Colorado Springs Chiropractors, Dr.Mark Rocco DC And Dr. Joshua J.Lemburg DC,Provide Chiropractic For Accident Injuries by andrewkarvert69


									Colorado Springs Chiropractors, Dr. Mark Rocco DC And Dr. Joshua J.
Lemburg DC, Provide Chiropractic For Accident Injuries

Colorado Springs, CO, 28-MARCH-2012 - Dr. Mark Rocco, DC and Dr. Joshua
J. Lemburg, DC, the Colorado Springs chiropractor team, have been
recognized for their success in providing chiropractic care to
individuals who have suffered from accident injuries. The doctors use a
holistic approach when providing care that addresses the root cause of
the pain and gives patients the education, training, and care needed to
heal more quickly and effectively.

When interviewed recently, the doctors shared that they focus on the
"whole" body so that long-term healing can be achieved. "We make sure
that all of the factors contributing to pain from the injury are
addressed. In many cases, when an individual is injured in an accident,
the body will compensate for the imbalance or injury and create damage in
other areas. We work very closely with our patients to make sure that
they receive the care they need to achieve a greater quality of life and
an improvement in overall health and wellness."

An individual who visits the office will be given a complete examination
including x-rays to determine the areas of the body that have been
impacted by the accident. They will discuss past medical history, details
of the accident, parts of the body that are causing pain, diet,
lifestyle, and normal activities of the patient.

After reviewing all of the information, the doctors will create a
wellness plan that includes gentle manipulation of compressed or
misaligned discs to relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restore
proper circulation through the spinal cord. The doctors may also use
other therapies such as nutritional therapy to increase the important
vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal and regenerate more
effectively. Massage and hot/cold therapy will be used to stimulate
circulation and oxygen to the muscles surrounding the damaged area and
increase the healing of damaged tissues and cells in the area.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Mark
Rocco, DC and Dr. Joshua J. Lemburg, DC, the Colorado Springs
chiropractor team, to relieve pain and improve healing for individuals
who have been involved in an accident, visit today. Individuals interested in
getting more details about this press release will find contact
information below.

Dr. Mark Rocco, DC and Dr. Joshua J. Lemburg, DC

Springs Family Chiropractic

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Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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