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									Chiropractor In San Antonio, Dr. James Franklin, Offers Pain Relief From
Auto Accident Injuries

San Antonio, TX, 29-MAR-2012 - Dr. James Franklin, San Antonio
chiropractor has been recognized for his success in providing pain relief
to individuals who have suffered auto accident injuries. The doctor
develops individualized programs designed to address the root cause of
the pain and increase the body's ability to heal more quickly and

When interviewed recently Dr. Franklin said, "I encourage anyone who is
involved in an accident to visit my office as soon as possible after the
event occurs. Many people who are involved in accidents do not feel pain
or stiffness immediately. In many cases it may be several hours or days
before the symptoms begin to appear and a person may become more
debilitated as time goes on which significantly extends the time required
to return to normal activities. Addressing issues before pain begins can
often help an individual to maintain their normal activities without pain
as their body heals. I work very closely with patients to make sure that
they receive the care and training they need to heal quickly and improve
their overall wellness."

During the initial consultation Dr. Franklin asks questions about past
medical history, previous accidents and the details about the auto
accident that caused the injury. The doctor will also discuss current
diet, exercise and activities of the patient as well as any pain or
conditions that may have been recurring problems in the past. The doctor
will perform a physical examination and take x-rays to determine the
areas of the body that have been impacted by the accident and identify
any compressed, herniated or misaligned discs that may be pinching nerves
and causing pain, numbness and swelling to the damaged area and

After evaluating all of the information collected Dr. Franklin develops
individualized programs that address the immediate pain, damage, and
injury. The program will include gentle, low-force manipulation of the
misaligned discs to relieve pressure on the pinched nerves and restore
proper circulation throughout the spine. The doctor may also employ the
use of nutritional therapy to increase the important vitamins and
nutrients required by the body to heal and regenerate more effectively.
In addition, hot/cold therapy and massage are used to reduce
inflammation, stimulate circulation to the damaged areas and improve
healing to the injured areas. The doctor may recommend exercises
specifically designed to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the
spine and neck and increase circulation and stamina throughout the body.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. James
Franklin, San Antonio chiropractor to provide the pain relief needed to
heal more quickly and effectively from auto accident injuries, visit today. Individuals and members of the
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