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					 Quiz! 10 Points, Can use Notes, Good Luck!
1)  Difference between hobo & a tramp?
2)  Migrants that wandered around after Dust Bowl were called ____
3)  WWI vets that camped at D.C. demanding promised $: ________
4)  The Year & the month the stock market crashed: ____________
5)  How did the boll weevil help cause the Great Migration?
6)  T or F: Marcus Garvey was critical of W.E.B. Dubois because he
    was sympathetic to the KKK.
7) T or F: One of many ways flappers defied traditional values was
    by seeking individualism from men.
8) T or F: Clarence Darrow served as John Scopes lawyer during the
    famous Scopes-Monkey Trial.
9) T or F: Rural areas tended to value change more than big cities.
10) Why was the 18th amendment passed in 1919 & why was it
    repealed by the 21st amendment in 19??.
*BONUS: Which president slept for 10 hours each day?
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                     Writing Assignment
•    Please choose one of the following to complete. Should be at least
     1 page in length. Does not have to be typed but neatness will
     factor into your grade. Due Monday 1/31, thanks!
    1)      Write a speech the president would deliver to the nation trying to
            convince people that the 1929 stock market crash was an aberration,
            that the economy is still strong, and that it will quickly recover.
    2)      Write a letter to a friend in which you urge him or her to be careful
            about making stock market investments. Use information from the
            chapter for support.
    3)      Write lyrics for a song about living conditions during the Great
    4)      Write a short story describing what life is like in the 1930s on a
            farm in the middle of the Dust Bowl. Use vivid imagery & accurate
            details. Would you stay or try & go elsewhere to start a new life?
•    5 pts = Neatness                      5 pts = Creativity
•    5 pts = Grammar                       5 pts = Application
•    TOTAL = 20 points
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            FDR & The New Deal

                 Chapter 22

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            Objectives Part 1
• The election of 1932 (1)

• FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt’s partnership

• Initial actions FDR took to stabilize the
  economy (1)
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FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
    -President 1933-45; 4 terms! (22nd Amend), Born in wealth
    -Served as Wilson’s assistant Sec. Of Navy
    -Vice Pres. Candidate in 1920, lost to Harding
    -1921 struck w/polio, can’t use legs!
    -1929-33 governor of NY (stunning return to politics)
    -Married his 5th cousin, TR’s neice
    -FDR also distantly related to 6 presidents including
    Washington, Adams, Taft as well as Winston Churchill
    -Only paraplegic prez. Media obeyed his wishes! Wore
    steel braces that dug into flesh, secret service kept
    busy carrying FDR & watching for photographers
    -1933 assassin fires 5 shots, kills Chicago mayor not FDR
    -FDR & mistresses! Secret Service help? Eleanor’s reaction?
    -Died suddenly in 1945 from cerebral hemorrhage, Deathbed

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How would being stricken w/polio make FDR a better president.

              I. Election of 1932
• FDR: distant relative of
  TR, lost 1920 VP, struck
  w/polio, became NY

  – Landslide victory over Hoover

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“I never saw him, but I knew him.” Depression survivor on FDR

               II. FDR & Eleanor
                                • Fireside Chat: radio
                                  addresses from FDR
                                    – 2 each year, very popular!

                                • Philosophy: it’s govt’s.
                                  job to take action!
                                    – Try anything!

                                • Eleanor R.: distant
                                  cousin, changed role of
                                  First Lady
                                    – Involved in Social issues (Marian
                                      Anderson performs @ Lincoln Memorial)
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Watch this video clip &
determine why FDR wanted to
close all banks temporarily.
It’s a Wonderful Life

 3/29/2012                     8
    FDR created the FDIC which insured people from losing savings
    in a bank
                      III. FDR Actions
•    Temporarily closes all banks (Why?)

• Hundred Days: action-
  packed beginning of
  FDR’s 1st term

• New Deal: FDR’s
  program w/3 goals
      – Relief (for the suffering)
      – Recovery (for economy)
                                            Interpret this cartoon.
      – Reform (to prevent future crisis)
                                            It’s a Wonderful Life     9
New Deal famous for creating an “alphabet soup” of govt. agencies.

                New Deal Programs
 1) Civilian Conservation         4) Public Works Administration
    Corps (CCC): created             (PWA)
    jobs for 18-25 yr olds        5) Federal Securities Act (FSA):
                                     must share financial info
 2) Agriculture Adjustment           w/public
    Act (AAA): helped             6) Securities & Exchange
    farmers increase prices          Commission (SEC): watched
 3) National Industrial              stock market
    Recovery Act (NIRA):          7) Tennessee Valley Authority
    set prices to help               (TVA): built dams, provided
                                     hydroelectric power
                                  …& many more!               10
       “I do not deny that we make mistakes. I have no
   expectations of making a hit every time we come to bat.” -

• Never before has govt. taken so much
  action. Some criticize that the president has
  too much power. The Supreme Court
  declares many programs unconstitutional.

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            Objectives Part 2
  (What Mr. Brewer are you serious!!)

• Key programs of the Second 100 Days (1)

• Key events of the election of 1936 (1)

• Popular Entertainment in the 1930s (1)

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1934 was 1st time the party in the White House controlled both House
& Senate.
         I. Second Hundred Days
 • Second New Deal: 1935,
   raised taxes for wealthy
     – What’s the difference?

 • Social Security: pension
   for 65 & older

 • Rural Electrification
   Administration (REA):
   brings elec. To small
   towns (SREC & MCTC)
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            II. Election of 1936
                      • FDR wins landslide

                      • African-Americans
                        switch to Dem. Party

                       “As Maine goes, so goes Vermont”
                       (Campaign director James Farley on
                       FDR’s victory over Alfred Landon)
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H.G. Welles’s War of the Worlds convinced listeners the Earth was actually under
            III. Popular Entertainment in
  • Movies:
      –   Helped escape problems
      –   Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
      –   Marx Brothers
      –   Snow White, Wizard of Oz

  • Radio:
      – War of the Worlds
      – Lone Ranger
      – Swing, big-band leaders

  • Sports:
      – Joe DiMaggio
      – Lou Gehrig (illness)
      – Joe Louis (1938 bout)                              How does this help people deal with
      3/29/2012                                            the Great Depression? 17
Chapter 22 worksheets

*Things are getting better, but total relief from the Great
Depression would come from the Japanese…???

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                        Fireside Chat
1. March 12, 1933 (The Banking Crisis)

•   A. How did FDR's use of the Fireside Chats enable him to communicate his
    message in a way that was new and unique at that point in history?
•   B. How did FDR's Fireside Chats demonstrate his leadership?
•   C. List 3 examples of how FDR explains the banking system.
•   D. Is the power of radio a more effective form of communication then today?
•   E. Do you feel FDR’s speech was effective? Why or why not?

Responses: “Letters from Listeners”

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

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               War of the Worlds
October 30, 1938: Orson Welles

TIME magazine

   3/29/2012                       20

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