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									CLS Industrial Purification, LLC
   Expert Chloride
  Removal Solutions                   HOW CAN CLS HELP IMPROVE
                                      YOUR CHLORIDE REMOVAL?
                                      Key to adsorbent life is how robust
CLS – PURIFICATION VIA APPLIED        it can be to upsets. CLS uses novel
CATALYST TECHNOLOGY                   and proprietary techniques for
CLS combines catalyst technology      maximizing      adsorbent       life
with refinery process engineering     including:
to achieve HCl and organic             Layered catalysts for specific
chloride (RCl) removal.                   contaminants.

CLS catalysts are used in the                       3'-1"
                                                                                                          3'-2"   3'-4"
                                                                                                                          10'-7"   16'8"             22'11"

removal of :
                                              TL                                                                                             22'9"
                                           " 3.5"
                                                              4"         Inerts 78 ft3
                                                                         C-125 32 ft3                                                                         23' 1"

                                                                          NB 3586 684 ft3

   -   HCl and RCl                                                       NB 346 584 ft3

   -   Sulfur species                                                      NB 316 575 ft3

   -   Basic Nitrogen                      TL
                                                            `20 ft^3
                                                            `15 ft^3
                                                                       1/8" Alumina Support Ball
                                                                       1/4" Alumina Support Ball

   -   Mercury
                                                            `30 ft^3   1/2" Alumina Support Ball

                                                                                                                             x-sect area =    95.03 ft2
                                                                                                                             Bed depth =      19.45 ft
                                                                                                                             Bed Vol =        1848 ft3

The application areas being:
                                                                               84" I.D.
                                                                               132" I.D.

- reformer & isomerization circuits   
                                          Specially           engineered
- gas processing plants
                                          adsorbents for water, oil mist,
                                          organic chlorides, etc.     are
                                          employed depending on unit
                                          history and adsorbent analyses.
                                         CLS      high   surface    area
IMPORTANCE OF TOTAL CHLORIDE              adsorbents are more robust to
                                          process upsets than alumina-
Chlorides need to be removed
                                          based adsorbents.         Super-
from hydrogen gas and reformate
                                          Promoted aluminas and Mixed
streams in order to avoid:
                                          Metal Oxides have very low
                                          surface area, so any process
   -   corrosion
                                          upset will quickly reduce the
   -   fouling from polymers and
                                          adsorbent catalyst life.
       green oils
                                         No “green-oil” formation! Years
Almost every reformer chloride            of study by CLS scientists have
guard vessel has operational              determined the source and
problems, whether bed plugging,           how to prevent “green-oils”.
green-oil   (polymeric  organic           The chemistry in the CLS
chloride) formation, or under-            catalyst is the secret for
performance.                              preventing “green-oils”!

                                      CLS provides realistic estimates of
                                      adsorbent life based on actual
                                      unit   conditions.         Providing
Chloride beds are important to         Catalyst Management centers in
CLS because they are important         the U.S.A. and Asia/Pacific allow
to our customers.      Dedicated       CLS to quickly and efficiently
technical    service  for     each     address your chloride adsorbent
customer is the highest priority for   needs.
CLS.      Immediate,    thorough,
thoughtful,       and       expert     Our low overhead costs allow us to
approaches to your chloride            pass cost savings to the customer.
guard problems are our goal and        You pay less for a superior
delivery                               product!

Most catalyst suppliers       view     WHAT PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE
chloride adsorbents as a side          FROM CLS FOR CHLORIDE
business. CLS views chloride guard
                                          CLS’s “NB-series” high-surface-
beds as our main business!
                                           area adsorbents are the most
CLS strives to develop the best            recommended solution for your
solution for your chloride guard           chloride     treating    needs.
issues.                                    Specialty     adsorbents    are
                                           available for both gas and
Almost every refinery has issues           liquid applications
with the chloride guard bed. CLS          CLS      provides     promoted
will work to solve existing problems       aluminas.
through catalyst or engineering           CLS provides super-promoted
solutions.                                 aluminas.

Accurate chloride readings in the      TREATMENT ESTIMATE TODAY!
refinery gas and in the spent          Write CLS at
adsorbent are a major challenge!       today to receive a kinetic-model
                                       estimation   of    your   chloride
CLS experts have diligently sought     adsorbent vessel! CLS is available
and discovered how to accurately       to visit your site at your
measure HCl, organic chlorides,        convenience.
and hydrocarbon poisoning in
spent     adsorbent       catalyst,    CLS Industrial Purification, LLC.
hydrogen gas streams, and liquid       1500 Marina Bay Dr.
streams. Accurate data analysis        Bldg 42-B, Suite 3476
from    CLS   provides     another     Clear Lake Shores, Tx 77565.
valuable tool for the refinery         Phone: +1 (281) 538 4669
engineer!                              Fax: +1 (281) 538 6876

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