2012 SPRING ACCT 5321.001 Peer Group Evaluation Form

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					                                 ACCT 5321.001 – SPRING 2012

                                      Peer Evaluation Form

 Your Name: _______________________________                   Group Number __________

Return this Peer Evaluation Form to me by Wednesday, May 2. DO NOT SEND IT TO ME IN
EMAIL. You must turn in this completed form, since it is also a part of your project grade.

 Part A
 Score all team members on each measure below, including yourself. Your peer evaluations will
 be kept confidential, and I will not return them or show them to anyone else.

 On a scale of 1-10 (1 - completely unsatisfactory; 10 - completely satisfactory/outstanding), rate
 the extent to which each team member satisfied his/her performance measures. The criteria are
 described below. For each team member, add up the scores of the different performance
 measures to come up with a total score for each person.


 #1. Did your team members show up to all meetings prepared and ready to work? If they had to
 miss a meeting after they had agreed to it, did they email or phone at least one group member to
 let him/her know they wouldn’t be there?

 #2. Did your team members agree to task deadlines and complete their individual assignments by
 those deadlines?

 #3. Did your team members help you in completing your tasks when you encountered problems?
 Did they help you think of alternate solutions to help get the work done?

 #4. Did your group members volunteer for tasks assignments rather than avoid extra work?

 #5. Were any team members unnecessarily dictatorial in telling others what to do? Were your
 team members easy and pleasant to work with? Did they contribute to a sense of harmony and
 cohesiveness of the group?

 #6. Did your team members complete their tasks to the satisfaction of the group? Did their
 contributions have to be substantially modified or supplemented by the others? Did they follow
 the guidelines established for the group?

 #7. What is your assessment of the overall contribution of each team member, including
                                       Team         Team         Team         Team        Team
Performance                           Member       Member       Member       Member      Member
Measure               Your Name        Name         Name         Name         Name        Name
#1: Show up at
#2: Meet

#3: Help in
problem solving?
#4: Volunteer to
perform extra
#5: Worked well
with others?
#6: Quality of
#7: Overall

Total Score:

Rank in Group

Part B

On a separate sheet, describe your contributions to your group’s project and indicate which
activities you were primarily responsible for. You may also include any other relevant
comments you wish to make. Please submit in typed form.

Part C

Evaluate your group by assigning a number to each group member depending upon their level of
participation in the group projects, with “1” being the highest. For example, if there are 3 group
members, each member will receive a rank of either 1, 2 or 3. Ties are not acceptable. Enter the
ranking number for each team member’s name in the Table in Part A under “Rank in Group”.

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