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No: SSGK/ QM / DRYRATION / 2012-13                                            Date _________________

Cost of the form Rs. 400 /- paid vide SSGK MR No. / DD No. __________dated ________________

Earnest Money Rs 1000 /- paid vide DD No. _______________dated _______________________

                                FROM 01 MAY 2012 TO 30 APR 2013
          (Any alteration / addition made in the tender form will make it null and void)

1.    Sealed tenders are invited from agencies, suppliers of good repute having sound financial
background and experience, by 1300 hrs on 03 Apr 2012, for supply of dry ration (grocery) items from
01 May 2012 to 30 Apr 2013.

2.      Tender forms are available at school office on payment of Rs 400/- (non-refundable) through SBI
(CODE NO. 1352), up to 1200 hrs on 03 Apr 2012. Earnest money Rs 1000/- in the form of Demand
Draft, refundable on finalisation of tender, in favour of Principal Sainik School Ghorakhal, as mentioned
above, is to be remitted along with filled-in tender form. Photocopy of Money Receipt issued by the
School, vide which the tender form was purchased, shall also be attached with the filled in Tender Form
for verification. In case the tender form is down loaded from the Internet, received by post, or by any
other means, it shall accompany two separate demand drafts for Rs 400/- (non-refundable amount
towards the cost of the form) and Rs 1000 /- (towards EMD). In case, cost of tender form, and /or EMD is
not deposited, the tender will be summarily rejected and the draft accompanying the tender form shall be
forfeited. Tenders will be opened at 1500 hrs on 03 Apr 2012 in presence of the bidders / authorised
agents, in the School premises. Principal reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders
without assigning reasons there of.


     (a) The rates quoted should be for dry ration (grocery) items of Grade I quality, Agmark Branded
     where applicable, inclusive of all charges, all taxes including VAT if any, for free delivery at the
     school site on stipulated dates & time, on a regular basis. The contract shall be for the period from
     01 May 12 to 30 Apr 13. However, it will come in to effect from the date of actual issue of orders.

     (b) The firm must quote IT, Sales Tax, CST, UATT, UPST registration numbers, TIN, as
     applicable and attach documentary proof for the same along with the tender papers.

     (c) Incomplete, illegible and over written tenders are likely to be rejected by the board of
     officers. Also, it is not mandatory on the part of Principal, Sainik School Ghorakhal to award
     contract to the agency / firm quoting the lowest. The decision of the Principal is final in case of
     acceptance / rejection of any tender depending on merit / quality and the factors in the interest of
     the school.

     (d) The bidder is to note that once contract is finalised, after due negotiations of rates, has to
     deposit security amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- in the form of DD, before the indent for supply is placed.
     In case the approved bidder fails to deposit security money by the due date, the EMD will stand
     forfeited and he will have no further claim of the contract and forfeited amount.

     (e) Dry ration (grocery) items will be supplied as per the indent (supply order) with in stipulated
     time mentioned in the indent form, generally by 0900 hrs on the day of supply. Collection of indent
     form from the school is the responsibility of the supplier. Inferior and sub-standard quality of items
     will not be accepted. Items supplied would be inspected before acceptance. The Registrar/Principal
     is authorised to reject the supply if he finds the supplied lot is unfit for human consumption.
     Substitute items if supplied, will not be accepted. Items supplied must be of fresh and latest stock
     ensuring highest of hygienic standards.
                                                                                       Contd on ….page 2
(f)   Request for enhancement of rates of any items under any circumstances, will not be
considered once the rates are finalised. Hence, the bidder is to quote rates accordingly, keeping the
market factors in mind. The market standing of the contractor in terms of permanent shop,
infrastructure, financial soundness, previous service to the school, etc., shall be verified before
award of the contract.

(g)     Payment will be made by crossed cheque only, once in a month on submission of the
corrected bill, with in a month from the date of the receipt of the corrected bill for the items actually
received in good condition. Alternatively, the school would prefer to directly credit the amount to the
agency’s business account with State Bank of India, through core banking system. 2.24% of
deduction from each payment will be made, where applicable, towards Income Tax. No advance
payment is permissible

(h)     In the event of short supply or failure of supply on the stipulated date and time or rejection of
the supply, the school is at liberty to purchase the indented items from the local market without
prejudice. The excess cost paid over and above the contract rate of such items locally purchased,
inclusive of charges and departmental charges will be recoverable from amount due to be paid to
the contactor by way of redemption of monthly bill or from the security deposit. In addition a penalty
to the extent of Rs.100/- will be imposed for any day during the month if the Principal, Sainik School
Ghorakhal is convinced that the failure in meeting the demand either in part or full is due to the
carelessness or negligence of the supplier.

(i)     All supplies will be subject to approval by the Principal, Sainik School, Ghorakhal or by a
representative appointed by him before they are finally accepted / or any payment made. Supply will
be delivered at school premises at the cost of the contractor and when needed and where
applicable, will be checked and inspected. Weighing, counting of supplied consignments shall be
done only after quality check. Only net weight of the supplied items shall be taken into account.
Weight of the packing material would not be considered. All packing materials like bags, tins, jars,
bottles etc, shall not be returned to the supplier. Damaged or inferior supply will have to be replaced
by the contractor at his cost. Ration items already stored in cold storage / deep freezer, and
supplied to the school, shall not be accepted. Bulk supply where not required, shall not be

(j)     Inability on the part of the contractor, to continue with the contract any time during the
approved tenure will be liable to forfeiture of the entire security amount deposited with the school,
without any notice and the contract shall be awarded to the next agency, with out any prejudice.

(k)  The Principal, Sainik School Ghorakhal reserves the right to or not to increase, decrease the
demand of any item / service, given in the tender.

(l)   In case of any dispute, the decision of the Principal, Sainik School Ghorakhal shall be final
which will be disposed of with in the Nainital court jurisdiction only.

(m)    The sealed envelope of the tender paper of items will be stipulated with the category for
which the tender is submitted i.e. ‘ TENDER FOR SUPLY OF DRY RATION (GROCERY) ITEMS ’
for 2012-2013.

(n)     An agreement bond is to be executed on a non-judicial paper of Rs.12/- value by the
approved supplier/ contactor before placement of order.

                                                                                    Contd on ….page 3
      (Rates and Brand (where applicable) to be quoted by the Suppler)

 Sl                         Item                       Appx Annual     Unit price                Rate
No                                                     Requirement
 1    Wheat flour (Atta) Supreme                                         P. Kg.
      (i) Mahavir Brand                                                     "
      (ii)) Shakti Bhog Brand                                               "
      (iii) Giriraj brand                                                   "
      (iv) Ashirwad Brand                                                   "
      (v) Pilsbury Brnad                                                    "
 2    Wheat flour (Atta) Chakki Ka
      (i) Mahavir Brand                                  30000
      (ii)) Shakti Bhog Brand
      (iii) Giriraj brand
      (iv) Ashirwad Brand
      (v) Pilsbury Brnad
 3    Rice superfine 99 %                                                P.Kg.
      (i) 555 No.                                                          "
      (ii) P R 6                                                           "
      (iii) Indrasan                                                       "
 4    Basmati Rice 99%
      (i) Sarbati HM Brand                               12000            P.Kg.
      (ii) Lalquila Brand                                 100               “
      (iii) Kohinoor Brand                                                  “
  5   Sugar super quality                                 7000       P. Kg.
  6   Sugardust(Bura) superfine quality                    400       P. Kg.
  7   Dallia                                               500       P. Kg.
  8   Besan AG Mark Rajdhani brand                         700       P. Kg.
  9   Suji AG Mark Mahavir brand                           500       P. Kg.
 10   Maida Mahavir brand                                 6000       P. Kg.
 11   Dal moong whole                                      100       P. Kg.
 12   Dal moong wash                                       200       P. Kg.
 13   Dal moong Chilka ‘S’                                 200       P. Kg.
 14   Dal Arhar                                            300       P. Kg.
 15   Dal Malka masoor (Red Malka)                         600       P. Kg.
 16   Dal Malka masoor (Kali Malka)                        300       P. Kg.
 17   Dal Chana                                            500       P. Kg.
 18   Dal Urd whole                                        300       P. Kg.
 19   Dal Urd wash                                         100       P. Kg.
 20   Dal Urd Chilka ‘S’                                   300       P. Kg.
 21   Chana Pulav                                         1000       P. Kg.
 22   Lobia                                                          P. Kg.
 23   Rajma                                               500        P. Kg.
 24   Gahat                                                          Kg
 25   Peas dried                                          500        P. Kg.
 26   Rice Poha                                            
 27   Rice Powder                                          
 28   Kabuli chana                                        1000       P. Kg.
 29   Frozen peas (Safal)                                            Kg.
 31   Chana ka Atta                                                  Kg.
 31   Oats Dallia                                                    Kg
 32   Manduwa ka Atta                                                Kg
 33   Bhatt balck                                                    Kg
 34   Low Fat Roasted Soybean Flour                                        Kg.
      (i) So-well brand                                                     "
      (ii) Other brand                                                      "
                                                                                    Contd.. 4.

  Sl                          Item        Appx Annual        Unit price                Rate
No                                        Requirement
 35 Tea Powder                                          1000gms pack
     (i) Tata brand                                           "
     (ii) Kannan Devan brand                                  "
     (iii) 3 Roses brand                                      "
     (iv) Tetley brand                       600              "
     (v) Tajmahal brand                                       "
     (vi) Uttaranchal tea                                250 gm pack
     (vii) Uttaranchal tea with box                      250 gm pack
 36 Tea Bags(for Dip Tea)                               50 bags pack
     (i) Tata brand                                           "
     (ii) Kannan Devan brand                                  "
     (iii) 3 Roses brand                                      "
     (iv) Tetley brand                                        "
     (v) Tajmahal brand                       50              "
 37 Arerot                                    10        Kg.
 38 Mustard oil AG mark                                 P.ltr
     (i) Saloni Brand                                            “
     (ii) Scooter Brand                                          “
     (iii) Kabir Brand                                           “
 39 Refind oil AG Mark                                  P.ltr
     (i) Brijwasi Brand                                          “
     (ii) Scooter Brand                                          “
     (iii) Mohan Brand                       9000                “
     (iv) Himdhara Brand                                         “
     (v) Fortune brand                                           “
     (vi) Safola brand                                           “
     (vii) Vital brand                                           “
 40 Olive Oil                                           100 ml
 41 Natural Soybean Oil
     (i) So-well brand                                  P. ltr
     (ii) Other                                                  “
 42 Vanaspati Ghee AG mark                              P. ltr

      (i) Rath                                                   “
      (ii) Gagan                                                 “
      (iii) Himgiri                          600                 “
 43   Ghee Desi                                         Kg
 44   Salt Iodized                            
      (i) Annapoorna brand                                    “
      (ii) Tata brand                                         “
      (iii) Ashirwad brand                                    “
      (iv) Capital brand                     500              “
 45   Dhania powder                                     1000gms pack
      (i) Goldi Brand                        200              "
      (ii) MTR brand                                          "
      (iii) M.D.H. brand                                      "
      (iv) Ashok brand                                        "
      (v) Catch brand                                         "
 46   Lal Mirch powder                                  1000gms pack
      (i) Goldi Brand                        200              "
      (ii) MTR Brand                                          "
      (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                      "
      (iv) Ashok Brand                                        "
      (v) Catch Brand                                         "

  Sl                       Item       Appx Annual     Unit price    Rate
No                                    Requirement
 47 Haldi powder                                    1000gms pack
     (i) Goldi Brand                     300              "
     (ii) MTR Brand                                       "
     (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                   "
     (iv) Ashok Brand                                     "
     (v) Catch Brand                                      "
 48 Pepper (Kali Mirch) powder                      100gms pack
     (i) Goldi Brand                      10              "
     (ii) MTR Brand                                       "
     (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                   "
     (iv) Ashok Brand                                     "

    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 49 Kashmiri mirch powder                           100gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                       5               "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 50 Garam Masala powder                             1000gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                       50              "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 51 Chat Masala powder                              100gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                       10              "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 52 Sambar Masala powder                            100gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                                       "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 53 Chole Masala powder                             100gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                       20              "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 54 Meat Masala Powder                              100gms pack
    (i) Goldi Brand                       20              "
    (ii) MTR Brand                                        "
    (iii) M.D.H. Brand                                    "
    (iv) Ashok Brand                                      "
    (v) Catch Brand                                       "
 55 Dhania whole                          50  
 56 Jeera whole                          100  
 57 Red Chilly whole                     100  
 58 Cardamom(Elaichi)                         
    (i) Large Variety                     10              "
    (ii) Small Variety                     5              "
 59 Sounf                                     
    (i) Large Variety                     5               "
    (ii) Small Variety                    5               "

  Sl                        Item       Appx Annual     Unit price               Rate
No                                     Requirement
 60 Black Pepper Whole                     20   
 61 Seasoned Pastes                                  100 gms
     (i) Garlic                                             "
     (ii) Ginger                                            "
     (iii) Tamarind                                         "
     (iv) Green chilly                                      "
 62 Cloves                                 10        Kg.
 63 Tej patta                               5        "
 64 Ajwain                                 15        Kg.
 65 Dry Ginger (Soanth)                              100 gms
 66 Tamarind (Imli)                                         "
 67 Dalchini                                                "
 68 Rai                                     5               "
 68 Kalounji                               10        Kg.
 70 Turmeric ( Haldi) whole                          Kg.
 71 Kasuri methi                           25        Kg.
 72 Dal Makhani Masala                               Kg
 73 Sahi Paneer Masala                     5         Kg
 74 Rayata Masala                                    Kg
 75 Black salt Powder                      5         Kg
 76 Methi Dana                             5         Kg.
 77 Milk powder                                      1000gms pack
     (i) Everyday brand                                    "
     (ii) Anikspray brand                                  "
     (iii) Amulya brand                                    "
     (iii) Tops brand                                      “
     (iv) Ajanta                                           “
 78 Mixed Pickle                                     500gms pack
     (i) Pachranga Brand                  1000
     (ii) Navrang Brand
     (iii) Aeroplane Brand
     (iv) Nilon Brand
     (v) Ashoka Brand
 79 Tomato Sauce                                     1000 gms
      (i) Kisan brand                     100               "
      (ii) Maggi brand                                      "
      (iii) Fruitage brand                                  "
 80   Tomato Puree                                   1000 gms pack
      (i) Kisan brand                                       "
      (ii) Maggi brand                                      "
      (iii) Fruitage brand                                  "
 81   Honey Pure                                     100 gms vial
      (i) Dabur                                             "
      (ii) Other barand                                     "
 82   Mango Squash                                   700 Ml.bottle
      (i) kisan brand                                       "
      (ii) Nova brand                                       "
      (iii) Fruitage brand                                  "
 83   Lemon Squash                                   700 Ml.bottle
      (i) Kisan brand                                       "
      (ii) Nova brand                                       "
      (iii) Fruitage brand                                  "
 84   Rooh Afzah                                     700 Ml.bottle
      (i) Hamdard brand                                     "
      (ii) Other brand                                      "
 85   Vinegar Gr 700 ml                              700 Ml.bottle
      (i) Kisan brand                      50               "
      (ii) Other brand                                      "

  Sl                           Item        Appx Annual         Unit price              Rate
No                                         Requirement
 86    Fruit juice                                       Ltr
 87    Real juice                              50        Ltr
 88    Mix juice                               30        Ltr
 89    Jam Mixed Fruit                        1000                 "
 90    Soda Water Bottle                                 Bottle
 91    Fruit cocktail                                    Tin
 92    Soda Water Bottle                                 Bottle
 93    Fruit cocktail                                    Tin
 94    Soya Sauce                              50        500ml
 95    White Sauce                                        "
 96    Chilly Sauce                           100         "
 97    Pineapple Juice                                   Tin
 98    Cold Drink 2 ltrs                                 Bottle
 99    Rice Noodles                                      500gms pack
       (i) Maggi                                               "
       (ii) Top Ramen brand                                    "
100    Samoline (Semiya)                                 1000gms pack
       (i) Bambino brand                      200              "
       (ii) Top Ramen brand                                    "
       (iii) Haldiram brand                                    "
101    Cornflakes                                        500gms pack
       (i) Kellogs                                             "
       (ii) Mohan brand                                        "
102    Wheatflakes                                       500gms pack
       (i) Kellogs                                             "
       (ii) Mohan brand                                        "
103    Noodles                                           500gms pack
       (i) Magggi                                              "
       (ii) Tops Ramen brand                                   "
       (iii) Soopi brand                                       "
104    Bournvita                                         500gms pack
       (i) Cadbury brand                                       “
       (ii) Other brand                                        “
105    Custard Powder                                    1000gms pack
       (i) Wiekfield brand                                     “
       (ii) Polson & brown brand                               “
       (iii) Tops brand (Strawberry)                           “
106    Baking powder                                     1000 gms pack
       (i) Weikfield brand                                     “
       (ii) Polson & brown brand                               “
107    Papad                                             50 Nos pack
       (i) Lijjat Brand                       200
       (ii) Ambika
       (iii) Haldiram
108    Coffee Powder (instant)                           500gms pack
       (i) Nescafe brand                       3                "
       (ii) Sunrise brand                                       "
       (iii) Bru brand                                          "
       (iv) Devan brand                                         "
109    Cocount dry                                       Each
110    Cocount powder                          
111    Poppy Seeds (Khas-Khas)                           100gms
112    Dates (Khajur) Seedless                                 K.g
113    Dates Syrup                                       100 gms
114    Essence vanilla                         3         20 ml
115    Dry Yeast                                         Kg.
116    Ajinomoto                               15        500 gms
117    Ammonia                                 50        500 gms
 Sl                          Item                   Appx Annual     Unit price              Rate
No                                                  Requirement
118   Baking Soda (Sweet)                                          500 gms
119   Sago (Sabudana)                                             Kg.
120   Nutri Nugget                                                "
121   Groundnut Whole packed                                      "
122   Ice Cream Cone                                              Each
123   Ice cream Powder                                            Kg.
124   Ice Cream (with cup)                                        50 Ml
      (i) Kwality brand                                           "
      (ii) Amul brand                                             "
      (iii) Arun brand                                            "
      (iv) Vadilal brand                               1000       "
125   Ice Cream pack                                              100 Ml
      (i) Kwality brand                                           "
      (ii) Amul brand                                             "
      (iii) Arun brand                                            "
      (iv) Vadilal brand                                5         "
126   Rusk Suji Toast Britannia                         
127   Groundnut Salted                                  5         Kg.
128   Groundnut fried Spiced                                      Kg.
129   Cashew nut Plain                                  10        Kg.
130   Cashew nut Fried Spiced                                     Kg.
131   Paper Plate Plain                                           50 Nos pack
132   Paper Plate Superior quality                     1000       50 Nos pack
133   Paper Napkin Superior Quality                    1100       100 Nos pack
134   Plastic Poly Bag superior quality                           Kg
135   Disposable water glass super quality            10000       100 Nos
136   Disposable Plastic plates super quality                     50 Nos
137   Disposable plastic Karori                        1300       50 nos
138   Disposable plastic spoon                         1000       50 Nos
139   Almond (badam)                                     5        Kg
140   Kis-mis                                            5        Kg
141   Mineral water bottle 01 ltr                       500       Bottle
142   Tutty fruity                                                Kg.
143   Washing powder                                   600        Kg.
144   Amul cream                                        70        Kg
145   Sugar Free                                                  Pkt
146   Sweet Corn                                                  Tin
147   Munice Sauce                                                Kg
148   Kewda                                            100        Bottle 10 ml
149   Beby corn                                                   Tin
150   Biscuit bourn-bon                                150        Pkt
151   Mustard Powder                                              Kg
152   Gulab Jamun                                       60        Kg
153   Masroom                                          400        Tin
154   Cornflower                                         5        Kg
155   Sugar cube                                        25        Pkt
156   Khoya                                                       Kg
157   Biscuit Marie Gold                                          Pkt
158   Biscuit 50-50                                     50        Pkt
159    Cold drink 500 ml                                          Bottle
160   Tooth pick                                                  Pkt
161   Candles                                                     Pkt
162   Cake Britannia                                              Pkt
163   Soya Cream                                                  Kg
164   Silver roll                                                 Roll
165   Boondi                                                      Kgs
166   Amul Lasi                                                   Pkt
 Sl                        Item                      Appx Annual    Unit price           Rate
No                                                   Requirement
167   Sugar candy                                         1      Kg
168   Rich cream                                         50      Kg
169   Rasgula                                                    Tin
170   Bukram Haldiram                                            Kg
171   Biscuit good day                                           Pkt
172   Biscuit Gulucose                                   50      Pkt
173   Gulucose Powder                                            Kg
174   Gulab Jamun powder                                         Kg.
175   Bread (sanwitch) 600 gms                                   Pkt
176   Cheese slice Amul                                          Pkt
177   Chips                                                      Pkt
178   Magaz                                                      Kg
179   Toffee                                                     Kg
180   Food colour                                                Tin
181   Biscuit Britania Tiger                                     Pkt
182   Gulab Jal 200 ml                                           bottle
183   Biscuit Craker                                             Pkt
184   Home made Bari                                             kg
185   Toamto Soop powder                                         Kg
186   Khoya Burfee                                               kg
187   Ladoo Motichoor                                            kg
188   Sweet Balusahi                                             Kg
189   Boondi Ladoo                                               kg

Note : Sample sachets of 100 gms of all dry ration items, as applicable shall be produced during
opening of Tenders, negotiation, as the case be, with out which award of contract would not be
processed. Where it is not possible to produce samples before hand, brand name, quality and other
details shall be furnished.

6.   The above mentioned details, terms and conditions from Sl. No 1 to 3 (n) have been read and
understood by me/us and I/we express my /our acceptance towards them same.

             Signature of the Bidder.                      Enclosed Demand Draft for
             Name: ____________________________            (a)Rs.400/- towards cost , and / or
             __________________________________            (b) for Rs.1000/- as EMD along with this
                                                           Tender Form .
             Tel : ____________________________        (Tick / Strike out as applicable)
             E-mail (if any) : _____________________
             State Bank of India Account Number:___________________________________________

                                          SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL

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