; 3.02E Designing and Development of Multimedia Titles
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3.02E Designing and Development of Multimedia Titles


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									     3.02B Designing and
Development of Multimedia Titles

  3.02 Demonstrate interactive
    multimedia presentations
Basic Design Guidelines
         Basic Design Guidelines
• Use no more than three different font styles and

• Make colors consistent, harmonizing, and
  appropriate to title.

• Use enhancements such as bold, italics, colors,
  and shadowing to emphasis key points.
             Basic Design Guidelines

• Do not use underline, because of its
  association with Internet links.

• Balance white space.

• End the presentation with a blank slide
  containing only the slide design.
Design Elements of Multimedia Titles
Design Elements of Multimedia Titles
•Balance           •Optical center
   Asymmetrical
    balance        •Optical weight
   Symmetrical
    balance        •Nature of an element
   No balance     •Unity
                     Intra-screen unity
•Movement            Inter-screen unity
Management of Multimedia Titles
            Management of Multimedia Titles

   Planning of multimedia titles
   Preparing multimedia titles
   Practicing presenting multimedia titles
   Presenting multimedia titles
                   Planning of Multimedia Titles

   Planning ensures
     a successful
   multimedia project.

The rule of thumb for multimedia development is
  80% planning + 20% production = 100% success
                    Planning of Multimedia Titles

1. Develop the theme (concept or idea)
      What should be accomplished in a general sense?
             Example – How to Use a Digital Camera

2. State the goals, objectives, and purpose
      What specifically do we want to accomplish?
             Example – Taking low-light pictures and
                downloading images to a computer
                     Planning of Multimedia Titles)
3. Identify the target audience
     Who will use and see the presentation?
             Target audiences can be categorized by
              demographics, lifestyles, or attitudes.
           The more information known about the
            audience, the more likely the presentation
            will meet their needs successfully.
                  Example – Should the presentation
                     target people who have never
                     owned a digital camera?
                  Planning of Multimedia Titles

4. Decide on the treatment

    • Determines how the multimedia title will
      look and feel.

    • Determined largely by the concept, goals,
      objectives, and target audience.
                   Planning of Multimedia Titles

Treatment includes:
Tone - Will the presentation be       Metaphor – Will a comparison be
   serious, humorous, light, heavy,     used to provide interest or to aid
                                        in understanding?
   formal, or informal?
                                         Ex. - Comparing the complexity
                                           of building a house to
                                           building a Web page
Approach – How much
direction will be given to the end     Emphasis – How much
user? A rule of thumb: children’s      weight will be given to each
presentations need less options        of the various elements in the
while adults’ presentations need       presentation?
more navigation options.
                    Planning of Multimedia Titles

5. Determine the specific elements to be used,
  where to place and possible playback system(s)
                      Planning of Multimedia Titles)
6. Storyboard projects including all navigation links.

    A sample
     with its
   Font colors,
 color, and other
  design ideas
   can also be
  noted at this
                     Preparing Multimedia Titles

7. Computerize multimedia title
8. Create reference page and use proper
   formatting based on:
     APA manual
     MLA manual
     Other style guides
9. Review the finished project for any copyright
10.Test multimedia title
         Practicing Presenting Multimedia Titles

Know Content     Use of proper    Avoid filler   Speak clearly
                English/grammar     words

    Make        Use appropriate    Include an    Stay within
 eye contact    speed of speech   opening and    allotted time
with audience                        closing
Presenting Multimedia Titles
Interactive Multimedia Titles
                       Interactive Multimedia Titles

Originally                                    Today
                                  User interact with
Originators of the
                                 presentations and
                                control the flow and
  controlled what
  happened next                      direction of the
Linear presentations
                            Non-linear presentations
             Interactive Multimedia Titles (Continued)
Users use navigational or action buttons on screen
  or web sites to determine:
   • what content is delivered
   • when it is delivered
   • how it is delivered
                               Navigational Menu

             Back to beginning slide (home)

                Back to previous slide

                    Forward to next slide
           Interactive Multimedia Titles   (Continued)

Interactivity can be enacted

   mouse clicks
   mouse roll over
   voice activation
   keyboard
   touch screens
                Interactive Multimedia Titles   (Continued)

In this example, the
 user can continue
     on with this
 click on either the
 Component A link
 Component B link
   and go in that
alternate direction.
                     Interactive Multimedia Titles   (Continued)

   Continuing on with the
original presentation without
 selecting a link, users will
        see this slide.
   If users click on the
Component A link, this will be
      the next slide.
             OR                                  These
   If users click on the                         images are
Component B link, this is the
                                                 used as links
        next slide.
                                                 to a video
         Interactive Multimedia Titles (Continued)

As users continue with
   the presentation,
 additional links can be
encountered which offer
   more choices and
 This example provides
   links to two Word
documents that support
       the lesson.
 User will click on the
 Word icon to view this
Designing and Development of Multimedia Titles

   Basic Design Guidelines

   Design Elements of Multimedia Title

   Management of Multimedia Title

   Interactive Multimedia Titles
  Review                     (Continued)

Management Multimedia Titles
     Plan Multimedia Titles
         Develop the theme.
         State the goals, objectives, and purpose.
         Identify the target audience.
  •   Prepare Multimedia Titles
         Decide on the treatment.
         Determine the specific elements to be used, where to place, and possible
          playback system(s) needed.
         Storyboard project including all navigation links.
         Create reference page and use proper format.
         Review the finished project for any copyright infringements.
         Test multimedia title
  •   Practice presenting multimedia titles
  •   Present Multimedia Titles

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