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					Electrical Engineering
English 1 Honors Performance Task
Alexander Rodriguez

This is everything I have written in my I-search paper for my
English 1 honors class.

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                                                              June 13, 2011

                                   Proposal letter

Miss Zimmermann

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For my I-search I plan on researching the process of becoming an electrical engineer. Also what the job

entails what you do once you become an electrical engineer. The benefits of an electrical engineer, the

reason why I choose this topic is because I am always interested to learn more in electrical field. I always

love watching the science channel and watching my dad when he works on his car or helps someone

with their own car.

My research will revolve around how electrical engineering has changed along the years and the main

reason why I really want to become a great electrical engineer. This is really important to me because

this is going to be on what I want to become in the future. Will most likely in the future want to become

an electrical engineer. Thank you for you considering I-Search Project.


Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez

English 1 Honors


Narrative Introduction

        Everything now is electrical from TV’s to computers and all the way down to our very own tooth

brushes. Even though they are a lot of electrical uses we still are trying to make more ways simpler and

easier. All of those things that we try to create require electricity. When a car messes up or another

huge machine is messed up an electrical engineer is usually the person that has to fix it. As modern

technology gets better the use of electrical engineers or more needed. Electrical engineering is

something that I have always wanted to study in.

        The reason why I wanted to do a research paper about electrical engineering because of the

opportunity I got to talk to you about electrical engineering. I know it’s not as important as law,

becoming a doctor or anything else for that matter but to me I love everything about electrical

engineering. To me being able to design and fix anything is very interesting to me. It’s not the most

exciting thing but to me it is something that would be in my future.

        Well I then I think it’s about time I started. Well because the reader should know what I know

about electrical engineering I will tell you basically nothing. What I do know is that most of the machines

we use now days are also designed by an electrical engineer. Also that electrical engineering became a

field in the late nineteenth century besides that you have everything I know right there. I am hoping to

learn more as I research this topic.
        Let me tell you my ideas of what I think I will learn as I research this topic. I think I will stick to

the most important parts of electrical engineering which are modern developments, practicing

engineers, and a few more things along those lines. But all of this will revolve around this main question,

how has electrical engineering along the years? I will also talk about how electrical engineering is used

all around the world and how the felid of electrical engineering started.

        One of the things that I really enjoy about this is the fact that I at least get to jump start my

knowledge on learning about electrical engineering. I feel like that I would really do well in this topic. I

always had this feeling that I would do well in engineering I would always go with my dad when he had

to work when I was little. The great part about this project is that we need to do this on something we

want to do so I know that I will enjoy doing this project.

        I choose this topic with the hope of learning more of something that I really like and want to

learn about. I think it’s a good opportunity for me to learn about something that I will be doing in my

future. I really want know the important parts of electrical engineering and I also want to know who

thought that electrical engineering should be a part of collage. Also I want to know how long dose it

takes to get a bachelor’s in technology this is what I want to specify in. I also want to learn about some

of the modern technology that is now used today.

        So this is my topic I will be talking about electrical engineering but the main objective is to

answer the question. How has electrical engineering changed along the years? I choose this because I

wanted to learn more about electrical engineering. I really hoped that you guys and girls liked my I-

search introduction and hope you will like the full I-search paper.
Alexander Rodriguez

English 1 Honors

Ms. Zimmerman                          I-search Process


       The subject I choose to work on in my I-search paper is electrical engineering. The way I

got my information was online websites. The things I learned on the internet were the basics

also what people planned to do in the future. The start of the electrical engineering field was in

the nineteenth century. The start of electrical engineering itself was around early 17th century.

       How I started my research was by looking for websites that I knew I could trust their

information such as collage websites. Some sources from electrical engineering companies and

so on the collages were mostly just professors who know a lot on the topic. These sources are

good for the reason that the companies had workers with years and years of experience and

some even talked about the history of electrical engineering. Most of the college professors

knew a lot about the history of electrical engineering other professors mostly talked about

what people were doing now.

       The hard part of the project was finding information about electrical engineering from

back in 17th century to our century. The reason why is that most of the stuff I found was about

modern electrical engineering I did find some stuff about engineering in the past but it was

mostly information in the nineteenth century. I still learned a lot of stuff from bouncing around

on the internet.
                                      I-Search Essay

       I will start at the beginning of electrical engineering. Since the 17th century electrical

engineering had been a subject of scientific interest. The first electrical engineer was William

Gilbert who created a machine called the versorium. A machine that would let you know when

something is statically charged. He was the first to show the distinction between magnetism

and static electricity and came up with the term electricity. Alessandro Volta’s

experimentations made the electrophorus a device that made static electric charge.

        By the 1800 Alessandro made the voltaic pile which was an earlier invention of the

electric battery. But not until the 19th century that electric engineering was starting to intensify.

Georg Ohm determined the difference between electric current and potential difference in a

conductor. Michael Faraday is the person who discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831.

There is also James Clark Maxwell who published the theory of electricity and magnetism in

1873. During these years all of this was also considered physics.

       It was not until the 19th century that universities started to give degrees in electrical

engineering. The Darmstadt University of technology was the first school with a faculty of

electrical engineers in the world in 1882. In the same year of 1882 the Massachusetts Institute

of technology was the first Institute with an option of electrical engineering with in a Physics

department. In 1883 the Darmstadt University of technology and the Cornell University were

the first to give electrical engineering courses. In 1885 a University College London was the first

chair in United Kingdom. The University of Missouri was the first department of electrical

engineering in the United States in 1886.
         Now I will talk about the more modern times. During the development of the radio

many scientist and inventor worked on making the radio better and also on other electronics. In

Heinrich Hertz ultra high frequency experiments he was able to transmit and detect radio

waves using electrical equipment in 1888. In 1895, Nikola Tesla was able to detect signals from

his New York lab. In 1897 Karl Ferdinand Braun made the cathode ray tube as part of an

oscilloscope, one of the most important items needed for the electronic television. John

Fleming invented the first radio tube in 1904 the diode. Two years later, Robert von

Lieben and Lee De Forest made the amplifier tube called the triode.

       In 1895, Guglielmo Marconi strengthened the hertzian wireless methods. In 1901 he

sent wireless waves that weren’t affected by the curvature of the earth. Later Marconi’s

wireless signals were being sent across the Atlantic. He had created the magnetron which

would later help the creation of the microwave oven in 1946 by Percy Spencers. In 1934 the

British military began to make strides toward Radar under the direction of Dr Wimperis,

culminating in the mission of the first radar station located at Bawdsey in August 1936.

       In 1941 Konrad Zuse presented the first fully functional and programmable computer

which was called the Z3. In 1946 ENIAC of John Presper Eckert and John Mauchly followed

starting the computing era. The arithmetic performance of these machines provided electrical

engineers to develop completely new technologies and achieve new objectives including the

Apollo missions and the moon landing.

       These were the modern and the past times of electrical engineering I will now talk about

what the job entails and what you could most likely do when you become and electrical
engineer also the benefits of becoming one. From radar to motors, electrical engineers design,

implement, maintain, and improve all the electronics everyone uses everyday this is the basic

life of an electrical engineer. Electrical engineering is a diverse field and positions are available

in offices, industrial plants, factories and laboratories. Many electrical engineers assist on

existing projects such as new car design or computer development, and problem solving skills

are an essential part of this job. As not only do these engineers need to be able to come up with

new and improved designs, they also need to be able to tackle any problems that may come up

in the design process and find good solutions fast and efficiently. These are the things you

should be able to do once you are an electrical engineer now I will talk about the benefits of

becoming an electrical engineer. You get a very good amount of money not as much as a doctor

though. What you learn from being an electrical engineer can be used to make your own

devices fix what needs to be fixed. The skills you learn could be used for more than one job.

       This what I got from researching electrical engineering electrical engineering became a

pretty big deal in the nineteenth century and still kind of is. With new technology coming out

electrical engineers will help with the development of new technology.
                                     Researching Skills

       The search to me was the hard part of the whole research paper. Even though I kind of

had a hard time looking for all the info I needed on my I-search paper, going from website to

website I learned quite a few things while researching this topic. I learned how to know

whether the information I was getting was either good or bad. I went to Google then I went

Wikipedia like most people would but I did not use them for info. I used them I guess you can

say as a stepping stone to get one thing that I could really go into depth with. I looked at past

electrical engineering and to present. Even though most websites repeated what another

website had said I still had to keep looking. I looked and looked and after a while the facts and

information had started to come to me slowly. I started with Google and then find six different

sites that had helped me out. The next time I do this will most likely going with more

experience than I have right now and it would most likely be easier for me.
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