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									What is Mold?                                     Who is at Greater Risk                            Here’s How We Work                                  We Use State of the Art
    Mold is a type of fungus that
appears in areas of a home that
                                                  When Exposed to Mold?                             Five Boro Mold Specialist sends a                   Equipment to Perform
                                                                                                    certified technician to perform a full inspection
have been exposed to water.
In order for mold to develop,
                                                        Exposure to mold is not healthy for
                                                       anyone inside buildings. Therefore, it
                                                                                                    of the property. We use infrared cameras and        Mold Inspection and
                                                                                                    moisture readers to detect areas of excess
it requires a combination
of moisture, warmth and
                                                        is always best to identify and correct
                                                         high moisture conditions quickly
                                                                                                    moisture behind walls that may result in mold.      Remediation.
                                                                                                    We take air cassette samples both indoors
an organic matter to feed                                 before mold grows and health problems     and outdoors for comparison, as well as swab
on. There are over a thou-                                develop. Some people may have more
                                                                                                    samples (direct sampling) which are then sent
sand variations of molds,                                 severe symptoms or become ill more
                                                                                                    to an independent laboratory. These tests are
both toxic and non-toxic,                                rapidly than others:
                                                                                                    performed in order to determine the type of
that can thrive in a home.                              ◆ Individuals with existing                 fungi present, the rate at which it is spreading,
                                                      respiratory conditions, such as               as well as its severity and source of formation.
                                                    allergies, chemical sensitivities,
                                                    or asthma.                                         A comprehensive report will then be
Why is Mold Dangerous?                            ◆ Persons with weakened immune
                                                    systems (such as people with cancer
                                                                                                    provided to the client clarifying the lab
                                                                                                         results, interpreting the infrared camera
    Millions of microscopic mold spores are                                                                                           read
                                                                                                            images and moisture readings, and
                                                    on chemotherapy, and so forth)
easily transported in the air we breathe.                                                                      describing the process necessary
                                                  ◆ Infants and young children
This exposure has been medically proven                                                                         to eliminate the mold.
                                                  ◆ The elderly
to directly cause serious illness in adults       ◆ Pregnant women                                                   Five Boro Mold Specialist will
and especially in children. It is estimated
that over 30 percent of humans are allergic                                                                      then evaluate your situation and
to mold and suffer adverse health effects                                                                        determine the most effective                                  RED
                                                                                                                 method and treatment to remove                        I N FRA
because of mold. Therefore, the EPA strongly
recommends hiring a professional mold             Can Mold Become a                                            the fungus and prevent any future
                                                                                                                                                                        CAM E R AKS
                                                                                                                                                                              TL E
                                                                                                                                                                      DETEC NTI FY
specialist to thoroughly and effectively
remove toxic mold spores before the problem
                                                  Problem in My Home?                                         mold growth from occurring. The Five
                                                                                                          Boro staff is extremely knowledgeable in                    AN D  I DE
worsens and becomes a health risk. Mold                                                             mold remediation and treats each home on an                        M O LD      LS.
                                                     Molds will grow and multiply whenever there                                                                                AL
is identified visually on many surfaces, but                                                         individual basis, always providing you with                          TH E W
                                                  is sufficient moisture and organic material
what you don’t see is the danger that lurks       present. Mold growth can damage your home         a clean and healthy environment by restoring
behind the walls. Aside from the foul odor,       furnishings and possessions, and in time, un-     premium air quality throughout your home.
exposure to toxic mold spores has been proven     checked growth can cause serious damage to
by the EPA to cause allergic reactions such as:   the structural elements in your home. Be on
                                                  the lookout in your home for common sources of
                                                                                                                                                                   The Infrared
◆ Asthma              ◆ Psoriasis                 indoor moisture that may lead to mold problems:                                                                 Camera clearly
◆ Headaches           ◆ Lung Disease
                                                  ◆ Flooding              ◆ Damp basement
                                                                                                                                                                  shows the path
◆ Red Eyes            ◆ Dizziness                                                                                                                                 of a serious leak,
                                                  ◆ Leaky roofs             or crawl space
◆ Respiratory         ◆ Psychological
                                                  ◆ Sprinkler spray       ◆ Steam from                                                                           resulting in mold,
  Problems              Depression
◆ Fatigue             ◆ Muscular Aches
                                                    hitting the house       shower or cooking                                                                    completely hidden
                                                  ◆ Plumbing leaks        ◆ Wet clothes                                                                         within the wall
◆ Allergies           ◆ Runny Nose
                                                  ◆ Humidifiers              drying indoors
◆ Hay Fever           ◆ Wheezing etc.
                                                                            or clothes dryers
                                                                                                                                                                from a third floor
                                                  ◆ Overflow from
◆ Rashes
                                                    sinks or sewers         exhausting indoors                                                                  washing machine.

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