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Freeport Resort _ Club PO Box F-42514_ Freeport_ Bahamas


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									                                            Freeport Resort & Club
                                      PO Box F-42514, Freeport, Bahamas
                                       Developer Tel / fax 242-352-8425
                               www.freeportresort.com / frcoffice@coralwave.com

November 11, 2009

Sir Jack Hayward                                Lady Henrietta St. George
Honorary Chairman, GBPA                         Honorary Chairwoman, GBPA
PO Box F-42666, Freeport, Bahamas               PO Box F-42666, Freeport, Bahamas

Dear Honorary Chairpersons:


This urgent matter deserves the attention of both of you in spite of your business differences! The attached copy of
a letter I sent to your ‘new team’ on November 2, 2009, to which we have not received a reaction or response, is self
explanatory and sets the background to our request.

The Bahamas does not need any more negative international exposure. The John Travolta fiascos plus being rated
the 3rd worst tourist destination in the world has done enough. It behooves us all to ensure that no stone is left
unturned to try to get the GBPA to do the right thing, so I am contacting you as the majority shareholders and
Honorary Chairpersons. I believe your predecessor, Wallace Grooves, would have acted to ensure that the GBPA’s
mandate, integrity and reputation is honored and in so doing would have insisted that any sub developer and their
successors fulfill all of their promises unequivocally and in a timely manner.

We have documented our grievances in decades of correspondence to the violators/ successor developers as well as
Government officials, the GBPA and other parties of interest. More recently, we produced a Paper on our
Grievances in May 2007 (before Harcourt officially closed on their purchase of the Royal Oasis), which was further
supplemented with a Powerpoint Presentation in August 2008, and all involved parties were given or offered same to
assist in an out of court settlement to these injustices.

Regardless of how one looks at these grievances, they violate the Bahamas Constitution and/or the Bahamia
Prospectus Covenants, which was filed in Ontario and used to solicit me to buy land in Bahamia over 30 years ago.
We relied on the ‘Recreational Amenity’ provisions in the Bahamia Prospectus when we set up the first timeshare
resort on GBI. Later, Princess benefited by following our lead and entered the timeshare market, but their
successors, Driftwood and now Harcourt, stubbornly ignore and evade their inherited responsibilities. The
attachment entitled “ The Impact from a 30 year Returning Vacationer’s Perspective” fairly describes the importance,
gradual erosion then complete denial of rights. Such callous acts must never be condoned.

The Court should not have to be involved if Government and GBPA carry out their respective responsibilities.
Harcourt may still not comply but at least they won’t be encouraged to continue their corrupt policies. This could
serve the best interests of the victims, the GBPA, the government and the people of Grand Bahama. I am asking that
each of you insist that this matter be addressed by the GBPA without delay. Thank you.


Jack W.P. Grobowsky, President

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