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					                                 School Vision/Mission

A Victorian is ultimately a Gentleman, a Professional and a Sportsman who makes
tangible contributions to his family, work, community and nation.

Victoria School provides a stimulating environment that promotes life-long learning for
high-calibre students from Singapore and abroad, as well as inculcates in them the values
to be responsible and effective individuals.

Our mission is to be a premier school recognised for our rich tradition of excellence, and
our ability to groom upright and balanced individuals with leadership qualities. We are
dedicated to instilling in Victorians a spirit of achievement, and nurturing them into
becoming innovative and respectable leaders.

Value             Definition                  Remarks
Performance /     To strive to be the very    Our quest for excellence starts
Excellence        best in every endeavour,    with the individual. We will
                  academic and non-           recognise performance and reward
                  academic.                   achievement.
Integrity         To abide by sound           Our quest of excellence will be
                  principles in all           carried out with integrity. We will
                  undertakings.               inculcate sound values in our
Tradition         To build on our rich        Our long and illustrious history is
                  tradition.                  our pride and inspiration. We will
                                              develop in our students a sense of
                                              belonging to the school, loyalty to
                                              their alma mater and rootedness to
Professionalism To be competent and           Our staff will have the knowledge
                committed.                    and skills to carry out their duties
                                              effectively. We will develop in
                                              them a sense of pride in their
Innovation        To have the willingness to Our environment is changing very
                  seek new ways of doing     rapidly. We will be nimble and
                  things and the courage to adapt quickly to remain relevant.
                  push boundaries.
Global -          To embrace the world as     Our society is rapidly globalising.
Mindedness        the playing field.          We will expose our students to the
                                              world so that they will be effective
                                              individuals for the future.
Strategic         To tap on the expertise     Our capabilities will be enhanced
Alliances         and resources of external   through external partnerships. We
                  parties.                    will plug into the resources of our
                                              old boys, local and overseas
                                              educational institutions, and the
                                              corporate world.
Compassion        To feel for others and      Our quest for excellence will be
                  develop a sense of          carried out with a heart.


The open book symbolizes lifelong learning.

The torch symbolizes truth and the passing on of a tradition. It also illuminates the way of
Victorians who venture forth to excel beyond the shores of Singapore.


Yellow: Stands for dignity and excellence

Red: Symbolizes universal brotherhood and equality


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Description: A Victorian is ultimately a Gentleman, a Professional and a Sportsman who makes tangible contributions to his family, work, community and nation.