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Benefit to Franchising? Name Recognition


									Benefit to Franchising? Name Recognition
Going into business for yourself offers a particular challenge: How do you convince customers that
your stuff is the stuff they want?

With a WSI franchise, you don’t have to do so, because we have done that part for you.

Now, we’re not claiming you’ll never have to find a new client of your own on the strength of your own
work. Lead generation is a tricky thing, and sometimes it will require a fresh approach all your own to
get those new clients or re-tap those older ones with new incentives. However, brand recognition and
trust is a strong factor in bringing in new clients, and a WSI franchise offers you the brand recognition
combined with the independence to do things your own way.

WSI has taken a great many steps to build up a strong customer satisfaction base, and these are people
who are familiar with our brand. This creates an inherent market for each of our franchises, a group of
people who already know the online solutions that WSI delivers. So a big part of your lead generation is
already done — you simply have to make your franchise and its services available to the clients. This
familiarity with our service means they know exactly what they’ll be getting, and it allows them to put
their trust in your operations.

Now, new lead generation is often more difficult than keeping existing customers, but a lot of
businesses don’t realize that the two elements are very closely related. Your existing clients can often be
used to bring in new clients. People who need digital marketing services like WSI’s can easily call to mind
colleagues, family and friends in the same field of business, and with a bit of prompting can recommend
your franchise’s services to them. Your existing, satisfied client base is a source of lead generation for
you. As a franchisee, you can offer promotions where a customer who refers a new client your way gets
a discount to their next service, for example. So if you have concerns about lead generation and keeping
your customers content, consider using the brand-strength of a WSI franchise as your stepping stone to

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About us:-
WSI Franchise Opportunity: WSI is the world's leading Internet Marketing Franchise providing affordable
Internet solutions to small and medium sized business. WSI is the world's leading Internet Marketing

Franchise providing affordable Internet solutions to small and medium sized business. WSI is the #1
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Whether your background is in general business or sales and marketing, if you follow WSI's proven
system you will build and expand your client base and achieve recurring revenue streams. WSI's
successful business, marketing and Internet solutions are driven by proprietary tools, methodologies,
products and comprehensive operational and marketing support.

Become a part of the network of men and women who have taken their entrepreneurial spirit,
managerial skills and business development capabilities to a place of security, professional freedom and
personal success.

Contact Information:
Name: Jamshaid Hashmi

Company: WSI Franchise

Telephone: 1-905-678-7588


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