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This year's Saveur 100, a list of Saveur magazine's favorite recipes, people and places, featured a local product: Better Brittle, a West African-style peanut brittle made by Christiana Semabia. "We are honored by the recognition," Semabia says. "It's a magazine that people who love food, world foods, read. It's an honor."Semabia learned the recipe while studying as a university student in Ghana where it is called "nkati cake." Semabia says it is similar to American-style peanut brittle, with one difference: "There's no corn syrup, so it won't break your teeth," she says. "It doesn't have that hard candy taste."To get Dizzy Scoop's name out there, [Bill Jones] has been to several bridal shows to do tastings, including shows in Buffalo, Rochester and one held Jan. 15 at Driver's Village in Cicero. "When people taste it, they get excited about it," Jones says. "I'd see the same faces coming back for more samples."

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