Airliner Travel - Why University Professors_ Especially Law Professors_ Should Pay More

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					Should there be equality when it comes to airliner travel? Some might say no and have a
myriad of reasons, others are in favor of total equality all the way around, no favors
unless you pay more, and no one should be charged more due to their medical conditions,
weight, age, nationality, sex, height, or religion. Okay so, we all know how society feels
about such things, but let's talk because there seems to be some controversy here.

There was an interesting article on MSNBC recently titled; "Princeton professor thinks
fat fliers should pay higher ticket prices," and the professor was quoted as saying that;
"Flying is different from, say, health care," he wrote. "It is not a human right." Well,
there is a professor who doesn't understand the constitution, because "health care is not a
human right" and if good health is the happiness then you are only allow to pursue it, not
necessarily attain it. The article further stated that;

"Sitting in an airport watching a petite woman pay a fee for her oversized bags while a
man who was oversized all on his own went unpenalized, so the Princeton bioethics
professor devised an eyebrow-raising idea: allowing airlines to base their ticket prices on
each passenger's weight."

Oh please, this gentleman is taking credit for that idea? Really, I mean this is a common
thought, we've all had, plus, anyone in aviation has made a similar statement due to the
cost of the extra weight, meaning more fuel, reduced aircraft performance. But, I have a
better idea as long as we are talking about prices for airline seats. Why not charge all
University Professors especially law professors more money, as they are more likely to
attempt to use a class-action lawsuit against the airline as extortion to force their will onto
the airline and future air traveler!

What most people don't understand is that it was college professors and the socialist
leaning individuals which allow for overweight people to get away paying the same price
due to political correctness. The airlines and aviation industry, and just about any
aerospace engineering student I've ever talked to knows why overweight people should
pay more, but it is this poor thinking that goes on in our colleges and universities which
allows the problem in the first place. Now this professor comes along and he's going to
fix it all, because he has a special plan.

What I find unfortunate is far too many academics think that they are above the world,
and come out of their enclosed environment into our real world and tell us how to live
and what to do. I would suggest the University Professors look in their own mirror, deal
with the ever increasing challenges of their own legacy costs, price of textbooks, and
increased tuition. It might also be nice if they could deal with the reality that so many of
these student loans are never paid back.

Perhaps it's time for them to clean up their own house and act first, and then if they can
do that, then maybe we should listen to what they had to say. Indeed I hope you will
please consider all this and think on. Princeton University? No thanks.

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