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					                                                            SWE 2011‐2012 Officer Core Responsibilities

President: Alyson Yamada (                                                 Work on event planning logistics with other officers (This may include registering
   Represent Stanford SWE at SWE and non‐SWE events on & off campus                              the event, booking rooms, coordinating attendees, and organizing catering)
   Spearhead officer core retreats                                                              Coordinate space facility and catering for weekly meetings
   Facilitate, plan, and schedule officer core meetings                                         Develop marketing strategies to recruit more members and create more visibility
   Spearhead SWE Intern Program beginning in Fall Qtr                                            for SWE and its events
   Initiate GPA Mentoring Program in Fall Qtr                                                   Work with professional SWE‐SCV to coordinate events such as the SWE‐SCV
   Organize & execute SWE 2010‐2011 Officer Core elections in Spring Qtr                         picnic with other collegiate sections
   Report Writing & Award Applications                                                          Large Quarterly events:
       o Quarterly Reports to Region A SWE                                                        o Spearhead taking SWE to National Conference in November
       o Outstanding Student Section application to National SWE in May                           o Spearhead taking SWE to Region A Conference in Winter Quarter
       o Apply to other awards which would recognize Stanford SWE                                Coordinate committee chairs (check in with chairs and report to President)
   Check in regularly with all committees and officers
   Promote National Membership and distribute T‐shirts to SWE members                      Secretary: Jackie Cervantes (jcervan1@)
   Work with advisors and professional counselor to develop new initiatives                   Serve as link between the internal working of Stanford SWE and its members
   Work with leadership from other engineering societies to create a diverse                  Produce the quarterly SWE Newsletter
       engineering community                                                                   Compile and regularly send out the weekly SWE Digest via email
                                                                                               Direct and oversee the SWE email list and SWE Officer Core email list
Vice President of External Affairs: Jessica Liu (jliu12@), Emily Cheng (emcheng@)                  o Add new members
   Maintain relationships with SWE’s corporate partners                                           o Direct list emails to appropriate core officers
        o Large mailing in summer/early fall to all companies                                  Send out announcements before all weekly meetings
        o Coordinate speakers for weekly lunch meetings                                        Take notes at SWE Core meetings/retreats and send them to the Core email list
        o Coordinate Food Fairy schedule each quarter                                          Keep everyone informed and motivated about SWE goings‐ons!
   Maintain Master Corporate Contacts List for Stanford SWE
   Schmooze the companies on SWE’s behalf at every opportunity: EWI, Fall CDC              Treasurer: Raven Jackson-Stone (ravenj1@)
       Job Fair, OJF, Spring CDC Job Fair, National Conference, Region A Conference, etc.      Manage the cash money!
   Apply for corporate grants, ask for financial support and gifts form companies,            Draw up the Budget for the 2010‐2011 year
       connect committee heads and companies interested in supporting SWE                      Handle reimbursements and serve as link between SWE & ASSU
   Spearhead the SWE Scholarship Program                                                      Keep tabs on SWE spending: income, expenses, payments, etc
                                                                                               Go to ASSU Banking Info Workshop, set up account, and deal with all payment
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Holly Ho (hollyho@)                                           and reimbursements from the core
   Get SWE into The Stanford Fund (TSF) Partnership program
   Apply for National SWE grants & support committee heads in applying for grants          Banquet Chairs: Wendy Mu (wmu@), Nruthya Madappa (nruthyam@)
   Apply for corporate grants, ask for financial support and gifts form companies,            Coordinate SWE’s banquets: Evening with Industry & End of the Year Banquet
       connect committee heads and companies interested in supporting SWE                        EWI during Fall Quarter
   Serve as a Stanford Engineering Association board member                                     o Reserve the Faculty Club
   Apply to the Dean’s Office for funding                                                       o Determine budget for the event: How much should companies pay; how much
   Find & apply to other sources of funding                                                          should students pay?
   Spearhead the Faculty Lunches program during Autumn and Spring Quarters                      o Invite companies and ensure good attendance
                                                                                                 o Secure a keynote speaker & faculty speaker for the dinner
      Coordinate committee chairs (check in with chairs and report to President)                o Advertise to SWE membership and the Stanford community
                                                                                                 o Send Thank‐you notes to all companies and tie up any loose ends
Vice President of Programming: Ernestine Fu (ernyfu@)                                          End of the Year Banquet during Spring Quarter
                                                                                                 o Reserve space
                                                         SWE 2011‐2012 Officer Core Responsibilities

      o Coordinate with SWE Region A if we will again host the Region A Banquet           Organize facilities and food
      o Work with other engineering organization members for a mass engineering           Run the program on the day of JETS!
          end of the year banquet (tentative)                                             Most time‐consuming during Winter Quarter
      o Drum up enthusiasm and attendance for the banquet
                                                                                    Community Service Chair: Brenda Benavides (bb21@)
Opportunity Job Fair Representatives: Jena Barnes (jenab@), Maneeshika Madduri         Organize SWE volunteers for Physics Day at Great America
(mmaduri@), Dominique White (dwhite2@)                                                 Plan quarterly community outreach events (e.g. Habitat for Humanity)
   Work with other Diversity Societies to put on OJF in January                       Educate membership about ongoing community outreach activities outside of
   Join a committee to organize logistics, the reception, publicity, etc.              SWE (Intel Clubhouse, Science Bus, etc) and organize volunteers if there is
   Update SWE on OJF proceedings                                                       interest
   Support SWE throughout the year                                                    Promote and support the other outreach committees

Elementary School Outreach Chairs: Nikiya Crisostomo (nikiyac@), Angela Yeung       Social Chair: Thomissa Comellas (thomissa@)
(ayyyeung@)                                                                            Work with other organizations (both in and out of Stanford) to coordinate socials
   Coordinate Exploring New Worlds (SWE’s biggest annual event!)                      Get input from the members to put on SWE socials and get SWEeties to mingle
   Form and oversee committees to make ENW a success                                  Organize SWEturday events
      o Competition Design                                                             Organize inter‐society get‐togethers
      o Student Volunteer Recruitment                                                  Make SWE fun for everyone!!
      o Donations of food and financial support
      o Apply for funding through SoE, Stanford, etc.                               Webmistress: Sandy Huang (shhuang@)
      o Invite elementary schools and arrange for transportation                      Post new information/media on website ASAP
      o Invite and organize workshops given by Stanford professors and graduate       Keep the website update and as current as possible
          students                                                                    Provide web support for other officers, i.e. modify/create new pages when
      o Logistics: space for the event, planning, scheduling, etc.                      requested, provide data storage, etc.
                                                                                      Act on any ideas for improving the website, i.e. blogs, alumni database, etc.
Middle School Outreach Chair: Heidi Norton (hnorton@), Stephanie Young (sryoung@)
                                                                                      Learn to become the SWE Linux server administrator (training provided over the
  Work closely on partnership with Techbridge organization
                                                                                        course of the year)
  Come up with new and update old engineering modules to teach middle school
      students                                                                      Graduate Student Coordinator: TBA
  Organize a committee to help with developing lesson plans, contacting schools,      Plan and provide valuable graduate‐focused programming
      and securing funding                                                                o Orientation activities for incoming graduate women in engineering
  Recruit and train additional volunteers to help teach the lessons for visiting         o Coordinate with MEWomen, WiCS, the Women Community Center, etc. to
      middle school students                                                                  meet needs of all graduate engineering women each quarter and
  Submit materials to SWE national to maintain grant compliance                              throughout the summer
                                                                                          o Speakers and panel discussion on topics relevant to Graduate Academic and
High School Outreach Chairs: Shaheen Jeeawoody (shaheenj@), Caroline Abbott                   Life interests: career concerns, academia, thesis, and graduate school
(cmabbott@)                                                                            Initiate lab tours and other activities in which informal mentoring relationships
   Coordinate JETS Day on the Stanford campus!                                           between graduate and undergraduate student can form
   Take care of Team registration for both the schools and national JETS              Organize and coordinate the Big Sib Lil Sib Mentor Program
       organization                                                                    Act as liaison between graduate and undergraduate SWE!
   Obtain corporate sponsorship for JETS Day
   Apply for funding through SoE, Stanford, etc.                                   All Interns:
                                                      SWE 2011‐2012 Officer Core Responsibilities

   Work collaboratively with respective officers to organize specific events
   Head a organizational committee for Exploring New Worlds in Spring Quarter
   Aid in any SWE‐related events, including Exploring New Worlds and the
    Opportunity Job Fair
   Attend all SWE meetings, officer core meetings, and events

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