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Session 2011-2012

Clareta Labs
Plot No- 239, District Center,
Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar
Why Clareta Labs?

Clareta Labs does not boost itself of being the best Development Company but automatically enjoys
reputable position among top Web Development companies because of its timely delivery and quality
work. We don’t claim for something we can’t deliver. Before taking a project from a client, we ask for all
his needs and requirements. After that our skilled team of professionals analyzes the needs and comes
up with a plan as how we can work to completely satisfy those requirements of our clients. We then
work step by step keeping our client informed about the progress and complete the project in time giving
complete contentment to them. From concept building to implementation of any project, our team
manages the projects efficiently up to its completion. Our tactful strategy and dedication towards quality
work has given us the recognition we enjoy and that is why our clients only come back to us whenever
they require any kind of web related solutions. We do not only emphasize on formulating an attractive
solution to our clients, but we believe in providing a workable solution.

At Clareta Labs, we always value our clients. When our clients approach us they get the surety of
instant access to creative and workable ideas, best and in budget solutions and top notch designs. We
understand our client's needs completely which helps us in doing our work effectively and efficiently.
We always aim to maintain long term business relationships with our clients. Since we make use of the
state of the art technology and latest software therefore we are capable of satisfying all kinds of
demands and needs of our clients which makes us their favorite and they choose us over other web
development companies.


Today, ASP.NET is one of the most favorite programming frameworks in the web-development industry.
Hence, going through an ASP.NET training course in Orissa which is extremely beneficial if you want to
quickly find a place in the job market.

      Application Programming Interface
      Dynamic Web Pages
      Powerful Web Applications

ASP.NET is a next generation version of Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages). Towards the beginning,
after the inception of the Internet, web pages were primarily static and had to be manually updated in
case of any changes. A platform to develop dynamic WebPages that would update automatically had
become the need of the hour. Microsoft first brought ASP (Active Server Pages) to solve this problem.
However, as applications grew bigger and more complex the need for architecture was felt, which would
facilitate application development in a structured way. Microsoft .NET framework was introduced with
ASP.NET programming and it simplified the way web applications were built.
                                                              Experience Certificates

                                                              Resume Writing

                                                              Interview Questions about Dot Net

                                                              Real live projects

                                                              Exemplary reports & Case Studies

                                                              Hands-on Soft Skills Development
1 Month of LIVE Project Training on .NET
                                                              Corporate Training
Technology: ASP.NET(C#), SQL Server 2008
                                                              On The Job Training
Training Fee: 3500/-
                                                              Voice & Accent Training
Class Schedule: 3 Classes per week each of 2 Hours
                                                              Technical Skill Enhancement

                                                              Training through E- Learning
2 months Industrial Training in Asp.Net with Live Project
                                                              Free E-Books/Tools/Software
                                   Asp.Net, C#.Net,
Technology:                                                   Microsoft Video Tutorials
                                   Sql Server 2008.
Project:                                                      Communication Course
                                   Major Project
                                                              Grooming Sessions
Training Cost:                     8000/-
                                                              Group Discussions about IT Tools

                                   2 Hours Theory
                                   on 2 Week Days
                                   with 1 Practical session
Class Schedule:
                                                What we Offer

                                           With us, the training starts with assessments where we gauge
                                           every single student and this helps us to know the improvement
                                           areas better and to give the student the required attention to
                                           better qualify him for being a IT Professional.

                                              1) Our Training Materials are prepared after in-depth
                                           research of the industry requirements for every technology and
                                           our materials are revised at constant intervals to ensure the
                                           industry standards are met.

                                           2) We offer Class Room training where every student
                                        enjoys the face to face interaction with their trainer & has a
       better degree of understanding compared to other training methods.

    3) We limit the number of seats available in the batches, to ensure every student is given the
       personal attention

    4) Training at Clareta Labs are for 2 hours every alternative day and 1 hour of practical class.

    5) Continuous interaction, analysis and projects are integral part of training.

    6) We conduct technical workshops where students are exposed to new advancements in the IT

    7) Our Lab facilities are available all throughout the course duration and our classes include both
       theory and Lab sessions on daily basis. And the respective Trainers are available both during the
       theory class hours and the lab hours.

    8) There are assessments that take place at regular intervals to evaluate the student and if at all the
       student has not fared well, he/she is given extra classes to bring him/her up to the mark.

    9) The course completion certification issued by Clareta Labs happens only after the student has
       cleared the examination and the Grades are decided by the scores obtained.

 At the end of each session an assessment test will be conducted out of which the best scorer would be
shortlisted for further assessments to be a associated with Clareta Labs as an Full Time Employee.

Course Objectives

The Course will allow learners

   o    To gain deep understanding of C# and VB.NET language features.
   o    To understand features of VS.NET Integrated Development Environment.
   o    To develop database intensive applications using ADO.NET
   o    To create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using .NET framework library.
   o    To develop an ability to read and write date streams and files, serialize and deserialize an object
   o    To use cookies and sessions which are state management techniques and to understand them.
   o    To develop Web based applications using ASP.NET
   o    To use AJAX for implementing web 2.0 features
   o    To build on applications using N Tier architecture
   o    To use Web Services, Remoting and WCF for creating distributed Applications.
   o    To learn major features of .NET Framework and their involvement in .NET platform.
   o    To create simple to complex application using .NET Framework
   o    To learn major concepts behind CLR (Common Language Runtime)
   o    To make Event – Sender object signal the occurrence of action to a Event – Receiver Object
        using delegates and events
   o    To carry out and learn the concept of Object Orientation.
   o    To create classes and interfaces which are efficient and appropriate for given programming


Before joining the course students have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like “C”
or any other programming language basics. It will help them in understanding the subject in better way.
The seeker need not know object orientation as this will be thought from ground up.

       Syllabus Overview


       MS.NET Framework Introduction
       Developing Console Application
       Language Basics
       Introduction to Object Oriented Features
       Programming Object Oriented – Encapsulation
       Inheritance
     Interface & Polymorphism
     Exception Handling
     Working With Collections and Generics
     Operator Overloading, Partial Class, Attributes, Reflection, Configuration
     Working with Components / Assemblies
     Data Streams and Files
     WinForms
     Data Access using ADO.NET
     Data Access using ADO.NET – DataSet
     Windows Services
     XML
     Multithreading
     Debugging and Tracing
     Delegates & Events
     Developing N-Tier Arch Applications


     Web Programming Introduction
     HTML and JavaScript
     Introduction to ASP
     ASP.NET Introduction & Sample Programs
     Validation Controls
     Applying Themes and Styles to Controls
     ASP.NET Architecture
     Page Navigation Options
     Creating a Layout Using Master Pages
     User Controls
     ASP.NET State Management
     Databound Controls
     Creating Virtual Directory & Web Application
     Global.asax & HttpApplication
     Understanding Configuration File - Web.Config
     Web Caching
     Authentication & Authorization
     Globalization and Localization
     AJAX.NET

  Training Features

     High-standards of training from prominent industry experts
     Hands-on soft skills development
     One-on-one interaction with each student; personal workstations
     Anytime broadband internet access Convenient ‘on floor’ practice facility
     Practical sessions at work stations and labs
     A resourceful library (reference books, e-books) at disposal
     Involvement in ‘real life projects’
     Weekend classes for working participants
Why are we Different?

      Institutes who Impart training on .NET don’t have any Industrial exposure or Real Life Project
       experience and so they fail to teach on the vital aspects of Industry.

      Clareta Labs with its 3 year Old experience of Handling Live Projects haves skilled people who
       have the learning How to tackle the Real Life problems.

      Institutes who tell that they provide LIVE Project Exposure, don’t provide LIVE Projects instead
       they make the Trainees work on Dummy Projects which are already completed by multiple
       batches. The reason is that they Don’t have any such LIVE Projects.

      The Courseware is designed as such a way that after completion of the Training, they can work
       directly on Projects understanding the Architecture, High Level & Low Level Design Documents,
       Test Cases, Data Flow Diagrams and Project Schedule.

      The course syllabus is designed so that a novice can prepare himself for working in MVC
       Architecture Model.

Our Value Added Services

      Free E-Books/Tools/Software/Video Tutorials
      Microsoft Certication Exam Support
      HR Interview Questions
      Resume Preparation
      Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

After the successful completion of the Session, you will have knowledge about:

      Identifying Customer Specific Requirement
      Deciding on SDLC Model
      Project Planning – Budgeting and Time Lining
      Conducting Project specific Training
      Identifying Software Architectural Patterns
      Developing Framework
      Designing and Optimizing Databases
      Defining and auditing coding standards
      Building and executing comprehensive test plans
      Providing Debugging and Optimization services
Course Objective and General Information

        Module-I (Introduction to .NET framework)

        Module-II(ASP.NET/ Windows Presentation Layer)

        Module-III(Business Layer, facades and Data Layer)

        Module-IV (Advanced programming/Miscellaneous)

        Module-V (Software Development Methodology/SDLC)

The course has been designed keeping in view students who don’t have any knowledge of working in
IDEs and GUI Applications. After completion of the course the Trainee will be able to work in N-Tier
Architecture Applications. The course contains Hands on Training on LIVE projects from Reputed
Companies from domains like Healthcare, Education and Manufacturing. Training will also be provided
on Writing and Understanding the components of Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Document.
The total course duration will be 2 Months.

Hands-On Training
• Examples and code snippets demonstrated
• Trainees are required to complete take away and in class mini projects to effectively
• Utilize the classroom course and grasp the fundamentals.
Module-I (Introduction to .NET framework)
• CLS, MSIL, supported languages, Visual Studio (Solution, Projects, Reference, and web
references), IIS, virtual directories, ASP.NET and windows environments.
• Language fundamentals - Data types, identifiers and operators, comments
• Classes, objects and namespaces
• Object oriented programming - Inheritance, overloading, overriding
• Debugging .net applications
• Exception handling and best practices
• Arrays, structures, enumerations, strings, generics, static methods
• Configuration files and data management - web.config/machine.config
• N Tier applications - Presentation layer, Facades, business layer and data layers
• Visual source safe
• Deployment of .net applications
• Course overview

Module-II(ASP.NET/ Windows Presentation Layer)
• Web forms and windows forms
• Server controls and validation of inputs, validation controls
• Data binding in ASP.NET 2.0
• Data grids, Data list and repeater, XML control
• Creating user controls, custom controls
• Themes and Master Pages
• Site Navigation - XML Site Map File, URL Mapping
• Displaying Data with the GridView Control
• Managing State - ASP.NET Session State, sticky bit, Storing Session State in SQL Server, Application
Application level and page level Tracing
• Caching - Data caching, page output caching
• Controller class

Module-III(Business Layer, facades and Data Layer)

• Business Manager
• Facade architecture
• Overview of ADO.NET
• Datasets, Data reader, Strongly typed datasets, XmlDataReader and other data related
• Introduction to SQL 2005 management studio
• Introduction to SQL stored procedure

Module-IV (Advanced programming/Miscellaneous)
• File/IO operations
• GAC - strong named assemblies
• Using application logging
• MS enterprise library application blocks
• Authentication and Authorization (Form, Passport, windows)
• Passing arrays/sending XML data to stored procedures
• Understanding Interfaces
• Multi threading
• Custom exceptions
• Windows services
• Using XML, XSLT, XPATH in applications
• Ajax Programming
• Design patterns
• What is web service and .NET remoting?
• Differences between web service and remoting
• Creating an XML web service with Visual Studio
• Creating web service consumers – proxy/WSDL
• Conclusion

Module-V (Software Development Methodology/SDLC)
• Artifacts, workflow, communication & control, roles & responsibilities, quality assurance
• Overview of Popular Software Development Methodologies
      o Waterfall
      o Rational Unified Process
      o RAD
      o Agile
• Choosing the right methodology: Different methodologies for different types of projects
• Critical Success Factors for a winning software development project – regardless of the
• Workshop: Choosing a Methodology by Analyzing Software Development Scope

Module-VI (Live Project and Project Documentation)
• Understanding Client Requirements
• Writing SRS and Test Cases
• Understanding SRS Components
• Understanding a Project Plan
• Work Assignment and Timesheet Reporting

For Enquires or Bulk Training please Contact


239 District Center, Chandrasekharpur



Ph: 789-444-7667, 789-444-7671

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