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					Easy Steps in Taking Care of Concealable
               Body Armor
      Proper Handling Of Concealable Body Armor

 Concealable body armor needs extra effort to
 assure unchanging ballistic protection level.
 However, due to the increased complexity of
 dealing with body armours, it is found to have a
 hard time in cleaning them.

Here are few important concepts to be considered in proper handling of these protective
gears. As a matter of fact, the “donts” overturn the “dos”. So, if you have this problem of
maintaining your vest without compromising any of the ballistic protection level and
hygiene, you may take time to check this out.
Use Mild Detergent In Washing Your Body Armor

Concealable body armor must be cleaned and washed using the mildest home
detergent. Specifically, harsh detergents should, by no means, be used.
Commercial laundry thing is also a no-no in this purpose.

You may ask why? Harsh laundry soaps can degrade the ballistic protection level
of the armor. Accumulation of residual soap films in the textile can dwindle the
protection properties of the material. Machine and commercial drying cleaning can
be threatening too. Conversely, there is a so-called perchlorethylene that never
degrade the protection level that your armor can give you
        Do Not Exposed Your To Direct Sunlight

Body armor must not be exposed to sun’s heat. Drying the armor after
hand washing needs to be inside a place where there is no sunlight at all.
Putting it in shade is also not suggested. The direct contact of the material
with the sun’s heat shows adverse effect to the material’s properties, thus,
affecting the purpose
Your body armor must be checked from time to time before every use. The use of varied
materials in making body armors are to be considered as well. Provided with the fact on
probable lapses in vest manufacturing, body shield specifically Swat Body Armor needs
to be fully checked to see if there are scratches and torn parts. Lastly, it is of highest
probation to try repairing the vest on your own. It must be brought back to the
manufacturer. And that is how we should define optimum protection.
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