The_Empire by hedongchenchen


									Item Name                                                Type               In stock?
Warhammer Armies: The Empire                             Codex              Y
Empire Battalion                                         Core/Special       Y
Kurt Helborg                                             Lord (Character)   N
Ludwig Schwarzhelm                                       Lord (Character)   N
Empire General                                           Lord/Hero          Y
Empire Battle Wizards                                    Lord/Hero          N
Captain of the Empire with Hammer & Pistol               Lord/Hero          N
Empire Free Company                                      Core               N
Empire Knightly Orders                                   Core               N
Empire Archers                                           Core               N
Empire State Handgunners/Crossbowman                     Core               Y
Empire State Troops                                      Core               Y
Empire Greatswords                                       Special            N
Empire Great Cannon/Mortar                               Special            N
Empire Pistoleers/Outriders                              Special            N
Empire Steam Tank                                        Rare               N
Empire Flagellant Warband                                Rare               N
Empire Hellblaster Volley Gun/Hellstorm Rocket Battery   Rare               N

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