140211 Penrith for Indonesia_OIS by cuiliqing


									14 February 2011


Hallin Marine Subsea International Ltd, a Superior Energy Services company, is
providing a vessel plus an ROV to assist in the deep burial of a major Indonesian offshore

The 16 inch pipeline from the Kodeco Processing Platforms in the Madura Sea to the
onshore Receiving Facility in Gresik, East Java, is being reburied to a greater depth under
a contract awarded to PT Cape an Acteon company and managed by Offshore
Installations Services Ltd (OIS) also a subsidiary of the Acteon group.

Hallin will supply the DP2-rated Penrith, and Work Class ROV complete with engineers
and crew, to follow the progress of the work for the project, which is expected to last for
some 100 days.

OIS will deploy a mass flow excavation system from the Penrith to create the deeper
channel for the pipeline. Hallin will support this operation with a Work Class ROV to help
monitor the trench profile and if necessary assist in the deep burial procedure.

The vessel is currently mobilizing in Singapore, from where the vessel support will be

Rik Zwinkels, the managing director of Hallin’s East Division, said: ’We are pleased to be
working with OIS and PT Cape on this project. With close liaison with the client from an
early stage of planning, we have together tailored a solution that fits closely with both
the client’s strengths and the project’s goals.’

About Hallin Marine

Hallin Marine, a Superior Energy Services company, is a worldwide provider of integrated
subsea solutions to clients in the oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy sectors.
Founded in 1998, Hallin offers a broad range of services and equipment including the
latest saturation diving systems, remote operated vehicles and support vessels, as well
as ultra-modern engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Work undertaken typically
comprises the design, installation, construction, maintenance, repair or survey of
equipment required to transport oil and gas from the sea bed.
See www.hallinmarine.com

Contacts for further information

Jas Foo, Senior Marcoms Manager, Hallin Marine
Tel: +65 6546 6267 | jas.f@hallin.com.sg

Hallin Marine, Loyang Offshore Supply Base, 25 Loyang Crescent, Blk 106 TOPS Street
12 (Box 5083) Singapore 508988
Tel: + 65 6546 0341 | Fax: + 65 6546 6270 | Web: www.hallinmarine.com

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