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									Making a Facebook Account
Self Advocates Coalition of Kansas

                   Open the Internet

✤   First open the internet by clicking on Internet Explorer, Mozilla
    Firefox, or Safari.
Finding the Facebook Homepage

✤   Once the internet has opened, click the address bar.

✤   The Address bar is the longest white bar at the top of your internet

✤   After you click the address bar start typing this:

✤   Press Enter on your keyboard

✤   After you have pressed enter the facebook homepage will load
Begin Setup

 When you arrive at the
facebook home page you
can see a Sign Up section
    on the right side.

Go to it and fill out your
first and last name. Give
your e-mail address and
     create an easy to
remember password for
 your facebook account.

      Select a sex,
  give your birthdate
and then click the green
    sign up button.
Finish Filling Out

                 -You will have to type in randomly
                 chosen words and numbers into a box
                 as a security check.

                 This proves to facebook that you are a
                 real person intending to make a
                 genuine account - not a real person
                 making an account to spam other

                 If you find it difficult to get the correct
                 combination of letters and numbers ask
                 for help :)
Finish Filling Out

-Now you will check a box saying that you
understand and agree to the terms of use and
privacy policy.
-“Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” should be
highlighted and you can click on them if you wish
to read the whole thing.
-Click the "Sign up now!" button when you have
finished the form.
Finish Filling Out

               - Log into the e-mail account that you gave to
               facebook during the sign up process.

               -You will get a confirmation email from facebook.
               Facebook sends this email to confirm your
               registration as well as making sure that the e-mail
               account you gave to facebook is actually yours.

               -When you get the email, click on the link in the
               email to confirm that you registered for a Facebook
You’re Finished!

You are finished creating your facebook account! In the next Presentation

   you will learn how to connect with family and friends on facebook!

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