add   10/19/2009        David     1
        maneuver flag to desc
2275    FGM L2 reprocessing taking much longer than       10/22/2009        David     1
        usual - review
2199    AE Index - quality control check plots for traces  8/3/2009        Vassilis   1
        without gaps
2085h   change plot key                                                    Vassilis   1

2263    I think the way log minor ticks are spaced when       10/12/2009     Pat      1
        the ticks have more than order of magnitude
        spacing isn't quite right. By which I mean that I
        see it done differently on publication plots. Right
        now, the minor ticks are placed so that they
        divide an entire tick interval. On publications I
        often see it with
2147e   with new FGM processing - update load routine         10/19/2009    David     2
        with warning
2114    Load routines to all support keywords suffix                                  2
2120    NO_DOWNLOAD keyword missing from                                              2
2085h   change plot key                                                    Vassilis   1
2200    FIT web pages info                                                  David     2
2213    Anyway, I have found a burble (not monotonic) in      8/11/2009    Michael    0
        the eff data type time series in this cdf file:

2281    missing U Alaska Gmag data                            11/2/2009      Pat      0
2114    Load routines to all support keywords suffix                                  2
2120    NO_DOWNLOAD keyword missing from                                              2
1563   We were just griping about how long the                        Bryan/JimL   2
       Overview plots take to load, and I was thinking,
       what if the Overview Plot window, had a list of
       check boxes that would enable the user to turn
       off certain plots? That way if they don't care
       about the AE index plot, they could turn it off and
       speed up the load of the rest of overview plots.
       Here's some more food for thought: didn't we
       discuss the possibility of making an AE index
       CDF, and let the users download that instead of
       downloading all the data necessary to
       recalculate it client-side? Another candidate for
       that sort of treatment might be the time intervals
2042   for slow survey,
       FGM range changes in the mid packet. Post                       Vassilis    2
       Proc maybe a solution to eliminate the spike.
       BugzID=44. Bfield mid-packet jumps.
2287   You have the ESA flag value 4 for the situation     11/10/2009 Vladimir     1
       when a probe is in the solar wind but not in the
       solar wind mode. Recently, I have met an
       opposite situation: probe is not in the solar wind
       but in the solar wind mode. It seems to me that
       this situation should also be flagged out because
       all moments are wrong.

2245   ESA and MOM Reprocessing when 2232-2234          9/10/2009     Vladimir     1
       are done, update data description and
       processing history web pages
2258   When V03 State is reprocessed - reprocess        10/8/2009      Jim L       1
       Ascii Files
2239a   It looks like we may need to make some small           9/10/2009     Pat      1
        modifications to the Load Themis Data panel to
        make it work correctly with the changes in
        thm_load_state. Bug #1 I just got the new
        version and noticed that if I load probe state/pos
        with gei coords selected, it correctly load
        tha_state_pos(in GEI), but now also loads
        tha_state_pos_gse and tha_state_pos_gsm.
        This is almost certainly because these new
        coordinate systems were just added to the state
        file. It should have only loaded the coordinate
        system requested. Also, if you request another
        coordinate system using the interface, it will
        transform all three into that coordinate system.
        So if I select coord='dsl', I will get
        _gsm, but despite their names, they will all
        actually be in DSL coordinates. Bug #2 We need
        to modify the panel so that it does not transform
        velocities incorrectly. Right now, if I load probe
        a/state/vel in spg coords, it will perform an
        incorrect transformation of the velocity into SPG.
        (incorrect as per our discussion on the limitations
        of the cotrans routine with respect to velocities) I
        don't think it should do this.

2278    It appears that the drift described below by Jim     10/20/2009    Vassilis   1
        Lewis was responsible for the early drift in the
        attitude and the correct attitude is the average
        from the data after the flight software correction
        on May 4th. So we do need to put an ~1deg
        correction to the files affecting all instruments,
        and that should also be part of the absolute
2247    attitude in the state files. Thisbetween tdas_5_11 9/10/2009
        Another undesirable change offset is simply due                     Jim L     1
        and the trunk has to do with the 'probe' keyword
        argument to thm_cotrans. In tdas_5_11, either
        the single letter 'a b c d e' or the longer 'tha thb
        thc thd the' names were accepted. In the trunk
        version, the longer 'thx' values are no longer
        Part I - 2D/3D option to Analysis pull down menu
        2. Create new window allowing user to select
        options including widgets for
          a. data type
          b. type of slice 2D or 3D,
          c. calendar date,
          d. left/right arrow keys to allow user to scroll
        through data Part II 3. From the new window
          a. If 2D selected launch the 2D window
          b. If 3D selected launch both the 2D and 3D
          c. TBD how the two windows will interact 4.
        Modifications will need to be made to Bryans
2013g   Integrate into gui - load slices in idl medical                      Vassilis   1
        imagery software
2048    Process full resolution for March 1-15 2008, Jan                     Vassilis   1
        15 2009 and onward.

2295    I am less familiar with the details of the new          11/16/2009    Cindy     2+
        profile feature. Would you put together a rough
        draft test suite for me? I can fill in the details if
        you would just provide a list of the things to test
2147f   Send out notification to users a month before                                   2
        fgm reprocessing. Using bleeding edge that can
        generate the new data.
2290    To incorporate Vassilis's request regarding             11/16/2009   Vassilis   1
        auroral zone stations, I will first need to identify
        THEMIS' auroral zone stations.
2298    reprocessed SCW spikes Re: THEMIS SCM                   11/24/2009   Olivier    1
        Level 2 files
2147d   Few tweaks to the FGM: 1. As Ferdinand                  10/19/2009 FGM Team     2
        updates his code, he's been making small
        changes and sending me new versions. 2. Edita
        would like me to add keywords so that the FGM
        Team can get copies of the data after each
2268    stage in the calibration Test Suites that they can
        QA Prep - Revise GUI process so and                     10/19/2009   David      1
        determine QA Reqd Tests
2284    Update GEM Software Presentation                        11/2/2009    David      2
3004    Check all jobs on January 4th to make sure they         12/7/2009    David      0
        have restarted
3011    look into the web page, and see why we don’t            12/9/2009    Vassilis   0
3004    get ESA after 2:30 and the4th to make sure they
        Check all jobs on January FBKs are corrupted            12/7/2009     David     0
        have restarted
3002    A-E Index processing failing every day                  12/7/2009     Jim L     1
3018    . When loading EFI data if the time range is set     12/11/2009     Aaron      1
        between two arbitrary times on consecutive
        days(e.g. "2007-03-23/12:30:00" to "2007-03-
        24/013:30:00") then the user will be prompted at
        the command line to specify date and number of
        days to load. At first glance it appears may be handling input
        insufficiently in some cases.

3109    Time clip is failing on certain EFI quantities for   12/11/2009     Aaron      1
        2009-02-09. When attempting to clip the data to
        between 4:10 and 4:45 I get an error that the
        span is out of the data range, however plotting
        the full day of data shows it to be continuous
        from around 00:40:00 to 12:30:00.
3012    Data Variable Descriptions Document - Review         12/4/2009      David      2+
2293    FIT Q&A web page - needs info                        11/7/2009      David      2+
2061    Data Description Paragraphs - EFI, SCM, FFT,         11/9/2009      David      2+
        ASI and GMAG
3000b   Review and update if needed Variable Desc            12/3/2009      David      2+
3020    FIT Web Pages                                       12/15/2009      David      2+
2284    Update GEM Software Presentation                     11/2/2009      David       1
2289    modify the summary plot web page according to 11/12/2009           Vassilis     1
        the request by Vassilis. Then take over the
        routine generation of these plots and just need to
        add the line to the orbit/footprint processing that
        you are already doing. (Artemis Orbit plots)

3005    Stop Mosaic Processing before Power outage           12/7/2009      Jim M      0

2999    legends in temperature plots - in progress             Andrei     11/30/2009   1

2296    The labels for T_para, T_perp on the overview        11/19/2009     Andrei     1
        plots have been switched so that the correct
        color label refers to the correct value: green is
        Ti_para, blue is Ti_perp, black is Te_para and
        red is Te_perp. This change will show up today,
        and will cover the last 10 days of plots.

2292    Use latest available STATE files when                11/7/2009     Vassilis    2
        reprocessing overview plots
3013      IDL-execution halt on line 592 of thm_gui_new,    12/9/2009      Pat        1
          original_virtual_dimensions not a valid keyword
          for IDLgrWindow.

3008      qa_test directories discussion at S/W
3022      I'm getting a crash when trying to load state. I   12/15/2009    Pat        ?
          suspect this is as a result of a some interaction
          between the modifications made to clip loaded
          intervals to requested time intervals and a gap in
          the spin data. The commands to cause the
          crash: timespan,'2009-08-01',6,/hour
          FGM Processing - discuss what needs to be         12/15/2009    David
          reprocessed at S/W meeting

          Spinmodel error - clipping STATE data             12/15/2009     Pat
          discuss at S/W meeting

3026     Orbit Plots issue                                 1/4/2010    Vassilis       0
3028     Overview Plots in GUI not = online plots          1/4/2010    Vassilis       0
3030     Themis website bug. Noticed help request page 01/05/10           Pat         1
         links to incorrect summary plot
         page(summary.html, rather than
         summary.shtml?autoload=1) Should correct.
    3032 Updated GOES data will be available by release      01/08/10 Pat         ?
         and will have different time interval. Need to
         update warning in the GUI to be aware of new
         data range.
 2199    AE Index - quality control check plots for traces 8/3/2009    Vassilis       1
 2294    without gaps the AE index gmags could you also 11/17/2009
         In addition to                                                Vassilis       1
         look, with the same tools the EPO gmags, just to
         make sure the data is coming through OK and
         there are no glitches? Chris suggested this
         would be a good (efficient) way of ensuring
         quality. You could report the EPOs back to both
         the scisoft group and Kathryn Rowe to check on
         them. EPOs are the low/subauroral gmags on
2020b    If requesting 1 hour of data using timespan,                  Vassilis       1
         then load data using one of our load data
         routines.: EFI and SCM
2020b    If requesting 1 hour of data using timespan,                  Vassilis       1
         then load data using one of our load data
         routines.: EFI and SCM
3017    We have a help button, but when you click it, it   12/11/2009      Pat        1
        just says: "No help file". Maybe we should add
3009    one?                                               12/8/2009      Jim L       1

          depending on expected usage)
2282    Problems with onboard moments during solar          11/2/2009     Jim         1
        wind are probably only a ground software issue.                Mcfadden
        (There was some mis-communication between
        Davin and I about changes that never took place
        which caused some confusion.)
        Ground software has never been modified to
        handle solar wind mode moments -- Davin is
        working on a modification that can at least allow
        him to check that the data is ok. There could
        potentially be other problems so we requested
        from Deron and John that they send us a copy of
        the EPROM data in a format easy to read so we
        can check that the onboard tables are what we
        think they are. For now we are pretty sure they
        are correct and the data should be fine. I think
2269    Davin FGM keywords standard change that will
        make will make a simple code for L2                10/19/2009 FGM Team        2+
2286    Update Summary Plot script to get latest STATE 11/9/2009        Vassilis      1
        for reprocessing. And reprocess in early
        December 2009 after FGM is reprocessed.
2147c   Reprocess L2 FGM products with enhanced                       FGM Team        2
2034f   revised QA script for FGM (path finder for other                Vassilis      1
        scripts to be revised later), instrument tests for
        load and calibration in progress
3000a   Review and update if needed Variable Desc           12/3/2009    David        2+
        one outstanding issue with                           9/8/2009    Jim M
        THM_LOAD/THM_CAL_EFI is that for some
        reason when I ask for the calibrated data in SPG
        (which should just be adjustment of gains and
        offsets, and conversion from ADC units to
        physical units, the code is trying to do some
        despin operations. Since this has direct impact
        on my ability to evaluate the EFI data quality,

3080    113. GUI load data -- errors loading L2 ESA        2/12/2010      Jim M
        data, "different number of X and Y components"
        when adding tha_pe?r_mode data
3088    I have created the following text file using IDL   2/22/2010      Kazue       0
        line commands. I have specified the coordinates                 Takahashi -
        to be "gse", but the "COORDINATE SYSTEM"                           JHU
        header line says "dsl". Which coordinate system
        is used for the output file?
2253    Fix crib errors - Christine's list of 9/23/09      9/23/2009     Christine    2
3035    Copy attitude-corrected version 02 state data      1/11/2010                  0
        into v03 files
3087    There is some flatsat data waiting to be analyzed         2/19/2010     Jim L     1
        -- a test of a new IDPU FSW patch to the
        moment compression. That should go on the
        task list with a fairly high priority, since we'll need
        it soon for the Artemis probes.
3006    While looking at some plotting issues Jim                 12/8/2009    Vassilis   0
        McTiernan and I found an issue with the burst
        summary plots. Maybe that this was intended
        some time ago but I don't think it's right. I attach
        two plots. The file
        Tohban_esaburst_20091201_0024.png is what
        you get on the web site. The bursts on THA,
        THD, and THE all appear as about 6 hours long.
        My own plot burst_20091201.gif shows all the
3036    bursts with their correct time durations.
        Reprocess L2 FGM products with enhanced                               FGM Team    0
3096    Reprocessing                                              2/22/2010    Project    0

2239b   Load Panel Bug: Loading state data for any          11/13/2009          Cindy     1
        probe and requesting level 1 data type '*', it
        doesn't load all the support types(spinras etc...).
        This also doesn't work if I shift-select all the
        quantities in the type list.
2239c   Load Panel Bug: When trying to load gmag data 11/13/2009                Cindy     1
        from the gui station=kian, I got the following
        crash: % Attempt to subscript NEW_TVARS
        with NEW_VARS_IND is out of range. %
 3067   Execution halted at:
        117. Degap popup queries for every quantity          2/11/2010           Pat      1
3068a   Labeling Coordinates                                 2/11/2010           Pat      1
 3069   122. GUI marker subset -- should be able to          2/11/2010           Pat
        subset all plots on a page, perhaps do
        automatically if axes are locked
3071    If you remove a panel in a page with more than       2/11/2010           Pat      1
        one panel, it will move your selection to another
        panel and desensitizes the "edit"
        button. It shouldn't desensitize the "edit" button
        because it has moved the cursor to another valid
3072    Related to 3071 if you remove all the traces in a    2/11/2010           Pat      1
        panel, it moves you selection to that panel and
        desensitizes the "edit" button. The edit button is
        valid for the panel it moves your selection to.

3074    129. GUI interpolate -- when downsampling data,           2/12/2010     Pat       1
3076    133. GUI -- trace labels not updated when                 2/12/2010    Aaron      1
        variable name changed
3081    In it checks for the model input               2/16/2010   Dr Lasse     1
        parameters (pdyn, dst, by, bz) using the                           Clausen
        KEYWORD_SET() function. This prevents the
        user from calling the T96 model with by or bz
        explicitly set to 0.0 change this part to if
4007    Determine for Sun Pulses an appropriate                3/9/2010    Jim L and    1
        decimation factor for outer probes and send                         Vassilis
        email. Currently the factor is 60 and is
3099a   unacceptabele. apid 410 format in a backward-
        Define the new                                         3/2/2010      Jim L      1
        compatible fashion -- how will we know whether
        the 410 packet contains EFI-Z or spacecraft
3099b   potential? L1 FIT master CDF to add a new
        Revise the                                             3/2/2010      Jim L      1
        variable for spacecraft potential, possibly with its
        own time variable (since the spacecraft potential
        time tags might need to differ from the E and B
        spin fit times). We may also want a flag of some
3099c   Revise L0->L1 processing present or not.
        sort to tell whether EFI-Z iscode to determine         3/2/2010      Jim L      1
        whether the 410 packets contain spacecraft
        potential, or EFI-Z, and put the correct
3099g   information L1 FIT for the whole CDF.
        Reprocess into the new L1 FIT mission using            3/2/2010      Jim L      1
        the revised master CDF and L0->L1 processing
3040    code load & cal routines to handle survey
        Update                                                                          1
3010    March 1-15 mosaics should get reprocessed              12/9/2009    Harald      0

3098    "thm_load_mom should load ESA sweep mode               2/23/2010     Jim L      0
        variables from L1 MOM CDF"
3073    I have been contacted by somebody trying to            2/12/2010   Harald for   0
        download THEMIS all-sky data. To see the                             User
        problem go to the "Data retrieval", and "Data files
        - By group". Select "Ground", "Fort Yukon", "All
        sky imager", and "Level 1 CDF High Res". Then
        select for instance 10/29/2008 to 10/30/2008 and
        press "Download Data". It will show "*Sorry, no
        files were found for the criteria entered", *though
2228    one outstanding issue with                             9/3/2009      John       1
        THM_LOAD/THM_CAL_EFI is that for some                               Bonnell
        reason when I ask for the calibrated data in SPG
        (which should just be adjustment of gains and
        offsets, and conversion from ADC units to
        physical units, the code is trying to do some
        despin operations. Since this has direct impact
4017    The only one that currently has a problem              3/11/2010    Bob
        working in the system is tha_l1_scmode - it                        Mcguire
        doesn't have at least one variable defined w/
3068b   Implementing HDZ->GEO coordinates                      2/11/2010      Pat       1
 4009   When trying to change line colors a crash              3/17/2010      Pat       1
        occurred. I this is a bug from a change that I
        made after a release of 5.20.
4010    When opening the Help->Help Window, we got           3/17/2010      Pat            1
        the "no help text file found" message. I'm pretty
        sure that this was reported earlier, but I also
        thought that it was supposed to have been
        fixed.(At least it was supposed to be showing the
        old file, which doesn't have much detail, but is
        something at least.) It seems it may have
        slipped through the cracks, or a subsequent
        change may have caused a regression. So this
        may need to go back on the list

4011    When you subset a page, it looks like it doesn't     3/17/2010      Pat            1
        actually copy the page title object. What this
        means is that changes to the title in one page
        will show up on another.
3077    134. GUI, CL -- bfit data, inconsistent results      2/12/2010    Aaron            1
        cotransing to GSM. Aaron: The fit load and cal
        routines don't call thm_cotrans for the quantities
        in question. All that's left is to make sure the
4021    routine handles non-3-vectors correctly.
        Send SPDF the link to the GOES data                  3/25/2010    David            0
3066    104. GUI part_getspec -- crash in                    2/10/2010    Aaron            1
        thm_part_moments2 with non-default arguments

3021    Data Processing History Web Pages - SST,             12/15/2009   David            1
        SCM, FGM, FBK, FIT, EFI

3094    Sort out Disk Space and Harware needed for           2/22/2010    David            1
4012    When Cindy & I tried to load tha_eff on 2007-03-     3/22/2010      Pat            1
        23, it didn't load and said some calibration
        quantity couldn't be found. When I tried to load
        the same thing, I didn't have a problem. So the
        trick would be to find out what changed from my
        computer to Cindy's computer and to figure out
        how often our user's computers are going to
4024a   The files for 0317, 0321, 0325, 0327 are missing     3/29/2010    Vassilis   0 for links by
                                                                                      hand, 2+ for
                                                                                     feature (Pat -
                                                                                       orbit plots)
4025    I just checked the new 'thm_load_fgm' routine,       3/29/2010   Xiaojia    1
        noticing that 'fge' datatype is only valid for 'an
        entire day range' (the time range) one specifies.
        But, I have never used this datatype in my own
4031    I noticed an interesting side-effect of the          4/8/2010      Pat      1
        automatic state download for FGM. If you have
        state data loaded for the wrong day, if will not
        throw an error,(although it will report to screen
        that state doesn't overlap transformed data), and
        it will not load the correct data. You end up with
        data labeled as DSL but still containing a very
        obvious spin tone. I'm not sure how if/we should
        deal with this but here are some options: #1 If
        data cannot be transformed in DSL, leave it in
        SSL and make sure the label is correct. #2
        Check times of currently loaded data and
3078    119. CL EFI load & cotrans -- result time range.
        autodownload if data is in the wrong of cotrans      2/12/2010   Jim M      1
3057    I found an issue in the program       2/5/2010    Lynn      1
        located in the directory:                                        Wilson
        ~/themis/spacecraft/fields/LASP/ There
        appears to be no error handling to deal with the
        possible issue of the variable "i1" being greater
        than "i2". Thus, if the program chooses two
        times where there is only one data point nearby,
        it will assign the same index to both variables,
        which results in the program crashing. One
4024b   The files for 0317, 0321, 0325, 0327 are missing     3/29/2010   Vassilis   0

3095    I think that when multiple copies of the same        2/22/2010     Pat      1
        images are being created they are not
        clobbering, but instead are being inserted side-
        by-side, so when you use the web page to view
        the images, you'll get multiple copies side-by-
        side. I think I need to modify the database tables
        to use unique indexes based on file name, and
        logic in the insert routine to overwrite when a
4026    Harald Frey is visiting here and he stopped by to     4/1/2010     Harald     0
        let me know about a problem with ASI data. It
        appears that one of the scripts stopped working,
        but he is not sure why. He has already manually
        processed up to the current date. But why the
        script stopped is still mysterious.

4015    problem loading THA state file data                   3/18/2010   Ferdinand   0

4032    I'm sorry if I got this wrong.. But, here is the      4/8/2010     Xiaojia    1
        command lines I used to load the FGM data
        using current 'bleeding edge' software
        (thmsw_r7471_2010-04-07 version).
        timespan,'2009-03-23/04:00',3,/hours pr='a'
        thm_load_fgm,probe=pr I do a double check
        this morning, and still get no 'fge' data if I just
3092    specify a and discussion item for Monday: entire
        Task list certain time interval instead of an         2/22/2010    Vassilis   1
        correction of particle data when using modeled
        eclipse sun pulse data. The onboard particle
        data is acquired assuming a constant spin period
        through the eclipse. Other data gets processed
        using a different spin model, incorporating the
        modeled sun pulses during the eclipse, rather
        than the onboard spin period. So they are really
        in different coordinate systems -- the one using
        the modeled sun pulses is close to "true" DSL,
        while the one using the onboard spin period
        ("pseudo-DSL") slowly rotates with respect to
        true DSL when the probe is in eclipse. We need
        to have a way to convert back and forth between
        them. Maybe the state CDF needs to contain
        two sets of spin model parameters, one with
        eclipse corrections and one without, so TDAS
        has access to one or the other on the fly. This
        could be done with a /no_eclipse_corrections
 2033   VMO file generation (EFI and SCM)                                  David      1
2033a   One variable change to ASI files and possibly the                  David      1
2033b   SCM repository
        wholeL2 numerical files                                            David      1
2033c   EFI L2 numerical files                                             David      1
2033d   V03 L2 STATE - revision needed                                     David      1
4036    thm_load_fit doesn't like 'f' (flatsat) as a probe         4/15/2010    Jim L     1
        letter. Fine, that's easy enough to fix, so I edited
        my working copy. Next hurdle was thm_cal_fit --
        'f' isn't valid there either, because we don't have
        an FGM cal file for 'thf'. So I thought "fine, I'll just
        ask for type='raw' to skip the calibration..." But
        thm_load_fit seems to call thm_cal_fit, even with
4055    ESA and SST programs that create L2 cdf's for              4/27/2010   David      1
3037    Support new apid 44F (survey FFT) in tmtools L0                                   1
        packet processing code.
3038    Update sample timing code to be compatible                                        1
        with apid 44F decimated FFTs.
4044    Reprocess STATE so Jim M can reprocess FGM                 4/19/2010   Hannes     1
3099    there is a plan to change the format of the apid
        410 spin fit packets (data type FIT). Since we're
        going to be heavily decimating the apid 453
        (MOM) packets, which contain the spacecraft
        potential with each sample, the science team
        would like to get that information via a different
        apid. So there's a proposal to put the spacecraft
        potential in the spin fit packets instead (replacing
        the EFI-Z component of the E spin fits), so we'll
4039    L1 FFT's - split into different data sources               4/15/2010    Jim L     ?

3089    The old spin period data (which is close to what           2/22/2010   Vassilis   1
        was assumed on board by the IDPU) needs to
        be corrected to reflect that precisely also during
        the eclipse. This is now interpolated during
        shadow to avoid spinphase jumps at the ends,
        but should be corrected to reflect what the IDPU
        was thinking based on housekeeping (spinper
        differs by ~msecs but this adds up quickly). This
        can be added into the same spinper file if it does
4054    While using Ferdinand's code there was a bug               4/27/2010    Jim L     1
        found in the spin model
3070    VC->L0 processing issue for outer probes                   2/10/2010    Jim L     1
4033a   Add solar wind mode flag to L1 MOM                         4/12/2010    Team      1
 4044   Reprocess STATE so Jim M can reprocess FGM                 4/19/2010   Hannes     1
        from 8/17/09
4047   I found an even crazier one, and I'm pretty sure    4/23/2010      Pat      ?
       this is new. If I load data from gui with the
       following options: 'EFI', Probe:'A',L2:'*' It
       creates two tplot variable names, both with the
       name ''(both named empty string). After this
       pretty much everything breaks.(Command line or
       GUI). I thing this is due to problem with
       thm_load_efi on the command line. Specifically:
       Crashes with: % Attempt to subscript
       -1)> is out of range. wait for v5.3.

2280   Retrieval of ASCII Data - Including 2009.           10/29/2009   Laura      1
3029   This happened on a fresh session after loading       1/4/2010    Aaron      1
       all L1 EFI variables for 2009-02-09 probe C and
       attempting to plot the fast survey data (I had
       similar problems last month plotting EFI wave
       burst data). The plots still appeared in the draw
       window after Layout Options crashed, but panel
       tracking was off, the gui ran very slow, and even
       after removing some deleting variable to free
       memory I had to reset IDL to get everything
4028   Since we can't fix problems with IDL's printer       4/6/2010    Vassilis   1
       support, but frustrations with IDL's printer
       support seem to be a common problem among
       users, we should probably create a popup
       warning that tells users to use the file->export to
       image menu, if they have problems with printing.
2136   When we implemented tplot_gui, we gave it                          Pat      1
       support for the most important tplot options, but
       not many of the more obscure ones. It might be
       worthwhile to create a task for someone to go
       through exhaustively and implement as many
       tplot options as is feasible.
       That way people can more easily use the gui like
       an interactive version of tplot. Right now I feel
       like the more obscure options end up leading to
3097   Enhance L0->L1 processing script to update V03 2/23/2010          Jim L     1
       state, if present, along with V01 and V02 state.
4041   build new tmtools release 6_20 with support for     4/15/2010     Jim L     1
       44f data. It would be nice to have this in place,
       tested and ready to go, when the IDPU FSW
       patch is uploaded to the first probe.
4037    there's no option in the GUI to load L1 raw data       4/15/2010     Jim L     1
        for any of the THEMIS data types -- it always
        tries to calibrate if you load any L1 variables.
        We could add a checkbox or 2-item dropdown
        list ('L1 type=raw', 'L1 type=calibrated') to that
        panel, and have it default to 'calibrated', then
        make sure the appropriate keyword gets passed
4060    Reprocessing for L2 cdfs probes B and C for all        5/17/2010     Jim L     1
2056    SCM L2 cdf                                                          Vassilis   1

2013h   Main:                                                  11/13/2009   Vassilis   1
        Temporal slider Bar - completed
        Export to .png file - completed
        Allow for use outside GUI - completed
4049    2D slices - speed-up technique                         4/23/2010    Aaron      1
2013j   Plotting Enhancements: Contour lines,
        set/display range limits, z-axis labels, color table
2013k   Interpolation/Slice Creation: Should interpolate
        and create slice using same method as old code
        (e.g. no gaps or sharp edges)
4019    L1 FFT's split the variable into different data        3/25/2010     Jim L     2+
        sources - Vassilis declines to do this task

4043    Paper on intersependentcies of FGM and                 4/19/2010      Pat      1
4071    STATE Reprocessing
        make sure an unversioned state file gets                6/7/2010     Jim L     0
        produced for each day, whether we got any
        telemetry from that probe or not? This probably
        belongs in the script that does the preliminary
        ephemeris to V00 state processing. If we make
        the unversioned link at the same time, that
4069    Orbit plots missing - script updates needed             6/1/2010      Tai      0
        to reprocess when STATE changes
4066    Summary Plots Missing in May                            6/1/2010     Jim L     0
4064    Prep for GEM - June 2010                               5/24/2010     David     0
4018    New Calibration FGM parameters and spin axis           3/22/2010    Hannes     1
2013l   Other Distributions: Allow for plots using
        counts, phase space density, etc (including
        current dist. options)
2013m   Bulk Velocity: Load calibrated lvl2 data, leave
        'auto' option but rename
4064    Prep for GEM - June 2010                               5/24/2010     David     0
4052    Martin informed us that he should be listed in the     4/27/2010    Vassilis   0
        acknowledgments for the INUV(Inuvik),
        somehow his magnetometer got mixed in with
        the THEMIS gmags as UCalgary. As in the
        previous task, Martin will deliver new meta data
        as an amended master cdf or text file. Then we
        will need to reprocess the Inuvik data using the
4038    A grad student brought my attention to some           4/15/2010     Pat      1
        missing on-board moment plots for
        September/October 2007, THEMIS A (See
        September 23) I ran the routine to generate the
        plots on my computer and it worked fine so I
        think that the plots are missing because either
        #1 The data arrived late or #2 The script to
        generate the plots had bug that was
 4063   Spin Model reset                                      5/19/2010   Hannes     2
4034b   only apply eclipse spin model to v02 state leave      6/20/2010    Jim L     1
        v01 uncorrected
4079    Jim L request for L2 cdf's in qa_jwl                  6/18/2010    Jim L     1

4067    Ken Bromund's Processing issues                       6/1/2010     Ken       1

3099d   Revise thm_load_fit (command line and GUI) to         3/2/2010     Jim L     1
        load the additional L1 variables.
3099e   Revise thm_cal_fit, and thm_cal_efi to do the         3/2/2010     Jim L     1
        right thing when EFI-Z is not present.
4089    Noticed page title/footer tokens list time in GMT.    6/30/2010     Pat      ?
        Do we want local time token option?
4091    Bob and Tami asked me to bump the version             7/1/2010    SPDF       1
        number in the revised GOES master CDF
        filenames to version V01 (previously V00).
        Since the thm_load_goesmag routine needs to
        know the version number to construct valid
        filenames, we'll need to make a 1-line change to
        thm_load_goesmag to look for V01 instead of
        V00. For backward compatibility, we need to
        keep V00 files around, since that's what the last
        several official TDAS releases will be looking for.
        Until we officially release a TDAS version with
        support for V01 filenames, we'll have to make
        the existing files available using both V00 and
4091a   make V01 GOES CDFs corresponding to the               7/1/2010    SPDF       1
        V00 files currently on our server
4091b   modify thm_load_goesmag to look for V01               7/1/2010     SPDF      1
4091c   modify tmtools scripts for GOES processing to         7/1/2010     SPDF      1
2013n   More plotting enhancements: plot sun direction                    Vassilis   1
          plot bulk velocity direction
          plot zero lines
          plot max-energy circle
          change annotation format
          change number of ticks
          change font/size
4077    I already added the keyword on my copy to verify 6/17/2010        Aaron
        that the feature would work; so it will not take any
        extra time. We can postpone checking it in for
        as long as we wish to wait for the corresponding
        part of 2013n to be done ("change annotation
2013o   Combine ESA and SST plots (scale factor?)            6/21/2010    Vassilis   1
        Verify ESA and SST plots agree
2013p   New Rotation:   add BX, BY, BZ options                          Vassilis    1
 4085   Bug reported with thm_ui_config when ssh'ing        6/30/2010     Pat       ?
 4090   History window doesn't print message when new       6/30/2010     Pat       1
3055a   Finish modifying and testing alternative SST load    7/1/2010    Davin      1
        routine, leave under different name. Inputs
        should be identical to thm_load_sst, but outputs
        will differ at L1
3055b   Finish modifying thm_pdist as alternative           7/1/2010     Davin      1
        distribution constructing routine. Inputs &
        Outputs should be the same as thm_part_dist.
        thm_part_dist will call thm_pdist, when keyword
        is passed to moment generating routines
4082    I had a surprising problem with thm_load_state      6/23/2010    Jim L      1
        yesterday. I wanted to load one data variable
        (pos_gse), and also make the spin model, in the
        same call to thm_load_state. So I tried this:
4065    t_support_data This didn'tbogus SST
        "detect and ignore (some) work.                     6/1/2010     Jim L      1
        configurations in L0->L1 processing"? Pat's
        existing task 3055 should cover the L1->L2 side
        of it.

4088    Requested option to apply settings to all labels    6/30/2010   Connors     ?
4093    I got an error today while creating on overview     7/13/2010    Aaron      0
        plot in the GUI for probe b on 2008-02-26. The
        console output is below.
4096    Help request from Joe Perez FGS L1 data             7/12/2010 Joe Perez -   0
4043    Paper on interdependentcies of FGM and              4/19/2010     Pat       1
        STATE Reprocessing

4043    Paper on interdependentcies of FGM and              4/19/2010     Pat       1
        STATE Reprocessing
2013q   Add bin-removal option                              6/21/2010   Vassilis    1

        Allow user specified contours
4094    a minor bug I noticed once the overview plots       7/14/2010    Aaron      1
        were coming up. The roi bar and the survey
        mode bar both overlap with the panel above
        them on all the plots I created.
 4099    GMAG Coordinate System Documentation                  7/21/2010      Pat        1

 4105    help request: extract THEMIS fluxes and pitch         7/26/2010   Joe Perez
         angle distributions for comparison with the ion
         intensities extracted from TWINS ENA images
 4098    small bug on the online overview plots. (At least     7/19/2010      Pat        1
         the ones of data from early 2009) When the
         specretrogram plots contain no data, the y-axis
         labels are legible and well spaced, but when the
         plots have data, different labels are used and
         these get very cluttered and pile up on top of
 4035    When you do should probably use the legible
         each other. It a coordinate transform on data,       4/14/2010       Pat        1
         the variable name is updated, but the y-axis label
         for the variable stays the same. I'm not sure if
         picking apart the labels to search for coordinate
         systems is a business that we want to get into,
         but as it is a common outcome is to generate
2013ab   Add defaults for spherical interpolation griding (to               Vassilis     1
         GUI also)
2013ac   Replace geometric and perp_geo coordinates                         Vassilis     1
         with general case and allow further specification
         via arbitrary rotation vector.
2013ad   Fix spherical interpolation error for ESA                          Vassilis     1
         (collinear points error)
 4112    loging in to SVN remotely (other than UCLA) -         8/9/2010       David      n/a
 4095    Take CDAweb from TDAS release                        7/12/2010    Tavis Saito    0
                                                                            - Alberta

 4061    Reprocess FGM for David Fisher new calibration        5/17/2010      Pat        1
 4057    I noticed a bug in thm_load_efi when                   5/7/2010      Pat        1
         implementing the "raw" keyword in the gui. If
         you set the suffix keyword, it only applies the
         suffix to some of the quantities that it loads. Any
         tplot variables ending in _hed or _hed_ac don't
         receive the suffix.
 4108    Haje Korth just send me an email indicating that      8/9/2010       Pat        1
         he was getting ready to produce a new version of
         IDL geopack. The new version will #1 have the
         new IGRF coefficients.(A request from our last
         TDAS presentation) #2 Will have a Windows 64-
         bit version. He also said he was dropping
         support for PPC and maybe Sun. So do we
         need the Sun version of IDL GEOPACK? The
3043    36. GUI interpolate -- error with multiple           1/15/2010     Pat      1
        quantities selected and one is out of range -- bad
        item not skipped, following items not processed.

3044    38. QA: GUI interpolate -- Interpolating state      1/15/2010      Pat      1
        data to match efi_vaw, "data out of range" error if
        no state samples fall within the efi_vaw time

3068    120. GUI GMAG -- cotrans error, says                 2/11/2010     Pat      1
        coordinate system is undefined
4107    thm_part_getspec will average energy over the        8/6/2010      Pat      ?
        energy range requested. It looks like Perez only
        used representative energies, rather than an
        average of the whole range.

4109a   Note: L1 Reprocessing ESA, SST, MOM                  8/9/2010     Jim L     0

3025a   Determine scales and offsets for correcting on-
        board moments to match ground based
        moments during solar wind mode.

3025b   Determine when spacecraft is in solar wind
        mode, and apply corrections.
4116    Unintended installation of state CDFs during         8/16/2010    Jim L     1
4074    possible 2 sec error in L1 FBK timestamps            6/10/2010   Vassilis   1
4074a    Figure out whether there's a problem with L1       6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
         FBK, and whether L1 FFT is also susceptible to
         a similar problem.
4074b    If necessary, update the L0->L1 processing         6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
         code, and verify that this fixes the problem

4074c1   Respond to SPDF's email concenring L1 cdf's.       3/25/2010    David       1
         Include words as to what is in the L1 cdf's that
         are not in the L2 cdf's that users may want to
4074c2   Build new release of tmtools, reprocess L1 FBK     6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
         and L1 FFT for the entire mission.

4074d    Reprocess L2 FBK and L2 FFT                        6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
4074e    Build new release of tmtools, reprocess L1 SST     6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
4074f    Reprocess L2 SST                                   6/10/2010    Vassilis    1
4027a    In reviewing the metadata in these GOES             4/5/2010    Tami -      1
         masters, it seems the value of the global                        SPDF
         attributes TEXT has gotten cut off

 3046    Fix labels/change coords for on-board moment       1/25/2010   Vassilis /   1
         velocity plots. Data is DSL, label says GSM                    Miyashita

 4126    Help Request: thm_loaf_fbk load defaul L1 data     9/5/2010     Vassilis    0
2013aa   Possible Contacts: APL, ITT IDL teacher - bug                   Vassilis    1
         causing software to hang

 4103    Possible changes to Solar Wind flags, tables.      8/30/2010     Jim        0
 4102    L0-L1 Processing bug - solar wind flag. Send       7/26/2010     Pat        0
         users tips du jour cocenring all aspects of the
         solar wind flags.

 4115    Jim M - partial FGM reprocessing, also FBK and     8/16/2010    Jim M       0
         FFT reprocessing
4092   After playing around more with the cdf tools and       7/7/2010     Jimmy      0
       different cdf files I can fully confirm the problem                 Raeder
       you reported. Jimmy reported an error in the                          and
       FORMAT variable of the level 2 cdf                                 Ferdinand
       files of THEMIS FGM data. The FORMAT
       variable for the time data in
       "thc_l2_fgm_20070305_v01.cdf" (just as an
       example of a L2 FGM CDF) is set to E13.6, just
       as it is for the magnetic field data. Trying to
       extract the data with the cdf tools, the time
       information is truncated to 1.173054e+09, for
       instance, as a result of the wrong format string.
       I've looked into the L1 data of the same day
       "thc_l2_fgm_20070305_v01.cdf" with cdfedit,
       and found that the FORMAT variable belonging
       to the time information contains the string
       "F12.8". I think this should state in any time
       information FORMAT variable in the level 2 cdfs
       as well. After changing this in the L2 cdfs with
       cdfedit I can access the full time information up
       as default for all the FORMAT variables:
3052   The last time we have GBO data is 1/12/10              2/2/2010    K. Rowe     1

3058   The size of the windows created by the widgets         2/5/2010     Lynn       1
       in IDL for the SCM instrument are too big (at                       Wilson
       least they were on mine). It was easily remedied
       by changing the size of the boxes allocated in
       the probe/Level-1/Level-2 lists in
       the program I simply altered
4062   make the load panel(and other panels)                 5/19/2010      Martin    1
       remember users' previous selections. Some of                        Conners
4084   Suggested that we update IDL_GEOPACK to               6/30/2010    Strangewa   1
       use IGRF 2010                                                           y

2265   When new FGM Cal files come from David                10/16/2009      Pat      0
       Fisher reprocess last 6 months.
4125   Help Request: Naiguo tplot question greek              9/7/2010     Naiguo     0
       letters in labels
4106   Noticed a small issue with the FGM multi-probe        7/29/2010       Pat      0
       plots. If data is missing it doesn't do anything to
       show that the data is missing, so that the status
       bars and plots can get squished together in a
       way that is confusing.
 4124    f you look for instance at the Multi Probe Survey   9/3/2010     Harald     0
         Memory plot on August 25 you will see that there
         are only 4 panels and no plot for TH-C because
         we don't have any data of that for this day. I
         would rather like to have all plots showing 5
         panels and have this TH-C panel empty.
4109b    L2 SST Reprcoessing all the above                    8/9/2010    Jim M      0
4033b    Add solar wind mode flag to L2 MOM, ESA and         4/12/2010    Team       1
         SST then reprocess. Start - Stop Times
 4100    thm_load_mom bug - solar wind flag                  7/26/2010      Pat      0

 4133    svn cdawlib issue                                   9/10/2010    Harald     0

3033     GBO rsync from U Calagary is failing.               1/5/2010    Pat/Jim M   0
         Contacting Emma Spanswick to determine
         source of problem.
 4136    Syntax errors IDL>thm_gui_new                        9/13/2010 Alexander    0
 4130    I just had a talk with Kathryn Rowe and she         9/8/2010    Kathern     0
         reported that there are some communication                       Rowe
         problems with our GMAG data. Specifically,
         we're not getting data from Chibogamau, Flin
         Flon, Goose Bay, McGrath, and Snap Lake, but
         those magnetometers are working correctly. I
         suspect this is actually an issue for UCalgary, but
         before we contact them I should verify that our
 4132    email spew from auxo                                9/10/2010      Pat      0

4051a    Vassilis asked me to email you about adding a       4/27/2010    Vassilis   1
         task to add 4 magnetometers(PI: Martin
         Connors) to our data archives so that their data
         can be accessed via TDAS.(CL & GUI) The
         files are already in the RMD format, which is the
         raw format of our other ground magnetometer
         data. The task would involve small modifications
         to our existing scripts to accommodate periodic
         rsyncs to this new location, and a one time
         retrieval of past archives from the new location.
         To accomplish this task we'll require a delivery
         from Martin of either master cdfs or a text file
         with appropriate meta-data for these sites, and
 4127    Help Request: coord keyword thm_load_mom            9/5/2010     Vassilis   0
 4128    Heap GC change to support IDL 8.0                   9/8/2010      David     1

 3042    33. QA: GUI panel options -- only updates panel     1/15/2010    Aaron      1
         titles on startup. Changes while window is open
         not applied until it's re-opened.
2013ae   Verify re-gridded ESA plots against older plots.                 Vassilis   1
         Check SST eflux values against angular plots.
2013r   Check on position of SST sun contamination                        Vassilis   1
        (appears to be in the wrong place)
4144    when Clarina was answering another question           10/8/2010   Bryce      0
        from me, she mentioned that there is an account
        called thuser -- "THEMIS group account". I have
        absolutely no recollection of this account being
        used or created, and there are just a few files in
4147    the Desktop/ subdirectory. interpolation method
        Slices re-gridding: Change                            10/8/2010   Vassilis   ?
4145    I added the interpolation option you described to     10/8/2010   Vassilis   1
        the command line calc routine.You can now use
        the interpolate='tvarname' keyword to interpolate
        data to match 'tvarname' when using calc on the
        command line. Add option to GUI
3001    I'm getting a crash in the calculate window after I   12/7/2009   Aaron      1
        delete the text in the program area and then click
        on a data quantity from the tree. The error
        message is below.
2058    found 3 errors in the new th*_l2_esa masters -                    Vassilis   1
        the good news is, with them fixed in our
        masters, all plotting issues w/ the ESA files (in
        CDAWeb) seem to have been resolved.
3051    EFW spike removal                                     2/1/2010    Vassilis   1

4123    Remove IDL Save Sets (e.g. MOM),                      9/2/2010    David      1
        thm_cal_hsk. Also create read-me files for
3064    47. CL specplot -- missing peib data for tests 25     1/15/2010   Jim M      1
        and 26
3085    138. GUI EFI cotrans -- inconsistent results          2/18/2010   Jim M      1
        depending on starting/ending coordinate
        systems. Pass warning through to GUI

4155    Xuzhi reported a bug to me last night with the     10/15/2010       Pat      1
        formatannotation procedure that was occurring
        in slice_2d. With the following settings, it
        incorrectly generates exponential notations for
        powers of 10, smaller in magnitude that 1e-10.
        This only seems to occur when the values are
4160    Could you verify that this patch for the several   10/27/2010     Vassilis   1
        hours it was implemented on THA it created
        MOM products that do not include the SST ions?
        I.e., the MOM packets do not have the SST
        ions/electrons in them, or have zeros in them
        such that they reduce the data volume. I do not
        know how they are processed but the idea is that
        they compress and uncompress with
        compression code#7, and once uncompressed
        they should look similar/identical to L0 data just
3048a   Profiled EFI calibration can speed up by reducing 1/25/2010           Pat      1
        the number of calls to spinmodel_interp_t. Right
        now >95% of time is spent in spinmodel. It calls
        spinmodel_interp_t 2x for each 3d data type,
        could probably use a single call for multiple data
        types with the same cadence.
4083    GOES plots on the web                              6/28/2010        Vassilis   1.5

3025    Particle Moment Calibrations                          12/18/2009     Davin     1

3025a   Determine scales and offsets for correcting on-
        board moments to match ground based
        moments during solar wind mode.

3025b   Determine when spacecraft is in solar wind
        mode, and apply corrections.
4086    Requested better instructions on how to use           6/30/2010    Strangewa   1
        TDAS with other IDL libraries                                           y

4087    Suggested that we bundle quickstart document          6/30/2010  Strangewa     1
        in TDAS zip                                                           y
2288    had expected that this cotrans would occur at the     11/12/2009     Jim       2
        very end, after all the calibration code. But the
        calibration itself seems to be affected, as
        reflected in the following differences between the
        log messages before/after rev 6929:
4151    Move THEMIS EPO gmag jobs to AUX0                     10/8/2010    David       0
4141    add interpolation internally to the calc routine      9/16/2010   Vassilis     1
4104    8/30/2010 Pat forwarded email from Igor to            4/19/2010 Igor           0
        Davin. Davin thinks it may have to do with                      Kirpichev
        attenuator status flag. Will check onboard
        versus ground moments.

4134    I noticed some discrepancies in the SST               9/10/2010       Pat      1
        attenuator calibrations for the on-board moments
        and the ground-computed moments. The on-
        board moments use a scaling factor of 1./128.
        and they use a 4-bit check to determine if the
        attenuator is open or closed. The ground-
        computed moments use a scaling factor of 1./64.
        and but they only check the least significant digit
        of the 4-bit attenuator flags to determine if the
        attenuator is opened or closed. I asked Davin
        and said I should change the code such that
4107   thm_part_getspec will average energy over the          8/6/2010     Pat      ?
       energy range requested. It looks like Perez only
       used representative energies, rather than an
       average of the whole range.

4158   I'm looking at the L1 CDF data from the THB on-        11/2/2010    John     0
       board spin fits, and am seeing stuff that I'm not                  Bonnell
       familiar with in the FIT_CODE. It is the case
       that it looks like the configuration change that
       was commanded on 23 Oct 2010 has taken
       effect, and that the E-field fit code has changed
       from 0xE5 to 0xE7 as was expected. However,
       it appears that some fraction of the fits have their
       code set to 0x00, and have their number of
       points set to zero as well.
       It does not appear that this behavior had
       anything to do with the reconfiguration, as one
       can see the zero-code/zero-point fits both before
       and after the reconfiguration at ~0623 UT on 23
       Oct 2010 (see attached plot). SO, I'm wondering
       if this is expected behavior from the on-board
4117   I am a postdoc from UCLA working on the                8/16/2010   Wen Li    0
       THEMIS data. The recently added FFF data is
       very helpful in our study with higher frequency
       resolution and longer time availability. I looked at
       FFF data and compared with FFP data during
       particle burst and attached a couple of examples
       as follows. In the attached figures, top three
       panels are electric field (1. FFP, 2. FFF, 3.
       closest FFP data at FFF recording times), and
       bottom three panels are magnetic field (4. FFP,
       5. FFF, 6. closest FFP data at FFF recording
       times). As we can see from the figures, FFF data
       generally agrees well with FFP data, but
       sometimes is associated with a short time shift
       (e.g., ~10-05-12/12:51:54 UT).
       When closed a warning needs to be sent to

4139   thm_part_getspec and thm_part_moents bug               9/14/2010    Pat      0
4163   Would it be possible to throttle back some of          11/9/2010     Jim L     ?
       these warning emails? We're getting multiple
       repeats of some of them on a daily basis -- for
       this particular message, I had 371 of them in my
       inbox when I came back from vacation. Another
       one I'm seeing a lot is "THEMIS Overplot
       Production Failure" (70 copies while I was away).
       Would it be possible to group the individual
       messages into a single daily digest for each type
       of processing?
4159   we've performed a number of data replays from          11/2/2010    Bryce      0
       DSN to fill gaps in our science coverage for
       THEMIS B, recovering small amounts of
       previously missing science data in a period
       between 1 August 2010 and now. The archive
       files have been processed through the system
       and are now under:
       /disks/themisdata/thb/vc_archive/2010/. which
       indicates to me that some level of science data
       processing has been performed. Some of the
       filled gaps were a month ago or more, and I'm
       not sure if special action has to be taken (by Jim
       Lewis or others) to force the gap-filling data to be
       included into downstream data products. If so,
       the simplest thing to do would be to reprocess
4162   themis B anamoly - check timestamp adjustment          11/8/2010     Jim L     0
4114   Once Jim Harvey
       with Peter completes latest round of L2        8/16/2010             Pat       0
       reprocessing - reprocess the Onboard moment
4161   overview plots THEMIS together with WIND and
       I'm using both                                 11/8/2010           Alexander   0
       ACE data, but was a little bit confused when I                      Sjogren
       looked through the remote directories when it
       comes to the WIND data. There seems to be two
       directories; /data/wind/xxxxxx and
       /data/istp/wind/xxxxx. What's the difference
       here? It seems like the THEMIS software is
       downloading WIND 3DP data from the
       /data/wind/ directory, and WIND MFI data from
       the /data/istp/wind directory. Are there
       differences between the data in the two

3041   Update overview plots to handle survey FFTs?                                   1
       Task modified as follow as of 8/30/2010: One
       overview plot for the three inner probes - 4
       products (FBK-2,FFF-2) and one plot for the
       outer two probes (4 products for each).
4140    decompression algorithm - implementation and       9/15/2010    Vassilis     0
        testing; FYI, I'm done (pending ETU testing)
        implementing the new lossy moment
        compression algorithm requested by Vassilis. It
        passes its self-consistency check (that the
        decompression algorithm exactly reverses the
        compression algorithm). We still have to test it
        against Peter's implementation on the ETU, to
        make sure the ground decompression is
        compatible with the FSW compression.
3099f   Revise the calibration code for the particle data   3/2/2010     Jim L       1
        types (ESA, perhaps also SST or MOM?) to look
        for spacecraft potential in L1 FIT, if the moments
        are decimated
4149    Allow exporting of slices plots to .eps format.    10/8/2010    Vassilis     0
        There should already be some code in place to
        do this; if not we may want to re-prioritize it.
4170    Announce Pat's warning message for download 11/29/2010          Vassilis     0
        anti virus issue

4172    TDAS aborting                                    12/2/2010       Kazue       0
                                                                       Takahash -
4173    Cannot Download User's Guide - User's Guide      12/2/2010       Bai Xi -    0
        broken down into 7 parts and put on ftp site                     China

4174    GUI error on Mac                                 12/2/2010     Hui Zhang -   0
                                                                        U Alaska

4177    Greenland Data                                   12/2/2010      James        0
                                                                       Weygand -
4157   THEMIS: switching from E12 to E34 for EFS on       10/19/2010      John      1
       THB in the L0->L1 processing?                                     Bonnell
2216   Fix the sign reversal of e34.                       8/13/2009      John      1

4167   I'm looking at older data. For example, for          11/29/2010    James     0
       September 30, 2008 between 0000 and 0600 UT                       Weygand
       for SC B (Space ESA moments) on the THEMIS
       summary data viewer I see a data gap for peir e
       flux from 0220 onwards. If I right click on th white
       bottom portion of the plot and look at properties it
       tells me the plot was created today.

4166   problem that Fei Fei had with virus software and 11/18/2010       Fei Fei    0
       the suggested modification to download software
       so that end-users would be informed if their virus
       software was breaking TDAS
4118   Vassilis to talk to Jim McFadden concerning        8/23/2010      Vassilis   0
       background removal code of electrons and ions
       that Vassilis has developed.

2228   one outstanding issue with                          9/3/2009       John      1
       THM_LOAD/THM_CAL_EFI is that for some                             Bonnell
       reason when I ask for the calibrated data in SPG
       (which should just be adjustment of gains and
       offsets, and conversion from ADC units to
       physical units, the code is trying to do some
       despin operations. Since this has direct impact
4137    What I'm imagining would be a crib that loads        9/13/2010     John       1
        the RAW TM data, then the NO_EDC_OFFSET                           Bonnell
        data, then the fully-calibrated data so one can
        see the various stages in the calibration process
        directly. If you have time in your schedule to
        start developing something like that, that would
4168    When trying to output for this part of the
        be a natural next step using tplot_ascii, iteffort, 11/29/2010    Vassilis    0
        provides time output in msec precision, which is
        inadequate for SCW or EFW data. See attached.
        Could you change so that precise=4 will give
        microsecond precision (precise=3 is the default
        and provides msec precision).
        Also, trange=trange does not seem to work.

4169    Could you include the attached routine into our     11/29/2010    Vassilis    0
        release? At least this will work under any
        circumstances and would be good to have as
        backup. I wrote it a while ago and has been
        useful to many people since.
4165    Do you know why the attached script crashes         11/22/2010    Andrea      0
        when thmsw_r7905_2010-11-15 is used? Here                         Runov
        is the error message: CHECK_EROUND:
        Incorrect number of arguments. Execution halted
        at: FORMATANNOTATION 312
        15\idl\themis\thm_ui_new\utilities\formatannotati PLOT_PART_SLICE2D 320
        Slices re-gridding: Add nearest neighbor             10/8/2010    Vassilis    0
        interpolation across energy, based off bin size, &
4148a   modify the in gui
        implement GUI to represent the recent changes        12/7/2010    Vassilis    1
4148b   add padding to the data for the given method        12/7/2010     Vassilis    1
4175    strange THB_L2_ESA behavior                         12/2/2010     Joseph      0
                                                                           King -

4185    I'm here at the THEMIS software tutorial and        12/12/2010      Mike      0
        thm_gui doesn't seem to want to load. Here are                   Liemohn -
        some lines just above the end of the spew of                     U Michigan
4179    errors version 7.5 of the IDL Geopack DLM.
        latest                                              12/3/2010     Vassilis    1
        Supported operating systems are Linux, Mac,
        Sun, and Windows. 32 and 64 bit versions are
        available for all OS. I tried my best to get this
        done before your next software release and still
        leave some time for testing on your end.
2070c1   James just emailed with a question about the       11/23/2010     James     1
         data. When I did the task before I didn't grab the               Weygand
         whole data set, just what was requested.
         Another sub-task would be to download the rest
2070c4   We also have software that can automatically       11/23/2010    Vassilis   3
         harvest need greenland data as it becomes
         available, but the software is not currently
         operating. We could add it to a cron job
 4194    Quick Reference guide link broken                   1/7/2011       Pat      0
2013am   Crib                                                              David     1

 4150    Allow slices based off coordinates other than       10/8/2010    Vassilis   1
 4004    Sort out if TDAS software can run off SPDF cdf's     3/5/2010     David     1

 2186    I noticed that the Data->Collaboration Tools-       7/28/2009    Michael    3
         >(subcategories...) fall behind the ARTEMIS
 4205    Clean-up AE-index                                    3/3/2011      Pat      ?
         Training with Lydia on Slices                       3/10/2011     David     1
2013x    User's Guide write-up and then review with Xuzhi                  David     1

 3015    The data processing panel doesn't allow split       12/11/2009     Pat      1
         components. This is fine for some operations,
         even required, but for some operations this
         doesn't make sense. For example, clipping.
 3079    110. GUI good chance that some people will
         There is a-- spinner widget, inconsistencies        2/12/2010      Pat      2
         between actual and displayed value for very
         small numbers
3079a    Spinner Part                                        2/12/2010      Pat      2

3079b    FormatAnnotation Part                               2/12/2010      Pat      2

 3083    137. GUI spinner controls -- when inputing value    2/16/2010      Pat      2
         >= 2^16/2 in grid thickness spinner, causes error
         message and value reset to -32768. Pat:
         Problem is not the spinner. Object definitions
         using short ints when long ints should have been
QA065    MARKERS: Step3: When just ctrl-click is               1/25/2011     Cindy      QA
         executed and released without dragging the
         mouse the window querying the user for a
         marker is displayed, even though since no drag
         occurred no marker was created
         Step6f: When track one panel is check marked,
         a marker selected, and the marker subset
         requested, my new page still has all 4 panels
         displayed, and not just the panel the marker was
         on. I don't remember it working this way. In
         general - it is easy to get into other modes in the
         click/ctrl/drag process - for instance if you don't
         press ctrl in the right amount of time or order you
         end up creating a rubber band instead of a
         marker or you get the Panel Options window.
         This is not a new problem and has to do with
         timing of all the button clicks/drags. Not sure it
         can be fined tuned anymore, but the user should
         be advised (users guide maybe?).

QA051a   Layout Panel: The panel and row number are not        1/24/2011     Cindy      QA
         always synced. For example, if you remove a
         panel the remaining panels are not re-sized to fill
         the graphics window. This also leaves excess
         space at the bottom.
2047a    FGS sample times and values, showing                               Vassilis    1
         repeated timestamps. BugzID=113 (BugzID=67
         must be done first)
2047b    Repeated timestamps and gaps in spin fit data                      Vassilis    1
         BugZid=113 (#67 may fix this one as well).

 4180    for the WB reconfiguration, what one should see       12/7/2010     John       0
         is that the APID 0x44A (EFW) data should shift                     Bonnell -
         from 16384 samp/s to 8192 samp/s, and should                        Deron
         stay with the AC-coupled signals, with the 0x449
         and 0x44B remaining at 8192 samp/s. I'm
         actually not very familiar with what was
         supposed ot happen in the "extended wave
         burst" commanding, and so someone else is
4034a2   Fix spin need code to know what the nominal
         going to modelto let Jimmask out everything but       11/22/2010   Vassilis    1
         the eclipse flag in the BAU sun sensor status;
         identify times when other status bits were set,
         and reprocess V01, V02, V03 state with fixed
 4164    THD time offset                                       11/15/2010   Vassilis    1
4176    fgs data missing - before reprocessing wait until        12/2/2010      Toshi       0
        STATE v1 reprocessed for entire mission                               Nishimura -

4191    Create EFI quality flags for EFI field data based        12/20/2010     John        1
        on comparison of E12,                                                  Bonnell
        E34 ground spinfit data with each other
2057    SCM CAL File Processing Doc                                            Vassilis     1

2103    EAC offsets                                               8/1/2009      John        1

4056    EFI Calibration Document                                  4/30/2010     David       2
3016    There is no way to control the variable font size        12/11/2009      Pat        3
        from the variable panel. There was a barrier to
        adding features to the variable panel when this
        came up before, in terms of a design that was
        too complex to modify reliably. When I fixed
        some previous bugs in this panel I simplified the
        code considerably. I now think that adding this
4138a   feature is feasible. electrons & protons
        Verify the time to run                                   9/17/2010      Davin       1
        through complex SST model.

4138b   Label active area for each detector. Update code         9/14/2010      Davin       1
        to track statistics. (hit(e-)/fired(e-), edep/hit(e-))
        Update code to aggregate statistics using the
        same method as SST FPGA.(bins=
4196    Trouble loading SST data                                  1/7/2011    Miho Sato -   0
                                                                              Oak Ridge

4193    EPO archive data missing after 10/11/10?                  1/7/2011      Laura       0
        Training with Lydia on Plotting                          3/10/2011      David       1
4195   MACCS data - retrieval issue                       1/7/2011   Vassilis   0
4212   Please review the two documents on the            3/23/2011    David     1
       developers web page
       .shtml): 1. SVN Command Line Usage 2. SVN
       GUI Usage (this one created by Ken) version (if
   To                             Notes

 Cindy     This is not really closed. Initially it went to Aaron
           but after further evaluation it was decided to
           place the rename option within the widget tree.
           Is now task 2106 on Pats list
 Jim L

 Jim L

 Jim L





Aaron   #1and#2 Aaron fixed #3 Michael fixed   4





Cindy   sent training script to Jim L.
Cindy   This is not really closed. Initially it went to Aaron   16
        but after further evaluation it was decided to
        place the rename option within the widget tree.
        See Pat's task number 2106

Cindy                                                           4

Cindy                                                           2

Cindy                                                           4

Cindy                                                           1
Cindy                                                        1

Cindy                                                        2

Cindy                          Cindy                         4


Hithesh   Working with Robert and may need MODELSIM
Hithesh   in progress and almost complete

 Jim L

 Jim L
 Jim L
 Jim L    BAU sun angle data missing/incorrect: fixed in
          QA, looks good, patch to automated L0->L1
          processing deployed, copy fixed CDFs from QA-
          >Production in progress
 Jim L    need code for missing variables -in progress.
          After some discussion with Hannes, we
          decided that the attribute structure for the new
          spin phase correction variable is incorrect.

Michael   Warning msg only




Michael   Closed -> Waveburst data is often shorter than
          estimation window.
Michael   Use LASP? JB may think it's close one more




Michael   Closed - don't know where task came from


Michael   Closed - don't know where task came from








Pat   related to 1422



Pat   quick fix that pat has already taken care of.

 Pat      could not figure out task


Hithesh   Finished and sent to Peter

Hithesh   Task cancelled



  tbd     non-gui






Bryan   etc 6/26

 Pat    Documentation mod sent to Cindy and done   16
        by Cindy



Bryan   related to 1139 - 2 hr

Bryan   already done Ken wherever you are

Bryan   already done Ken wherever you are

Bryan   already done Ken wherever you are

Bryan   already done Ken wherever you are

Aaron   no longer recreate


Cindy   unable to reproduce any longer

Cindy   non-gui




Hithesh   Talked to ops. They found a workaround. Setting
          burst collection into "test" mode eliminated that

  tbd     Vassillis reviewed on 7/20/09





Aaron                                                         16

Aaron                                                         2

Aaron                                                         2


Aaron     message to users






 Jim L

 Jim L
Aaron   Aaron completed Part 1 - Part 2 to Pat.   4




 John B
Chris Cully





  Jim M





Michael    no longer needed

Michael    no longer needed

 Aaron     Print Landscape mode as well








 Jim L

 Jim L    S. Mende Completed, next training for Harald
          Frey and Niguel 7/27

 Tim      When we switchover to new server


 Jim L



Jim L

 Jim L
Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim M

Jim M

Jim M

Jim M
Jim M


 Pat      Aaron did not check themis/common so that is a
          task that still needs to be done.

Pat   same time as 2119

Pat   (Cindy will QA other plot functions)





Jim L   The L2 MOM, FGM, FBK and FIT files for these
        dates, (20081205 and
        20081212) are being reprocessed because there
        are new state files for those days
Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L
              Jim M     The L2 MOM, FGM, FBK and FIT files for these
                        dates, (20081205 and
                        20081212) are being reprocessed because there
                        are new state files for those days
              Jim M


              Michael   Obsolete. See 2170.

                tbd     Davin removed

                Pat     responded to Tony with detail instructions


               Tim      with Jim L

                Tim     get Pat's new program

              Jim M

              Jim M     reprocessing in progress

TC-sst-esa table load TH-A 2009-02-02 22:30:14.
TC-sst-esa table load TH-D 2009-02-13 20:36
TC-sst-esa table load TH-E 2009-02-13 22:27
TC-sst-esa table load TH-B 2009-02-17 23:50:38
TC-sst-esa table load TH-C 2009-02-18 00:52:20
              Jim M




 Jim L

 Jim L    maybe because spin model variables didn't get
          picked up for the first few days.


Michael   Jim M found already done

Michael   Fix. To reproduce this, just run THM_SPINFIT
          on eff data in SPG coordinates (on 2007-7-20, if
          you like) and try to plot the products.


Michael   look at this week

Michael   look at this week


 Pat      wavelet.crib and fit.crib are very ancient cribs,
          they have no comments or documentation, and
          a lot of the code they were based upon is gone
          or changed radically enough that the old code no
          longer applies. I'm thinking our best bet might
          be to just put a notification at the top of these
          cribs indicating that they are

 Pat      Build widget tree so only widgets (components)
          that are displayed are added to the tree.
          Subcomponent widgets will be dynamically
          added when user requests their display (clicking
          on ‘+’ sign). This will reduce the time needed for
          loading data sets with large numbers of
          components. A time hit will be paid later down
          the line, if and when the user chooses to display
          components. Note: This approach will definitely
          reduce the time required to load, however, the
          hit later down the line may not be acceptable.
          We just need to try it and see. In progress

 Pat      Allow expansion of widget tree from keyboard
          using accelerator keys. Need to check into
          operating systems for pre-existing keys. An
          alternative to this would be to automatically open
          the tree to at least the probe and/or instrument
          level, possibly even open down to the
          data/component level for those data sets with
          only a few components. This is not critical, but
          very nice for user and would reduce the number
          of key strokes.





Jim M


    Pat       put out warning message


  Bryan       eta 9/18 in progress
  Bryan       eta 9/18
  Bryan       eta 9/18


   Jim M
Tim and Jim
   Jim M



Jim M

Jim M    McFadden has found bugs in the pipeline. I am
         on hold until he works those out (he is working
         with Bonnell and Mozer).
Jim M    Check with Jim McFadden

Jim M    I guess this has become 2099e. McFadden
         basically took the ball, so THM_SCPOT2DENS
         is unused. If McFadden comes back with an
         algorithm, then we can resurrect
         THM_SCPOT2DENS. If McFadden comes back
         with his own routine, then we go with that. See

Jim M    tbd

 Pat     need to be put on email notifications
 Pat     John has approved

Amanda   make mods on beta and new thumbnails


Jim L   in progress, check if there is email notifications,
        create email from Tim with additional turnover
Jim L   on hold for missing data

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L   tmtools 6_00 release built & tested with 2149a
        and 2149b, 2213 not yet included.
Jim L   Waiting for Vassilis to approve use of tmtools
        6_00 "as is" for automated processing, and
        reprocessing L1 STATE (V03 and additional
        variables), FIT and FGM (range changes).


 Pat    Jim M to add peridoic processing


   Jim L

   Jim L

   Jim M

   Jim M       duplicate
  John B       J. B. to talk to Vassilis about expectations for
               users by 9/30/09.
   Cindy       Jim M already did

   Jim M

   Jim M


Jim L and/or                                                      16

Jim M or Tim It might make sense to delay 2147c and 2148b
             L2 reprocessing until the 2149d L1 reprocessing
             is performed.




Pat   feedback looks good. Awaiting info from David
      Fisher concerning CAL file deliveries. CAL file
      through June 2009 in place.


 Jim M
 Jim M

  tbd      closed by davin







 Jim L     after 5/2007 all okay
 Jim L

 Jim L

 Jim L

 Jim L

 Jim M

  Pat      Jim M to add to L2 processing script, must
           process from start of mission

 Jim L     Offset Data - more analysis in progress (see J
 Jim L

 Jim M     test files have been sent SPDF. Awaiting
           Vladimir and SPDF feedback.

 Jim M     test files have been sent SPDF. Awaiting
           Vladimir and SPDF feedback.

 Jim M     test files have been sent SPDF. Awaiting
           Vladimir and SPDF feedback.

 Jim M

 Jim M

 Jim M




Vladimir   moved to JimM to check and committ
Vladimir   Jim M to check and committ

  Pat      when 2085a-f completed
 Jim L

 Jim M
Jim L    Separate L1

Jim L

Jim M

Jim M


Jim L   It means that the cal routines for EFI and SCM
        need to pass a couple of keywords to
        thm_cotrans and/or spinmodel routines, so that
        the spin phase and spin attitude corrections will
        be used.

Jim L

Jim M     March 1-15, 2008 complete. at Feb 13,2009
          and processing. Second processor March
          14,2009. Going to March 15, 2009


 Jim L



  all     Jim L, Jim M and Pat

Jim M     ESA is now fine and FBK was bad packet
  all     Jim L, Jim M and Pat

Jim M     check on 12/14 if fix worked
 Jim M      Aaron to retest

 Jim M

 Jim M
 Jim M
 Jim M

 Jim M      for L2 cdf variables

 Jim M
   Pat      in progress; new plots show up. Cron job needed
            for future dates and that is in progress.

 Jim M      closed

 Jim M      Up now, so moments match temperature
            legends all the same. Vassilis to verify.
 Jim M      Mod complete and last 10 days reprocessed. A
            full reprocessing is in January. Closed

  Pat       No need to change anything. Behavior is
       Pat    Quick fix, but testing seems to suggest fix is

              Jim L to send Jim M an email

      Jim L   Closed                                              ?

              Hannes: attitude corrections using v02 state     This week
              JimL writes to V03. Next FGM L2 and the rest.
              See tasks 2273(Hannes), 3035 (Jim L), 3036
              (Jim M)

       Pat    Closed
       Pat    Closed
      Jim M   Closed

Pat           Closed

  Hannes      on going

      Aaron   Closed

      Aaron   Closed
Cindy    Closed

Jim L    Closed

Jim M    Reassigned as 3025 for Pat

Jim M    Closed
 Pat     Closed

 Pat     Closed, see Task 3035, Jim M

Jim L

Jim L    For L1 cdf's variables

John B   Review Jim's fix, Eta 10/23

         L2 file is bad, timestamp count differs from   1 hr
         sample count
Jim M

Jim L
Jim L   flatsat

Jim M   All Overview Plots will be reprocessed post L2

Jim M   Awaiting V03 state (Hannes 2273, Jim L 3035)

Jim M   Task 3080, New v03 STATE, fgm, fit, mom, esa,
        scm, efi


 Pat    annoyance
 Pat    new feature


 Pat    with 3071

 Pat    Annoyance, should use yes-to-all/no-to-all
 Pat    Routines are available on window,panel etc... to
        update variable names when changed(eg
        should be extensible to support updating label
        names as well.
     Pat    t96 complete - in progress

    Jim L

Jim L and PRH

   Jim L    not needed

   Jim L

   Jim L    not needed

    Jim L

   Jim M

   Jim M

   Jim M    To see the problem go to the "Data retrieval",
            and "Data files - By group". Select "Ground",
            "Fort Yukon", "All sky imager", and "Level 1 CDF
            High Res". Then select for instance 10/29/2008
            to 10/30/2008 and press "Download Data". It will
            show "*Sorry, no files were found for the criteria
            entered", *though the files clearly exist. What's
            the problem?
   Jim M

   Jim M

     Pat    no need for task


 Aaron      Data type not a 3-vector. Change thm_load_fit
            to skip cotrans for bfit/efit, figure out why
            thm_cotrans allows it

  Jim L

 Jim M

Jon Loran
   Pat      Config issue - no software change

  Jim L     I think I understand what's going on. This is for
            TH-BB, which is only being intermittently
            contacted while it's on its current deep space
            There was no telemetry (not even
            housekeeping) received on those dates, so no
            L0 directories were produced. Therefore the L0-
            >L1 processing (which produces the
            unversioned L1 STATE links) didn't run. The
            V00 state CDFs produced from the MOC
            predictive ephemeris should be there -- I'll
            update the links by hand for now. I think I'll
            need to tweak the script that produces the V00
            state CDFs to also make the unversioned links
Jim M

Jim M

Jim M   Disable in gui SPG->any cotrans of EFI data
Jim M

 Pat    I think I understand what's going on. This is for
        TH-BB, which is only being intermittently
        contacted while it's on its current deep space
        There was no telemetry (not even
        housekeeping) received on those dates, so no
        L0 directories were produced. Therefore the L0-
        >L1 processing (which produces the
        unversioned L1 STATE links) didn't run. The
        V00 state CDFs produced from the MOC
        predictive ephemeris should be there -- I'll
 Pat    update the links by hand for now. Then Pat
Harald   It turns out that there wasn't any logging for ASI
         production routines, so I couldn't work back to
         the original problem. I added logging to the
         calling script so we should have a better
         indication what is causing the problem in the
         future. Log output will appear in
         /disks/themisdata/process_logs/asi/ organized
         by day of run. The set of IDL commands being
         run by make_asi_products.ksh is attached.
         When testing it out, a number of IDL
         errors/warnings popped up. I don't know enough
         about these routines to say for sure if these
Jim L

Jim M

Jim L    See 3089                                             n/a

   Jim M

   Jim M
   Jim L

    Jim L

Jim L / Jim M

      ?         SPDF has issue creating plots on the L1 data
                with their software - Not doing
   Jim L        eclipse sun pulses - shadow correction - test
                data created - Vassile 4/22: First I care about the
                Feb 13 flyby. Can you ensure the processing is
                done properly there, using the QA. The FGM
                processing of L1 should agree with TUBS’s
                assessment and they should be responsible for
                comparing and validating. In parallel please
                notify Jim McFadden that the dphi is available for
                him in the QA, to change his DF’s.
   Jim L

    Jim L
    Jim L     let Jim M know when done
Jim L / Jim M ESA, MOM and FIT L2's for the last 8 months,
              due to differences in the FGM's and coordinate
Jim M   Jim M 4/23: There is no EFI L2 data, so
        THM_LOAD_EFI won't work. The new program
        THM_LOAD_EFI_L2 handles missing files
        gracefully, and can be committed anytime. I've
        been waiting for L2 EFI data, but will commit
        I was wrong, the *new* version of
        THM_LOAD_EFI_L2 handles this gracefully, and
        was just committed. Anyway we don't need to
        patch anything, but we'll probably want a minor
        release when EFI L2 comes online... (also true
        for SCM L2's) Pat: The option exists in the GUI
        to load the _dot0 quantities from the EFI. If the
        user tries to do that it creates multiple tplot
        variables with names that are the empty string.
        Most TDAS routines that use tplot variables don't
        work after that point because of the assumptions
        that they make.



Jim L

Jim L

  Jim M
  Jim M



  Jim L       Discuss with SPDF at the next meeting whether       1 hr
              having one variable with multiple data sources is
              difficult for them

Jim L / Jim
   Jim L    this should only affect the thmsoc ephemeris
            processing scripts, not anything in TDAS

   Pat        orbit plots restored

  Jim M     in progress - missing 15-17th
Pat / Cindy

Pat / Cindy
Jim M   ESA had bad packets around that time         tbd

Jim L
Jim L
Jim M

Jim M   will send an email

Jim M   pre-requisite 3099c test data (Jim L) and
        awaiting FSW patch from PRH to create test
Jim M   data for 3099-d
        pre-requisite 3099c test data (Jim L) and
        awaiting FSW patch from PRH to create test
 ?      data for - closed
        declined3099-d -

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L
Jim L


Aaron   removed
 Pat    On hold until Pat can explain


Jim L

Jim L


Jim L

Jim L


  Pat      But we may also want to update the
           document(s): >
           29.pdf And since all our gmags are not from
           same site, we may want to update
           the CDF metadata to make sure that the
           coordinate system is described clearly there, too.
           For example all our gmag CDFs describe the
           coordinate system of the data as "B in HDZ
           components". But I'm fairly certain that the






           Just a reminder
Jim M

Jim M
Jim M      Document in program and User's guide. Make
           sure Vassilis is okay with no program change.
           behavior of 'raw' keyword in thm_load_efi.
           Consensus: not a bug, no code changes
           required, document the behavior in the users
           guide and close the task. - in progress
  Pat      Test new version; ping Haje concerning support
           for Sun Machines.
Aaron   #2 Loaded data for data 2007-03-24. Types:
        efi_vaw, tha_fgl_dsl,tha_fgh_dsl. Make all data
        active. In the order above(I believe exact order is
        important). Open interpolate panel, select
        "cadence" radio button, leave at default, select
        limit time, leave at default for quantity vaw(2007-
        03-24/22:47:06,2007-03-24:22:47:22). Select
        "Okay", it processes first quantity, then second
        quantity is out of range, produces error but does
        not process 3rd quantity(fgh). It should skip over
Aaron   #4 Date 2007-03-24, data efi_vaw,
        tha_state_pos. Make state active. Select
        "interpolate", select "match" match to quantity
        "efi_vaw", select "extrapolate" Select limit time
        range, select range for efi_vaw (2007-03-
        24/22:47:06,2007-03-24:22:47:22): Says no data
        in range. What is happening here is that there
        are state points on either side of the vaw
        interval, but no points inside the interval.
        Perhaps one possibility where time is limited &
        matching is being done, maybe it should limit
        based upon the range of the match quantity and

 Pat    potential bug:#3, it seems to me that
        thm_part_getspec should actually use a
        weighted average rather than average over it
        because the energy bins are not evenly spaced
        and thus each bin has a different size in energy.
        In my testing this only accounted for a small
        amount of error, the three issues above made
        the vast majority of difference. Still it should be
        easy to fix and should make the angular spectra
        results slightly more accurate. 8/23/10 Vassilis
        wants to talk to Jim McFadden and Davin
Jim L



Jim L
Jim L   all will be closed with the reprocessing
  Jim L

  Jim L

  Jim L

  Jim L      all remaining 4074 tasks eta week of 8/16-
 Jim M       dependent on 4074c to be completed
 Jim L       in progress - awaiting task 4030 for SST
 Jim M       dependent on 4074f to be completed
 Jim L       Done, pending SPDF approval of latest revision
             of master CDFs.

  Aaron      Pat fixed

  Aaron      plots sent to vassilis and Xuzhi

Jim L, Pat   actual mode bits - Jim L to send writeup

  Jim L      fixed in trunk; add to next tmtoils release and
             reprocess L0->L1>L2 MOM, ESA, SST eta
             week of 9/7-9/11. Jim to send David a writeup
             of new full configuration mode for SST, ESA
             and MOM.
 Jim M       FBK and FFT done - FGM 9/10
Jim M

 Pat    send email to Katherine

 Pat    Send email to Lynn

 Pat    in progress

 Pat    send email to Bob


 Pat    Reduced SST multi probe plots - labels wrong;
        reprocessing to be on hold until justice annual
        backup done
 Pat    Reprocessing will occur automatically after L2
        MOM reprocessing next week.

Jim M
Jim M   we will have to reprocess again MOM once two
        bugs fixed.
Jim M   fixed - I believe and then reprocess (waiting for
        Jim L)
Jim M

 Pat    see 4130 below


 Pat    We've fixed GBAY and CHBG, and those sites
        are back filling now. McGrath is down, and has
        been for the last 15 days or so. Snap Lake is
        having general rsync problems that we are
        working on (there are no hi-res keograms from
        there either), and we're looking into TPAS right
        now. I'm assuming you meant The Pas and not
        Flin Flon?
 Pat    why did it happen?

 Pat    he new gmags abbreviations are:
        LARG,LETH,ROTH, & REDR. 8-20-10 Routine
        to download is complete and routine to do
        calibration is in progress. download of
        mirroring the data should be done 9/10.

Aaron   in progress - to be committed on 9/13/10
Aaron   Talk to Pat: he easiest solution is to not use their
        recommendation and proceed with our heap_gc
        calls in IDL 8.0 and earlier versions. But the
        solution that Josh outlines is only slightly more
        complex and if their claims are accurate, it
        should lead to better memory management.




Aaron                                                      2 hrs


Jim M

Jim M   Jim can't reproduce the crash that was reported.
        Vassilis says there is new code coming from
        LASP that should work better, V will send us the
        updated code when it's ready to be merged into
        our repository.
Jim M

Jim M

Jim M   pass warning to gui




 Pat    need to reprocess MOM

 Pat    Jim L 4033a completed - this is ready to be
Jim M   (e.g. FAST, Cluster, etc). -- update
        documentation, suggest workarounds for
        specific situations (e.g. conflicts with TDAS and
        FAST versions of tplot)
Jim M   Talk to David - thought we had one                  1 week

Jim M

 Pat    Vassilis wants to talk to Davin. 8/30/2010 Pat
        forwarded email from Igor to Davin. 9/13/10:
        Pat will check if task 4030 is causing this
        problem and then David will email Igor.
        9/20/2010 Pat will talk to Davin;10/7: once
        done reprocess l2 MOM?
Vassilis   potential bug:#3, it seems to me that
           thm_part_getspec should actually use a
           weighted average rather than average over it
           because the energy bins are not evenly spaced
           and thus each bin has a different size in energy.
           In my testing this only accounted for a small
           amount of error, the three issues above made
           the vast majority of difference. Still it should be
           easy to fix and should make the angular spectra
 Jim L     results by design
           closed slightly more accurate. 8/23/10 Vassilis

 Jim L     I've had a chance to take a closer look at the
           FFF (apid 44f) vs. FFP (apid 44d) timing
           discrepancy you pointed out. I have a tool that
           tries to match the FFF samples bin-by-bin with
           the FFP samples, to locate the data points that
           are common to the two data sets, report the
           matching indices, and show any time differences
           found for the matching samples. Please refer to
           the attached output file fff_ffp_comparison.txt. It
           seems that the IDPU is occasionally skipping
           over some of the FFP samples, and not copying
           them into the FFF data stream. 8/30/2010 Jim L
           to send out an email (high priority) to get a
           etu/flatsat case setup. Awaiting "function
           generator" and Peter's return from vacation.
           9/13/10 see Peter Berg for a piece of equipment.
           9/20/10 Jim L to run on etu the old code and see
           if the problem can be duplicated. flatsat will not
           be available for 1-2 more weeks. 9/30/2010
           going to test on Flatsat the week of 10/4-10/8.
           Prep for test and contact tom Clemons for
 ?      Pat: I think it would take a decent amount of
        effort. The solution that I've applied is to set up
        an email filter than dumps all the messages from
        thmsoc into one directory and the messages
        from thmsvn into another directory. That way I
        still get all the emails, but they don't clutter up
        my in-box.

Jim L   11/8/10 - Jim L to send Jim M few dates,
        probes to verify L2 processing occurred

Jim L   eta 11/12


Jim M
  Jim L

  Jim M      Run independent test on
             thm_load_esa_packet. Jim McFadden review
             and sanity check- in progress


  David      include in A&E- If file was expected, you should
             verify that your anti-virus software did not block
             the connection and add an exception for IDL, if

Jim M - IT   From working with this with respect to TDAS, my
             guess is that our firewall is blocking the FTP
             connection from China. FTP requires more
             contact between the server and client than an
             http connection, and my guess is that this is
             being blocked because it is coming from China. I
             think we block everything from China. The best
             solution is to put the appropriate documents on
             an http site, which may be accessible. I've cc'd
             Jon, maybe he has a different idea.

  Aaron      This appears to be one of the problems with the
             updated garbage collector in IDL 8.0. One
             solution would be to download the latest version
             of the THEMIS software (link below). While this
             is an untested, unofficial release (i.e. may have
             other smaller issues) it does contain a fix for the
             aforementioned IDL 8 error. Perhaps the best
             solution would be to use an older version of IDL,
             such as 6 or 7, until the new version of the
             THEMIS software is tested and officially
             released. As I understand it some of the
             garbage collector issues are supposed to be
             fixed in the 8.0.1 patch. However, I'm not certain
             if this particular case will be remedied.

   Pat       All the new data downloaded and converted into
Jim M

Jim M

  Pat      Explained to the user

  Pat      put warning msg about anti virus software

Vassilis   Vassilis to send code to Jim McFadden. Visiting
           graduate student will review with Jim. From
           Vassilis: Revised code to do subtraction with
           keywords is included. They work best for inner
           magnetosphere ions if keywords are set to:
           bgnd_type='anode', bgnd_npoints=3,
           bgnd_scale=1.5 the bgnd_type nominal is 'omni'
           but if one really cares about details, when the
           background is anisotropic the keyword ‘anode’
           which does anode-dependent background
           subtraction responds better. The ‘bgnd_points’
           removes the average of the lowest N points
           rather than the minimum only. The bgnd_scale
           allows artificial scaling of the bgnd value, to
           avoid possible underestimate from noise
           fluctuations. 11/22/10 Vassilis to send Warning
           msg and Pat to put into the distribution.
           PAT: If Jim agrees, basically you’d have to
           replace the old "get_" routines with these ones,
           and also place the in the same
           directory. Then users can use the above added
           keywords in their thm_part_moments or other
           ESA routines and the keywords will be
Jim M
   Jim M

   Jim M

   Jim M

   Aaron      fixed with commit of two month old patch


Jim L, Jim M, Jim L: Yes, we usually see a few ratty-looking
    et all    samples whenever the ESA or SST switches
              modes. It's expected. Jim M: t looks to me that
              the spikes are happening when the probe goes
              from slow-survey to fast-survey mode. Vassilis
              replied on 12/14/10. Closed?




Jim M

Aaron                                                          4-8 hrs
Jim M    QA Test Script - by 1/12

Amanda   Run Compatiability View in Internet Explorer

Aaron    changes to Xuzhi - QA test Suite, eta 1/11

Aaron    analysis completed; Create joinvec routine
         and implement into GUI data processing
         window along with splitvec. - in progress, eta
Aaron    Support exponential notation for very small


Aaron    The format routine is incorrectly deciding the # of
         significant digits in a number when using
         decimal format. I think this may have been done
         originally for simplicity but it should be fixed
Aaron    Probably short data type used where long
         required, affects many of the spinner controls

 ?      by design

Jim L   duplicates

Jim L   duplicates

Jim L   Jim L completed analysis; report awaiting
        JB's feedback and Ops discussion

Jim L

Jim L
Jim M   Reprocess L2 files as was originally done, so
        that a given L2 file for a given day has the same
        time range as the corresponding L1 file. This
        means that the file would typically start a few
        minutes into the day, and end a few minutes into
        the next day. This would be easier for L1 to L2
        comparisons, and also comparisons of L2 data
        to L1 header information which is not included in
        the L2 files. This would be more difficult for end
        users who want to see the first few minutes of
        the day as Toshi wanted. They would have to
        make sure that they load the previous day's file
        toget the first few minutes of a given day, as is
Jim M

Jim M   5/21/10 Olivier will review - pinged Olivier
        again on 7/30/10. Ping again - we will include
        with Version 6 in Spring 2011

Jim M   John sent Jim M code from Chris Cully showing
        how the offset should be calculated (8/12). 8-20-
        10 Jim M send John B for review a database
        of offsets. 9-2-10: John B to have feedback
        by 9-11.

Jim M   Awaiting John Bonnell review eta 12/14



 Pat    send email requesting more info

 Pat    looking at - may need to just restart cron job
Jim M
                                                                            THEMIS QA v6.0
                                                                               Task List

  Task #                 Task Description         Date Opened Reported By   Pri   Assigned To   Notes   Estimate (hrs)

                    To be Assigned or Discussed

3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                                 173                    829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls
Task #                       Task Description                                 Date Opened Reported By   Pri
                      To be Assigned or Discussed
QA001 Scrub QA Test Scripts and Suites                                         1/12/2011     David      QA
QA002 Setup assignments for programmers and students                           1/12/2011     David      QA

QA003 Build v6.0                                                               1/12/2011     David      QA

QA004 QA Testing with v6.0 - see QA v6.0 Suites and Script for Testing         1/12/2011     David      QA

QA005 Hold Meeting with Students to review their assignments                   1/12/2011     David      QA

QA015 An error occurs in the slices code when there is only one pair of        1/19/2011     Aaron      QA
      duplicate points in the set of points being extracted (usually there
      are zero or many pairs).

QA018 2D Interpolation is selected, Rotation is selected as yz, Regrid         1/19/2011     Xuzhi      QA
      Data option is checked, and Coord is selected as DSL. In this
      case, only a portion (e.g., |Vy|<1100 km/s for ESA ions, or
      |Vy|<55000 km/s for ESA electrons) of the distributions is plotted.

QA019 Rotation is selected as either xvel, perp_xy, perp_yz, perp_xz, or       1/19/2011     Xuzhi      QA
      perp_xyz, and no plots with Rotation = BV, BE or perp have been
      generated before. In this case, an error message “No valid slices
      could be created, see console output” appears. The bug probably
      arises from the absence of a command in downloading the FGM
QA020 2D Nearest Neighbor is selected, Distribution Type is peib (with         1/19/2011     Xuzhi      QA
      plotable data), Subtract Bulk Velocity is checked, and Rotation is
      selected as perp. In this case, an error message “An unknown
      error occurred and the windows must be restarted, see console for
      details” appears (if Bulk velocity is selected as Auto, and Coord is
      GSE or GSM). If Coord is DSL, a plot may show up, but it does not
      look right.

QA021 2D Nearest Neighbor or 3D Interpolation is selected, and Subtrack        1/19/2011     Xuzhi      QA
      Bulk Velocity is selected. The autorange (X,Y) does not work
      correctly in this case.

QA022 An expected error appears, which is very weird to me. In the case        1/19/2011     Xuzhi      QA
      shown below, an error message “An unknown error occurred and
      the windows must be restarted, see console for details” appears.
      The error disappears if another time, or another orientation vector,
      or a different coord is given. I am not sure if the Latitude / Z-axis
      selection is correct or not, as even very small difference between
      MAX and MIN (say, 0.2 degrees in latitude, or 1 km/s in Z-axis)
      can produce some plots.
QA009 Suite: Reduced FFT                                                      1/18/2011   Jim L   QA

QA028 rror randomly loading FFT data to test with. I received a pop-up        1/20/2011   Aaron   QA
      message which read: THM_UI_LOADED_DATA::ADDDATA-->
      Problem Loading: thb_fff_64. GUI data model does not currently
      support data with dimensions greater than 2. Afterwards the
      following error was printed in the console:
QA007 CL SCM Cal issues                                                       1/14/2011   Jim L   QA

QA008 CL SCM Contrans issues                                                  1/14/2011   Jim L   QA

QA010 CL EFI testing                                                          1/18/2011   Jim L   QA

QA011 CL EFI testing                                                          1/18/2011   Jim L   QA
QA013 overplot - works, some changes to script. What happens here it          1/19/2011   Jim M   QA
      that the plot routine fails as expected in places, but the makepng
      command after the function call to overplot repeats the previous
      tplot, so that a plot shows up anyway. This is changed, so that
      when a plot fails, there is a dummy plot passed into the makepng.

 4198 It looks like it is using the old set of IGRF coefficients, which are   1/7/2011    Jim M   1
      hardcoded into the cotrans code. Vassilis would probably be the
      person to ask. I don't think it will introduce a huge error, but the
      coefficients in was using before were already the extrapolated
      IGRF coefficents from 2005. The comments in the code say that it
      was based on Tsyganenko's GEOPACK, which means that we
      should probably get the new IGRF coefficients from the new
      version of GEOPACK.
QA006 Two failures for calc testsuite, tests 78 & 80:                         1/14/2011    Pat    QA
QA051c Occasionally I encountered some mouse/click/drag problems (like         1/24/2011    Cindy      QA
       creating a new page when I didn't want one) but I did not get any
       errors, I couldn't reproduce it and was easily able to continue. I
       suspect some of that had to do with my mouse-pad sensitivity.
       Since I'm about to start the rubber-band and makers suites - I will
       catch things like this.

QA059 I actually cannot complete the test suite called "Markers" because       1/25/2011   Christine   QA
      of a big bug which prevents me from continuing. I completed the
      default setup suite but get stuck when drawing the marker on step
      3.d). A text box appears asking me to set the marker title, and
QA060 Layout Options: 8.p: I don't know how to select x,y,z to make the        1/25/2011    Jiang      QA
      spectra and the resultant spectura has NaN values all over the

QA062 markers: Step 3-d: After releasing the button a box came out             1/25/2011    Jiang      QA
      asking me to name the marker. I named it '1' (first time) and
      'marker' (second time) and clicked OK. An error box comeout
      saying "Attempt to call undefined procedure/function:
QA063 Line Options                                                             1/25/2011    Jim L      QA

QA063a Step 12a: Instructions say to select "Save Template" from the file      1/25/2011    Jim L      QA
       pull down menu, however the (modal) Line Options and
       Plot/Layout options are still displayed and the pull down menus
       aren't accessible. What I did was "OK" Line Options and
QA063b Step 12e: "Open one of the panels you created above..." But step        1/25/2011    Jim L      QA
       12c had me exit and restart the gui session, so there are no panels
       to open. Was I supposed to repeat all the load data and plot steps
       from _ui_test_default_setup? And should this happen before, or
QA063c I opened the template first, then loaded and plotted the data.          1/25/2011    Jim L      QA
       All the line plots in panels 1 and 3 came out the same color, blue.
       The plot labels in the left hand margin came out with the standard
       colors. When I open a new page and replot the FGM data, again,
QA063d Also, Step 7a says to select tha_fgl_x, but no FGL data is loaded       1/25/2011    Jim L      QA
       in the thm_ui_test_default_setup. I used tha_fgs_x instead.

QA064g For FFT: 1) step2g: box jumps saying like “add failed for fff_64        1/25/2011   Shanshan    QA
       data” for all five spacecrafts, but everything looks ok the following
QA064h 2) step3g: I chose tha_fff_32_scm2, thb/c/d_fff_64_scm2,                1/25/2011   Shanshan    QA
       the_ffp_64_scm2. I am not sure if they are ok.

QA033 The script runs fine, except that test 10 for SST fails. Also I tried    1/20/2011    Xuzhi      QA
      some input with GUI not working correctly in the script, for
      example, 2D Interpolation is selected, Rotation is selected as yz,
      Regrid Data option is used, and Coord is selected as DSL. The
      result is the same with the GUI result, that only a portion of the
      distributions is plotted.
QA034a Range tab, Floating Center option - When I enter a new span and         1/20/2011    Jim L      QA
       hit "apply", the range options revert to "Auto Range" and the plot is
       unchanged. This occurs no matter what scaling is used (linear,log
       10,natural log)
QA012 plot_options - Zoom tests to plus and minus infinity (tests 4 and          1/19/2011    Jim M   QA
      12) resets limits to [1.0, 2.0], does not fail. (Suite expects to "fail"
      gracefully"). Also negative and large margins (tests 19, 20, 23, 24)
      >> do not fail gracefully, but give crappy plots.

QA014 SST Contaimination script - on mac                                         1/19/2011    Jim L   QA
QA014a Test 6 (electron burst mask/sun) failed at line 47                        1/19/2011    Jim L   QA Attempt to subscript <PtrHeapVar81749> with
       INDEX is out of range.
QA014b Test 21 (plot): failed at line 574,       1/19/2011    Jim L   QA
       with: ERROR: % WINDOW: Routine is not defined for current
       graphics device.

QA014c Test 22 (edit3d-direct) failed at line 66 of                              1/19/2011    Jim L   QA
       ssl_general/science/ with: Error: % CURSOR:
       Routine is not defined for current graphics device.

QA014d did not recognize right click on Mac                                      1/19/2011    Jim L   QA

QA016 When showing the GUI using the bleeding edge software I tried to           12/12/2010    Pat    QA
      add variables to a plot, but it somehow ended up displaying the
      data on the main panel rather than displaying the data as text
      below it.
QA023 error in the gui panel options suite. The color selection widget           1/20/2011     Pat    QA
      wouldn't open and it replied "Device must support windows". I
      think that IDL was incorrectly reporting that IDL couldn't support
      windows. I imagine that this could happen to end users from time
      to time as well. The problem is that the color selection window
      checks to see if the direct graphics device supports windows.
      Since the gui uses object graphics, the settings on the direct
      graphics device are irrelevant. I think that the fix would be to
      remove this check from the color picker widget.
QA025 The colorpicker widget won't work if a user had a problem with             1/20/2011     Pat    QA
      their direct graphics device, even though the GUI doesn't use
      direct graphics. The direct graphics test needs to be disabled.

QA026 I tried the SST contamination suite. I think the problem is that the       1/20/2011     Pat    QA
      edit3dbins interface is not so clear and it will throw an error if you
      exit without a selection. If you make sure to select a bin, then the
      error does not occur(at least it doesn't in linux testing). To make a
      selection, you need to first select a time of interest(click with the
      vertical bar in the time series plots). When the bins selection
      comes up, you need to middle click to highlight a bin. If it works,
      the bin numbering should show up in white instead of black. The
      right click to exit. Maybe Jim should retry to see if following this
      process still generates the errors. If the bug doesn't persist...We
      could/should probably add better instructions to the test suite. The
      issue with the poor interface for edit3dbins is something we know
      about, and it should probably be tracked, but I would characterize it
      as a feature, rather than a bug.
QA040 When I do this test on the Mac, I get to a screen that's asking me          1/21/2011   Jim L   QA
      to select a time from a tplot window, using the mouse, with right-
      click to exit. It's not recognizing command-click, which is
      supposed to be the way to do right-click the way my Mac's X11
      settings are configured. I even connected a 3-button USB mouse,
      and that didn't work either. So I have no way to exit that step and
      continue with the script. It's weird that I didn't have this problem in
      the previous attempt on the Mac. Looking at the journal file, I see
      an error at around that point in the test: % CTIME: Current device
      (Z) does not support enough features. See !d.flags I don't what I
      did differently when I ran IDL this time -- I didn't get that error, just
      stuck in the input loop that I couldn't get out of.
QA030 if one or more of the active data quantities is out of the specified        1/20/2011   Aaron   QA
      time range then entire set fails to process

QA031 Attempting get power spectrum from the_psif_en_eflux (2011-1-1)             1/20/2011   Aaron   QA
      yields the error below. New quantities are created but not added to
      the active data window, which still contains the original variable.
      Traceback Report from THM_UI_NEW_PWRSPC:
QA051b Layout Panel: There's several small typos in this test suite. I            1/24/2011   Cindy   QA
       mention them only because the students have been asking the
       same questions about them. In particular, to start the gui it says
       ".thm_gui" rather then "thm_gui" (with no period). Very small typo,
       but did cause problems none the less.
QA035 When saving ascii data in windows the file type (.csv) is not               1/21/2011   Aaron   QA
      automatically appended to the file name.
QA034b Ticks tab - Negative values are accepted for the major and minor           1/20/2011   Jim L   QA
       tick length spinners. A reasonable plot is displayed, so probably
       low priority, however we already have a separate option to plot the
       ticks inside or outside of the plot, so we should probably enforce
       positive values here.

QA034c Grid tab - Negative numbers are accepted in the spinner for panel          1/20/2011   Jim L   QA
       frame thickness, should probably enforce positive values.
       Negative numbers *are* rejected for the major/minor grid thickness

QA034d Annotations tab -The X-axis options dialog crashes when a                  1/20/2011   Jim L   QA
       negative value is used in the font size spinner -- should enforce
       positive values here. The crashes occur every time the X-axis
       options dialog is opened, until the IDL session is reset.
QA080 noticed some strange messages in the History window after             1/28/2011   Jim L   QA
      creating the first page:
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: New panel added.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Adding Variables to Panel 1...
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Invalid Y variable selection, unable
      to add "" to panel.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Adding Variables to Panel 1...
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Add Finished.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: New panel added.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Adding Variables to Panel 2...
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Add Finished.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: New panel added.
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Adding Variables to Panel 3...
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Add Finished.
      Range: [17:10:00,19:30:03] will be used to plot.
      Range: [-2.084 !3x!X 10!U 4,3.444 !3x!X 10!U 4] will be used to
      Range: [16:40:00,19:00:04] will be used to plot.
      Range: [-2.162 !3x!X 10!U 4,3.456 !3x!X 10!U 4] will be used to
      Range: [19:39:59,22:00:03] will be used to plot.
      Range: [-2.617 !3x!X 10!U 4,3.556 !3x!X 10!U 4] will be used to
      THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS: Layout updated. Layout Options
      widget closed.
QA029 An error occurred when trying to interpolate the_psif_en_eflux,       1/20/2011   Aaron   QA
      tha_fgh_dsl, and thc_state_pos to 300 second cadence on 2011-
      01-01. The data processing window did not crash, but the following
      error was printed in the console. This error seems to appear any
      time interpolation is being used with specific cadence or number of
      points. Traceback Report from THM_UI_INTERPOLATE:

QA032 After splitting an fgs power spectrum component and re-combining      1/20/2011   Aaron   QA
      the y-axis bins all have the same (apparently random) value.
QA081 There was a crash in the Data Processing COTRANS step                   1/28/2011    Jim L      QA
      (transformingthx_fge_dsl from DSL to DSL). Here's the traceback:
      Compiled module: ERROR_MESSAGE. Traceback Report from
         THM_UI_DPROC_PANEL_EVENT <C:\Documents and
      panels\ 138)>
         THM_UI_COTRANS_NEW <C:\Documents and
      panels\ 233)>
         ERROR_MESSAGE <C:\Documents and
      utilities\ 256)>
      Last IDL Error:
      Expression must be a structure in this context: D.
      Execution halted at: THM_COTRANS_UPDATE_DLIMITS 113
      C:\Documents and
      I'm in the process of trying to replicate the other cotrans issues
      Michael reported. The "Print Setup" and "Print" dialogs work as
      expected for me. It sounds like he clicked "Print" when the
      instructions called for "Print Setup".

QA037  found a bug with variable options. The "save to template" option       1/21/2011     Pat       QA
      didn't work
QA038 Windows - Layout option                                                 1/21/2011   Christine   QA

QA038e 8.l) I didn't see "unlock axes" but I saw "unlock panels". What does   1/21/2011   Christine   QA
       "unlock panels" do?

QA038f 8.n-p) These instructions didn't make sense. It works if you select    1/21/2011   Christine   QA
       peif_en_counts as the dependent variable and click spec, but
       trying to do x-y-z just resulted with the error: "Cannot determine
       how to y-scale zero y-width (single channel) spec with non zero
       y-range. Try using auto range." So I skipped over this when I
       couldn't get it to work.
QA038i 11.h, m) No change was made but no error message appeared--In          1/21/2011   Christine   QA
       fact it said changes were applied.

QA067 I noticed a GUI bug when working on another. If you click into the      1/25/2011     Pat       QA
      message bar at the bottom of the main window, you can edit it.
      This a simple fix, but it should be set to editable = false.

QA050 I got one plot where the data disappeared. Aaron thinks that this is    1/24/2011     Pat       QA
      because the slice width has to be set manually. It might be useful
      to enable an autoscaling or allow slice width to be some function of
      the data width.(Aaron suggested percentage)
QA041 Trace suite - Test 10 Failed: external model iono tvar arg ERROR:         1/21/2011       Aaron       QA
      -5 ERROR: % GET_TSY_PARAMS: dst_tvar must be a valid tplot
      variable ERROR: % Execution halted at: GET_TSY_PARAMS
      russell/Desktop/tdas_6_00/idl/external/IDL_GEOPACK/get_tsy_pa ERROR: %                     $MAIN$         315

QA039 Tsyganenko script on mac - multiple issues -see Aaron's email             1/21/2011       Aaron       QA

QA064a 1) In EFI-step3f/FIT-step3g: Actually in Plot/Layout window, there       1/25/2011     Shanshan      QA
       is no “add” button next to the y-axis list box. Instead, you have to
       choose between “line->” and “spec->” no matter what kind of data
       you chose. And I chose “line->” for these two steps.

QA064b 2) In data processing window, the options for “Deflag” is either         1/25/2011     Shanshan      QA
       “repeat the last value” or “interpolate”, and the new data name
       goes with “_deflag_repeat”or “_deflag_interp” accordingly. But in
       the testing descriptions, “linear” is mentioned everywhere, which I
       guess is the button name for the old version?

QA064j 4)My PC crashed after I successfully finished step8h                     1/25/2011     Shanshan      QA

QA043 part-getspec suite - This is true for the angular limits boxes: Invalid   1/21/2011       Jim M       QA
      input test for limit boxes; e.g., "a" iii. a (should get 'ANGLE:START
      Invalid Input: a. Will be reset to 360.5 when you hit Apply'
      message in status bar). Actually resets to the first digit of the
      previous number in the box,
      rather than the full number ("3" rather than "360.5") This is also
      true for some invalid numerical values in the regrid options boxes,
      the Gap box and the SST mask and sun contamination boxes in
      the later steps.
QA042 Trace Suite - est 28 Failed: external model equa tvar arg                 1/21/2011       Aaron       QA
      ERROR: -5
      ERROR: % TTRACE2EQUATOR: par variable not valid tplot
      ERROR: % Execution halted at: TTRACE2EQUATOR 322
      ERROR: %                  $MAIN$          785

QA071 Markers Suite Linux: 3.g.g: Without dragging, it still ask me for a       1/26/2011       Jiang       QA
      marker name, while not making a marker.

QA053a Step 5.a is a little confusing. I not sure what it means.                1/24/2011        Pat        QA

QA053b Step 5.b/c It will overwrite files with same name without prompting      1/24/2011        Pat        QA

QA099 Help request - tplot-ascii on Mac 10.4;                                   2/2/2011    Robert Mitchel - QA
QA092 move off of nectar                                                         2/1/2011      Jim L       QA
QA077 FGM Test Suite                                                            1/28/2011     Michael      QA

QA064c 3) In FIT-step5b/FFT-step5a, I cannot select parent node directly,       1/25/2011    Shanshan      QA
       even though it is easy to select all the children (_0/1/2/…).

QA064d For FIT: 1) step6a: I cannot select all the th*_bfit data with shift-    1/25/2011    Shanshan      QA
       click. But it is easy to select them multiple times, and I did it this
QA064e 2) My PC crashed 3 times at step6j (either IDL/GUI or the whole          1/25/2011    Shanshan      QA
       computer), but after I refresh my PC, I successfully passed it, but
       crashed again at step6L. I tried this suite 4 times because I did this
       one first and did not realize my computer might have problem

QA072 Jiang has done as much as he can with the rubberband test suite.          1/27/2011   Cindy, Jiang   QA
      I already forwarded his comments to you. He still cannot perform
      the step that asks you to save a themis document. He gets the
      following error.
       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OBJ_NEW:
      Error loading sharable executable.        Symbol: IDL_Load, File =
      cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I've tried it
      on Windows and I am able to save with no problems. Likewise,
      Christine is able to save. This might be a problem with linux? I
      have not had a chance to try it on the mac but will try and get to it
      as soon as I can.

QA046 hm_ui_slice2d gui testsuite - The interface was so long that it was       1/21/2011       Pat        QA
      running a little bit off the screen. It might be better if it was
      arranged to have an aspect ratio that is closer to most screens.

QA049 The widget is too big for the (15" 1024x768) monitor on my Solaris     1/24/2011         Jim M       QA
      machine. Running remotely, the widget is too big for my 1366x768
      laptop, but it scrolls so I can do the test. For some reason, 2011-01-
      23/20:20:00 to 2011-01-23/20:20:30 flashed a message "time
      range is longer than one week"hen i switched from DSL to GSM.
      Note that the following errors are for PEIR data, PEIB data seems
      to have no issues...Error in step 4l) GSM 2009-02-26/04:54:00 to
      2009-02-26/04:54:30 Probe A, PEIR data, Units DF window size =
      30 step Time =30 2D Nearest Neighbor, smooth=3,
      Regrid=64,32,64,Rotation xyz, Orientation,0,0,1, displacement=0,
      slice width=200, slice resolution=100:
QA053d 6.f The contour labels don't follow the annotation format set by the    1/24/2011     Pat       QA
       annotation setting.
       6.f Setting the number ticks causes minor ticks to disappear.
       6.f The number of ticks drawn is one more than the number of
       ticks requested.(Thus you can't select 0 ticks)

QA095 Kyoto also offers a "final" version of their data, currently complete    2/1/2011     Jim L      QA
      through the end of 2003. We should consider enhancing
      kyoto_load_dst so that it will also look there for data not found in
      the "realtime" or "provisional" data sets, or we risk running into the
      same problem. Kyoto_dst_load may still be used in scripts
      developed by end users, so I wouldn't recommend removing it
      outright just yet -- maybe we should keep it, but print a warning
      message and then call kyoto_load_dst to do the actual work. We
      might also want to scrub TDAS for any references to
      kyoto_load_dst, and also take a look at our automated processing
      (summary plots, etc.) to make sure the more robust routine is
      called, if we're using the Dst index at all.

QA101 his is a long standing issue, but th?_state_pos & th?_state_vel are      2/2/2011      Pat       QA
      one of the few 3-vector tplot variables in TDAS that don't have
      defaults set for their colors. I think we should add color defaults.
      To prevent adverse side effects for users we should just select
      default colors that match the ones selected by tplot. It comes up
      because when the GUI ingests these variables and a template is
      set, its behavior isn't quite correct.
QA064 See ShanShan Test Report for EFI. FIT and FFT Suites                     1/25/2011   Shanshan    QA

QA064f For EFI: 1) step6f: box jumps saying like “please load EFI L1 data      1/25/2011   Shanshan    QA
       in DSL”, and failed to transform data to other coordinate with only
       SPG data loaded.

QA064i srep8f: box jumps saying like “my data is 60s***, which is >1.5s as     1/25/2011   Shanshan    QA
       selected for degap, and thus the result profile might be not
       plottable”. I don’t understand it, thus I attached the image.

QA048 I have been using the program thm_gen_overplot (ex.                      1/21/2011   Christine   QA
      thm_gen_overplot, probe='b', date='2011-01-15') to make plots as
      Tohban. Since I upgraded to the unfinalized Tdas_6.0 in order to
      do QA, I get the following error when it attempts to tplot:

QA079 Markers: Step4k: When I selected a marker on any panel except            1/28/2011    Cindy      QA
      for the last one then request Subset Marker All Panels, all panels
      that are below the panel with the selected marker have all gray
      panel backgrounds. The data in each panel was correctly
      displayed and contained only the data in the marker. It seemed like
      the background of the marked panel was never switched back to
      the original panel color for the remaining markers.
QA087 No problems with Rubberband. I had mad a note on Step 4 that              1/31/2011   Christine   QA
      Rubberband only zooms in the horizontal direction, not vertical,
      and that it always automatically includes all 3 panels. However
      when I did my own exploring, I found you can uncheck the option
      that says
      "rubberband for x only" under Graph. This also only pulls up the
      particular panel you are rubberbanding, and in this case, only
      opens what is precisely within the rubberband. I was surprised this
QA098 was not listed on the test suite.
      Run STATE Reduced Suite                                                    2/2/2011    David      QA
QA083 Pulldown Menus Mac: 4d. Didn't understand the test. What is               1/31/2011    Cindy      QA
QA085 Pulldown Menu Linux: 7.c Page 1 is still a menu item: now page 2          1/31/2011    Jiang      QA
      is named page 1.

QA068 I have completed the Pull Down Menus test suite. It was fine, no          1/26/2011   Christine   QA
      realproblems, except that Step 4.d) did not exist anywhere I saw. It
      asked to repeat steps 4b-c for "Position and Status bars", but I saw
      nothing called "Position", and the original 4b-c was for Status bars
      already. Also, Step 4.a), when I display the History Window, for
      some reason it does not stay on top of the screen when I mouse
      over the THEMIS GUI Main Window. Thus the only way to view it
      is if I first minimize the Gui.
QA052 THM_UI_SLICE2D: Working... % Variable is undefined: TIMES.                1/24/2011     Pat       QA
      % Execution halted at: THM_UI_SLICE2D_GEN 371
      %                THM_UI_SLICE2D_EVENT 1065
      %                $MAIN$
      Error--See console/history
      % Compiled module: ERROR_MESSAGE.

QA069 The GUI data processing testsuite needs to be updated to test new         1/26/2011     Pat       QA
      functionality "split" and "join" options.

QA109 ESA Full Suite: 20. I was able to successfully create a TGD file.         2/6/2011     Cindy      QA
      However, after exiting the gui session and restarting it I was unable
      to restore the TGD file. I received the following error ‘Attribute
      name Y panel spacing not valid for class
      THM_UI_PAGE_SETTINGS.’ I reloaded one set of data, saved the
      TGD file, exited, restarted, and restore and all was fine (of course
      this was with a very simple and significantly smaller data set and
      no plots).
QA104 I finished the MOM test suite. All was well. I did not execute Step11     2/4/2011     Cindy      QA
      - i,j,k because printing doesn't work well. Instead I created a ps file
      and then printed it from my machine
QA107 ESA Full Suite: 13/14/15 k-m. I did not execute the print portion of      2/6/2011     Cindy      QA
      the test suite
QA055 Slices: sun vector looks like it may have been wrong on a few         1/25/2011     Aaron      QA
      rotated plots in GSM. I'll have to double check the calculation.

QA075 It appears the bleeding edge does not support the /bgnd_remove        1/28/2011     Vassilis   QA
      keywords on ESA. I spoke with McFadden yesterday and he asked
      Jim McTiernan to introduce his latest changes for sigmaN, sigmaV
      etc in the moments computation. This may be the reason the
      software appears broken; it may require re-introducing the original
      get_esa* routines that may have been over-written by McFadden's
      code, or perhaps a modification of the new McFadden routines to
      re-introduce the appropiate /bgnd_remove operation.

QA089 tplot_ascii help request                                               2/1/2011    Chih-Ping   QA
QA093a Here are the thm_part_moments2 bugs associated with the out of        2/1/2011     Aaron      QA
       bounds phi limits. I used tha_peif for the default day.
       Phi min set to -5e6:

QA093b Phi max set to 999:                                                   2/1/2011     Aaron      QA
       % Attempt to subscript ANGSPECT with NWRAP is out of range.
       % Execution halted at: THM_PART_MOMENTS2 1391
       %                THM_PART_GETSPEC 378
       %                THM_UI_PART_GETSPEC_OPTIONS_EVENT
       %                XMANAGER_EVLOOP_REAL_MODAL 506
       C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL70\lib\
       %                XMANAGER          704 C:\Program
       %                THM_UI_INIT_LOAD_WINDOW 327
       %                THM_GUI_NEW_EVENT 234
       C:\THEMIS\THEMIS_GUI\themis\thm_ui_new\ %
QA100 f you select a block average size that is too large new variable       2/2/2011       Pat      QA
       receives a name with a negative block average size in the name.
       The code must be using a short signed int.(I selected 60000 as an

QA076b SST testsuite Step 7.d.a: Power spectrum: I used dynamic option,      2/3/2011    Pat (from   QA
       and got this error message (instead of the expected one) “Attempt                 Michael)
       to subscript <PtrHeapVar2142> with NANIDX is out of range”

QA017 QA code for ERG-SC - Super Darn Plots                                 12/17/2010   David       QA
QA076 SST Test Suite                                                         1/28/2011   Michael     QA
QA024 the template settings error occurs when you use a template to set      1/20/2011     Pat       QA
      the line color, it will override settings that are selected in data
QA097 Run Calculate Suite                                                    2/2/2011     David      QA
QA092 move off of nectar                                                          2/1/2011      Jim L      QA

QA094 John Bonnell to review EFI quality flags and L2 cdfs                         2/1/2011     David      QA
QA074 There appears to be a bug in When decimal              1/26/2011      Pat       QA
      notation is selected, it is interpreting the requested precision as if it
      is significant figures. Significant figures should only be used if it is
      in scientific notation.

          For example, if the format "1.0" or "1.01" or "1.012" is selected. It
         will print 100*pi as "314.2", for all three settings. If in decimal
         notation, it should print them differently, as follows: "314.2",
QA111 With precision = 16                                                         2/7/2011    Pat, Aaron   QA
      THEMIS> print,num_in,format='(D)'
      THEMIS> help,/str,data
      ** Structure <bf21544>, 5 tags, length=20, data length=20, refs=1:
        TIMEAXIS       LONG             0
        FORMATID        LONG             16
        SCALING        LONG             0
        EXPONENT         LONG             0
        NOFORMATCODES LONG                     1
      THEMIS> print, formatannotation(0,0,num_in,data=data)

         Now with precision = 15
         THEMIS> print,num_in,format='(D)'
         THEMIS> help,/str,data
         ** Structure <bf21544>, 5 tags, length=20, data length=20, refs=1:
           TIMEAXIS       LONG             0
           FORMATID        LONG             15
           SCALING        LONG             0
           EXPONENT         LONG             0
           NOFORMATCODES LONG                     1
         THEMIS> print, formatannotation(0,0,num_in,data=data)

QA034f Labels - Not exactly a bug, but the interaction between the drop           1/20/2011     Jim L      QA
       down list and the text box is confusing and non-intuitive. It took a
       lot of random tries before I figured out that the text box changes
       the currently selected line in the drop down. It would help a little if
       the drop down list was prepopulated with something like "Label1",
       "Label2", etc. instead of all blank lines, which makes it really hard
       to see what's going on.

QA076d Save to ascii will save a file without an extension if one isn't           2/3/2011    Pat (from    QA
       provided. The routine should add an extension if the user is on                        Michael)
       windows and there is no extension present.
QA056 Nudge: The following crash occured when trying to nudge                      1/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      state_pos on the default day by 1000 records and again when
      nudging by 100 records after having nudged by 2 hrs previously.
      Traceback Report from THM_UI_NUDGE_OPTIONS_EVENT:

QA057 After using nudge with the Records option the plot appears to have           1/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      'cycled' from one side of the panel to the other. Also there is a line
      drawn on the plot connecting the that last point on each side.

QA058 After using nudge with the Records option the reported value of the          1/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      nudged trace at a particular location does not match what is shown
      in the plot.

QA106 ESA Full Suite: 12c. I entered 5 hours and the display correctly             2/6/2011    Cindy   QA
      nudged the data. I then entered -5 hours and received the
      following ‘Unknown Error occurred’. The error report form was
      displayed. I should note that entering -5 was not part of the script. I
      just did it to reset the data.

QA034f Labels - Not exactly a bug, but the interaction between the drop            1/20/2011   Jim L   QA
       down list and the text box is confusing and non-intuitive. It took a
       lot of random tries before I figured out that the text box changes
       the currently selected line in the drop down. It would help a little if
       the drop down list was prepopulated with something like "Label1",
       "Label2", etc. instead of all blank lines, which makes it really hard
       to see what's going on.

QA102 Update Tim's DP Document - Pat->Jim L-> Jim M                                2/3/2011     Pat    QA

QA102 Update Tim's DP Document - Pat->Jim L-> Jim M                                2/3/2011     Pat    QA

QA044 part-getspec suite - Step 14: e) 2006 time ranges don't show                 1/21/2011   Jim M   QA
      messages in status bar

QA108 ESA Full Suite: 17. When creating a marker and during the ctrl-              2/6/2011    Cindy   QA
      click drag the display appeared to be creating markers on all
      panels. However, when I released, only one panel contained a
      marker. I checked and the Track All Panels option was checked. In
      addition, when I selected the marker and requested a subset page
      all panels were displayed.

QA090 Entering text into spinner produces the following error:% Type               2/1/2011     Pat    QA
      conversion error: Unable to convert given STRING to Double. %
      Detected at: THM_UI_SPINNER_UPDATE_EVENT 165
      /home/pcruce/IDLWorkspace/themis/thm_ui_new/utilities/thm_ui_s I think that this can be fixed by not using a named struct
      definition in the spinner widget.

QA034e Annotations tab - n step 46, when "Set All Panels" is checked,              1/20/2011   Jim L   QA
       changing the panel selection has no effect, even when the panels
       start out with different settings. It should load the current settings in
       effect for that panel when that panel is selected, even if "Set All
       Panels" is checked.
QA103 I ran into an issue with the while working on task 53c. When the        2/3/2011    Aaron   QA
      spinner converts doubles into strings it automatically uses decimal
      format with 16 decimal places. This means that numbers such as
      7.21e-21 end up being converted to zero. For the case I'm working
      with I think the simplest solution would be to add a keyword to the
      spinner (on creation) which would disable formatting and use a
      basic conversion instead (i.e. value=string(number)). We could
      also consider adding an option to formmatannotation to use output
      characters that are compatible with text boxes, however this would
      still require modifying the spinner to use the new behavior in
      specific cases.

QA053 Slices Suite                                                            1/24/2011    Pat    QA
QA053c 6.d/e Turning off autorange makes plot disappear. I think that this    1/24/2011    Pat    QA
       is probably because the defaults are not appropriate for the data.
       It should probably follow the convention from the rest of the GUI
       and populate the range fields with the actual values set by
       autorange so that the values will be more or less correct when
       autorange is turned off.
QA054 Slices: Plot edges appear "smeared" sometimes when using the            1/25/2011   Aaron   QA
       Subtract Bulk Velocity option. This was fixed for other plots but
       may need a special case for when this particular option is being
QA096 When producing multiple slices only the first comes out properly.       2/1/2011    Aaron   QA
       Errors claiming insufficient data are produced for most of the rest;
       some appear but are incorrect. I'm thinking this is a regression
       from an earlier fix and should be a quick fix.

QA047 hm_ui_slice2d gui testsuite - The suite doesn't specify specific test   1/21/2011    Pat    QA
      dates/settings. (It probably should, so that the script has
      reproducible results.)
QA082 Pulldown Menus Mac: 3b. Couldn't paste copied image into a              1/31/2011   Cindy   QA
      textedit file. Probably would of worked with MS WORD but I
      couldn't find the app on the mac.

QA084 Pulldown Menu Linux: 3.b When pasting the file to openoffice all        1/31/2011   Jiang   QA
      the text of the EPS file is pasted instead of the picture.
QA112 e12_efs and _e34_efs quantities used to find the quality flags          2/8/2011    Jim M   QA
      included in the L2 files?
QA070 had all bins selected except #12-15                                 1/26/2011     Pat       QA
      Test 7 Failed: electron burst mask/sun/noise
      ERROR:           -5
      ERROR: % INTERP_GAP: Not enough valid points
      % Execution halted at: INTERP_GAP          35
      %                 THM_SST_ERANGE_BIN_VAL 289
      %                 THM_PART_MOMENTS2 324
      %                 THM_PART_GETSPEC 378
      %                 THM_SST_CONTAMINATION_TEST 192
      %                 $MAIN$

QA076c SST Test Suite: Power spectrum routine overwrites output without   2/3/2011    Pat (from   QA
       querying user.                                                                 Michael)
QA119 CL Windows getspec: one bug so far (Jim M already fixed it in the   2/14/2011    Jim M      QA
       maybe too many warning messages (not clear yet if it's a real

QA121 SCM windows: load OK, cal may need tweaks to the test script,       2/14/2011    Jim L      QA
      cotrans in progress
QA073 2.b.d: scaling (the y axis range) and color map of the spectrum     1/27/2011     Jiang     QA
      have been automatically changed.

QA125 No problems seen, just one small clarification to SCM cal test      2/14/2011    Jim L      QA
      script to clarify expected result from test 28 (/valid_names

QA116    Review all commits by Davin (See Pat's List)                     2/14/2011    David      QA
QA116b   8, 18,19, 21, 22, 23, 27, 41, 42                                 2/15/2011    David      QA
QA117    Review commit by Peter                                           2/14/2011    David      QA
QA116    Review all commits by Davin (See Pat's List)                     2/14/2011    David      QA
QA116a   13, 14, 17, 33, 34                                               2/15/2011    David      QA
QA116    Review all commits by Davin (See Pat's List)                     2/14/2011    David      QA
QA116d   15, 24, 25, 36, 37, 39                                           2/15/2011    David      QA
QA123 hm_sst_load_cltestsuite is bombing in test #11:                         2/14/2011   Jim L   QA
      Test 11 Failed:
      ERROR: -186
      ERROR: % MESSAGE: Expression must be a scalar or 1 element
      array in this
      ERROR:          <STRING Array[2]>.
      ERROR: % Execution halted at: THM_CHECK_VALID_NAME
      ERROR: %                   THM_LOAD_SST         104
      ERROR: %                   $MAIN$         422

QA118 CL Getspec                                                              2/14/2011   Aaron   QA
QA118b Test #3 failed and did not produce any plot. The following error       2/14/2011   Aaron   QA
       was given: ERROR: -192
       ERROR: % Variable is undefined: GUI_FLAG.
       ERROR: % Execution halted at: THM_PART_GETSPEC 216
       C:\Documents and
       ERROR: %                   $MAIN$         80

QA120 EFI cotrans: failed with undefined variable; Jim M. will look at test   2/14/2011   Jim L   QA
      script and see if it's a new EFI bug, or if the test script needs to
      be updated.

QA124 his sounds like maybe the same error Jim M already fixed in the         2/14/2011   Jim L   QA
      ;Test 21 Failed: /no_download
      ;ERROR: -225
      ;ERROR: % Expression must be a structure in this context: CP.
      ;ERROR: % Execution halted at: THM_CAL_EFI            974
      ;ERROR: %                  THM_LOAD_EFI         304
      ;ERROR: %                  $MAIN$         677
QA116 Review all commits by Davin (See Pat's List)                            2/14/2011   David   QA
QA116c 38 (int vs long), QA70                                                 2/15/2011   David   QA
QA122 Dproc CL testsuite fails in wavelets and pwrspc, with the same      2/14/2011      Jim M       QA
      error message each time:
      Test 12 Failed: Test Wavelet Transform:
      ERROR: -163
      ERROR: Subscript range values of the form low:high must be >=
      0, < size,
      with low <= high: <No name>.
      ERROR: Execution halted at: SPLIT_VEC            68
      ERROR:                  THM_UI_WAVELET 54
      ERROR:                  $MAIN$          350

QA128 (Dproc) Variables with only NaNs (in .y and .v) are produced when   2/14/2011      Aaron       QA
      interpolating thd_state_vel and thd_fgh_dsl to the time axis of
      thd_state_vel using the extrapolate with NaNs option and limiting
      to 12:00 - 14:00 (sreenshot attached)
QA091 L2 reprocessing - not reprocessed                                    2/1/2011    SPDF - Tami   QA

QA113 L2 efi reprocessing                                                  2/8/2011      Jim M       QA
QA091 L2 reprocessing - not reprocessed                                    2/1/2011    SPDF - Tami   QA

QA127 Nudge) After nudging data I'm left with a new tplot variable in     2/14/2011      Aaron       QA
      addition to the copy in the gui.

QA131 It seems that the following example to create PHI spectrogram       2/17/2011      Andrei      QA
      does not work. I used thmsw_r8225_2011-02-15. What's going
QA118 CL Getspec                                                           2/14/2011     Aaron       QA
QA118a Test #1 succeeded but the plot comes up blank (just a black background).          Aaron       QA
QA118c Test #15 succeeded and produced a correct plot, however it also     2/14/2011     Aaron       QA
       dumped 604 pages of the following message into the
       console/output file. ;THM_PART_GETANBINS(118):
       ;WARNING: No pser angles within specified PHI range.

QA118d Test #16 also succeeded but printed out 30 pages of:               2/14/2011      Aaron       QA
       ;WARNING: No peif angles within specified PHI range.
       ;WARNING: No peif energies within specified ERANGE.

QA130 disable flat file format                                            2/17/2011       Jim L      QA
QA129 thm_sst_contamination_test: still doesn't work on Mac: Same         2/14/2011       Jim L      QA
      problem as before, CTIME on the Mac doesn't seem to be
      recognizing any of my mouse clicks, even with a 3-button mouse
      attached. Does the test script need to be updated? I thought a
      workaround was implemented in the last round of bug fixes...
QA126 When plotting thd_peif_density for the default day the annotation          2/14/2011      Aaron       QA
      for the highest valued tick prints as '*****', should be '10000' or
      '10^4'. Also, it prints correctly if the precision is reduced. (panel is
      locked to thd_peif_vel for same day)

QA135 FAIL (OS X version 10.5.8, IDL 6.4.1, X11 "emulate three button             218/11        Jim L       QA
       mouse" enabled) (Known problem with trackpad or 3-button
       mouse clicks not being recognized on the Mac. Pat, what versions
       of OS X and IDL are you using to successfully complete this test
       on the Mac down there? Maybe an IDL bug that's fixed in a later
QA134 FIT Script                                                                 2/18/2011      Aaron       QA
QA134a FIT Load: 1. Test #10 (raw) failed, threw the following error:            2/18/2011      Aaron       QA
       ERROR: -5
       ERROR: % $MAIN$: invalid data load
       ERROR: % Execution halted at: $MAIN$               364
QA134b Cotrans: Tests 2 and 3 produced identical plots to test 10 of load        2/18/2011      Aaron       QA

QA134c Test 4 looks like it should be plotting two quatities ('the_fgs_gei       2/18/2011      Aaron       QA
       the_fgs_ssl') but only one shows up.
QA137b GSM and GEI plots appear to be identical for both peif and peef           2/18/2011      Aaron       QA
       velocities. The test date is very close to the vernal equinox so
       similarities in the x-axis values are expected, but I'm unsure if
       identical z values make sense.

QA138 A-E index issue                                                            2/22/2011     Vassilis      1
QA141 The crash in the wavelet code is due to a revision Davin made that         2/22/2011      Aaron       QA
       changes a MESSAGE call to a DPRINT call. It occurs when there
       is no data in the specified time range so the procedure should at
       least return to the calling code if it doesn't throw an error. I added
       a return to my copy and that solves the issue. However, when
       data is present I get a new crash in wavelet2. I'm looking into the
       new bug now: *It's calling make_array(/complex) with 5.6e8
       % Array has too many elements.
       % Execution halted at: WAVELET2                40
       %                 WAV_DATA             621
       %                 THM_UI_WAVELET 80
       %                 $MAIN$            1
QA142 Reprocessing of THB and THC Data                                           2/22/2011     Manfred       ?
QA143 batch reprocessed ae index joib didn't stop                                2/23/2011   Jim L, Jim M    1
QA144b hm_cotrans: Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I thought I should      2/23/2011      Jim L       QA
       mention it just in case. I noticed the plot labels were different in
       the original and cotransed plots. The original tplot variable had a
       YTITLE attribute, but the cotransed version didn't. I guess that
       could be intentional -- if the YTITLE included the coordinate
       system, it would be wrong for the cotransed version.
QA132 CL Getspec                                                                  2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
QA132a CL Getspec: Tests 12 and 13 failed, both throwing the following            2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
       error: ERROR: -192
        ERROR: % Variable is undefined: B. ERROR: % Execution
       halted at: EDIT3DBINS      130
        ERROR: %               $MAIN$            286

QA132b CL Getspec: Edit3dbins exits when I left click to toggle a bin             2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
       on/off. This may be related to #1.

QA132c CL Getspec: The plot for test 3 does not match the valid                   2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
       comparison plot (see attachments)

QA133 DP Script: Test 11 Failed: Test Wavelet Transform: ERROR: -161              2/18/2011    Pat    QA
      ERROR: % Attempt to subscript TIME with W is out of range.
      ERROR: % Execution halted at: WAV_DATA             566
      ERROR: %                  THM_UI_WAVELET 80
      ERROR: %                  $MAIN$         289

QA137 ESA Script cotrans                                                          2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
QA137a The transformed plots appear to be on the bottom of each image             2/18/2011   Aaron   QA
       (as they should be base off the order of the names in the tplot call),
       however the bottom y-axis labels consistently have _dsl suffixes.

QA139     The plot for the last test looks like the plot in the valid_plots       2/22/2011   Jim M   QA
         directory, but the description in the suite doesn't match the plot. In
         the suite it says that the cal_cl_ccc variable should be similar to
         the cal_clfull variable, but instead cal_cl_ccc looks like the
         cal_clnone variable.
QA144 While working on the command-line              2/23/2011   Jim L   QA
      test script, I noticed a couple of possible problems. One looks like
      a thm_load_efi issue, the other is with thm_cotrans itself

QA144a thm_load_efi: The tplot variable for thc_efw is missing the                2/23/2011   Jim L   QA
       DATA_ATT field in the dlimits structure. thc_efp and thc_eff look
       OK. thm_cotrans fails for thc_efw because it can't figure out the
       coordinate system without a suffix or a DATA_ATT attribute.
QA147 I do get a crash when performing wavelet transforms in the gui         2/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      with too many data points. For example a transform of the_scf on
      the default day between 12:00 and 14:00 yields the following
      console output three times as well as three pop-up errors from the
      gui reading "Add called without a tplot variable". We should catch
      these errors when they come back to the gui and possibly warn the
      user beforehand if the data has too many points.
      WAV_DATA(575): Too many time samples (             92105 >
      32768); Please select a time range:
      CTIME(270): Tplot has not yet been initialized!, Returning.
      WAV_DATA(581): Invalid time range:
      Traceback Report from THM_UI_LOADED_DATA::ADD:
      <C:\THEMIS\THEMIS_GUI\themis\thm_ui_new\objects\thm_ui_loa 444)>
      <C:\THEMIS\THEMIS_GUI\themis\thm_ui_new\objects\thm_ui_loa 68)>
      <C:\THEMIS\THEMIS_GUI\themis\thm_ui_new\utilities\error_mess 256)>
QA145 After using interpolate without a suffix the prompt for overwriting    2/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      the existing variable appeared behind the dproc window, possibly
      behind the gui. I was able to click the 'Done' button which cause a
      series of errors that was only fixed by restarting the gui. We
      should probably make sure the prompt box is modal to keep the
      dproc window from accepting input until the process is finished.
      Last IDL Error:
      % Expression must be a structure in this context: STATE.
      % Execution halted at: THM_UI_DPROC_PANEL_EVENT 102
      %                 XMANAGER_EVLOOP_STANDARD 478
      C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL70\lib\

QA146 Interpolating ekati ASK data to state velocity data with               2/25/2011   Aaron   QA
      extrapolation on yielded a smeared plot (default day). It looks as
      though one of the original endpoints was copied across the entire
      time range. This happened again when interpolating fgs data, cut
      to only a few hours, to the full day of vel data. Using 'Extrapolate
      w/ NaNs' in the same cases replaces all the variable's data with
QA148 I think there's still a minor problem with the annotation formats. I'm   2/25/2011   Jim L   QA
      using panel 3 (state) from the default setup. I changed these
      settings in the Y axis options: Ticks: "Major Ticks By Interval",
      Major Tick Every: 49000
      Annotation: Annotation Precision: 1. (auto-notation) The
      uppermost major tick gets an annotation with asterisks: **x10^4
      (actual value for that tick is 98000). It should probably be 1x10^5
      or 9x10^4, right? (The major tick at -5x10^4 is annotated
QA149 I set a crazy layout, then I saved to template, then I tried to create   2/28/2011    Pat    QA
      a new panel. I got the following error. I think that the problem can
      be traced back from the message below. But just in case, I've
      attached the gui document and the template.

QA150 All "print" steps Step 13, through 18: File doesn't print. More likely   3/1/2011    Jim M   QA
      my printer configuration than anything else. Export to Image,
      works, but my PC doesn't recognize .ppm, .pic, .jp2, .eps formats.

QA151 On my screen the y axis labels all run together on the same line.        3/1/2011    Jim M   QA
      On the Y-axis options Labels tab, "Stack Labels" is the default, but
      the labels aren't stacking.

QA153 I'm having trouble with the "Save to Template" part of the Page          3/1/2011    Jim L   QA
      Options test. Actually, I think the saving works fine -- I can see my
      settings in the saved tgt file -- but the template settings don't seem
      to be getting applied when restoring the template in a fresh session
      and plotting new data. When I save a themis document instead of
      a template, the page options are restored properly.

QA154 The wavelet wrapper that is currently being called by the GUI (and       3/1/2011    Aaron   QA
      elsewhere) is themis/thm_ui/ There is a very
      similar wrapper
      themis/thm_ui_new/utilities/, however this
      routine is not called anywhere. I'm guessing we should continue
      using the current one, but do we want to remove the alternate file
      and/or move the current one to the thm_ui_new/utilities folder?
QA155 The rotation legend for the slices gui crashes if it is opened from      3/1/2011    Aaron   QA
      within the main themis gui. This can be fixed easily by changing a
      keyword in the case that it's opened from the main gui (5-10 min

QA156 It looks like the maxgap keyword mentioned in the documentation          3/2/2011    Aaron   QA
      for tdegap was never implemented. The routine that tdegap calls,
      xdegap, has the keyword implemented and we even have an
      option for it in the gui.

QA157 I also noticed (separate bug) that the gui's degap options window        3/2/2011    Aaron   QA
      is settings keyword values for options that are not selected. This
      may not have showed up previously in part because of the
      previous bug.

QA158 z-axis bugs                                                              3/2/2011     Pat    QA
      Selecting natural log for the z-axis scaling didn't switch to natural
      log style annotation(ie e^x) like it does for x/y axis
QA160        Slices bug. I dragged the slider at the bottom during step 3.h      40605            Pat   QA
            % Subscript range values of the form low:high must be >= 0, <
                          size, with low <= high: <No name>.
          % Execution halted at: THM_UI_SLICE2D_RANGEUPDATE 978
                    %                 THM_UI_SLICE2D_PLOT 625
                   %                THM_UI_SLICE2D_EVENT 1176
                                %                $MAIN$

 QA161 While going through the Markers suite, I think I forgot to use ctrl-     3/3/2011        Jim L   QA
       click at some point, and I got a crash at line 8 in
       % Variable is undefined: XMAJORS
       % Execution halted at:
       THM_UI_DRAW_OBJECT::ADDVARIABLES 58 I 'm not sure
       exactly what I did. It was in step 5 of the suite, where you add a
       new panel and create markers. After I get through the rest of that
 QA162 When I try to create a marker by starting my ctrl-drag outside a         3/3/2011        Jim L   QA
       panel, something weird happens on the Mac. The GUI freezes for
       a while (30-40 sec?) with the hourglass cursor blinking on and off,
       with a series of messages in the status bar "NNN: Failed to create
       Cursor was outside panel area." The NNN increments every time
       the hourglass cursor blinks. Eventually an axis options window
       pops up, and when I dismiss that everything seems to be working
       again. When I start the ctrl-drag inside a panel, and end it outside,
QA163 When you select a different orientation vector using the slices               40605 Pat           QA
       code, it redefines the x/y axes. The notation reads "rotated to
       (a,b,c)", I found that somewhat confusing. I think that the axis
       should actually say some thing like "Using (a,b,c) as x-axis" In the
       original notation it isn't clear if the vector named in the annotation
       is describing the rotation or the axis.
QA164    When loading the Plot/Layout Options panel with no data loaded,            40605 Jim L         QA
         or after deleting all data, the "Spec->" button is sensitized, and
         clicking it causes a crash. "Line->" behaves properly.

QA167    The Save Image window is very small. It's only a minor nuisance,           40605 Aaron         QA
         but it's a trivial fix.
QA168 1. After interpolating fff_ data to 1s cadence (using least squared       3/4/2011   Aaron   QA
      quadratic) I get a number of these messages in the IDL console
      each time the plots are redrawn (anytime a window is exited or
      settings applied). It seems that the interpolation function may be
      putting a few samples out of order. This may not be an issue but it
      should definitely be looked into. INTERP(77): Warning: Data not

QA169 Rubberband issues                                                         3/4/2011           QA
QA169a 1. This is a bit obscure. If I click and drag a rubberband just to the   3/4/2011   Aaron   QA
       edge of the draw window I am able to release the mouse button
       without it registering. The rubberband itself persists until a mouse
       button is clicked or the mouse leaves the draw window completely.
       If I create a new rubberband selection before the old one is
       dismissed then close the new window it creates the original
       window will throw an error and close when it is redrawn.

         % IDL_CONTAINER::GET: Position value out of range
         % Execution halted at: THM_UI_SCROLL_BAR::UPDATE 192
         %               THM_UI_CLOSE_WINDOW 36
         %               THM_GUI_NEW_EVENT 228
         %               $MAIN$

QA169b 2. If I create a rubberband with zero width along the x-axis then        3/4/2011   Aaron   QA
       close the new page with the blank plot that it produces the original
       window will throw an error when it is redrawn. This will happen
       consistently for some windows and never with others.

         % IDL_CONTAINER::GET: Position value out of range
         % Execution halted at: THM_UI_SCROLL_BAR::UPDATE 192
         %               THM_UI_CLOSE_WINDOW 36
         %               THM_GUI_NEW_EVENT 228
         %               $MAIN$

QA152 Add a Maximum Points option to the wavelet window that will utilize       3/1/2011   Aaron   QA
      the maxpoints keyword to wav_data.
QA166 The "Align ticks at:" option defaults to 1970-01-01/00:00:00. I think    3/3/2011   Aaron     QA
      it makes more sense to align ticks at the beginning of the current
      time range for the given plot or the beginning of the given day. In
      the case of an integer number of hours (or equivalent length in
      other units) for a plot that starts exactly at the beginning of a day
      there is no difference; however, in all other cases the alignment will
      be based off a date 40 years past. This yields non-intuitive and
      possibly confusing results.

QA165 Aaron and I noticed an issue with the load data. Normally it is not      3/3/2011    Pat      QA
      supposed to leave tplot variables on the command line when you
      load data from the gui. But when you load state data a number of
      variables end up dangling. When we do have to create a tplot
      variable during loading we normally try to create them with a suffix
      like "_temp" so that they won't clobber any variables that users
      have on the command line, then delete them after the data has
      been importing. I'm guessing that recent updates to the state
      routine and spin model must have caused a glitch in this behavior.
QA172 I have run through the rubberband test on a mac. The specific            3/9/2011   Lydia     QA
      tasks in the test all work fine - however, I did encounter one
      difficulty. A very small rubberband box works fine, but if you
      attempt to create one that has zero size (admittedly difficult,
      though I did do it accidently) an error occurs:
      THM_UI_RUBBER_BAND_BOX-> Variable is undefined:
      XMAJORS This would be fine except that when you click okay it
      does create a new page (with no tracking lines and the legend not
      updating). If you close this new page the remainder of the pages
      work fine. Any action other than closing the new page essentially
      requires you to restart the GUI. It would seem to me that
      attempting to create a zero size rubberband box shouldn't create a
QA173 I got a crash at the very end of the Panel Options suite. Everything     3/9/2011   Jim L     QA
      went well until I restarted the GUI and loaded the saved template. I
      loaded some state data, but when I tried to plot it, I got this crash
      upon exiting the plot/layout options window:
      Traceback Report from THM_UI_LAYOUT_OPTIONS_EVENT:

QA174 L2 SCM Issue - gap                                                       3/9/2011   Forrest   1

QA171 I was performing a time derivative on the_peif_density plus a            3/9/2011   Aaron     QA
      wavelet and a dynamic power spectrum from the same quantity
      (default day).

QA170 Users Guide changes                                                      3/7/2011   David     QA

QA170a Aaron                                                                   3/7/2011   David     QA

QA170d Pat                                                                     3/7/2011   David     QA

QA170c Jim M                                                                   3/7/2011   David     QA

QA170b Jim L                                                                   3/7/2011   David     QA
QA086 export to image file test suite (Mac): 5b, 6b, 9c - The same error            1/31/2011     Cindy     QA
      occurred for each of these steps (basically whenever I tried to
      save). The first time I clicked the save button, it brought up the
      Error window and this message

         OPENW: Error opening file unit 100:
         /Users/igppadmin/Desktop/test.png         Permission Denied.
         Execution Halted At: THM_UI_DRAW_SAVE::WRITE line 161 Not
         having permission to write to the Desktop made sense, but maybe
         the error should be caught, and the user informed. The funny thing
         is it did write a file to the Desktop anyway and called it untitled.png.
         I was able to successfully insert the image in a word doc. It looked

QA170e David Put User's Guide on Document FTP Site and create pdf                    3/7/2011    David      QA

QA170f Quick Reference Guide Changes                                                 3/7/2011    David      QA

QA170g On another issue: Jianbao Tao had updates to the EFI cleanup                 3/11/2011    Vassilis   QA
       procedure of LASP.
QA170h I was playing around with the calculate options in the gui and found         3/11/2011     Lydia     QA
       that if you use particular incorrect syntax (e.g.
       log("thm_state_pos_x"[2) instead of log("thm_state_pos_x,2)) it
       causes an unknown error and closes the calculate window rather
       than informing you that your syntax is wrong. It correctly picks up
       most syntax errors but I suppose there is something special about
       [, : etc.
QA170i got a few email warning messages from the state V02 ephemeris                3/11/2011     Jim L     1
       processing last night. It looks like the V02 state hasn't been
       successfully processed since Feb 19, so I need to check on this
       and see what's happening.

 4198    It looks like it is using the old set of IGRF coefficients, which are       1/7/2011    Jim M      1
         hardcoded into the cotrans code. Vassilis would probably be the
         person to ask. I don't think it will introduce a huge error, but the
         coefficients in was using before were already the extrapolated
         IGRF coefficents from 2005. The comments in the code say that it
         was based on Tsyganenko's GEOPACK, which means that we
         should probably get the new IGRF coefficients from the new
         version of GEOPACK.
QA176 Release Email                                                                  3/8/2011    David      QA

QA177 Build Release v6.0                                                             3/8/2011    David      QA

QA178 Vassilis Approval of release email and approval to release                     3/8/2011    David      QA

QA179 Change pointers on web site (beta and official) to point to new                3/8/2011    David      QA
      version of Software and User's Guide

QA180 Send out release email                                                         3/8/2011    David      QA

QA200 Check out running TDAS from IUOGNET CD                                        12/16/2010   David      QA
QA205 check out latest email from ERG folks                                         12/16/2010   David      QA

QA102 Update Tim's DP Document - Pat->Jim L-> Jim M                                  2/3/2011      Pat      QA
Assigned To                           Notes


   Jim M



              fixed in distribution





  Jim L      When attempting to load FFT data via the GUI, I get
             warning messages from
             THM_UI_LOADED_DATA::ADDDATA: Problem loading
             thb_fff_64. GUI data model does not currently support data
             with dimensions greater than 2.
             Problem occurs for thb_fff_64, thb_ffp_64, thc_fff_64,
             thc_ffp_64, thd_fff_64, thd_ffp_64, the_ffp_64.

             thx_fff_32, thx_ffp_32, thx_ffw_16 don't seem to be
             affected, so maybe it's just a matter of making sure the 64-
             bin variables are treated the same way as the 16- and 32-
             bin data.

  Jim L

  Jim M      Test 23: don't see expected message "coord keyword
             incompatible with sensor coordinate system", Test 28: no
             output, test 30_2: only 2 plots (expected 3), and are they
             supposed to be this similar? test 30_4: no message about
             32Hz multiple tests: "warning, unknown mode, mk set to 1"
             See attached PNG and IDL journal file scmcal.txt

  Jim M      est 01,02,03: no output , Test 05: output not as expected,
             missing %THM_CHECK_VALID_NAME message, test 08:
             output not as expected, only see DSL->SSL, no GSM See
             attached IDL journal file scm_cotrans.txt
  Jim M      Tests 0 (basic), 1 (support data), 5 (probes (all)), 17
             (verbose), and 21 (/no_download) all failed with the same
             message at line 180 of spacecraft/fields/
             ERROR: % Attempt to subscript THX_XXX_KEEPY with
             NOTTOSS is out of range.

  Jim M      Test 25 (Level 2) failed with "invalid data load".
  Jim M

Pat, Jim L   Bug description: Warning message when cotransing
             current (2011) data into GSM coordinates; 2010 dipole
             used instead (and this is actually extrapolated from 2005).
             Jim L to run before and after tests.

        see Christine's email

        user error

        see Jiang's email

        see qa024

        fixed in trunk

        fixed in trunk


Jim L
Jim M




 Pat    We can fix this by adding a keyword to the edit3dbins so
        that users can select bins using something other than
        middle/right click

 Pat    at GEM demo - look at code


 Pat    see qa023

Aaron   duplicate - see qa026

Jim M

Jim M

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L

Jim L
        by design


        worked with Pat's fix


 Pat    talk to Christine - maybe change name of button

 Pat    Suite issue? Talk to Christine

 Pat    Suite change or bug?


Jim L   Mac: I was able to reproduce the error Aaron reported
        running this test on the Mac (using version 7.5 of the
        geopack library). Interestingly, the same test was successful
        under Windows, even when I accidentally ran it with the
        older (6.7) version of GEOPACK). I think something has
        changed on the servers used by kyoto_dst_load, and it's not
        a TDAS problem. Both failed tests try to download data
        from this site:

 Pat    Jim L fixed



 Pat    probably due to bad laptop


Jim M   Jim L fixed




Jim L
Jim L   Jim M and Pat to review production jobs
Jim L   I scrubbed the instructions a bit to bring them up to date
        with the current GUI controls. Couldn't reproduce the
        problems reported in steps 2n or 2o, or the missing nT
        labels in the PLOT DATA step -- everything seems to work
        as expected.




 Pat    See Jiang's email - Linux

Aaron   in progress

Aaron   Slices - Unix

Jim L

Jim L


 Pat    update suite "That it should fail"

 Pat    change test suite

 Pat    see Christine's email for details and watch her do it. Jim M
        could not reproduce her error

 Pat    Mac
 Pat    make a test suite change?

Jim L   pass
Jim L

Jim L

Jim L   Suite change

Aaron   see Pat's email


Jim L   closed cannot reproduce

Jim L   Suite change

Jim L   Suite change

Jim M

Jim M
Jim M   in progress

Jim M   in progress

Jim M

Jim M

 Pat    commit crib
 Pat    send Jim M Michael's Test Report
 Pat    axis options suite - in progress second part

Jim L   pass
Jim L    Vassilis says fixed

John B   John says good to go
Aaron    testing in progress

Aaron    n fixing spinner formatting bug, I found what I think is an
         error in format annotation. When it is set to autoformatting,
         increasing the requested precision can send it from decimal
         to scientific notation. The behavior should be the opposite.
         Increasing precision should sometimes send numbers from
         scientific to decimal. *** fixing as part of QA074 ***

 Pat     Jim L to review - suite change

Jim L
  Jim M       see Aaron's email

  Jim M

  Jim M

  Jim M

   Pat        Jim L to review - suite change, mods also?

Pat, Jim L,   David: Add or replace to the documentation ftp site
  Jim M

Pat, Jim L,
  Jim M
    Pat       cannot reproduce

   Pat        cannot reproduce


   Pat        x-y axis options
 Pat    Pat: Fixing it in this way will leave this bug unfixed in the
        axis option tab. A better fix would be to add a keyword to
        format annotation to turn off formatting codes, then use
        autoformatting in these spinner fields. It shouldn't be too
        much effort to switch out the format codes. My bug list is
        getting pretty short, so if you want, you can give this one to
        me. *** awaiting QA074 ***

Aaron   quick test

Aaron   in progress

Aaron   re-test


Jim L   suite change

Jim L   suite change

Jim M
Jim M

 Pat    in progress

Jim l

 Pat    Linux - talk to Jiang (leave note)

Jim L

Jim L
Jim L   store_data_pro



Jim M

Jim M   verify done

Jim M   Jim M: It's "fixed" in the sense that there's a message in the
        suite telling you to expect it to fail. The idea is that
        /no_download works if there is no data. I've made a change
        in THM_CAL_EFI so that the no-data case will fail. more
        gracefully, but the test will still fail. Question: What

Jim M
    Jim M      Pat: I get the same thing. It looks like there was a mod to
               make split_vec copy the dat.v component over when
               splitting, but the mod assuming that dat.v is always 2-
               dimensional. p.s. We might want to consider fixing this and
               slipping it into this round of testing. It should be an easy fix
               and if we don't do it, I suspect that we'll see this problem in
               many tests.

    Jim M

Jim M and Jim ok - I've deleted the L2 "pre-launch" files, but when looking
      L       in our meta-database in general for files from the pre-launch
              years I found a few L1_spin and other L1 files - here's that
              list: in progress eta 2/7

    Jim M
Jim M and Jim Hold until Jim M finishes analysis
    Jim L


    Aaron      change script

    Aaron      change script

    Jim L
     Pat       in progress




Jim L   The plots look the same, but the data values do differ -- it's
        just that the differences are very small with respect to the
        data values. The X and Y differences are nearly identical,
        but the Z-axis difference doesn't track the other two as
        closely. I think it's fine.

 Pat    reprocessing completed

        see 137a



Jim M

Jim M
Jim M

Jim M   SCM Cal Linux - in progress

Jim M

Jim M


Aaron   in progress


        FGM Full Suite - rerun with all or part?

        SST Reduced Suite

Jim L   update suite?




        could not reproduce
      Aaron                             fixed

       Pat    Can't reproduce.

       Pat    Can't reproduce except on Jim L's Mac. Possibly IDL
              version issue?

Aaron         Fixed

Pat           Fixed

Aaron         Fixed



 Pat    Should default to midnight of first day of data in that panel.

 Pat    Might not be trivial to fix. Trying to pin down the reason tplot
        variables aren't cleaned up.

 Pat    This problem doesn't seem to occur all the time. I'm using
        saved THEMIS documents and for some this error occurs
        and for others (and if I begin anew and don't load and
        existing document) it will give a warning that the interval
        range is zero but then "successfully" create a new page
        where the range is simply zero.


Jim M

Jim M   It looks like the problem was specifically with the power




Jim M

Jim L
  Jim L       User's guide change for windows


  Jim L

  Jim M       What scripts and suites to be re-run?

  Lydia       Rerun Calculate Script or Suite?

  Jim L

   Jim L      Bug description: Warning message when cotransing
              current (2011) data into GSM coordinates; 2010 dipole
              used instead (and this is actually extrapolated from 2005).
              Jim L to run before and after tests.


  Jim M




  Jim L
   Pat        swap code

Pat, Jim L,   David: Add or replace to the documentation ftp site
  Jim M
                                                                        THEMIS QA v6.0
                                                                      Suites and Scripts List

              Task Description                      Test Cycle      Assignment    Post Bug      Post Bug     Initial Testing Results
                                                                                  Fixing - 2    Fixing - 1

Test Scripts
CL Linux QA - General (cotrans, DP, Plot, Over   Re-Re-Regression      Pat             pass      all pass    DP wavelet abort
Plot)                                                                                           except DP
Test Suites                                      Re-Re-Regression
Data Processing (windows)                        Re-Re-Regression     Aaron            pass      issues      Windows - issues
layout options (Mac)                             Re-Re-Regression     Lydia            pass                  Sensitize bug for "Spec->",
                                                                                                             wrong message when moving
                                                                                                             panels up or down.
Panel Options (Linux)                            Re-Re-Regression     Jim L            pass       issue      Linux - had an issue open in bug

       3/29/2012 3:24 PM                                                         226                             829750de-e2a4-4c65-8e3c-fa9845fd44c6.xls

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