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                                     New cooperation agreement with the European Commission

Bosnia and Herzegovina

                         Paris, July 16, 2007:

                         On July 13, 2007, the Governor of the CEB, Mr. Raphaël Alomar, signed a
Czech Republic
                         Memorandum of Understanding established between the European Commission
Denmark                  and several International Financial Institutions (IFIs) on "cooperation for Eastern
Estonia                  Europe and Southern Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia".
                         This agreement covers reinforced cooperation in matters of programming
                         interventions by the signatories, exchanges of information, project co-financing and
Germany                  coordinated approaches in their implementation in favour of countries covered by
Georgia                  the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument (ENPI). Among the CEB member
                         states, Georgia and Moldova are directly concerned.
Holy See                 The other IFI signatories of the MoU are respectively the Black Sea Trade and
Hungary                  Development Bank (BSTDB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and
Iceland                  Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the International Bank
                         for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), the International Finance
                         Corporation (IFC) and the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB).

Latvia                   This MoU illustrates the close partnership policies established by the CEB and the
                         European Union in recent years. In particular, it comes in addition to the multilateral
                         agreement signed on April 11, 2006, between the Commission and the previously-
                         mentioned IFIs on "cooperation in economic development of the new EU member
Luxembourg               states of Central and Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Malta, and accession
Malta                    preparation in the EU candidate countries and potential EU candidate countries."
                         It must be recalled that a MoU was signed on May 30, 2006, between the European
Netherlands              Commission, the EIB and the CEB for "a coordinated approach to the financing of
Norway                   urban renewal and development" including in the context of the JESSICA initiative.
                         In addition, cooperation with the European Commission in the countries of Eastern
                         and South-East Europe has led to the signature of no less than 13 tripartite
Portugal                 agreements between the Commission, KfW and the CEB since 2000.
San Marino

Slovak Republic


Spain                    Set up in 1956, the CEB (Council of Europe Development Bank) has 39 member states. 17 Central and
Sweden                   Eastern European countries are listed among the member states.

Switzerland              As a major instrument of the policy of solidarity in Europe, the Bank finances social projects by making
                         available to them resources raised in conditions reflecting the quality of its rating (AAA with Standard &
"the former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia"   Poor's, Fitch Ratings and Moody's). It thus grants loans to its member states, to financial institutions and to
                         local authorities for the financing of projects in the social sector, in accordance with its Articles of
Turkey                   Agreement.

Press contact: Armelle de La Jugannière - Tel: +33 (0)1 47 55 55 53                                             www.coebank.org

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