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					Name________________________________ # and teacher________________ Team#_____________

Poster and Oral Report

       Poster: Use a standard-sized poster board or large construction paper which includes:
           Title of the biography and name of the author
           A timeline showing five highlights of the person’s life. Timeline must be written in complete
           A direct quote from the book which you feel accurately portrays the subject of your biography.
           2- 3 pictures related to your subject. These may be hand drawn, photocopied, or from the Internet.
           You must cite your source!
           Work must be typed or neatly written on the poster and visually appealing.
         Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar must be adhered to.

       Oral Report: Prepare a 2 – 3 minute oral report on your subject. Note cards are required.

          Use your visual creatively during the oral report.
          Be prepared to answer questions from the audience.
          Review the rubric for the oral presentation carefully as you practice your delivery of the oral
       Graphic organizer worksheets and note cards must be handed in when you do your oral report.

Grade 5
Biography Book Report
Graphic Organizer – complete the graphic organizer with information from your biography book. The
information on the graphic organizer can be typed or handwritten. This information should be presented during
you oral report with your poster.

Subject Name: ___________________________________

Important Character Traits:


Name________________________________ # and teacher________________ Team#_____________

Most important contributions:



Things you admire about this person



Experiences that made this person important:


Name________________________________ # and teacher________________ Team#_____________

Biography Book Report – Topic Development and Conventions Rubric

Biography Book Report –Poster Rubric

  Category                  4              3                2                  1
                   Outstanding       Proficient       Satisfactory      Unsatisfactory
  Required            The poster     All required      Most of the      Several required
  Elements           includes all   elements are        required         elements were
                        required    included on       elements are          missing.
                    elements as      the poster.      included on
                         well as                       the poster.
Title, Author’s       All written    Most written     Some written      Written work is
     Name,         work is neat,     work is neat,    work is neat,       too small or
   Timeline,          bold, and        bold, and         bold, and        messy to be
  Quotation,       large enough      large enough     large enough      read from 3 feet
    and any           to be read       to be read        to be read          away.
    Picture       from at least 3   from at least 3    from at least
   Captions            feet away       feet away        3 feet away
  Graphics -        All graphics      All graphics      All graphics    Graphics do not
  Relevance        are related to    are related to    relate to the      relate to the
                   the topic and     the topic and     topic. Not all   topic or several
                  make it easier     most make it        borrowed          borrowed
                            to          easier to     graphics have     graphics do not
                    understand.       understand.         a source       have a source
                   All borrowed           Some            citation.         citation.
                  graphics have        borrowed
                        a source    graphics have
                        citation.       a source
Attractiveness     The poster is     The poster is     The poster        The poster is
                   exceptionally      attractive in     could be         unacceptably
                   attractive in        terms of       neater and           messy.
                     terms of       design, layout       better
                  design, layout,   and neatness.      organized.
                  and neatness.
  Grammar          There are no     There are few       There are             The
                  grammatical/      grammatical/         several         grammatical/
                    mechanical       mechanical       grammatical/        mechanical
                   mistakes on       mistakes on       mechanical       mistakes make
                    the poster.      the poster.       mistakes on         the poster
                                                       the poster.          difficult
                                                                        to understand.
Name________________________________ # and teacher________________ Team#_____________

Biography Book Report Oral Presentation Rubric

Category               Exceptional                 Satisfactory              Needs Improvement
                                                                             ( 2 points)
                       (8 points)                  (5 points)
Audibility             All parts of the audience   Speaker cannot            Audience can't hear any
                       can easily hear the         clearly be heard by all   part of the report.
                       presentation                of the audience
Speaker                Speaker enthusiasm          Speaker moderately        No display of enthusiasm
Enthusiasm             highly visible              enthused                  by speaker
Speaker                Speaker displays no         Speaker displays          Audience totally distracted
Mannerisms             distracting mannerisms      some distracting
Eye Contact            Speaker displays eye        Speaker displays          Speaker displays no eye
                       contact with all sections   some eye contact with     contact with the audience
                       of the audience             the audience

Grading Spreadsheet:
                              Possible Points            Total Points

Note Cards                    9 points

Graphic Organizer Sheets      9 points

Oral Presentation             32 points

Total                         50 points

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