Avoid 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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					Social media is a medium that helps marketers to understand customer requirements while also helping
customers to understand the brand. Currently it is growing by leaps and bounds. The users do try to
understand the company, brand, and product through various social media platforms, but if the company
hasn't established a convincing reputation on social media platforms, the chances of losing customers are
very high.

1. Unfinished Profile: This shows your inability to prove your strength online. Most of the marketers are
making the mistake of not filling in all details in the profile. Unfinished profiles create a poor impression of
the business and one that prompts people to believe that marketers are lazy. This is not the case. Ensuring an
online presence with complete profile details as well goes a long way in helping the marketer's efforts.

2. Irregularity in Updates: This is the one of the most frequent mistakes made by marketers: they are
irregular in posting updates. Or, they are not ready or armed with a plan for making comments, tweets, and
updates. As a professional marketer, you have to plan your social media marketing strategy. Advance
planning can help you save your valuable time while being consistent and prompt to the customer as well.

3. Less or no Interaction: If a visitor leaves a comment on your updates or writes something on your wall,
you, as a marketer, must be ready to respond to them politely or thank them for the feedback. If you don't,
you will lose your visitors' attention from your product and business. This will gradually lead to less and
irregular visits on your profile. Hence it makes immense sense to participate in conversation threads and
express thanks or write a nice reply to feedback left by visitors.

4. Absence of Inter-linking: This is a common and easy-to-fix mistake by most of the marketers. Inter-
linking can make every follower/fan aware that you are also available on another social media sites. You
must put every social profile/page link on your blog and website; you can also inter-link the social sites.

5. Afraid of Asking visitors to 'Like' or 'Follow' you: As one survey shows, visitors 'like' or 'follow' those
pages more often which asked for their approval and participation, as compared to those that did not ask. So,
don't be afraid of asking for 'likes' or 'follows'.

6. Content Issue: There are a numbers of marketers, who publish content without bothering about its
relevance. Content is one of the biggest tools for a marketer. It must be interactive and interesting. Ideally,
you should post content that is not only interesting and interactive but also related to your business.

There are other mistakes also that are made in social media marketing such as not putting a relevant call to
action button, not proofreading the content thoroughly, and not posting continuous updates throughout the
day, among others. We look forward to your valuable inputs on this topic.

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