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									               IICP Education & Training & the Village Counselling Service

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION

Role: VCS/IICP Administration Supervisor
Reports To: Chairperson of VCS/Managing Director of IICP (note: same individual)
Role Purpose: To provide administrative support and supervision of the services for VCS/IICP
and to ensure the efficient and effective day-to-day adminstration of the organisation.

The core aspects of the role of supervising the administration function of VCS/IICP are:
    Enquiries & New Clients
          o Taking enquiries
          o Communicate all enquiries to the Clinical Co-ordinator
          o Supporting enquiry handling about courses for IICP
    Bookings & Utilisation
          o Allocation of Counsellors/Clients to rooms
          o Ensuring rooms are utilised fully
          o Attend client distribution meetings to manage effective distribution of rooms
             Regular audit of time blocks
    Counsellor Induction
          o Inducting, informing and educating Counsellors about their admin responsibilities
             and proper admin procedures relating to them
          o Ensuring Counsellors are following proper procedure
          o Informing the Chairperson of any issues related to Counsellors
    Client Contributions
          o Accurately recording client contributions
          o Ensure that there are adequate supplies including receipt books and envelopes in
             counselling rooms at all times
          o Ensuring the client contribution system is working effectively
          o Spotting, notifying (to the Chairperson) and addressing errors or concerns quickly
          o Preparing weekly lodgement
    Client Closures
          o Recording client closures in accordance with the client closure process
    Service Evaluation
          o Ensuring that service evaluation procedures are adhered to for VCS and IICP
    Accounts
          o Maintain proper and accurate income and expenditure records approved by the
             Company accountant for VCS and IICP
          o Recording petty cash transactions for VCS
          o Preparing monthly cheque requisitions and supplier cheques for approval for VCS
          o Preparation of VCS/IICP Audits
    Income & Expenditure
          o Recording income and expenditure
          o Ensuring the record of other income e.g. HSE etc. and expenditure is properly
          o Preparation of quarterly income and expenditure report

   Purchasing
       o Order and maintain adequate stocks and stationary supplies in a timely fashion
       o Maintaining stationery and office stocks in central database
   Website
       o Update the VCS/IICP websites
       o Update Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis
       o Utilise SEO and Google Adwords to drive traffic to the website and improve
          demand for the service
   IT
       o Maintain IT systems including hardware, software, photocopiers, printers and
          franking machine, supported by the company’s IT Consultant
   Advertising/Marketing
       o Organising leaflet drops
       o Implementing other methods to market the service, within budget, to improve
          awareness of the service and increase demand.
   Reporting
       o Weekly:
                 Producing a weekly report on client contributions, client hours and
                     number of new clients
       o Monthly:
                 Producing a monthly report to include analysis of ‘initials’, new clients,
                     closures, service evaluation, room utilisation, counsellors and other areas
                     as required by the Managing Director/Chairperson
       o Bi-Monthly
                 Preparing an activity report which the Chairperson will present to the
                     Board of Management
   Funding
       o Preparing and submitting applications for funding
       o Research grants and further funding that may be available to VCS and present
          these to the Chairperson for consideration
   Housekeeping
       o Overseeing maintenance of counselling rooms and ensuring that any repairs
          issues are reported and resolved
       o Supervising and maintaining filing (soft and hard copy) to the highest standards
       o Preparing daily sign in sheets for all counselling rooms
       o Regular archiving
   Statistical Data
       o Ensure that all relevent statistical data relating to VCS/IICP is recorded in an
          orderly manner
       o Collate and present statistical data using charts and graphs in reports and
          presentations as necessary
   Library
       o Recording account loans and returns to the student body
       o Liaising with faculty of IICP and students regarding development of library
       o Conduct annual resource audit
       o Adding and recording incoming resources to the library database
   Applications & Interviews
        o Supporting the applications and interview setup process for IICP
   Registration & Student Fees
        o Supporting the registration process for all courses for IICP

      Other
         o Co-ordinate production of a bi-monthly newsletter
         o Arrange regular Focus Groups on behalf of the service and advertise as
             necessary. Please note that the selected candidate will be required to attend
             a Focus Group to gain first hand knowledge of the Choice Theory process.
         o Other projects as may be deemed necessary from time to time by the senior
             management staff
      Meetings
          o Preparing notifications, agendas and packs for VCS and IICP Board meetings
          o Taking minutes and distributing as appropriate
      Telephone Calls
          o Taking or making phone calls for the senior management as appropriate
          o Other duties appropriate to the role which may be required from time to time

   Excellent MS Excel Skills
   Excellent MS Word Skills
   Excellent general knowledge of PC’s, laptops, printers, and IT tools for end-users
   Excellent knowledge of bookkeeping/accounts maintenance e.g. creditors ledger,
     debtors ledger, lodgements, etc. - Ability to maintain proper and accurate records of
     income and expenditure approved by the Company accountant
   Previous experience of updating website content (Wordpress)
   Previous experience of updating social networking sites
   Excellent administration skills
   Excellent record keeping and filing skills

   System’s thinker
   Process driven
   Continuous improvement
   Organised
   Methodical
   Ability to work on own initiative
   Ability to appreciate and maintain sensitive boundaries with reference to the highly
     confidential aspects of the work involved.

   Even tempered
   Ability to work well as part of a team
   Reliable
   Goal oriented
   Persistent
   A completer/finisher
   Accurate and attentive to detail
   Excellent interpersonal skills
   Flexible to adapt to changing demands
   Motivated
   Proactive / takes the initiative
   Hard working
   Attention to detail
   Excellent interpersonal skills

Note:The job description will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changing business
requirements and the job holders development needs.


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