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									                    Laura Newby (University of Oxford):

   Copper Plates for the Qianlong Emperor: from Paris to

                                Peking via Canton

Time:          Friday, February 9, 2012

Venue:         Celetná 20, room 118


In the early 1760s, Jesuit missionaries serving as court artists in Peking were instructed

by the Qianlong emperor (r. 1736-96) to produce a set of sixteen sketches in celebration

of his recent victories over the Mongols and the Turkic Muslims in the region of

present-day Xinjiang. The designs which were to be engraved on copper plates and

printed in Europe were dispatched from Canton to Paris where the work was executed.

Yet it was not until 1777, over a decade after the Qianlong emperor had initiated the

project that his order was fully realised and the sixteen original designs, the sixteen

copper plates and 200 prints drawn from each plate had all arrived in Beijing. The paper

explores the politics behind the execution of this unique set of prints.

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