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Everyone has a voice with social media


									Social media has changed the face of the world whether
you’ve realize it or not. The control of the channel is in completely control
from the user; markets have been flipped upside down. This article will share
how social media has continually changed the world and what you can expect each
will have as an impact in your own life.

* “Social Media is the Podium” – Social media is much like a podium in which everyone
  has an audience. Unlike the early web which were built to share content to a
  user and kept everything on tight lockdown, social media gives the user the
  stage where they are the ones creating content however they see fit. Users can
  easily share content with others, interact and integrate themselves into the
  social media platforms to create their own niche within a community.

* “Transparency & Social Proof” – Social media has changed who we listen to and respect
  in the world because of the simple flip of demanding social proof and
  transparency. Experts from years past were labeled as ‘experts’ despite the
  fact that not everyone truly saw why they were labeled as such. In today’s
  world the title of expert is given to those that are able to prove what they’ve
  accomplished by being transparent with their community, showing their numbers
  and backing it up with valuable content and interaction with others. The
  control of who we listen to on the web has shifted from T.V. talk heads to the
  underdog with passion.

* “A Platform for Building Personal Brands” –To break it into business or make
  your mark on the world at large was nearly impossible because of the high
  barriers of entry to gain the backing of platforms like the music & movie
  industry, patents for products, venture funding and more. Social media has flipped
  the idea of branding from a logo and large company to an individual and the
  good they are providing to the world. Social media allows everyone to build a
  personal brand through their interactions, content creation, voice and drive to
  stand out on the web.

* “Everyone has a Voice” – Everyone that joins a social media network has a voice that
  can reach millions of others. One hundred years ago it would be nearly
  impossible for the average person to draw an audience in the thousands without
  popular backing and access to forums. Today, everyone has a platform to share
  their voice, opinions and build an audience with zero barriers for entry. The
  world has found many amazing individuals that were once silent from traditional
  barriers. Entire movements can be created using social media platforms.

* “Social Commerce” – The way we buy as a society has shifted from interruption to
 passive interaction. A review of a product from the actual customer has a
 profound effect on the buying decision when it’s shared on social media
 networks vs. a marketing message crafted by a division of a large corporation.
 People want to learn what others are buying, where to find great deals, how
 others are experiencing a product or service, what the low-down is and how
 items will impact their lives rather than being told through a commercial.
 People regularly flock to the net to research products and services; one of
 their first stops is within their social media circles.

In this article, you’ve learned how social media is changing the landscape of business and persona
interactions in the world today. Social media is not a fad; it’s not going away. Failing to adopt and integrate
within social networks will leave you in the dust; your community is already on these platforms – find them.

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