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Download Electrical engineer resume template - Sample Templates


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									Electrical engineer resume template
Name: ________________ [mention the name of the candidate]

Date of birth: _______________ [mention the date of birth of candidate in dd/mm/yy format]

Gender: _______________ [mention the gender of the candidate]

Age: _______________ [mention the age of the candidate]

Address: _________________ [mention the residential address of the candidate]

Mobile number: _____________ [mention the mobile number of the candidate]

Email address: _____________ [mention the email address of the candidate]

Post applied for: _____________ [mention the post of work for which the candidate is applying]

Career objective:

[Write here the aim or the career objective of the electrical engineer in a brief sentence]


[Write down the detailed of the educational milestones crossed by the candidate which make him
applicable for the given job position]

Skills and areas of expertise:

[Write down the various skills of the candidate in points focussing mainly upon those which will help to
get this job]

Previous work experience:

[Write down a detailed description of the work experience of the candidate in the field of electrical

Training programs:

[Write down the various training programs undertaken by the candidate]

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