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                     ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT
                       REPORT OF MEETING 139
                        SUBCOMMITTEE TR30.3
                          March 10 and 11, 2008
                    TIA Headquarters, Arlington, VA

                                         COMPANIES REPRESENTED
             ORGANIZATION                                                MEMBER PRESENT
             LSI Corporation                                             Ed Schulz
             FAL Associates                                              Fred Lucas
             Spirent Communications                                      Jack Douglass (Chairman)
             Telchemy (Conference Call )                                 Bruce Adams
             FLKyees Associates (Conference Call)                        Philip Kyees (Vice Chairman)

             Packet Storm                                                Bill Luthy
             *Number indicates number of times organization was absent

             ORGANIZATION                                                OTHERS PRESENT
             Anue (Conference Call)                                      Charles Webb
             Motorola (Conference Call)                                  Jack Moran

1. Administrative Matters
      The meeting started at 9:15.m. and a quorum was present.
      The Chair referred all attendees to the TIA IPR policy on the TIA website and directed
        compliance with that policy.
      The committee reviewed the March 2008 TR30.3 Meeting Notice and Agenda
      The committee reviewed and approved the TR30.3/08-03-001, December 2008 Meeting
        Report (approved 5, disapprove 0, abstain 0).

2. Liaison Reports
   2.1. The following documents were reviewed:
        T-REC-G[1].1050-200711-P!!MSW-E, Network model for evaluating multimedia
          transmission performance over internet protocol, ITU-T SG12
   2.2. Committee discussions:
        Jack Douglass (Spirent Communications, Chair) indicated that G.1050-2007 was ratified
        Bruce Adams (Telchemy) will inform SG12 of new work on G.1050 during May SG12

3. PN-3-3175-RV1- TSB-38-A Test Procedure For Evaluation Of 2-Wire 4-KHz Voiceband
   Duplex Modems
         TSB-38-A was not discussed.

4. PN-3-0062-RV1 (TIA-921-A) – Revision to Network Model for Evaluating Multimedia
   Transmission Performance Over Internet Protocol
   4.1. The following documents were reviewed:
        TR-30.3/08-03-003, TIA-921-A Ballot Authorization, source TR30.3
        TR-30.3/08-03-004, SP-3-0062-RV1 ballot, source TR30.3
        TR-30.3/08-03-005, Voting Summary_3-0062-RV1, source TIA
        TR-30.3/08-03-006¸ Request to open project to revise TIA-921A, source TR30.3
   4.2. Committee discussions:
        PN-3-0062 (TIA-921) RV1- Ballot Passed

5. PN-3-0062-RV2 (TIA-921-B) – Revision to Network Model for Evaluating Multimedia
   Transmission Performance Over Internet Protocol
   5.1. The following documents were reviewed or created during this discussion:
        TR-30.3/08-03-006¸ Request to open project to revise TIA-921A, source TR30.3
        TR-30.3/08-03-007, Updated Access Rates and rational, Phil Kyees (Flkyees Associates)
        TR-30.3/08-03-008, TIA921A_Results_Analysis, Chip Webb (Anue)
        TR-30.3/08-03-009, Test Case Reduction Opportunity in TIA-921-A, Ed Schulz (LSI
   5.2. Committee discussions:
       The committee discussed possible changes that should be included in TIA-921-B
        Update LAN and Access Rate
        Characterize different access technologies
          1. DSL
          2. Cable
          3. FIOS
        Methods to reduce the number of test cases
          1. Reduce the test cases by only running the most likely cases (95%, 85%, 75%)
          2. Study the effect of the different impairments
                 a. Effect of LAN, Access
                 b. How much difference is there between each ICs?
                 c. There is an obvious way of reducing the tests by removing similar ICs?
                 d. What metrics do we want to evaluate?
                 e. Chip Webb (Anue) ran simulation program the help understand the variation
                     between ICs.
                 f. Chip Webb (Anue) will make HW measurements on variations between ICs.
        Tests for conformance to the model
          1. Define tolerance for impairment variations
          2. Aggregate statistics over x period of time or x number of runs for specified period of
                 a. Examples: Loss, Jitter, Sequential Loss, Sequential Loss Rate, Latency, Out
                     of Sequence.
          3. Specify test files for validating the system
                 a. The quality scores will vary with content and type of compression.

                 b. The network characteristics are independent of the stream. There a test file
                      can be used for validation.
         Guidelines for Application – How to use the model for a particular application, Annex –
          Implementers guide
          1. Multiple types of traffic on emulator at the same time
                 a. Is there a way to define the model based on traffic?
                 b. Currently the User must specify parameters for the model to work correctly
                      because it is time based.
                           i. Packet rate
                          ii. Packet size
                         iii. Packet interval
          2. Chip Webb (Anue) and Bruce Adams (Telchemy) will create an emulation model
             that is based on packet arrival versus time intervals
         Bandwidth is not limited as specified in the model
          1. Chip Webb (Anue), Gonzalo Mariano (Cisco) and Bruce Adams (Telchemy) will
             determine how to modify the model to include bandwidth throttling and shaping
          2. The types of bandwidth limitations
                 a. Enforcing the limits for the LAN and access links for the model.
                 b. The types of shaping
         Should QoS edge routing setting be interpreted by the model?
          1. This should not be part of the model, because we already that this effect into account
             with Well Managed, Partially Managed and Unmanaged conditions.
         How should the Random Number Seeding be handled?
          1. Implementation dependent

6. Meeting Schedule for 2008

           Date                                  Location                         Host/Co host
      July 14 and 15                           Arlington, VA                          TIA
     December 8 and 9                       Lake Buena Vista, FL                      TIA

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.on March 11, 2008
The meeting was conducted in accordance with the TIA Legal Guide and the TIA Engineering

Jack L. Douglass
Chairman TR30.3

                                        DOCUMENT REGISTER
                                              March 2008
                                     TIA Headquarters, Arlington, VA

 DOCUMENT                               TITLE                     SOURCE                MEETING   PAR
  NUMBER                                                                                          NO.
   30803001        December 2007 Meeting Report                     Jack Douglass,        139      1
                                                                    Chair TR30.3)
   30803002        March 2008 TR30.3 Meeting Notice and Agenda      Jack Douglass,        139      1
                                                                    Chair TR30.3)
   30803003        TIA-921-A Ballot Authorization                      TR30.3             139     4.1
   30803004        SP-3-0062-RV1 ballot                                TR30.3                     4.1
   30803005        Voting Summary_3-0062-RV1                            TR30.3                    4.1
   30803006        Request to open project to revise TIA-921A           TR30.3                    5.1
   30803007        Updated Access Rates and rational              Flkyees Associates              5.1
                                                                     (Phil Kyees)         139
   30803008        TIA921A_Results_Analysis                       Anue (Chip Webb)                5.1
   30803009                                                       LSI Corporation (Ed             5.1
                   Test Case Reduction Opportunity in TIA-921-A        Schulz)            139
T-REC-G[1].1050-   ITU-T G.1050-2007                                 ITU-T SG12           139     2.1

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