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					Delivering DR and RTP via Broadband

     Ben Wallace – Director of Marketing

                                                    Energy Automation Solutions

CPS Controls

Building 1 team focused on software, controls, and communications –
         250+ engineers focused on intelligent grid solutions

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                                                           DOE: Smart Grid “7-Characteristics”

          Enabling informed participation by customers

          Enabling new products, services, and markets

          Accommodating all generation and storage

          Providing the power quality for the range of
           needs in the 21st century economy

          Optimizing asset utilization and operating

          Addressing disturbances through automation
           prevention, containment, and restoration

          Operating resiliently against all hazards

                                             The Smart Grid is many things to many utilites
Source: The Smart Grid: An Introduction ” The Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
<>                          3
                                     Representative Smart Grid Rollout
            Phase I                          Phase 2                            Phase 3
               AMI                              Self-Monitoring                 Transmission
               Demand Response                  Self-Healing                     Phasor Measurement

               Substation Automation            Self-Optimizing                 Advanced Distribution
               Advanced System                  Distributed Generation           Management Systems
                Planning                                                           (ADMS)
                                                 Consumer Portal
                                                                                  Home Area Networks

             Customer facing applications      Distribution automation to        Integrated automation
              drives efficiency                  improve reliability and grid       from generation through

             Build out AMI and associated       efficiency                         to consumption
              comms infrastructure              Enhanced customer facing
             Meet regulatory requirements       apps drive efficiency
              around DR to shift peak load      Manage increasing
             “Localized” automation in          distribution generation
              substations increases              assets (traditional and
              reliability                        renewable)

            Deployment                             Pilots                           Development

                Increasing Complexity & Communications Performance Requirements
                                  DR and RTP via Broadband

 Key Variable Rate Pricing building blocks
  1. Backend enterprise software
     • Key link to Billing Data
     • MDMS
  2. Broadband connection to home
     • Penetration to consumers is key
     • Partnership with Telco can mitigate
  3. Home Area Network (HAN)
     • ZigBee network from access point
     • Meter with ZigBee
     • ZigBee equipped devices

                                          The Evolution of DR technology
Legacy DR: One way paging (Current)

                                      •154 VHF POCSAG
                                      •900MHz Flex
                                                                HVAC/Elect Water Heat

Two way via AMI (Emerging)

                     AMI Network           AMI
                       Server            Network               Smart Energy Profile
Two way via Modular Gateway (Emerging)
                   •Internet                     •ZigBee SEP
                   •Cellular                     •WiFi                PHEV       Lighting
                           •Native AMI                      •Zwave
                           •WiMax                   Modular •‘Opportunistic’
                           •‘Opportunistic’ Gateway
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                                                                           iPlug EMS HVAC IHD
                                          Two-Way HAN Solution Vision

                Traditional                                Smart Energy Profile

                                                In-Home                           UtilityPRO
                                                 Display                          Thermostat
EMS/SCADA                  Internet to ZigBee


                                                           Home Area Network

                                                                         ZigBee Overview

 Wireless low duty protocol for automation                                                  How do
                                                                                             I react?
       – Easy installation with “Self Discover”
              • Like Bluetooth

                                                                                                        Zigbee Price signal
           Self-organizing Mesh network
       –   Self-healing network
       –   Low power for best battery usage
       –   Low data rate
       –   Secure                                                          Critical Level #5
 Smart Energy Profile
                                                                            Price Level #4
       –   Interoperate between manufacturer’s equipment
       –   DR control support (shed, cycle, setback)                        Price Level #3
       –   Opt-in / out

                                                   Zigbee Price signal
       –   Data retrieval from the meter                                    Price Level #2
       –   Distribution of pricing levels
                                                                            Price Level #1
                         Setback to
                         78 degrees

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                                                      ZigBee under glass capabilities

    Cellular ZigBee under glass available today
    ZigBee only under glass this fall

    Meter module features
          –    Interval data with local storage
          –     Meter SEP support for IHD
          –    PQ data from the meter
          –    Disconnect option

                                                                                  ZigBee 2.0
                                                                                 Release Date
                                               ZigBee 2.0        ZigBee 1.1         (2011)
                                               Requirements      Release Date

         ZigBee 1.0 Spec
          Ratified (2005)

                                                   Cooper/Honeywell UtilityPro
                                                      ZigBee Certification
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Backend Software to match advanced Users

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   Backend enterprise software
          – Important to success of the program
   Broadband connection to home
          – Penetration or partnership is key
   Home Area Network
          – Quality products and support
          – Flexible metering data and speed
   Select the right partners

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