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       The General Manager



Regd. Office :
Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,

Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar


Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209


Company Profile
Rudra Vigilance & Manpower Supplier Co. is an Outsourcing Company,
providing various outsourcing services to its clients. Rudra Vigilance &
Manpower Supplier Co. is registered under the Government Act of PF, ESI &
Service tax authorities. Company is engaged with various industry segments
i.e.: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, FMCG etc.

Company offers services in staffing solutions, Contract Labour, Job Work
on Piece rates and Fabrication work.

       Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
                           Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209
Rudra Vigilance & Manpower Supplier Co. is able to provide complete
outsourcing solutions to any types of Mfg. and process industry; the range of
service offers, which include the following:
Labour outsourcing for all Associate levels & Selection of all other levels
of staff for contract labour:

    M.B.A., B.Tech, B.Sc., Polytechnic Engineers, ITI Technicians,
     Graduates, Intermediate, High School etc. local and outside’s workers as
    ITI Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Electrician Electronics, Instrumentation,
     Motor Mechanical, Welder, Driver etc.
    Gardner, House Keeping, Plumber, ETP Operator, Boiler Operator,
     General Helper etc.

Descriptions of Personnel:

      Skilled, Semi-skilled and Unskilled.
      Painting Job.
      House Keeping Job.
      Loading & Unloading & Material Shifting.
      Fabrication Job.
      Production & Maintenance Works.

Unskilled            :         Peon, Office Boy, Sweepers,           Helpers     and
                               Loading, Unloading, Labors etc.

Semiskilled          :         Grinder, Boring Man, Asst. Fitter, Asst. Mech.
                               Asst. Welder etc.

Skilled              :         Service man Supervisor, Machine Operator, Fitter

                               Asst. Store Keeper etc.

       Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
                           Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209
To become the most respected customer-centric Company that is best
managed in terms of eminence, reliability and deliverance. We aim to be the
best employer by setting benchmarks in employee care, corporate ascendancy
and community services.

To become a best outsourcing service provider of choice by adding value to
our clients’ business through reduce cost enhanced quality and superior
delivery based on Exceptional Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.

   Talented professionals to provide ‘end-to-end’ solutions from consulting
    to delivery and with a ‘partner-in-business’ approach.
   To provide innovative and customized solutions that focus on continuous
    process of improvement with cost containment.
   Using a client’s mission as the cornerstone, we develop-each plan to
    protect and enhance physical assets, at the most economical cost. By
    utilizing people, protocols, technology and experience we provide a
    service experience we provide a service experience to delight our

Quality is the key factor of our Company tremendous growth through
Qualitative Manpower to its client’s. Rigorous check in terms of customer
satisfaction done by external agency helps Company is constantly providing
better services to its clients. Rudra Vigilant & Manpower Supplier Co. future
plans to be an ISO 9001:1994 certified Organization.

Manpower Outsourcing
Even employer is interested with lesser workforce not only it will be require
lesser supervision but it will be economical which has become necessity for
survival of an establishment in the ever increasing aggressive has also become
a part of the HRD functions

      Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
                          Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209
Wages and Salary Administration
   Wages by the nature are the central concern for both employees and the
   employer. All the employer are concerned with costs whereas the
   employees, in his turn, see wages in terms of his preoccupations: Better
   housing, Schooling, medical care, food and clothing.
   Based upon the interpretations, it can be summarized as under:
   Subsistence wages: Meets bare physical needs of the worker.
   Minimum wages: provides not only for bare physical needs but also for
   preservation of efficiency o f the worker plus some measure of education,
   health and other things. This is legal minimum wages off the ‘Minimum
   wages Act.’
   Fair wages: This is an adjustable step, moves up according to the
   capacity of the industry to pay and the prevailing rates of wages in the
   area or industry.
   Living wages: Maintains workers health and decency a measure of
   comfort and some insurance against the more misfortune of the life.

   Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
                       Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209

            8 hrs Salary     13.61%     4.75%    Service    Total   Service     Total
            min.  26         share of   share of Charge             Tax
            wages days       PF         ESI      10%                10.30%
                  for   8    Employer   employer
Unskilled   5125
Semiskilled 5574
Skilled     6257

Note: Minimum wages will be according to the minimum Wages of Uttarakhand Govt.
      Order’s as per actual

   Client shall reimburse with the employer’s share of ESIC & EPF
    contribution of every month as per actual. The copy of the challans will be
    provided to you every month.
   We charge 10% on the total bill as service charges.
   10.30% service tax will be paid by principal employer.

   Looking forward to be associated with you.
   Assuring the best services at all time.

Thanking you

Yours truly

For-Rudra Vigilant & Manpower Supplier Co.

Ajay Tewari

Joga singh

Rudra Vigilant & Manpower Supplier Co.

      Near Devi Mandir, Vaishno Dwar,Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
                           Mobile : 9997444999, 9756946209

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