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					VOL.2 ISSUE 1                       LILLINGTON VET GAZETTE Jan2011
                                2011 Harnett County Agricultural Fair
                                  See You There May 2nd-7th 2011

                                   Another year has passed us by, we hope that
                                         this new year finds you all well!
              QUIZ                We hope everyone had a safe and happy new
1. When was Lillington          Starting off every new year we all know the
   Veterinary Hospital founded? tradition for us to come up with New Years
                                resolutions. Did you come up with some for
                                your pet also? Examples of some resolutions
2. How many teeth does an adult                                                                      (Ibizan Hound)
                                that include your pet; I think this year we will
   dog have?                    go for 1/2 mile more on our afternoon walks,
                                We will cut down on the calorie dense treats
3. How many teeth does an adult that we feed them. We will try to fit that teeth
   cat have?                    brushing in before bed at least every other day
                                this year……
4. What problem is a common     If you came up with a new year resolution for
   consequence of periodontal   one or all of your pets we would love to hear
   disease?                     about it and maybe pass it on to those of us that
                                may need a little help thinking up some.
5. What president was famous    You can drop in and let us know or feel free to                        “Nitro”
                                email them to us at:                                              (Chinese Crested)
   for his false teeth?
                       We may post them                  Both owned by Robin and Steve
                                on our website, anonymously, of course, unless                        Pustzay
6. What strongman contest is    you state otherwise.
   NOT recommended by your             So again, Happy New Year, we look
   dentist?                      forward to seeing you this year and thank you
                                  for your continued membership on our health
7. What kind of pets have teeth                      care team.
   that continuously grow
                                                             Our car sticker seen in town
   throughout their lives?                                   (with extra lettering). Ask
                                                             for your decal today.
8. What technique do we use to                                                                          “Fogarty”
   evaluate whether a tooth root
                                                                                             (Dundalk “Put Me in Coach”)
   is infected?                                                                                     (Wheaten Terrier)
                                                                                                 Owned by Carol Burdge
                                                                                            All three will be competing at the
Question: Why these questions?               Show Me Your ID!                                Westminster Dog Show in New
Answer: February is Pet Dental              Does Your Cat Wear A                                           York.
Month!                                                                                      Good Luck to them all!
 Dental discounts are available.          All cats should be properly identified with
                                         either a microchip or a collar, these are both      EMPLOYEES OF THE
 Answer these questions correctly                 essential identifying tools.                   MONTH
           and win prizes!!                         Cast your vote 1 of 4 ways                     Dalton and Kristen
         Deadline is Feb. 1st.             1. Call 910-893-2081
                                           2. Drop in and let us know                        Guiness Book of World
     Email, call or fax your answers.      3. Email us at
                                                                                               Records for 2011
Answers to be posted on our website and
in the lobby at the end of the month, also 4. Fax your answer to 910-893-9257               Our office manager, Leanna
 can be found in February's newsletter.                                                     King made it into the records
                                                      We are taking a poll!
                                                                                              for this year. (milk mama)

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