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Register Number:                                                             2165
Name of the Candidate:
                     M.Sc. DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2011
                             (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING)
                                   (THIRD SEMESTER)
                     321. MULTIMEDIA AND ITS APPLICATIONS
May)                                                                   (Time: 3 Hours
                                   Maximum: 100 Marks

                                          PART-A                  (8×5=40)
                               Answer any EIGHT questions
                              All questions carry equal marks

    1.    Explain the multimedia skills and training

    2.    Explain the role of multimedia for the web.

    3.    Explain the memory and storage devices.

    4.    Explain Macintosh and windows platform.

    5.    How to edit text in multimedia with example.

    6.    Explain in detail the time based authoring tools.

    7.    What are different audio file formats? Explain.

    8.    Write short notes on Font editing and design tools.

    9.    Explain the working process of internet.

    10.   What are the services of Internet?
                                         PART-B                  (3×20=60)
                              Answer any THREE questions
                              All questions carry equal marks

    11.   a) Explain the following
             i) Multimedia Designer
             ii) Interface designer

          b) Explain the process of making multimedia & its basic stages in multimedia

12.   a) Explain in detail about voice recognition systems.

      b) What is modems? and what are its hyper? Explain

13.   a) Explain the followings
         i) Word processing tools   ii) Multimedia software basic tools

      b) Explain the way of making instant multimedia and specify its authoring tools.

14.   a) Explain in detail the hypo media & hypertext

      b) What is Broadcast rideo standards? & explain its hyper.

15.   a) Explain in brief about world wide web and internet networking.

      b) What is web browsers and explain its different types.


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