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      Ios 5 App Development
Incredible features with latest iOS 5 gives enticement to both
users as well as developer community. The sophisticated and
incredible iOS 5 offers numerous features and functionalities,
which brings efficiency in developing applications. Users feel
immense ease and comfort in operating through these

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iOS 5 Application Development Now Offering Apps
Development With Incredible, New & 200 Features.

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This incredible feature makes you store important
 documents and key value data. You can push
 any data to your computer wirelessly and
 automatically without any changes at the same
 time.This bring extra functionality to your

                       iCloud Storage

Without interrupting your users, Notification
 center offers an innovative way to display and
 manage your apps notifications. With this
 incredible feature, you can publish your
 magazines and newspaper straightly to

                  Notification Center

As social networking encroaching in our lifestyle
 and giving ease of networking and
 communication with more than 300 million
 users, it is essential for everyone to get on the
 immense social networking site. To update your
 status and to know about friend, family,
 business and other just get on the Twitter.
 Twitter provides all of the features available to
 built-in apps, including URL shortening,
 attaching current location, character count and
 hosting photos. It’s even possible to migrate
 existing accounts to iOS.

                   Twitter Integration

You will have a one step further multiplayer
 gaming on iOS with the turn-based game
 support. Other developer additions to Game
 Center include, adding players to existing
 multiplayer games, displaying achievement
 notification banners, and support for distinct
 icons for each leaderboard, these exciting
 features create and play games like never
 before like no others.

                          Game Center

This is incredible new messaging service that
 works between all iOS 5 users over Wi-Fi and
 3G. iMessages are automatically pushed to all
 iOS 5 devices, making it easy to maintain one
 conversation across iPhone, iPad and iPod


iOS 5 includes a host of features which give
  users the power, freedom, and flexibility to use
  their iOS devices without a Mac or PC. Through
  this incredible featuire, you can efficiently go
  through the task processes and finish work task
  witout any PC direct from your smart-phone

                                PC Free

Core Image helps to create amazing effects in
 your camera and image editing apps. This is a
 hardware-accelerated framework that provides
 an easy way to enhance photos and videos. It
 provides several built-in filters, such as color
 effects, distortions and transitions.

                            Core Image

GLKit is a new high-level framework that
 combines the best practices of advanced
 rendering and texture techniques with the latest
 OpenGL ES 2.0 features. New OpenGL ES
 debugger in Xcode allows you to track down
 issues specific to OpenGL ES in your code.

                           OpenGL ES

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Description: Here comes Apple’s yet another wonder, iOS 5. As usual, this new application of Apple has new features incorporated with advanced technology and better usability and functionality. The development of iOS 5 is another benchmark of Apple. Another marvel shows its head up in the market. With over 200 new features, Apple’s new iOS 5.0 is all set to reach new heights.