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									Fast Food Digital Signage Hardware

Fast food digital signage solutions.

Fast food digital signage is seeing a huge increase in Europe and the USA, due to the demand for providing food
labeling as well as increasing sales for the fast food outlet. SO let us look at the solutions available.

Comparing fast food digital signage and printed menus.

The main advantage of a digital menu board in a fast food restaurant is that the menu can be altered, changed and even
rewritten at a seconds notice, compared to a printed menu that once has been drafted takes a number of days to print and
then if there are errors has to be reprinted. So as you can see fast food digital signage is much more efficient and the
return on investment (ROI) is much faster, as local produce can be used for “daily specials”, increasing profits for the
outlet owners and managers.

What are the options for fast food digital signage?

A restaurant may use a regular TV in landscape position connected to a media player, these media players store the ads
locally on a hard drive inside the player and just loops the ads. This is the most cost effective method, however these
are usually mounted above the checkouts and near the grills and fryers, unfortunately over a short period of time the fat
in the air will collect on the internal circuit board and cause it to short.

Fast food digital signage – the digital menu board.

This is a commercial grade screen and can be mounted in either landscape or portrait position, it has its own hard drive
for storage of the ads, and the software on the player allows the owners and managers of the restaurants to day part their
ads. This means ads for breakfast items can be displayed firth thing in the morning until say 10:30 then the lunch menu
is displayed until 4pm then the dinner menu items are displayed. This is a huge advantage as the specials can be
targeted to local produce as mentioned previously and this especially when in season can increase profits dramatically.

Fast food digital signage – QSR POS system.

A QSR POS system is located as all the above and incorporates a network enabled media player, so multiple locations
can be controlled remotely, to display the same corporate product information. Quick Serve Restaurants are becoming
the hub of the community and a driving force for people to eat healthier meals.

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