; LOG 6 Week 2
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LOG 6 Week 2


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									Progress Log Task: Week 2
Sharon Sham (301093757)

        I feel safe when I’m able to walk out of my house without having to worry about
being attacked or robbed. I also feel safe when I am able to return to my home at the
end of each day and have my family’s support. To make sure I feel safe, I would try not
to return home late and if I am returning home late, I’ll make sure someone could go
with me. Also, to continue feeling safe by having my family’s support, I would support
each member of my family in return.
        I feel loved when I get to see my family after a long tiring at school or work. I also
feel loved when my friends pay attention to me and are willing to listen to me. To make
sure I continue to feel loved, I won’t do anything to harm my family and friends and this
includes yelling or giving them attitude when I’m having a bad day.
        I feel powerful when I feel like I've made a difference in the world by doing
something, and this may include small things such as donating to charities or simply
returning my drink cans or bottles. And I also feel power when other people listen to my
suggestions and ideas and act according to my suggestions. To feel powerful, I’ll
continue to do my part to help make the world a better place (ex: recycling, carpooling,
donating, volunteering, etc).
        I feel free when I’m able to voice out my opinion and when I can make choices
according to what I want and not what others want. I also feel free when I am able to
travel to many different places in the world. To be free, I would make sure the things I
say and do, do not offend others or break laws.
        I feel pleasure when I can do what I enjoy. This may include just lying around
watching TV or doing something that challenges me. Also, I feel pleasure when I am
able to spend time with my family and friends. To ensure that I have time for pleasure, I
will use my time wisely and not waste any time procrastinating.

        From writing this progress log task, I realized very simple things can be done to
make myself feel safe, loved, powerful, free and pleasured. I also realized that I have
often taken my family and friends as granted, and would regularly take out my stress on
them. Without my family and friends, I would most certainly lose the feelings of being
safe, loved and pleasure.

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