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Lecture objectives                                     Extraction & BonE GraFtinG

                                                                                                                              & BonE
•	 Extract simple or broken down teeth                 This is a practical, fast paced course that will
   usually without opening a flap
                                                       enable you to extract teeth fast and allow
•	 Prevent or manage maxillary sinus problems
                                                       you to apply evidence based dentistry to
•	 Avoid tuberosity fractures                          your real world Monday. This is hands on
•	 Lay the foundation for implants by rebuilding       course that will feature extraction on pig

   the extraction sites with bone grafting materials   jaws followed by live surgery on patients.
•	 Select bone grafting materials that are
   most appropriate to future treatment                The key to a successful general dental practice
•	 Have necessary consent forms for
                                                       is the ability to do procedures effectively in a
                                                       repeatable manner. Oral surgery, particularly
   the extractions and bone grafts
                                                       extraction of teeth can be viewed as being
                                                                                                                               For the general practitioner
course Format                                          unpredictable, stressful and counterintuitive to                             With Doctor Dil Hirji
morning:                                               a productive schedule. Further the extraction
•	 Lecture                                             of teeth as we were taught in dental school with
•	 Hands on atraumatic bone extractions,               the routine opening of flaps and removal of
    bone grafting, suturing and single tooth           buccal bone is destructive, and time consuming.                             Friday May 29th, 2009
    implant placement on pig jaws                      The science of atraumatic extractions simply
afternoon:                                             enables the general dentist to predictably
•	 Live surgery (atraumatic extractions and bone       extract teeth in an efficient manner that
    grafting) by attendees on their patients           is both productive to the practitioner and
                                                       beneficial to the patient. With the use of key
                              Preop radiograph         instruments and a sound biological base, the
                                                       flapless removal of simple and broken down,
                                                       compromised teeth will be taught resulting
                                                       in a more efficient and productive day. Bone
                                                       grafting after extraction of any teeth is a very
                                                       necessary and simple treatment. Different
                                                       types of bone grafting materials, membranes,
                                                       suture techniques will be taught.
                              Extent of destruction
                                                       Presented by Dr. Dilshad Hirji
                              of buccal plate.
                                                                        Co-sponsored by:

                                                                   Nobel biocare canada inc.
                                                                          citagenix inc.

                              Excellent ridge for
                              implant placement
                                                                                                          GP-9069.0 (03/09)

                              after bone grafting
                                                           skills learnt at her seminars into their daily practice.
                                                           Dr. Hirji has been fortunate to be invited to speak
                                                           at the upcoming Townie Meeting (Dentaltown) in
                                                           Las Vegas. She also was invited to present a Soft
                                                           Tissue Grafting course for general practitioners in
                                                           New York in November 2008. She has lectured for
                                                           Astratech and conducted hands on implant courses                          Extraction & Bone Grafting
                                                           for Tenax Implant. She has also presented at the FDI.
                                                           She continues to follow an extensive program of                                     registration
                                                           continuing dental education to broaden her skill set.
                                                                                                                            Name           ____________________________
DilshaD hirji,, D.M.D.                                                  course detaiLs
Dr. Hirji started her private practice in her first year                                                                    Address ____________________________
after receiving her doctorate from Tufts University,        date               Friday May 29 , 2009
                                                                                                                            City           ____________________________
School of Dental Medicine. In 2006, she established         type               Full day seminar
Dental Solutions, a unique, 5400 sq foot state-of-                                                                          Prov.          ______ Postal code _________
the-art, and custom designed facility to showcase           credits            6 points
her commitment to excellence in dentistry. She                                                                              Phone          ____________________________
is a general dentist and provides a range of                tuitioN            morning lecture: $350
                                                                               Full day (with live surgery): $995           Fax            ____________________________
dental services from orthopaedics, orthodontics,
periodontal and implant surgery, esthetic                                      Participants must bring their own patients
                                                                                                                            Email          ____________________________
rehabilitative to pure bread and butter dentistry.
                                                            time               8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.                                        Method of payment
She is passionate about dentistry and believes
that a successful general practice is a result              LocatioN           2 Automatic Road, #114
of great leadership skills and smart practice                                  Brampton, ON L6S 6K8                                 Visa           MC         Cheque
management systems. She is ever strategizing
                                                            coNtiNeNtaL breakFast wiLL
on how to work smarter, not harder to generate
                                                            be served at 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                            Credit Card #       ______________________
a high case acceptance. She also believes that an
ethical, rewarding and profitable practice should           course wiLL commeNce at 8:30
                                                                                                                            Name on card ______________________
be the goal of every dentist. She brings a unique                                                                           Exp. date           ______________________
and positive perspective of incorporating clinical                   For more information please visit:
skills to the general practice environment.                
She recently started the Leadership in Dentistry                                                                            Signature           ______________________
Training Institute in 2008. Dr. Hirji uses her sixteen
years of clinical experience combined with her                                                                              Fax form with credit card information to:
operational systems to provide participants with                                                                            (905) 793-6263
practical and useful information that can immediately                                                                       Make cheque payable to:
make a positive impact on the performance of the                                                                            Leadership in Dentistry Training Institute
dentist for patient care and the betterment of their
                                                                                                                            If you have any questions please call
own business model. Her no nonsense approach is
refreshing and her seminars are uniquely practical,                                                                         905 793-8668
hands-on and results orientated; statistically, five out
of six participants successfully incorporate the new

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