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									     Three Measures of Central Tendency
Three Measures of Central Tendency

There are three measures of central tendency mean, mode and median.
Measure of central tendency is basically the measurement of middle term of a
given data. With the help of mean, mode and median we can measure central
tendency now we will see how we can measure central tendency with the help
these three, firstly we will discuss about mean.

Mean is always used to find the middle term of the given data, with the help of
mean we can measure the central tendency of continuous data as well of
discrete data but with continuous data the result is more accurate.

If we are given a data 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and we need to find the mean of this data
then we can find the mean by adding all the terms and then dividing it by
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number of terms.

For above series the mean will be (4+5+6+7+8)/5= 6, so six is the mean for
given data.

Now we will move to median, median is also used to find measure of central
tendency but if we are having skewed data then median is the best option for
measuring central tendency and for skewed data mean gives very unaccepted
result so for skewed data we never use mean. We can measure median with
the formula given below,

Condition 1: If number of terms are odd,

Median= n+1/2

Here ‘n’ is the number of term in the given data,
Condition 2: if number of terms are even,
Median= (n/2)th + (n/2 +1)th/2,

For measuring median, data should be ascending order if it is not then we need
to convert it in to ascending form.

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Now we will talk about mode, whenever the data has very closer values then for
measuring the central tendency we use mode it will give better results than
mode and median.
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