PCN 47 letter lake arrowhead by molly.snider


									                        FUSION EURO-ASIAN CUISINE
                               P.O. Drawer 1846
                          Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
July 25, 2002

Vicki Elliott, Investigator
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Riverside District Office
3737 Main Street, Suite 900
Riverside, CA 92501

Re:    Type 47 License Application for Fusion Euro-Asian Cuisine
       28200 Highway 189, Bldg P, Lake Arrowhead 92352

Dear Ms. Elliott:

This letter will address the intended operations at the Company’s premises described
above as well as to describe how public convenience and necessity will be served by the
licensing of the premises with a Type 47, on-sale general public eating place license.

The Company intends to operate an upscale Asian-Fusion restaurant in the retail
commercial district of Lake Arrowhead Village. The premises will seat approximately 120
persons. They can be reserved for private parties and other special events. Beer, wine
and spirits will be served for on-site consumption. We will provide entertainment as well.

The premises are unique in that the restaurant is an upscale setting, serving food of Asian
and European origins. No other similar restaurants exist in the neighborhood. The
premises and the surrounding area are well maintained and attractive. The proposed
operations will be in complete harmony with other commercial businesses located in the
area. Beer, wine and spirits sales and service will be incidental to the operation of the
restaurant. The Company employs a number of local persons, and its operations will
contribute to local employment and add to state and local tax revenues.

For the above reasons, we believe that the issuance of the Type 47 license at the
Company’s premises will serve the public convenience and necessity.


Al Raimondi

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