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					Hello folks,

Today’s cartoon is “Snow white”

Release Year: First release was 1902 then many versions came (I will talk about them below)
the most popular version is Snow white and the 7 dwarfs released in 1937 latest release is 2007
named, snow white; the sequel.

Production: Walt Disney

Worldwide Box office collections for all of its versions adjusted inflation: $184,925,486

Visuals: 8/10 (for the movie released in1937)

Sounds: 8/10 (for the movie released in1937)

Addiction: 7.5/10

Public ratings: 7.8/10

My ratings: 8/10

Genre: tragic drama

Duration: 83 minutes (for the movie released in1937)

Why this cartoon is one of the best:

Snow white was initially released in 1902 with poor graphics but strong story line and emotional
catch. It attracted many people and was publically embraced, even critics adored this cartoon.
Two more versions were released before the most superb edition. It had a budget of $1,488,423
produced by Walt Disney.

It is a combination of good adventurous story with a lot of suspense till the end.

Story line:

It revolves around the fairest girl on the earth, and her journey into the jungle. Magic mirror tells
the queen that she no longer is the fairest on the earth; she orders to kill snow white. The
huntsman didn’t wanted to harm snow white and begged her to go far far away, then she goes to
the jungle and find dwarf’s home and a funny story begins, watch the cartoon to see how snow
white lived with the dwarfs and had a beautiful life.

In the mean while queen discovers that snow white is still alive and plans some thing…….

What was the plan?
Did she manage to kill snow white?

That’s the question!

Can anyone answer that?

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