Ltr-D Reynolds 8-13-02 by molly.snider


									August 13, 2002

Ms. Deborah Reynolds


Dear Deborah:

You have expressed your dissatisfaction with your position as the Executive Suite
Receptionist on several occasions, stating your need to be creative. Although your
position is a very important one, it does not offer the opportunity for a great deal of
creative tasks.

The duties of the Executive Suite Receptionist are as follows: Answer the phones, greet
clients, assist the tenants as needed, maintain the lobby and refreshments for the tenants
and their clients, and assist Management on an as needed basis.

You have also expressed your unhappiness with regards to my not letting you know all of
the Village business. The Executive Suite Receptionist position is not a management

Let me point out to you some of the things G C Properties, Inc. has done to accommodate
your needs and wishes during the time we have been involved in the Management of the

Increased your salary by $1.80 per hour when G C Properties, Inc. took over the
management of the property in February 2002 with no increase in duties.

Have made an effort to try and come up with work for you to do from the front desk, i.e.
collecting updated emergency phone list and vehicle identification lists from the tenants,
maintaining tenant address and phone list, sending out press releases for marketing, etc.
We do not want much more than that done from outside the Management Office.
Deborah Reynolds
August 13, 2002
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We put a computer at your desk with internet access. This was an expense that we did
not need to incur, but was done, once again, to try and make you happy.

We allowed you to take a one week and one day paid vacation. You did not have the
additional day coming, and this cost G C Properties, Inc. an additional $163.00, but we
were more than happy to do so because we value you as an employee.

When you asked me if you could store your personal household items in one of the
vacant spaces in the Village for a couple of days, I once again, was more than happy to
accommodate your wishes. The two days have turned into a much longer period. We
have now leased that space and must ask that you remove you things as soon as possible.

We have overlooked two separate incidents of unprofessional behavior involving tenants
of Lake Arrowhead Village:

An altercation with an Executive Suite tenant the week of February 25, 2002, in which
you verbally and physically abused the tenant. Even though the tenant was also in the
wrong with his behavior, as a representative of Village management, this type of
behavior is unacceptable.

On Friday, July 26, 2002, during our Local’s Nite event, you became extremely angry
with Andy Center when he did not deliver a drink to you as quickly as you thought he
should have. He was very busy working the event, as you know, the bartender was out of
frozen drinks when he asked for your drink, and he was waiting for more to be made.
You stormed off making your unhappiness known, and when he made the effort to go
after you to let you know your drink was coming, you flipped him off. This type of
behavior is unreasonable, unacceptable and was grounds for termination of your
employment with G C Properties, Inc. and Lake Arrowhead Village.

Your personal needs are obviously not being met. This position is not right for everyone.
We do not wish to continue your employment with the pressure of worrying if you are
happy or not, and how you respond when you are unhappy.


G C PROPERTIES, INC.                                G C PROPERTIES, INC.

Laurie McDaniel                                     Kirk Coult
Property Manager                                    Vice President

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