dadi-gulzar-ji by dandanhuanghuang


									                          Dadi Gulzar ji's Visit to Chennai
Brahmin family of Chennai and Tamilnadu had the great fortune of receiving Blessings from
Respected Dadi Gulzarji, who visited Chennai for 2 days. Dadiji was accompanied by Neelu
Behnji, Bro Ramesh (Mt.Abu literature dept) Bro Christian (France) Sis Jasu (London) and
Bro Brij Mohanji from Delhi.

 Dadiji arrived in Chennai on 1st Sept night. We had a get-together for V.I.P.s on 2nd Sept
in which nearly 300 V.I.Ps participated? Dadiji and Bro Brijmohanji enlightened the audience
with their thoughts on the topic Experiencing Gods Power. Towards the end Dadiji guided
one and all to a very deep experience of peace through silent meditation. Prominent
personalities present were:- Mr. Ajit Saxena (Chief Traffic Manager, Southern Railways), Mr.
Ponnaiyan (Former Finance Minister of Tamilnadu), Mr. Kumarasamy I.P.S. (Vice President
Sports Development Authority at Tamilnadu), Dr. Chitti Babu (Former Vice Chancellor,
Annamalai University), Mr. Krishnakumar (GM, Hotel Green Park), Mrs. Hemalatha
Vijayakanth, W/o Mr. Vijayakanth, President, DMDK.

 On 3rd Sept. at morning 10 a.m. Dadiji laid the foundation stone of the Retreat Hall,
Sadhana Bhawan, at Happy Village, Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center near Chennai. Dadiji
laid the first brick of the building (Hall). Initially 9 bricks were laid by Dadiji, Bro Brij Mohan,
B.K.Neelu Behn, B.K.Jasu Behn, B.K. Ramesh Bhai, (Lite.Dept) B.K.Christian Bhai (France),
B.K.Annapoorna Behnji and others. This was followed by flag Hoisting. Dadiji, also unveiled
the foundation plague. There was tree plantation at nearly 21 places. Dadiji, Brij Mohanji
and about 50 V.I.P.s were present, all of them collectively did the tree plantation. Nearly
2000 Brahmins from all over Tamilnadu Zone were present. Dadiji gave blessings on the
occasion to everyone.

V.I.P.s like Mr. Ponnaiyan (Former Finance Minister of Tamilnadu), Mr. Rajaram, I.A.S.
(Commissioner, Tourism Dept. Govt of Tamilnadu), Mr. Acharya (M.D., Chennai Petroleum
Corporation Ltd.), Mr. Dhar, General Manager, Indian Bank, were among the V.I.P.s who
were present on the occasion.

There was enthusiasm all around and we are sure with Dadiji?s presence and participation
and Baba?s help, we will be able to finish the gigantic task as per schedule.

The Programmes were well covered by print and visual media.

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