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Content Based Image Retrieval Using


A MODIFIED UNSHARP-MASKING TECHNIQUE FOR IMAGE CONTRAST, A NEW APPROACH FOR VERY DARK VIDEO DENOISING AND ENHANCEMENT, A PDE Approach to Super-resolution with, A Unified Histogram and Laplacian Based for Image, An Adaptive Image Enhancement Technique, An Improved Retinex Image Enhancement Technique, Automatic Exact Histogram Specification for, Bayesian Foreground and Shadow Detection in, Color Image Enhancement and Denoising Using an Optimized Filternet, Content Based Image Retrieval Using, Contrast Enhancement for Ziehl-Neelsen Tissue, DETAIL WARPING BASED VIDEO SUPER-RESOLUTION USING IMAGE GUIDES, Gray-level Image Enhancement By Particle Swarm, Image Contrast Enhancement based on Histogram, Image Enhancement and Segmentation Using Dark, Image Enhancement Technique Based On Improved, Image Quality Improvement fo r Electrophoretic Displays by, Image Reconstruction Using Particle Filters and, IMPROVED IDENTIFICATION OF IRIS AND EYELASH FEATURES, Improving Colour Image Segmentation on Acute, K�R ANALİZ Y�NTEMLERİ İLE İMGE İYİLEŞTİRME, NATURAL RENDERING OF COLOR IMAGE BASED ON RETINEX, Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement, Research on Road Image Fusion Enhancement, Shadow Detection and Compensation in High Resolution Satellite Image Based, Smoothing Cephalographs Using Modified, Three-Dimensional Computational Integral Imaging Reconstruction by Use of, Towards integrating level-3 Features with

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