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					River Ridge
                                                                                              Office Use Only
                                                                                      Order Arr’d:
Products LLC                                                                          Rec’d Em Sent:
W6659 Cozine Rd
Ladysmith, WI 54848-9700
Ph: 715-532-3015
Fax: 715-532-0298                    Stabilizing Order Form
                        Please print this entire form and send with your stabilizing order.

                                            Contact Information
Name:                                                                    PO#:
Address 1:
Address 2:
City:                                                                    State:               Zip:
Phone:                                Email:
                 Be sure to include your email. Orders are acknowledged via email upon receipt.
                                        Stabilize the following items:
                                       Species                                                       Quantity

             At a minimum, we need to know if you would like clear stabilizing or dyed stabilizing.
                              A breakdown by species and quantity is helpful.

□   $10.00 Trial Offer (Clear Stabilizing
                                                 Note: Trial offer is only 4 pen blanks, 2 knife scales, or up to 8 oz
                                                 of wood any size with personal check. $10 includes stabilizing and
                                                 return shipping.

□   Clear Stabilizing

□   Dyed Stabilizing
                                                 Note: There is a 10 lb raw wood minimum per color for dyed
                                                 stabilizing. Less than full tank dye stabilizing per color may take
Colors:                                          several months to return depending on color. Full tank dye
                                                 stabilizing per color will take up to 3 weeks to return. If you want
                                                 dyed stabilizing done, please call 715-532-3015 to discuss your
                               Need more room? Use additional forms if necessary.
Wood Preparation Instructions:
Cut wood slightly oversized to allow for possible warping or slight shrinkage. It is best to stabilize the wood near
the size it will be used. As block size increases the probability of internal resin shrinkage cracks, warping, or
partial resin penetration increases. Thicknesses of 2” or less are best. Widths up to 8” and lengths up to 20” are
possible. Please email us at with specific questions.

To properly stabilize wood, it needs to be dry with moisture content below 10%. If you are not sure, please note in
your order and we will check for you.

Please remove as much as possible of any wax coatings before shipping wood. Most sealing wax are insoluble in
the polymer resin, and will act as a barrier to the resin.

Please mark the end of your blanks with your initials. The best type of marker for this purpose is a white correction
pen. Paint pens and permanent markers may not be readable after submersion in the resin.

                                                Shipping Method
                                     Check box to indicate shipping preference.

□   The most economical way.
                                                              Special Shipping Instructions:

□   USPS Priority Mail

□   UPS Ground
                                We will notify via email when order is ready to ship.
                                                Payment Options
                                      Check box to indicate payment method.

□   PayPal
                          PayPal Email:

□   Credit Card
                          Name (as it appears on card):

                          Card Number:

                          Expiration Date:                                 3 Digit Security Code:

□   Check Enclosed
                     Credit card purchases will not be charged until the order is ready to ship.

Additional notes, questions, or comments:

Signature:                                                                      Date:

                                          To check on a current order status,
                                                 call 715-532-3015

                                              Thank you for your order!
                                                Steve & Carol White

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