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Bicycle Safety_2_ by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                    Bicycle Safety
                                        Please review these with your children!

Common Causes of Bicycle                      General Safety:                            Theft Precautions –
Accidents:                                                                                   •    Always lock your bike when
  Bicycle rider using the wrong side            Cross sewer gratings and railroad                 leaving it.
  of the road.                                  tracks at an angle.                          •    Use a strong chain and
  Auto driver making an unsafe turn.            Stay in single file when riding with              padlock or kryptonite lock.
  Bicyclist riding from driveway or             others.                                      •    Secure the frame of the bike
  sidewalk into path of car.                    Cross busy intersections by walking               to something solid (bike
  Auto driver opening door as bicycle           your bike.                                        rack).
  passes.                                       Wear shoes – avoid getting toes              •    Keep a record of the license
  Bicycle rider weaving, leaving edge           caught in moving parts.                           number, frame serial number
  of road or bike lane.                         Avoid long skirts and flare pants.                and type and model of the
  Bicyclist making unsafe left turn.            Clasp pant legs to legs with clips or             bike.
  Bicycle without headlight or                  leg bands.                                   •    Park your bike where it can
  reflectors.                                   Clip hair back to keep it from                    be easily seen.
  Bicyclist not stopping at stop light          blocking vision. Avoid scarves
  or stop sign.                                 which can fly in your vision.            Maintenance
                                                Wear proper safety equipment at all      • While riding, listen for sounds of
                                                times – bright clothing, approved          rubbing, squeaks or rattles and
What are the equipment                          bicycle helmet.
requirements?                                                                              investigate right away.
                                                ALWAYS ride in the same direction        • Slipping or difficulty changing
                                                as the traffic.
                                                                                           gears may mean the gear cable is
Helmet: A person under 18 years of              Whenever there is a bike lane, you
                                                                                           too loose or too tight.
age cannot operate a bicycle or ride            must use it.
                                                                                         • Use a tire gauge to check tires every
as a passenger without a properly               Keep at least one hand on the
                                                                                           few days. Proper pressure is
fitted and fastened bicycle helmet              handlebars at all times.
                                                                                           indicated on the tire sidewall or in
that meets the standards of the                 Never hitch or give rides to
                                                                                           the manual.
American National Standards                     passengers when there is not a seat
                                                                                         • Lightly oil and clean moving parts.
Institute (ANSI) or the SNELL                   for them.
                                                                                           Wipe off excess oil.
standards for protective headgear.              Use proper hand signals:
                                                                                         • Tighten and/or adjust loose parts.
  •     Handlebars                              Left turn: left arm straight out
                                                                                         • Make sure handle grips are glued or
  Must be set so that your hands are            pointing left.
                                                                                           tightly secured to handlebars.
  no higher than your shoulders when            Right turn: left arm pointed
                                                straight up or right arm straight out    • If possible, store the bike indoors so
  you hold the regular steering grip
                                                pointing right.                            it does not rust.
  •     Bicycle Size                            Stop: left arm pointed straight
  Must not be so big that operator              down.
  cannot safely stop bicycle upright            Headphones covering both ears may
  with at least one foot on the ground.         not be worn while riding a bicycle.
  •     Brakes
  Must be able to make one wheel              Do I have to register my
  skid on clean, level, dry pavement.         bicycle?
  •     Light                                 It is strongly recommended that you
  A white lamp, attached to the               register your bicycle. Contact your
  bicycle or your body, visible from          local bicycle shop for information.
  300 feet to the front and from the          Why?
  sides.                                      • a license sticker in plain sight might
  •     Reflectors                               discourage a would-be thief.
  a) Red rear reflector                       • If your bike is stolen, the chances of
  b) White or yellow reflectors on               getting it back are much better.
  front and back of each pedal
  c) white or yellow reflectors on
  each side forward of center of bike
  and red or white on each side rear of
  center – usually on wheel spokes.

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