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					LCD digital signage for industrial information systems.

LCD digital signage solutions.

LCD digital signage devices are not a new solution, however with the increase in demand for information and the
development of digital signage hardware now puts LCD digital signage within the reach of every company.

Where LCD digital signage is used.
Usually floor standing LCD advertising stands are seen in high profile reception areas, where the company can
welcome quests and inform them of any company news. But now these highly durable units are being deployed in
factory environments in the canteen areas to inform staff of training events on the best manufacturing practices, to new
health and safety legislation and empowering employee motivation.

Some units feature brochure and document storage, this is where organisations such as banks can
market new financial products. These have also been deployed in car dealerships to promote a new model of car or

These digital signage totem units are used indoor as they cannot deal with being washed down or freezing temperatures.

These are easily connected to a network to integrate with the industrial information system that controls the production

What is an LCD digital signage device?
A digital signage totem can have screens as small as 17” up to and including 65” LCD screens, these screens play high
definition images and video of products or services the business have to offer.

The LCD display has a built in media player, the most basic media player solution is updated manually, where as if a
network of signs used a networked media player for a superior solution.

Both the screen and media player are then mounted into a floor standing case, these are occasionally called a digital
signage totem. The case has a viewing window manufactured from toughened glass and offers vandal protection to the
hardware. The window is tested by dropping a 2.2lb steel ball from a height of 4 feet and if the window is undamaged,
that batch of glass passes.

Advantages of network or standalone LCD digital signage.
Firstly, you can offset the price of the networked solution against the labour costs of someone physically updating the
content providing you have enough LCD digital advertising devices in a production environment.

Secondly, the hard drive of the networked solution will accommodate more information and display content on a zoned
screen, normally the hard drives have a capacity of 250GB compared to the standalone media player that takes CF
memory cards, the maximum size card is 64GB.

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