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									                                   Curriculum Vitae
                                - Andreas Thomas Kern -

Personal Information

Address                Personal                      Georgetown University, GPPI
                       1930 Columbia Road, NW        37th and O Streets, NW
                       Washington, DC 20009          Washington, DC 20057
Phone                  +1 – 202 – 427 – 7281         +1 – 202 – 687 – 5248
Date of Birth          27th August 1981
Place of Birth         Szeged/ Hungary
Nationality            German


08.2010                Freie Universität, Berlin
                       Ph.D. in Political Economy (Dr.rer.pol.)

02.2006                Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
                       Diploma in Economics (equiv. MSc. Economics)

07.2004 – 02.2006      Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
                       Economics and Business Studies, Graduate Studies

09.2003 – 07.2004      University of Warwick, Coventry
                       Erasmus Scholarship in Economics and Business Studies

10.2001 – 09.2003      Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
                       Economics and Business Studies, Undergraduate Studies

Professional Experience

since 08.2010          Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University
                       Visiting Assistant Professor, Member of the Admission Committee,
                       Visiting Scholar at the Center for Public and Non-Profit Leadership

04.2010 – 08.2010      Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for European Integration,
                       Freie Universität Berlin
                       Senior Research Assistant, Lecturer

09.2008 – 04.2010      AMD – Akademie für Mode & Design Berlin
                       Lecturer in Economics & Project Management

09.2008                University of Damascus
                       DAAD Lecturer

04.2007 – 01.2009                 GO-EuroMed - FP 6 Research Project
                                  Coordinator of the Macroeconomic Policy Standing Group (MPSG)

12.2006 – 08.2007                 TRACE Research Project
                                  Coordinator of the Transcaspian Economic-policy Research Project

06.2006 – 01.2007                 COMPAS Technical Assistance Project
                                  Technical consultant for the Bank of Albania

03.2005 – 10.2005                 Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, and
                                  Technology, Munich
                                  Research Assistant at the Department for Economic Affairs

                                  Articles in Refereed Journals

2011                              ‘Financial Governance in the EMP’, EuroMed Journal of Business,
with Alexander Salhi              Volume 6, Issue 2, 253 – 271.

2011                              ‘The EuroMediterranean Partnership – A Macroeconomic Governance
with Alexander Salhi              Persepctive’, Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 49, Issue
                                  4, 871–894.

2010                              ‘Growth Patterns in the CIS-8 - A Political Economy Approach’
with Alexander Salhi and Martin   Transition Studies Review, Volume 17(4), 686 – 708.

2009                              ‘Global Imbalances and a Trade-Finance-Nexus’, Journal of Financial
with Christian Fahrholz           Economic Policy, Volume 1(3), 206 – 226.

2009                              ‘Red Star Spangled Banner –Scrutinizing the Root Causes of Financial
with Christian Fahrholz           Crisis’, Journal of Regulation & Risk North Asia, Volume 1(3), 119 –

                                  Working Papers and Research Notes

2010                              ‘Lending Booms – Stylized Facts, Critical Junctures and a Missing
                                  Political Economy Link’, Ph.D. Thesis

2009                              ‘A Big Fat Greek Financial Wedding’ available at http://www.atlantic-
with Christian Fahrholz 

2009                              ‘Red Star Spangled Banner –Scrutinizing the Root Causes of Financial
with Christian Fahrholz           Crisis’ Working Papers on Global Financial Markets No.5, available at

2009                              ‘Resurrecting Fisher and the Demand for Supply-side Economics
with Christian Fahrholz           (Comment on Mendoza)’ available at

2009                              ‘Ain’t no Sunshine when the Boom is Gone: Questioning the Roots of
with Christian Fahrholz           Current Global Financial Crisis’ Innovation and knowledge
                                  Management in Twin Track Economies: Challenges & Solutions, 11th
                                  IBIMA conference proceedings.

2008                              ‘Selling the Drama – A Research Note’
with Christian Fahrholz           available at

2008                              ‘Report for GO-EuroMed Brussels Conference 27 – 28 November
with Mark Furness and Pablo       2008’ available at

2008                              ‘Financial Markets, Economic Growth and the Missing Link – A Role
with Alexander Salhi and Nevine   for the EMP?’ Go-EuroMed MPSG Working Paper 0802

2008                              ‘Benign Neglect or Lost at Sea – Macroeconomic Governance in the
with Alexander Salhi              EMP.’ Go-EuroMed MPSG Working Paper 0803

                                  Work in Progress

                                  ‘Selling the Drama: The Political Economy of Lending Booms’

                                  ‘The Political Economy of Private Savings in Transition Economies’

Conference Presentations

2010                              Invited Lecture on ‘Economic Regional Development in Europe: The
                                  Way Forward’, EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility Lecture
                                  Series at the Academy of European Law, Trier, 30.07.2010

2010                              Invited Lecture on ‘The Political Economy of Global Imbalances’,
                                  Central European University, Budapest, 15.04.2010

2009                              Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society (EPCS),
                                  Athens, 02.04. – 05.04.2009

2009                              8th International Conference of the MEEA, Monaco-Nice, 18.03. –

2009                              Nuffield College Workshop on Politics and International Relations,
                                  Oxford, 11.03.2009

2009                              11th IBIMA conference on Innovation and knowledge Management in
                                  Twin Track Economies, Cairo, 04.01. – 07.01.2009
2008                              Go-EuroMed Final Conference, Brussels, 27.11. – 28.11.2008

2008                              7th Go-EuroMed Workshop, Berlin, 21.09. – 22.09.2008

2008                              Go-EuroMed 1st MPSG Workshop, Cairo, 07.05.2008

2008                  5th Go-EuroMed Workshop, Ifrane, 10.09. – 12.09.2008

                      Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Review of Finance and
                      Economics, Theoretical Economics Letters (Member of the Editorial
                      Board), Modern Economy, World Development, German Academic
                      Exchange Service (DAAD), German Political Science Association

Professional Memberships

                      American Economic Association, Middle Eastern Economic
                      Association, GAIN Network, VAC Munich Economics Alumni
                      Association, AIESEC Alumni

Teaching Activities

                      Undergraduate Courses
                      Introductory Economics (AMD Berlin), Project Management (AMD
                      Berlin), An Introduction to the Political Economy of Emerging Market
                      and Transition Economies (FU Berlin), An Introduction to European
                      Trade Politics (FU Berlin), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Political
                      Economy of International Financial Markets (FU Berlin)

                      Master Courses
                      Macroeconomic Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
                      (FU Berlin), Macroeconomic Challenges in Emerging Market and
                      Transition Economies (FU Berlin), Macroeconomic Issues of
                      European Integration (FU Berlin), European Union Policies
                      (University of Damascus, Georgetown University), Introduction to
                      Microeconomic Theory (Georgetown University), International
                      Political Economy (Georgetown University), Finance in Development
                      (Georgetown University), Thesis Workshop (Georgetown University)

                                                        Washington, D.C. 24th August 2011


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