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					                                 West C oast Florida News
                                                                                                               Volume 11 Issue 6

   NOT AUTHORIZED TO             President’s Message

                                                                 As I was contemplating writing my article
                                                                 for this newsletter, I could not help but
Inside this issue:                                               think of what all my northern friends and
                                                                 family are going through with the winter
Dinner Meeting              2                                    blizzard. Then when I saw this graphic I
VP Technical Report         4                                    thought of them even more. My wish for
                                                                 you is that you be safe and hopefully Punx-
VP Education                6                                    sutawney Phil was correct and spring is             Curtis Ray, CPD
                                                                 right around the corner.                      Phoenix Engineering Group
National News               6
Affiliate Liaison           7                                    Now on to ASPE stuff……
Chapter Activities Report   9    What a good January Dinner meeting we had, thank you Tim Collins who was our presenter.
                                 We had our highest engineer ratio ever that night, 35%, awesome, lets keep that percentage
Membership Report           9
Board of Directors          14
                                 I would like to take a moment to thank Jeff Smith who was our Chap-
                                 ter Newsletter editor. Jeff has to step down as our newsletter editor
                                 as he prepares to head to Pennsylvania for a new job opportunity.
                                 We wish him well on his new venture.
                                 With that being said we are now searching for a newsletter editor.
           PLATINUM              It’s not a difficult job but one that is very important to the chapter. If
                                 you are interested or know someone who would be a good candi-
                                 date, please contact me.

                                 Last month in my article I asked you to respond to 3 questions for the next dinner meeting
                                 and I was disappointed that nobody responded. So I would like to try this again. Please com-
                                 plete the 3 questions below, bring them to the next meeting or if you can’t make the meeting,
                                 please email them to me..

                                        1.   Preferred of the week for a dinner meeting. ___________________________
                                        2.   Preferred location for a dinner meeting. ___________________________

                                        3.   Preferred type of program for a dinner meeting. ___________________________
             SILVER              The reason we are asking these question is the Board wants to see how we can get more
                                 engineers to the dinner meetings.

                                 I look forward to seeing you at the next dinner meeting.

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V.P. Technical                                                      Ed Zastudil, PE, CPD, FASPE

Oct 12, 2010
Topic: Practical Design & Implementation of Water Reuse Systems
Nov 9, 2010
Topic: pH Adjustment System Design
Dec.14, 2010
Topic: Plumbing 101-Storm Water Drainage
Jan.11, 2011
Topic: Plumbing 101-Domestic Water
Feb.8, 2011
Topic: CPVC Water Distribution & Fire Protection Piping*
Mar.8, 2011
Topic: Benefits of Forced-Circulation/Self-Cleaning Water Heaters
Apr.12, 2011
Tour: Fire Protection 101, Fire Pumping Systems
May 10, 2011
Topic: Lab. Water Systems
June 14 2011
Topic: Plumbing 101-Drainage & Venting
Volume 11 Issue 6   Page 5
Volume 11 Issue 6                                                                                                              Page 6

V.P. Education                                                                                                         Tim Collins, CPD

Dear WF ASPE members,

ASPE is seeking your assistance to help celebrate National Engineers Week, which this year is being held February 20-26. This
is an excellent opportunity for ASPE members to reach out to middle school, high school, and college students to foster inter-
est in the industry and encourage the next generation of plumbing engineers.

We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your chapter members. To help out, ASPE has put together a PowerPoint
that members can use as a classroom presentation, as well as tips on facilitating discussion with local schools. ASPE also can
assist with school scheduling if members request help.

If members are unable to participate during the week of February 20-26, we encourage them to reach out to their communi-
ties throughout the year and use these tools to get their foot in the door.

For those who express interest, please have members contact Pam Newman, Education Program Coordinator, at 847-296-
0002 or at If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask or read more here.

Thank you for your assistance in helping spread the word about plumbing engineering and design!

National News
ASPE to Help Develop Residential Fire Sprinkler System Accreditation Program
ASPE Executive Director/CEO Jim Kendzel has been invited to serve on an advisory committee developing an accreditation program
for organizations providing residential fire sprinkler design, installation, and maintenance services. The accreditation standards are
being developed by the Center for Public Safety Excellence. Members are encouraged to submit any thoughts they may have directly
to Jim Kendzel.
February Archived Webinar Discount!
ASPE members can view any archived ASPE webinar from February 1-28 for only $29.95. To get the discount code, visit the PS&D
website starting February 1.
Only a Few Days Remain to Apply for the Alfred Steele Scholarship
ASPE’s Alfred Steele Scholarship has $3,000 in available monies for qualified applicants. The deadline to apply is January 31.
ASPE Members: Time Is Running Out to Pick Your PEDH Preference
Volume 2 of the Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook will be mailed to all members in good standing by mid-February. Unless you
make a choice to receive a hardbound book you will automatically receive a CD-ROM version.
How Can You Help Encourage the Next Generation of Plumbing Engineers?
ASPE has created a PowerPoint presentation focusing on the role of plumbing engineers in the design community to help plumbing
engineers bring the world of engineering to local students during National Engineers Week, February 20-26. A dowloadable video of
a waterless urinal in action is also available. Contact Pam Newman for more information or assistance.
Network to Succeed at the 2011 ASPE Technical Symposium
From October 27-30, the ASPE Technical Symposium will be in Orlando, FL.
Volume 11 Issue 6                                                                                                     Page 7

Affiliate Liaison
Dear Affiliates

I want to thank each of you for your continued support of the WCF-ASPE Chapter through your support of
our monthly dinners and fund raising activities. We had a good turnout last month for the dinner meeting
and hope that will continue in the months to follow.

We still have not had much response for the new Annual Chapter sponsorship program. To date we have
                                                                                                                  James Rice
only three sponsors that have signed up for the 2011 program. This program was designed for us the
affiliates to make one annual contribution to ASPE to support the current year’s programs. The intent of
this program is to allow you to budget annually and one payment will cover the entire year. The cost is based on the level of
                                                                                                     WCF-      support.
participation you wish. Please take a few minutes and review this program for consideration for 2011 WCF-ASPE support

This month on February 8th will be our WCF-ASPE technical dinner meeting. The technical topic for the meeting will be CPVC
Water Distribution & Fire Protection Piping. Please use Pay-Pal which will confirm your reservation and you can pay in advance
on line. Remember that we have moved the meeting place to the Doubletree Hotel Tampa located at 4500 West Cypress
Street, Tampa Fl.

If anyone has any concerns that they would like me to present to the Board please contact me at the email address below and
I will present at the next Board meeting. Please advise if your have a particular topic request for a future technical meeting
and I will forward to Ed for consideration.

To all of you Affiliates that are calling on the Engineering commu-
nity please mention the monthly ASPE meeting so we can in-
crease awareness and participation

If you are intending to do a table top presentation for a future
meeting please read the details below.

Thanks in advance for your support and hope to see you at the
dinner meeting, February 8th , 2011.

Table Top Guidelines:

The Board of Director has revised the chapter’s Guidelines for
Table Tops in a hope to entice increased participation. The price
is $150 for ASPE members and $335 for non ASPE members.
The non-member rates will include a 1 year ASPE membership.
Here are a few of the additional benefits you will receive:

♦     Dinner for 1 company Representative.

♦     Company or product highlighted in the newsletter prior to the
      dinner meeting.

♦     A free flyer insert into the newsletter prior to the dinner meet-
      ing. This flyer will be a single full page (8 ½” x 11”). Contact
      me @ for a copy of the
      “Guidelines for Table Tops” and to schedule your table top for
      an upcoming meeting.

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Volume 11 Issue 6                                                                                                       Page 9

Chapter Activities Report                                        Advertising Rates
By: Rob Shorey
                                                                 Inexpensive advertising is available in the Wes Coast Florida
2011 ASPE Golf Tournament
                                                                 newsletter. These rates are good for one year (10 issues
March 11, 2011 at Northdale Golf Club (Tampa, FL). Watch
for more details as they become available.
                                                                 If you are interested in placing an advertisement with us,
                                                                 please complete the “Newsletter Agreement” located in the
Need tournament committee members! If anyone is inter-
                                                                 back of this newsletter.
ested in helping out, please contact Rob Shorey at
                                                                 Rates are as follows:
                                                                   •   Full Page................$300.00
                                                                   •   1/2 Page ...............$175.00
                                                                   •   1/4 Page ...............$100.00
                                                                   •   Business Card........$75.00

                                                                 Should you need more information or have any questions,
                                                                 contact Curtis Ray @ 813-931-0108 or

Membership Report
By: Rich little

Our current roster includes 38 members. It seems that the Economic downturn continues to take it toll on our membership
numbers. We are working on the Golf Tournament for next month and hope to see everyone there on Friday, March 11th.

Celebrating ASPE anniversaries in January were:

         ♦    Bill Richardson               3 years
         ♦    Frederick Morrison            2 years
Celebrating ASPE anniversaries for February are:

         ♦    Doug Hall                     3 years
Congratulations to all of you for your continued support of the West Coast Florida chapter of ASPE.

Happy Birthday to:

         ♦    Chris Arantz         January 12th
         ♦    Doug Hall            January 17th
         ♦    Paul Henderson       January 26th
I look forward to seeing all of you at the next ASPE chapter meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 8th, at our new location; the Embassy
Suites on Cypress.
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Chapter Board of Directors

                                                 V.P. TECHNICAL
                    Curtis A Ray Jr., CPD
                                                 Edward T. Zastudil, P.E, CPD
                    W-(813) 931-0108
                                                 (941) 966-6460

                                                 V.P. MEMBERSHIP
                    V.P. LEGISLATIVE             Richard Little
                    John Mitsch
                                                 W-(813) 621-0700
                    (813) 949-2468
                      C-(813) 781-5187

                    Robert J. Shorey Jr., CPD
                                                 Carol Carrier
                    W-(813) 637-0110
                                                 (813) 949-2468
                    C-(813) 395-3704

                    CHAPTER AFFILIATE
                    James Rice

                    CHAPTER ACTIVITIES
                    Robert J. Shorey Jr., CPD
                    W-(813) 637-0110
                    C-(813) 395-3704