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					                                     COURTROOM NO. 2
                                   PATRICK HARRIS, JUDGE
                                    JAN SPITZER, BAILIFF
                                    MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010

8:30    TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Larry E. Davis         10-TRD-2899    Tpr. Goss
8:45    TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Foster Billing         10-TRD-4283    Tpr. Wilson   Atty.
                       Speed                                                                Billing
9:00    TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Eric M. Chapman        09-CRB-2921    Ptl.          Atty.
                       Criminal Damaging/Endangering                          Marshall      Fields
9:30    TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Tonia M. Heft          09-TRD-12372   Tpr. Jones    Atty.
                       Driving Under Suspension                                             Fields
10:00   TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Amanda Henderson
                       OVI                                     10-TRC-100     Ptl. Finan    Atty.
                       Theft                                   10-CRB-80      Ptl. Hall     Spires
10:30   PLEA           State of Ohio v. Amy Windmiller-Smith   09-CRB-2274                  Atty.
                       Domestic Violence                                                    Innocenti
11:00   TRIAL          State of Ohio v. Michael C. Baer        10-TRD-2143    Tpr. Lee      Atty. Hilt
11:15   PLEA           State of Ohio v. Kathryn Wright         09-TRD-9683    Ptl. Hill     Atty. Dye
11:30   PLEA           State of Ohio v. Charlotte Gross        10-TRC-746     Ofc.          Atty.
                       OVI                                                    Severance     Hanna
1:00                   REVOCATION HEARINGS –
                       See Attached Sheet
2:15    OFFICE         State of Ohio v. Karen Caracillo                                     Atty.
        CONFERENCE                                                                          Elwing
2:30    PRETRIAL   Capital One Bank v.                         10-CVF-783     Atty. Elzey   Atty.
                   Jodelle Sagle                                                            Weaver
3:00    PRETRIAL   Discover Bank v.                            09-CVF-3404
                   Rebecca Moser
3:15    PRETRIAL   Lan-Fair Federal Credit Union v.            09-CVF-4312    Atty.
                   Donald Casto II                                            Aranda
                    Probation Revocation Docket
                               Monday, 5/17/10 1:00 PM
                                      Courtroom 2
                                Patrick N. Harris, Judge
                                  Jan Spitzer, Bailiff
Name                 Case #                                Probation Officer

RANDALL OXLEY        CRB      0900731                      CARTER
BRANDT HENDERSON     TRD      0808810                      RHYMER
BRUCE OSBORNE        CRB      0900267                      RHYMER
ASHLEY ROBINSON      CRB      0801346                      DILLARD
                     CRB      0903031
CHRISTOPHER HARDY    TRD      0605416                      DILLARD
BUCK CHAPMAN         TRD      0802711                      RHYMER
KASSANDRA BRADEN     CRB      1000361                      RHYMER
BLAKE DITTOE         TRD      0908115                      RHYMER
KEEN ROMINE          CRB      0900805                      DILLARD
JOHN A. JOHNSON      TRC      0802738                      RHYMER
DAVID L. YEAGER      CRB      0902806                      RHYMER
ERIC ROMINE          CRB      0901713                      CARTER
BRODY MCAFEE         CRB      0902229                      CARTER
PAUL HOLBROOK        CRB      0902365                      CONRAD

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