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Non-Standard Lease Provisions - J-100


									                         LAKE ARROWHEAD VILLAGE
                          RE/MAX LAKE ARROWHEAD
                       NON-STANDARD LEASE PROVISIONS

Additional Rent

Tenant’s additional rent shall be capped at $2,500.00 per month for the first two (2) years
of the lease term.

Merchant’s Association Dues

$.05 per square foot per month

Landlord’s Work

Landlord will deliver the space per a space plan to be agreed to between Landlord and
Tenant. Landlord will provide interior offices, an open area for work stations, two (2)
conference rooms, two (2) ADA restrooms, an area for use as a kitchen/break room with
electrical for a refrigerator and microwave and floor coverings per a space plan to be
agreed to between the parties.

Current driveway access to be reconfigured to create a more inviting and obvious route
from street. In addition, the creation of an additional stairway access from the lower
parking lot to create a more inviting and obvious access.

Satellite Dish

Tenant shall be allowed to install and maintain an 18-inch satellite dish on the roof of the


Relocation is subject to Tenant’s approval of new space.

Existing Lease Termination

Landlord will agree to terminate Tenant’s existing lease for space O2-210 upon Tenant’s
occupancy of the premises.

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